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The 15 Trill is gone!








How much does it cost to call a pizza a vegetable? 






























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WB7-- make some art with Newt and some goons in Brownshirts. Stars and bars okay too.

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Yo Billy B, _ Outside the envelope again. Fantastic Squire !

Can only be jealous of how you stay ahead of the facsism, artistically.

Kudos and bows....yet again.

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Some of these are going to be historic, Banzai! Nutlicker suite! Priceless!

Thanks and Keep them coming.

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You twisted fucker, you.  will you evah stop bein so fuckin awesome?  please.  i'm doin my best to resist ZH posting, and you're makin it damned near impossible.

okay, update, janus now lives in boston, ma (the greatest city of all FUCKIN time -- fuckin wicked, ay).  quite a shift from alabama, i agree...but it was most necessary.  nevertheless, i think i'm a gonna stay...i thought long and hard about NY, but there were many things (and one thing in particular (janus don't trust his loathsome self) kept me out of that fair borough, manhattan).

so, anyway, i'm a goddam yankee now (and goddam proud of it, bitchez), and i intend to stay that way.  found a nice place to live in a lil hoi polloi community outside the city (hint: this is the town howard zinn (one of america's finest historians) called home...and now janus does, too).  i came here on the wings on Angles, and i am well protected here.  will be on 'the vineyard' for the next few weeks (after i get moved in), and then i intend to reinitiate my program for american renewal (read: overhaul).  till then, janus will be a readin and a lookin at ZH's finest shit; but, i'll likewise be chilln and seducin some of newengland's finest pussy.


be safe, bitchez.  janus is still a rockin and a rulin! 

oh, new theme song (i am, afterall, THE american don't step, bitchez -- unless you bring it)

now you bitchez know where janus is...come fuck wid dis!!!! i fuckin beg ya, haters.

they call me cowboy/

the singer in black/

....i AM THE american badass, watch me kick/

you can rock with janus or you can suck my dick,

janus (i know it stinks in here, caus i'm da shit),


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if any of you lil bitchez doubt that ZH is read by america's most important persons, doubt no more...they's a readin, and careful-like, too.  janus learned this lesson the hard way, but it was all for the best (and i mean BEST).  so, understand, you most worthless ones, you have something special on your iredecent screens, treasure it, donate, and be IT.

TD, expect a big dontation from janus in the very near.  in fact, janus may be hosting a nice dinner in manhattan shortly (2-3 months) -- it'll be all anonymous and all....just go by yer username and whatnot.  invitations will be sent to some and not to most. so, if you do receive one, i advise you accept -- it will be a time to remember (everything will be on janus, of course).  WildBill, i reckon i'll pay your airfare -- seein how you live on the wrong coast....but, if i do, you best get your (1/2) japaneese ass on the plane.

sionara (sp?),


williambanzai7's picture

I have been wondering what happened to you. The world is spinning faster and faster. Keep in touch.

janus's picture

forevah, mi hermano.

i was told to quit this shit by important people. so, i told them ALL to get fucked, and moved.  the crazy thing is, my life has improved fact, i was cast in a movie -- i go to work on that in january.  it makes sense -- they called me hollywood in the military (cause i'm so damned pretty) -- i guess fate is a hard mistress to resist.  i think the movie is called rfid.  don't know what i'll be doin...nevah acted save for a favor i did in high school, but, in a sense, i've been actin my whole life through (i am, afterall, the world's greatest salesman).  they said i was perfect for something...feel like joe buck from midnight cowboy -- i'm cautious, but enthusiastic all the same.  this was today.

on monday i was invited to live on one of those 500+ estates that bespeckle the outskirts of this fair cty (1/4 horses, lamas, moose, rolls royce musuem, functional arches adorning the barns, winter place in jupiter, know, 'those people').  no, he wasn't a queer...but, my wife put the kibosh on that -- seein how he's a version of janus back when janus was single and rulin the earth -- so i had to get a respectable place and prepare for her majesty's arrival (she used to live up here).  yup, i'm goin to go back to reading and hermetic ignominy in a few days now (actually, she ain't movin up till march or so -- SO, i gots the whole skiing season to myself...look the fuck out killington, vt -- i'm bout to cut yer pathetic hills to pieceses...janus is gonna shred you bitchez!).

on tuesday i found out these fuckers have indoor tennis facilities; so i'm all good.

on wednesday i decided whether to please janus or mrs. janus; the later prevailed (ain't nobody happy if momma ain't happy...eddie murphy).

on thursday i landed in  a perfect spot.  PS you fuckin 'liberal' yankees!  when i wrote you emails on craigslist, told where i was from, and added my first name (which is, frankly, a common niggah first name); you sometimes (but rarely) returned my calls, and then tentatively, but 'graciously' asked a few questions, and then, most REVOLTINGLY, expressed some degree reliefe when you, oh so candidly, exposed your RANK bigotry by informing me that i was, in fact, caucasian.  but since i am in Truth a niggah, i hung up on you all immediately...which is the other reason it took six days to find an accomodative place to stay.

in any event, it's all good...well, good with a capital G.  i'm shittin in high cotton; as they say somewhere in dixie.  so, i reckon i'll be a hustler/movie star for the time being -- seems to be the bet that pays in boston.  won't be shovin any phones into any queer's mouths; seein how that doesn't pay either way -- phones are small and ubiquitious now, and so are queers (and God bless em all).  yup, still got the same salty sense of humor. 

i've been reading ZH; just had to quit postin.  a week or so, maybe even tomorrow, and i'm back...bettah and bravah than evah.

please, for the sake of janus, and all gigantic cocks everywhere, please include some more foxy chics in your totems to tyrrany...i remember you have a thing for burnettes; so does janus, but janus has a thing for all foxiness, no matter the color, creed or kind -- they's all mine!

you nevah met a mother-fucker quite like me,


janus's picture

and for all you uncultured fucknuts who don't know who joe buck is, and got all flustered when janus made the 'phnoes in queer's mouths' remark, here's your introduction to joe buck (and, perhaps a bit of janus...we's both just misunderstood):

watch the whole move if yer cool.


everybody's talkin at me/

can't hear a word they're sayin/

just the echos of my mind,


calgal's picture


Clap clap clap....Bravo!

We are all Nut likkers now!

This is some if your best work ever... critically brilliant! Thank you i loved it

Marcus is trying to make michelle look like rickie perry i guess the treatment didn't work

Tater Salad's picture

Billy ball sack, you are sooooo talented.  What would we do if we didn't have you and your gook stink about this place. 

Waders indeed, waders indeed!


Clowns on Acid's picture

Tater - you spew shiite. I think you have a mental condition.

In Boston they call it "wicked bombed".

williambanzai7's picture

I have faith that one day you will surprise us and say something just plain stupid instead of the inbred pig fucking drivel you normally provide.

monopoly's picture

Amazing William, what a talent you have. Thanks


fallst's picture

omg that porker guarding the bull is perfect, look at him.

Yen Cross's picture

 WTF!  Tell us how ya really feel WB-7.

Henry Chinaski's picture

Purple Cain and Broccoli Obama, you dropped a bomb on me...

Henry Chinaski's picture

Purple Cain Halleluiah! Sisters, don't be shy.  This dance ain't for everybody, just the sexy people.

daneskold's picture

Great work, BANZAI!

OutLookingIn's picture

Visual combat indeed!

It really is war. The 1/10th of one percent against the 99 percent.

wb7 you are the tip of the spear point in this attack. Stay stong. Stay sharp. Stay safe.

Keep laying it out there and your visuals will be all the more ammo for the 99 percenters.

These so called "high life" parasites will fall - the higher they are the more distance to the sidewalk! 

Bolweevil's picture

"You're part eggplant."

Henry Chinaski's picture

Broccoli Obama.  OMG you are killing me!  Great stuff WB7!

gookempucky's picture

WB your work is better than CORK SOAKERS................simply beyond.

Many thanks

tradewithdave's picture

Banzai is a Koch Bother by another Father.... and proud of it.



kevinearick's picture

now that's a BAZOOKA

Fozzy Slippers's picture

The new American past time sport will be "Stoning" Instead of Baseball/Football.

I'll be selling stones at the events. Two shekels for small. Four shekels for large.

rlouis's picture

One possible reason for #OccupyWallSt and why there are no demands is that it provides a way for the peed-on's to vent anger without requiring any change in the status quo until finally the protesters get cold and tired and go home. 

Why is there no DEMAND for accountability?  Enforcement of the existing laws and regulations?





williambanzai7's picture

That message is loud and clear I can hear it all the way in HK.

Use of Weapons's picture

The "15 tril is gone" and Jesus nailed to fiat currency are better than Warhol.


Expect that D-E-B-T (sinking) to trend soon.

The Big Ching-aso's picture



Holy Crap Batman!!!!!    The number of struck raw nerves has got to be very close to or is a Banzai record.

The Newt one alone could go viral-galactic.



thecoloredsky's picture

Dude, finishing the day at work here. Co-workers looking over my shoulder at the images as I sit here giggling like a little girl. They must think I'm insane. Maybe I am? 

Thanks banzai

williambanzai7's picture

We are all tenants in a giant nuthouse.

FEDbuster's picture

Some of us get a window seat.

Bob's picture

More crazy shit, Banzai! 

Speaking of Bachmann, I saw here waxing eloquent on water boarding and was stunned by her look with her hair tightly pulled back, crazy eyes fully spinning without the usual frame of her hair.  

The resemblence to "Pink" in the Pink Floyd movie The Wall was amazing.  Picture the part where he has shaved his eyebrows off and is dressed as a neo-nazi pushing punishment to the crowd.  I haven't been able to find that exact video, but it's breathtaking to see her made up that way and demanding the use of torture. 

Here's a still shot:

williambanzai7's picture

She is the real deal. And the fact that she gets the exposure she still gets is troubling.

FEDbuster's picture

Doesn't she and her husband run a business where they waterboard homosexuals till they say they are straight?

Bolweevil's picture

shave those brows and we got ourselves a winner, good grab Bob.

byteshredder's picture

WB7: Your Jacobin roots are showing. We understand what you are against. What are you for?

What is your goal?

What is your purpose?

What do you want?

williambanzai7's picture

Clear the muck out. All of it. I'm finished writing letters to other people's Congressmen and I did plenty of that. I've had more than my fair share of traditional political discourse.

Believe it or not, there was a time when things although not perfect, basically worked. That all ended in the past decade.

wisefool's picture

The artist is allowed to see the tree.

If any one goes to prison for tax evasion it should be a god given right to shop down enough trees so they can have a personal tax code. 70,000+ pages.  'Mericka thinks Gingrich is smarter than Cain. Pelosi "likes" nerds and .... you know the rest.

11b40's picture

Thanks for starting to weave the Supreme Court into more of your work.

Since the arrival of Thomas, it just keeps sinking further and further into the muck.  Unbelievable that we allowed the bar for entry to fall so low, and that the role of 'advise & consent' in the Senate was so trampled on by shrill partisans who steam-rolled weak & cowardly opposition.

Goldtoothchimp09's picture

Wow!!!!!!!!!!  You've created at least 5 MASTERPIECES today!!!!

williambanzai7's picture

I have been doing this now for about 16 months and I feel like I am just  getting into the "flow."

lotsoffun's picture

the honorable mr. william dudley - a goldman sachs alumni again came out today and said that bond buying (money printing) was still a good a viable option.  i'm sure you've done it already WB7 - but could we have an eating ipods???  please?

people that i'm familiar with were at gs in the 90's when the honorable mr. smudley was their economist.  even the junior traders were reported to say - 'what ever dudley says, we go exactly the opposite direction'.  how odd?  (sarc).  got to love the candor though


williambanzai7's picture

They are in full panic mode behind the scenes. The first rule of magic, never perform the same illusion twice for the same audience.