W2.0:Rick Perry Wants To Try Ben Bernanke For Treason

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Texas Governor Rick Perry suggested in Iowa today that should Bernanke "print more money" before the election that it would be treason. Treason is a capital offense.

Speaking just now in Iowa, Perry said, “If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I dunno what y’all would do to him in Iowa but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas. Printing more money to play politics at this particular time in history is almost treasonous in my opinion.” Treason is a capital offense.

One is not sure if Governor Perry is taking aim at monetary policy here or trying to win over Ron Paul supporters. However, advocating violence against a sitting Federal Reserve Chairman does not really sound all that Presidential.

Someone might also want to remind the Governor that suggesting Texas secede from the Union might also be construed as Treason. But I digress.

I don't know about you gang but I am really looking forward to 16 more months of rhetoric, hyperbole and all things related to the $3B auction, Americans so innocently refer to as the presidential election of 2012

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Rick Perry is a piece of work no doubts there. Fact remains that taking action to support other nations by subverting the basis of ones own national economic life is the very definition of the enemy combatant statute in this age of globalized financial and economic terrorism. From where I'm sitting it looks like both Lizzy and Chumba have noted the essentials. The political process is now so very farsical that its imposition upon the citizenry renders it in a special category of assault and battery. Battery from which the citizens of the CondomNation now view such terorism as commonplace

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This place is getting ugly. Do you feel it? All manner of shills (even ones I might like) have descended upon us. All manner of stupid hell is breaking loose. You know how Christmas marketing keeps coming earlier and earlier every year and it just sucks? This campaign crap is worse.


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Newsflash, latest  GOP POLL off of Fox ( do not think it was theirs),

Perry already takes a huge lead over the rest of field.

So, he we go.

Love him, hate him, it is what it is.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

For completeness,

Paul: 9%.

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Guess he was modeling for the rest of us what we should do with the weiner: Open Wide.

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lots of slick greasy money comes way thru texas, just saying, black gold .....can you hear the sucking sound yet?  funny, oil doesn't make that sound, does it;) if oil was sucking would anyone...Treason for all!!!!

Liz, great of you to post, it's about time! 

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Nice to see you out and about!!

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Thanks, sweetie, hope your doing well, and I agree with wading thru the muck like it's election day everyday!  But while wading thru the muck, sometimes I find the best gems;) 

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Rick Perry....when three terms of Bush style big government faux conservatism just isn't enough.

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Rick Perry is a globalist and this is all phony bullshit.

1. He was for the NAFTA superhighway and was invovled in the biggest landgrab of texas property in history

2. He by executive order, ordered that all school age girls get the gardisil shot

3. He attended Bilderburg in 2007

4. He did nothing about border security in Texas

5. He supports sanctuary cities in Texas

6. He advocates in state college tuition for Illegals

7. He increased Texas government spending at 100% over 10 years (a higher rate then the federal government)

plenty more


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today has been a great day for me and just not because gold and silver are up nicely. rather, just as my faith in yankees was ebbing at all time lows my faith in them has crested to new highs. from the comments on this article it is obvious there are a quite a few of said yankees that could be brothers in arms with me and others that are motivated to kick texas out of the union. organization and money is needed, of course. but the north must initiate the process since if texas and other interested states take action it'll be viewed as provocative.

actually, it'll work out nicely for everybody if texas is booted. the north can be rid of us pond scum, and can pursue their socialistic dreams unencumbered. it's win/win.

meanwhile, we texans will slum around on our farms and in the oil patch, and in the oft chance we are booted, and you yankees need some food, gasoline for your cars, or heating oil and natural gas to heat and cool your homes and businesses we pond scummers will sell it to you at the prevailing market rate. fair enough?

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Since this is an article about Perry. and Perry has been the subject of some rightfully dispensed criticism here, it seems your comments are equating Perry with everything Texas.  If that is the case, you have dealt Texas the worst insult of any post on this thread.

lieutenantjohnchard's picture

wrong. read again what i wrote ar various intervals on this thread. i defended perry's faith but never once indicated i supported rick perry the politician since i'm all in for the libertarian. my defense was of the state of texas, my home. when folks start calling us out i run to the defense of my home.

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Well I did say "if".  For the most part I find Texas to be the state that still most resembles the true USA.  Of course a lot of us Tennesseans have a love for Texas.  I agree with a defence of Perry's faith...I am just not sure he has the "faith" he professes but not my place to judge THAT aspect of his nature. Glad to hear your clarification and thanks.


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 lieutenantjohnchard ,

100% in agreement,KICK us out...............................we're just the 2nd largest state in the Union,and we have everything we need to be a stand alone Republic again.Funny wonder why folks keep flocking here from other states?.


The Feds do not give us shit, THEY take it from us, then give it back(partially), and WE are indebted to them?.

My arse.

Only one problem, they cannot AFFORD to.

We were a Republic, and we can become one again.Lizzy, seems to be part of the MSM,making assumptions, and judgments.Ever work for CNN?

lieutenantjohnchard's picture

i know. you're right. wish the yanks would give us the shoe. most everybody would be happier. win/win situation. topics like this are enlightening because folks have to take a side.

lieutenantjohnchard's picture

a while back brett arends of the wall street journal and marketwatch wrote a piece on health care and obamacare. at the end he wrote it might be a good time to kick the south out of the union because of irreconcilable differences over socialism, basically.

i emailed him to encourage him to start the movement. never heard back from him. all hat and no cattle as we say in texas.

needs to be done peacefully and legally with the north taking the initiative.

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Rick Perry is just talking sense.  Truth.  Unvarnished.  If undermining the dollar with more debt undermines the US then it is treason.  And yes Treason is punishable by death.

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So, how many jobs, of any kind, has Ron Paul created?

I'd really like to think half these moronic comments are not from Paulians, but Lib false flaggers.

If they are all from Paulians, you are no credit to your master.

DosZap's picture

Ron Pauls job is not to create jobs, it's to represent his constituents, and to make decsions on what to do for them first, and then participate in what used to be a Representative government, instead of a FLASH MOB for federal dollars stolen from the states.

We ALL know how many jobs have been lost under the current regime.And,if your honest, you have to ascribe many because of the policies.

They are like the Flash Mobs, or Army Ants......................they invade,steal, destroy, and leave the people and land destitute.

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Seriously man.. I wish Perry was the real deal, but he isnt. He is a phony and will sell you out.  You will be orgasmic when Perry wins and then you will be disallusioned by his actions or you will blindly follow him off the cliff like the Obamabots follow Obama.

Perry has always talked a good game until he is elected.

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but at least he knows how to set up cameras on the texas / mexican border so we can see the illegals crossing the border in real time. of course it would be nice if the cameras actually worked.

onlooker's picture

Don’t blame the illegal immigration on Perry. Barry and Janet are the folks that will not enforce border safety and control. Perry asked for help several times and got nada from DC. Texas is now a state that business is escaping to from California, NY, and other liberal broke spenders. And if you want to talk about roads, Texas is much better than Chicago any where you go. Even the chat County Roads are better than Chicago main streets. BUT if State income tax is something you just gotta have----- stay away from Texas.

Zer0henge's picture

Fuck Rick Perry and his entire bullshit state.

lieutenantjohnchard's picture

here's another one we texans could count on to help kick us out of the union. zer0henge, i'll refer you down the thread to rsnoble and others. we've got the start of a grass roots movement right here at zh to kick texas out. can i count on you to help? where do i send the money to help organize the movement?

marcusfenix's picture

rick perry, just another scumbag globalist parasite who wants to build a NAU super highway from Mexico to Nebraska, who wanted to force 15 yr old girls to take a vaccine that probably wouldn't prevent cancer but would most certainly make them sterile and/or kill them. rick perry who is only in this race because the bilderberg group wants him there after he attended the meeting in Istanbul in 2007, i guess that was his reward for selling of large amounts of Texas infrastructure to foreign interests. rick perry who during his tenure has increased state govt spending from 45 billion to over 90 (while ranting inanely about limited, smaller govt). rick perry who lies through his teeth about everything related to the Texas economy during his time in office.

if perry wins in 2012 it will be "meet the new teleprompter, same as the old teleprompter" except with a different accent...

ian807's picture

Rick Perry. Gag. Here in Texas, all I've seen happen during his tenure is increasing state debt, lousier schools, endless expensive "pork" highway construction projects and unchecked immigration (I'm all for checked immigration, by the way). Sure, there are jobs. Lots of jobs. Lots of minimum wage jobs that don't even support an individual, much less a family. Top it all off with his recent flagrant pandering to the religious nutcase population and the thought of "President Perry" makes me want to throw up in my mouth.

Rick Perry, because the lowest common denominator wasn't quite low enough.

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The jobs Perry helped bring to the state had only about 9% minimum wage jobs, compared to 7% for the national average.

Big Whooping Shyte Pile of Nada.

I bet any of the 50% unemployed young adults in DC would glaadly take one of those minimum wage jobs and live with the Texas cost of living.

Get real. A job is a job if you havent been able to find one in 24 months.

Cpl Hicks's picture

What Perry said is akin to shouting "Water!" in a burning theater.

onlooker's picture

When Texas joined the Union they wrote up a document that says they can leave the Union and also that the State can be split into 4 States.


As far as Perry goes, this is a situation of the dog with the least fleas. Maybe a Democrat is being hidden to watch the reaction to Obama, and then come out.


“Almost Treason” sounds like almost pregnant. Should be a reality before a shot gun wedding or hanging.

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Some dirt on Rick Perry: 

I urge you to NOT vote for Rick Perry who is one of the biggest frauds and phonies in American politics. I am a 3-time delegate to the Texas Republican convention (2006, 2008, 2010) and I live in Austin , TX . Here why Rick Perry is completely unqualified to be president.

The first thing you need to know about Rick Perry is that he is (or has been) a flagrant adulterer. The second thing you need to know is that Perry is a man who constantly uses religion and Christian Bible talk for his own political advancement, while living a double life.


If he really is that bad, more will be heard.

JimBowie1958's picture

Bastiat, that site is nothing but rumors about Perrys sex life (which is irrelevant for the POTUS, and Perry isnt running to be Pope) and the heavy handed action against the FLDS ranch. While CPS was over-zealous due to their revuslion with the FLDS teaching, the implementation of the raid and the handling of the case is not primarily Perry's fault except in the most abstract sense of him being theoreticalyl in charge of everything.

Perry has had 12 years of experience in getting businesses to relocate to Texas, growing the private and public sector jobs in Texas. If Perry can do half of what he did in Texas regarding job growth, I could not care less if he were the freaking Anti-Christ himself!

Bastiat's picture

If those rumors get corroborated they will end his campaign.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

If frogs had wings, they wouldn't bump their ass when they jump.

Got any proof, rumor boy?

Bastiat's picture

Not my job, pom-pom girl.  Just pointing out the rumor's out there.  It may or may not amount to something.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Rumor has it Obama is a shiite, and shillary is a raging lesbian.

Care to comment?

Bastiat's picture

At first I read that and thought it said: Obama is a shite (Brit spelling) and was thinking: not rumor, fact.  Obama's probably Sunni though isn't he?  Not too many Shiites in Indonesia.     Obama and Hillary are puppets, living the delusion of power.  Obama posted a fraudulent birth certificate. Personally I think that's a problem.  There's also the issue of is his fake SS number.  WTF?  And all his hidden records.  The fact that he gets away with this shit, as does whover installed him, is is a daily mockery of this country. How's that?  

I'm not a partisan. I think they are all corrupt whores.  I like Ron Paul because he understands what the Fed and it's FRNs have done to this country. He also proposes ending the wars.  He says these things repeatedly, so at least they get said.  I also think if he ever were elected, he'd be terminated before he could get anything done on those fronts. 

Let's just say I don't look to our political process for salvation. 

earnyermoney's picture

flagrant adulterer? Was that before he became a Republican? Chalk it up to resumee enhancement to get ahead in the Democratic party. LOL

fonestar's picture

Duh, just look at these shmucks.  You can already see him doing the "I have hurt my family and my wife..." speech already in the spot lights.  Is the American voting public really this stupid?

Atlantis Consigliore's picture

Good,  let him call the NY and Fraud Street Banksters on it,


with the planned scams and QE 3 and flailouts and fraudstamps.


and if Tea 's lose, then we all move to Texas and succeed.


7 million businesses vote Capitalism with our feet.


Thats next and the Ny and fraudster bankers can then eat each other


on the printing. 

Atlantis Consigliore's picture

Good,  tell it like it is the FED in bed with the Bankster NY ers


and the FED printing fraud.


and if Jimmy Carter 2.0 wins,  let them seceed, ill move there


in an instant with my business and my 500 employees.


Vote with my feet and 7 million other businesses and Capitalists


with follow...PRONTO.


BANKSTER on it. 

Rodent Freikorps's picture


And you wonder why people consider Paultards, tards.

Carry on.

Learn to like losing. It's your only hope.

If you let the perfect be the enemy of the good, you deserve to suffer.

IQ 145's picture

Thank Christ, I don't have a TV set. I manage to miss most of the "wonderful new developments".  I just recently found out that clicking on Google News was also a real bad idea; going to give that up too. Market Watch, (for the mainstream opinion pieces), price charts, and Zero Hedge'll be enough. The rest of time I'll just read history and listen to the birds. Parakeets and ring neck doves, mostly.

my puppy for prez's picture

Don't be fooled by this, people!  I live in Texas and know ALL of Perrys dirty little secrets!  I am a conservative, but Perry is all talk, and he certainly knows what to say during an election!  My God!  He has NEVER spoken about the FED until his campaign!  He is simply noticing how much traction Ron Paul is getting with this subject, which Paul has been warning about FOREVER!  

Again...DON'T BE FOOLED!  Perry is a liar and a scumbag!  He is for open borders and much more.....google "Perry border summit speech 2001" which will give you a link to the TX govt. archive where you can read these words yourself....and I quote:  "Vincente Fox's vision of an OPEN BORDER is one I EMBRACE!!!

$400.00 of my son's $9000 UT tuition bill goes towards funding for illegals to receive in-state tuition!  We pay TX tax dollars to provide medicaid to MEXICAN children on the MEXICAN SIDE of the border!

And on, and on, and on, and on.........

earnyermoney's picture

Next fall we'll choose between a Republican and Democratic fascist to run the country. Ron Paul's the only one the fascists despise.

Cruel Aid's picture

Open borders, trans texas corridor all part of the same scheme. It has been in the works for a while.

It will be done when the dust settles, time is on their side.

Perry is for property rights. Don't bet your life on it.

JimBowie1958's picture

However, advocating violence against a sitting Federal Reserve Chairman does not really sound all that Presidential.


There is nothing not Presidential about it.

I'd have hung that bastard a long time ago.

As far as people whining about Perry:

1. Bilderbergers invite major political and economic players every year. Just because you get invited doesnt mean your part of the gang that runs the show.

2. Perry has made a lot of deals with a lot of people, but none that he tried to over-ride against the will of the people when the people rejected it like the vaccination fiasco and the internationa trade corridor.

3. You want to elect someone close to a minarchist, Constitution abiding, small government conservative, then Perry is your best bet. If you want to just keep whining and pissing in the wind about everything then vote for Ron Paul. As much as I respect Ron Pau, which is a damned hell of a lot, anyone that has the slightest inkling about how politics works knows that Paul cannot get elected, and if he did he would be a one term President.

What is the definition of success for a libertarian? Having a booth at the county fair that gets on the news.

What is the definition of unsuccessful for a libertarian? Getting elected and then having to actually *do* something.

John Law Lives's picture

Rick Perry said "almost treasonous", and he did not advocate violence.  You can treat someone badly without being violent.

Irresponsible journalism.