Wall Street Protest Starting to Look Like Egypt

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Wall Street Protest Starting to Look Like Tahrir Square, Egypt

Alexander Higgins reports:

NYPD police scanners are estimating a crowd up to 5,000
are occupying liberty square in a scene that is now starting to look
more like Egypt’s Tahrir square.


The protests have become so large that Fox News has set up a live stream covering the protests. Here are some screen shots from their camera.


Thousands Turn Out To Occupy Wall Street Protests Sept 30 Wall Street Protest Starting to Look Like Egypt


Thousands Turn Out To Occupy Wall Street Protests Sept 30

Thousands Turn Out To Occupy Wall Street Protests Sept 30 2 Wall Street Protest Starting to Look Like Egypt

Thousands Turn Out To Occupy Wall Street Protests Sept 30 -2

Thousands Turn Out To Occupy Wall Street Protests Sept 30 3 Wall Street Protest Starting to Look Like Egypt

Thousands Turn Out To Occupy Wall Street Protests Sept 30 -3


Here are some additional photographs from a helicopter.

Who Are the Protesters?

Wall Street is trying to write all of these people off as being
“hippies” who “need to get a job” (to which the protesters would
respond: That’s the point – There are no jobs, because Wall Street has destroyed the economy.)

 Wall Street Protest Starting to Look Like Egypt.

The poor and the desperate, formerly-middle class people participating in the protests are not taking well to Wall Street’s “Let them eat cake” response.

But all types are marching, including grannies and pilots:

6198637099 4ec20b55f2 z Wall Street Protest Starting to Look Like Egypt


610x Wall Street Protest Starting to Look Like Egypt


Marines and other military men and women.

Wealthy folks such as Russel Simmons and Alec Baldwin.

Liberals and conservatives.

On the other side of the protest line, Mayor Bloomberg is whining that the protesters are targeting bankers who “are struggling to make ends meet”.
He has a point: if Wall Street is reined in so that the rest of the
country has a chance, the bankers might have to cut back on their mistresses, prostitutes and solid gold toilets.
blank Wall Street Protest Starting to Look Like Egypts o03 57968784 Wall Street Protest Starting to Look Like Egypt

Class Warfare?

Yes, this is class warfare. But it is class warfare by the 1% against the other 99% (and see this). Specifically, it is the looting of the country by the top .1% through fraud.

As Warren Buffet – one of America’s most successful capitalists and defenders of capitalism – points out:

There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war ….

Leading economists note that rampant inequality was one of the main causes of the Great Depression and of the current economic crisis.

Indeed, given that inequality in America is worse than Egypt (or Tunisia, or Yemen or most Latin American banana republics), and that social mobility is lower in America than in most European countries (and see this), we have been predicting these types of protests for years.

If Wall Street is starting to look like Tahir Square, it is because
America is starting to look more and more like Egypt – with a handful of
super-rich, and crumbs for everyone else.

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the grateful unemployed's picture

the smell of tear gas on Pennsylvania Ave is a far more effective message.

snowball777's picture

The use of fentanyl gas on K-Street would be even more effective.


Mudduckk's picture

DC? Wall Street owns DC. Or paraphasing Pedro M., "Wall Street is DC's daddy!"

CharlieSDT's picture

What a retarded comment.  Tourism on Wall Street?  I think these protesters have it right, the bankers are the true villians.  The politicians are just their lapdogs.

the grateful unemployed's picture

I am surprised Bloomberg hasn't shoved them into offsite protest zones, miles away from Wall Street. I expect Obama to visit Wall Street, and when he does then the protestors will get pushed out of the way, and probably will have to stay there (Central Park?) Bush used to do this regularly, it was an effective way of controlling dissidence.

Also I am surprised the groups that target WTO and G7 policies aren't here, those groups are much more confrontational, they have been doing it for years. The media pretends it doesn't understand what the global issues with corporate America are, but you can imagine these two groups getting together and building a real head of steam.

Of course Obama has been (trying) to raise campaign contributions on Wall Street the last month, I would expect to see him burned in effigy, I mean these protests are way way too tame. This is going to escalate, and when it does some groups will coalesce and raise the decibel level considerably.

Bloombergs only alternative may be to turn Times Square into Tienenmen Square.

williambanzai7's picture

I think those "groups" have morphed into something else. 

This kind of decentralized activism is not so easily shoved into a corner. It is a networked human swarm.

mayhem_korner's picture



WB7 - three critical questions:

1) What is the specific end result that is to be gained from the protests? 

2) What is the course of action that will lead to the outcome?

3) Are 1) and 2) universally understood by all the protestors (or is there a reasonable possibility of achieving that)?

"Sending a message" by itself doesn't accomplish anything.  Take the Tea Party for example.  The movement has a specific purpose - to reconstitute the governing factions of the U.S. in order to reverse the uncontrolled spending and reassert liberties.  The Tea Party identifies and supports candidates and gets them elected.  Purpose and path are clear.

The problem I have with the Occupy Wall Street is there is no clear end-game.  Absent that, the predictable happens - frustration builds and the reality of diverse expectations lead to infighting.  So it is far, far more likely that we will see infighting among the protesters than actual progress toward the goal.  And thus, the movement takes two steps backwards by self-inflicted divide and conquer.

My two cents...

AustriAnnie's picture

Mayhem, I'd rather see the protests STAY disorganized.  Then it is a lot of individuals, like Banzai said "shaking the system".

Why must there be a "planner" who centrally plans this protest and begins to demand things from the gov't.  Thats more of the same of what we've HAD.

What we do need are people who aren't asking for anything other than for the bailouts of Wall Street to STOP.  Why must all those people have everything in common and want all the same things?


mayhem_korner's picture



You ever see a football team try to run an offense without a play in mind?  It's not about central planning, it's about a coordinated effort.  The central planning problem is that the elected ones are allocating OTHERS' resources.  The failure doesn't stem from planning & coordination, it stems from the disconnect between the (rightful) owners and the allocators of resources.

Believe it or not, you are AGREEING with me.  You have articulated a clear objective - putting an end to the Wall Street bailouts.  And then you go on to say that everyone "wants the same thing."  So you have satisfied my questions #1 and part of #3.  (I won't get into whether everyone in fact believes the Wall St. bailouts are the root problem to be dismantled, as that is another story...)


williambanzai7's picture

It is up to every citizen to decide what he believes and to do whatever he or she can. Those people are there to do one thing, shake the system. We've had almost four years of dumb mesmerization.

Time to wake up the people.

The crooks and their enablers need to know there are very real risks involved in what they are doing. and the people are not going to standby like good sheep.

So we can all engage in intelligent discussion. But we already know it is for naught if the volume is not turned up.

beanieville's picture

New yorkers protesting on Wallstreet won't amount to an ounce of beans.  Here's what they should do instead:  get an EV. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psB71wUeXXE . We need a green energy revolution, is what we need.  All problems will be solved as a result.

monoloco's picture

The best thing we all can do is to try and disseminate truth and educate people as to what these fraudsters and their government lackeys are foisting on us. This site and others like it are key, when enough of our citizens understand what is really going on there will be no sanctuary for these criminals.

williambanzai7's picture

You are right. I hope all of us, irrespective of our own views, are engaging with others on these issues.

AustriAnnie's picture

Exactly.  Engaging others with words, not bullets.  

I wish Ron Paul would speak to this crowd.  He can help to win people over by explaining how the war, welfare state, and concentration of power in the hands of banks/gov't/Fed is responsible for the situation we are in.  Many of those protesters need to hear that.  


mayhem_korner's picture

You're spouting a bunch of slogans strung together.

What are "the very real risks" to the crooks?  Are they going to get looted, hanged, put on trial? 

And if "every citizen" decides what he believe he ought to do...isn't that just anarchy?

Absent some kind of clear purpose, I think you're going to be very disappointed in the outcome here.

williambanzai7's picture

I do not mean to disrespect you.

But what you and a load of media hacks and others are saying is a crock of shit.

What do you expect everyone to do, prepare a 4000 page legislative agenda and an executive action plan.

The whole idea that there has to be a codified position is nonsense. 

In fact, that position is intended to divide and conquer. Because every plank in an "agenda" excludes someone. And this is not about excluding people.

You want a simple plan? OK here it is...

Get rid of the money in politics and reinstate Glass Steagall.

Unfortunately, that simple sentence is incomprehensible to legions of PhDs, think tank wonks, industry experts, politicians, yadda, yadda

It is easy to say democracy is a constant threat of anarchy. That is not the democracy I literally spent years studying and believing in.


mayhem_korner's picture

You're good with me, WB7.

I'm just pointing out what I see and what I see missing. 


Edit: The U.S. is not a democracy, never has been, and was not designed as such.

williambanzai7's picture

Many of us spend many hours reading and thinking about solutions. But you and I both know that those efforts are for naught.

Really fine minds were involved in the debate over financial reform and what did we get? Literally Frankensteins monster, neutered.

I use the term democracy broadly.

The founding Fathers debated all of the pros and cons and came up with their upon model. The model does not work if the electorate is passive. At least for the 99%

RSloane's picture

We have legislators who are passing laws that they proudly proclaim they haven't even read. Idiots like Chris Dodd said he hasn't even read Dodd-Frank and chuckled about it. Yes our founding fathers debated pros and cons. Our current body of politicians just do what their respective whips tell them to do, collect money from the lobbyists, and enjoy the life their privilege gives them.

johnny the boy's picture

I see a great many people of incredible diversity getting together with a single voice. This is nothing short of astounding! To say that each individual must share the same "crystal clear" goal is irrelevant. Also to assume that these protesters are not aware of the intricacies of matters discussed here and that they are morons "trending" is ridiculous. Surely one of those protesting grannies is worth more than 666 shill trolls brandishing AK-47s and complaining that "its not enough". Oh brother!

monoloco's picture

Bingo, the sheer complexity of the laws and regulations give cover to the criminals who conceived them.

williambanzai7's picture

Oops, almost forgot the most important thing, throw those guilty of defrauding the economy in jail.

I'm in a feisty mood. Pardon my feistiness.

RockyRacoon's picture

I am with you and you have stated the position well.   All this talk about "objectives" and stuff is crap.  Just go out there and raise some hell.   So a few knot-heads get in on the action -- so what.   The "message" is clear:   We are all fed up.   Anyone who espouses that position is doing the right thing.    Their religious, ethnic, or other affiliations are tertiary.    This crowd cannot get a grip because there is no grip to be had.   It's been all for himself in these not quite so United States, so why should not a crowd also be in it for a purpose to each his own?   Melting pots don't require method nor direction.   Just keep stirring.

mayhem_korner's picture

The message is clear: We are all fed up.


Look, guys, junk away.  But that is not a clear message at all.  What are you fed up with?  Bank bailouts...or...redistributive policies?  Predatory lending...or...individuals shirking responsibility for their own well-being?  Frauds...or...failure to prosecute the frauds?  That some people have cheated their way to more money than you...or that some people have earned more money than you?  That the stock market is rigged...or...that you perhaps moved too late to avoid it?  That oil prices are too high...or...that gold prices are too low?  That you have to hand over too much of your hard-earned wages...or...that you don't get a large enough handout from the system?

Unless you can articulate something cohesive, you are simply yelling aimlessly that "something" isn't fair and "something" needs to be done about it.  Right now, I can't discern the answer to either from this protest.

Party on...

RockyRacoon's picture

"Yes!" is the answer to your questions.   All of them.... YES!  Fed up with all of them

Disgruntlement comes in many flavors and folks can meet with common malcontent as the only cohesive factor.   A lot of that is present in the Tea Party gatherings, yet nobody questions their "motives", their cohesiveness has not been questioned by any serious detractor, and, yes, there are well-heeled backers who supply decorated buses and cash for speaking venues.  Nobody should be surprised that unions and other "liberal" backers show up to support the Wall Street protesters.   It's all parts of a whole:  WE ARE FED UP!

falak pema's picture

The Politicians, even if they don't control the money, do control the political process, broadly speaking. If the US public make their presence felt as massively and peacefully as the Cairoites at Tahrir, it could shake the political system to its roots. You can't have HC/BO shouting Damascus is a crime and looking the other way in NYC!

john39's picture

good question.  my only real fear about this is that the movement will be orchestrated and used to further the agenda to further centralize power and control by destroying our rights and crush the middle class.   you can see in Egypt for example how the movement was controlled.  So they sacraficed mubarek, big deal.  The same people are still in control through the military junta and not much has change.  will the people prevail there (or here)?  remains to be seen.  it will take much more than protests in both cases.

monoloco's picture

The Democratic party could coopt the movement like the GOP did with the Tea Party and then push a bunch more bank welfare regulation diguised as financial reform. Yes, they are that sleazy.

williambanzai7's picture

No two situations are alike. You cannot resign from the fight. Resistance, honor and action are a matter of personal character.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

If you are going to change something, you better have a crystal-fucking-clear idea of what you want to change that thing into. Are you going to make the situation better, or worse? Unfortunately it appears that the people behind this protest are, for lack of a more precise term, Communists. I know, profoundly, that they will take a bad system, and make it infinitely worse.

I will have no truck with that kind of filthy people.

williambanzai7's picture

You know, I have 1.3 billion communists living just across the border. To me the word communist, just like capitalist, has morphed into a rhetorical farce.

And by the way, in my travels, I have seen what a real died in the wool communist looks and smells like. I wonder if you have.

falak pema's picture

I have, and for the female type; they smell as sweet as their capitalistic counterparts. Funny how an undressed woman has no feeling of the color of her political skin....

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

No, but I've seen the legacy of hundreds of millions dead that Communism left behind in the 20th century. The single most bloodthirsty and criminal ideology ever known to mankind. That's all I need to know.

15Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

    16By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

    17Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, and the evil tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

    18A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit.

    19Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit, shall be cut down, and shall be cast into the fire.

    20Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them.

--Matthew 7:15-20

mjk0259's picture

How did you come up with 'hundreds of millions'? The figures I've seen put both Stalin and Mao in the tens of millions each. As a percentage of the population, US killed and maimed more in Viet Nam to "save" them.

Maybe you haven't read much history. I think Genghis Khan and the Mongols were considerably more bloodthirsty along with hundreds of others like Huns, Goths, Zulus, Maya....





GoinFawr's picture

Manure spreaders don`t read history, they`re too focussed on filling themselves with shit for dissemination.

blindman's picture

the people are the government, that includes all
the people. this point was brought up 200 plus years
ago and still has not sunk in, it appears many actually
despise the idea. i don't know if we can even deal with
the idea in any meaningful way? never mind build on it.
maybe a generation has to just get out of the way.
or rewrite the constitution. get rid of the whole
of the people, by the people, for the people jive?
the real american revolution awaits? good luck.
by the way, we already have the perfect system for
the narcissistic psychopath mentality. no enforcement
of financial regulation or control for those who have
succeeded in positioning themselves socially and financially
in the domain as it presents itself. no major corrections
need be made, the subjugation and enslavement of the human
race is nearly complete.
Peter Schiff vs Michael Moore on #occupywallstreet & ‘capitalism’
Posted on September 30, 2011 by stacyherbert

@peter shiff i ask..
if the people are the government why do we need
less? and who decides who has to go? if the people
are not the government then who is?
i think this is the question. and obviously the federal reserve note
is the problem, the source of the fiat problems, that few will address
as it is the only swag they know. left and right. obviously the problem
and no one, few, will face. it is like a plato cave deal where we only
see the shadows and refuse to get up and exit the cave of fiat, usury
madness. we will never see the light of day shackled in the cave by
the chains of usury. never. descriptions of workable alternatives exist
outside the cave of usury.
unfortunately the crimes have been so extensive and ubiquitous,
so systemic at this point, that claw backs will be absolutely insane.
rock and hard place, end of the world scenario seems almost guaranteed.
so i would say now is a good time to consider that the people are
the government and as such demand the respect and consideration that
a "free" person is naturally gifted by the universe itself. respect
all around.

whstlblwr's picture

by the way, we already have the perfect system for
the narcissistic psychopath mentality. no enforcement
of financial regulation or control for those who have
succeeded in positioning themselves socially and financially
in the domain as it presents itself.

I need to see how RP would deal with exploiters. They say Hong Kong part example of libertarian society, and have great economy, but air polluted. Great economy with all people can't breath or see sun, what good is economy?

How would RP deal about huge corporation with billions of dollars to spend on litigation against pollution?

The teaparty talk of ban on EPA, okay maybe agency not effective, but this is main platform. WTF? Sounds like old tired argument from GOP, that and drill, drill, drill.

RP and teaparty about lose much support. But for me reigning in deficit to reign in spending on scary military industrial complex is more important.

mjk0259's picture

People eagerly move from unpolluted areas with bad economy to heavily polluted areas with good economy and usually remain there even after they stop working. So I guess they prefer good economy.

OldTrooper's picture

I think you are confusing 'Tea Party' (whatever that is - there's been so much abuse of that label that I'm not sure it means anything anymore) and 'Ron Paul'.  And a ban on the EPA is the main platform?  WTF?  You need to get out more if you think that's the main platform.

But anyway, the 'exploiters' are in large measure created by government.  How much a bankster is allowed to steal, how much toxic waste a company can let escape into ground water, and a host of other exploitive and destructive practices are licensed by government.  Laws, rules, regulations are written (with exemptions for favored companies) to keep competitors with better products and practices from gettting in the door.  And, by law, your average fellow that has been picked clean by these vultures doesn't have standing to sue.  If a person does manage to prevail in the uphill battle for standing, then he's prevented from pursuing his claim because the injustice system (an arm of government, not-so-coincidently) has been designed to make fighting exploitation financially impossible for 99.9% of us.  Remove the cloak of law and the police state that covers these practices and things would be very different in fairly short order.

Oh, and Ron Paul is - to my knowledge - the only real canidate that has advocated significantly cutting defense spending and slapping down the military industrial complex in any meaningful way.  I challenge you to expand your sources of information - a lot.

whstlblwr's picture

My writing sucks. I know Ron Paul not Tea Party, and I support Ron Paul now, but he needs to explain to me how he can deal with rich exploiters. I see your example, but if rich corporation suddenly harms my property and I'm poor, how do I fight it? Or fumes from large coal power plant get in lungs, then become deathly sick from cancer, ten years after relase of toxic material, how do I fight?

On television show a tea party organization talks about a ban EPA and it's listed on webstie in top five issues, so it's main platform of organized Tea Party. It's because organized Tea Party, is part of GOP who co-opt for environment issues, marriage, and abortion. It's bullshit. And if organized Tea Party was the Tea Party of the people, the movement the people started, they'd be on Wall Street with everyone else. I think maybe some local tea party groups are going to Wall Street.

I know Ron Paul is candidate to support for limiting military terrorism on own US people. It's other reason I support him. If military keep developing tools to limit US citizen freedom with excuse to stop terrorism, then how is it different than attack.

AustriAnnie's picture

The problem with EPA is that it can be used against a man's right to property as much as to defend it.  It is a gov't system with power that gets coopted by the same banksters that use every other gov't office for its own purpose.  Companies lobby the EPA to pass laws then make fortunes off of those laws, no differently than companies make money off of wars.

Do not forget that the gov't you ask to "protect you" is the same gov't you so loudly protest.

Ruffcut's picture

We ain't no government. When over 90% of the people bitched about tarp, yes their voices were heard? I also approved the AIG deal, personally. Yeah right.

We are little naive servants, self centered and waiting for the directive out of the box wih one eye ball.(tv)


Temporalist's picture

"The government is the people" is the biggest pile of bullshit laid on simple minded socialist wannabees.  The people voted in George Bush TWICE!!!   Politicians remove restrictions on corporation and banks against the "the people's" best interests.  The government LIED about reasons for war.  The government "people" have bailed out banksters and corporations alike so that CEOs would continue getting bonuses. The government "people" have yet to throw anyone responsible into JAIL!  The government "people" feed fraudlent statistics and propaganda through their media arms to placate and confuse the masses with mis/disinformation.


Unfortunately "the people" that run for office usually are megalomanical sociopathic sycophants that suck up to big money interests as the kleptocrats all have something in common and that is egomania.  99% of politicians are the 1% that the protesters are complaining about.


If the government is the people then this is a bad fucking neighborhood and everyone that can move should.

DaveyJones's picture

Im not sure any government has ever acted in the peoples interest. Also not sure the people actually voted in george either time. Empires devolve and we are nearing the end of that cycle 

whstlblwr's picture

Yes, it's bad neighborhood, need more of us to run for office, we have to change it, not him over there. You run for office. Defeat the Megalomaniac.

Lee's picture

Ha ha the protesters have bridged all political-ideological-race-creed-age BARRIERS!!!

And you fucktard status quo people here and in the MSM are losing it!


Power to the People!!!

JoBob's picture

I'm getting the feeling that Ranger4564 is an old-fashion commuinist.

   Statements like "if I don't take what I need myself, who will bother to take care of me" don't give me warm fuzzies that he plans a future based on hard work. Claiming that capitalism cannot work and that a (New Age version of) communism is better is a chilling viewpoint for a would-be revolutionary.

   Ranger may have the youth and energy but his goals are badly flawed.

   Caveat emptor!



Ranger4564's picture

I'm not young... going on 48 very soon.  I am youthful.  I am not old fashioned about anything. I am one of the most open minded progressives you would ever meet.  I am a communist in many ways, but I also think we need something better, less vulnerable to exploitation, more beneficial to the citizenry.

I work my ass off to achieve my insights, help others, and wipe lazy greedy capitalists asses.  One thing about self interest, it does not make the coffee, it does not take the trash out, it does not work any more than the compensation provides, it does not do for others a god damn thing.

You can keep your hard working capitalist system.  I want something better for the rest of humanity, including for myself.  I have done more for people than most people can claim, and I still educate myself, and go to work... that's plenty of work, but I am certainly not the hardest working person by any means. People have to work 3 jobs or look all day for some food, or whatever the case is.  I do what I can.  In the OWS rally, I'll be working on open source technologies to provide a new infrastructure for the citizens, for when the corporations and government start censoring people / shut off the internet.