We're on the mend...barring another Greek tragedy

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Whovever wrote the market could go up because GS has more money than us, yes they do courtesy of us!

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Is this Bullish...or just plain Bull?

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This was a test, ladies and gentlemen, and we passed. Before zerohedge, this kind of deceptive, brain-dead gobble-de-gook (it doesn't deserve to be called an argument or an analysis) was acceptable. Not anymore.

Look how easy it was to pick apart, to see through, to debunk, sentence by nonsensical sentence. Everyone here is above this shite. Let us give thanks.

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All you critics are missing the point. Tyler is using this piece of Obama Administration propaganda to inoculate us against the shitfest that is about the descend on us all as the election season heats up. The Cramer-speak is only beginning, and it will be worse than anything we've seen to date.

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I never read this, I never will read this, and you can go to hell.

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DRINK alcohol (If a little is good, a lot is better).
WATCH television (It's ALL true!!  That's why it's on TeeVee!!)
EAT ALL you can (That's why they call it All-You-Can-Eat Buffet!!!)
SUPPORT your Preacher (He deserves it because HE is a Man of the Cloth!!)
MAX OUT the Credit Card (If a little Credit is good, a lot of Credit is Better!!!)
WAVE YOUR FLAG (And Know Your Are Defending the Homeland) 

but above all....

F A I T H    &    C O N F I D E N C E    I N   T H E    S Y S T E M

(let the faithful say "amen.")

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I don't mind reading opinion that differs from my own.  But, how does article support the headline in any way?  If you were to say the US and European ECRI indexes, which haven't given off a false positive regarding recession and have dipped below the levels indicitave of such, that might make some sense.  The article however, does not.

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Indeed.  I didn't find any analysis in the article either.  On the bright side however, I do enjoy your avatar.  +1

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Lesson #1 in investing - look for data points that DO NOT confirm your thesis. If you surround yourself with yes men then you will get destroyed. No different from running a business or country.

You guys need to chill out. Nothing wrong with posting the otherside of the arguement.

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Yeah right, except the author hasn't offered any data points that confirm the headline of the article, let alone don't confirm my thesis.

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what a load of cr@p...LOL...! AGAIN I SAY IT AGAIN....who at zerohedge allows this kind of cr#p article to be published here...? i really dont get it.....

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I stopped reading after I hit the first period.

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On the mend? No further Greek tradgedies? Gold begs to differ. We'll soon be adding Italian farces, Spanish ballads, and Irish ditties.

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I think that all of you guys suffer from extreme myopia and dystopia. What the guy really, really said is :

We're on the bend...now that is a way of saying we're on the River of no return...But it came out like "mend" as in "mend my trend to confound bend and mend". 

Its a time honoured false flag media game, and its called knowing how to read between the thighs...sorry, if you've understood the real meaning, it's between the lines... but then don't bend my mend-set, barring all greek comedy.

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Barring another greek tragedy? In my opinion the real tragedy is whats happening to the Greek people on a daily basis as they are being pillaged by the same financial terrorists that caused the crisis.

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Believing a socialist government when it tells you that you every citizen in a tourism nation can retire at age 52 is not a tragedy it is willful ignorance of the "no free lunch" principle. The Greeks are acting like children throwing a tantrum, and it is their own fault for ignoring reality.

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Yup - We're on the mend!

And in other Breaking News - Lorena Bobbit's hubby claims he's Never Felt Better!

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Divot Farm - isn't that a grave yard?

Don't confuse withstanding with inaction due to being overwhelmed with a great sense of foreboding.


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There fixed it for you......some here do not always get humor

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Anything else you would like to include, Mr. President?

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What a berk! I don't understand ZH, most of the time the stuff is fantastic and then occasionally Tyler lets this nonsense be posted. ZH should align itself soley with the truth, don't give air time to obvious shills and corrupted bastards. This really is the 11th hour now, we don't need crap like this article.

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It's precisely WHY ZH is so good.

Tyler posts stuff even if it doesn't agree with a given viewpoint, which I, for one, am glad of. At least it makes me THINK, even if I don't agree with that given viewpoint.

Sooner that than a bunch of zealots only posting stuff they want to see and having NO acknowledgement of any other viewpoints at all.

Open your mind.


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Plus, I hate to say, this market is not ACTING like the eurozone is about to implode, and the world is nearing financial meltdown.  It went UP today, in case no one is paying attention, and is STILL over the 20dma.  The chart is bullish in view of unrelenting negetive news.  Everyone is calling it "short covering," but the boys at GS have more money than you do, and can push that shit higher indefinitely.  We've had mulitple days to follow up on the big decline, and there's been no follow through.

The fundamentals (i.e. truth) became divorced from the markets long ago.  Unless there's a panic or a money contraction, US equities could go up here.  (But not from an "improving" world economy.) 

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the truth is in the mind of the beholder

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Quit badmouthing the comic relief.

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He's right you know.  Barring things getting worse ... things will get better!  Brilliant.

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I'm here to report that today's headline in HK was that the Chief Administrator of the HK SAR has turned bearish in his global outlook, which basically means Beijing is bearish.

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This is Bullish, no?  ;)

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Over the last week, I have been witness to some of the most confusing doubletalk yet.  However, I am not confused.  I smell politics, PR men, and professional liars.  And the with the amount of bullshit that is being floated, I imagine there is a shitberg the size of New Jersey (and with roughly the same composition) somewhere waiting just beneath the surface.

The shithawks are coming boys....

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Aah yes, he healing miracle of debt, criminal government and war for oil.  I imagine the author will be down-right giddy when the One World government comes a mending...


Alright, out behind the shed with you, pivot.

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Cramer is that you?

"The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 9 percent last month, the lowest since April, from 9.1 percent in September, the Labor Department reported Nov. 4"

I stopped reading right there. If you believe those numbers ( when millions are dropping out of the labor force) then you need to Peddle your crap over at Yahoo.

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Fuck this fucker.

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Now that's comedy. Who wrote this - Mad Money Cramer and the CNBC Hopium crew?

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We've had a plug who's behind Pivot but Master of Happy Data like this is Steve Liesman ...or maybe it's Obummas team of snake oil spreaders begun their election campaign real early

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We're on the mend...barring another Greek tragedy

This is the stupidest "Head Line" I have read in a good long while.

Who here is dumb enough to drink this swill offered by this salesman of paper products? the most expensive toilet paper in the World.


NO WORRIES! Everyone back in the Water! the HFT Front Running, Gate Keepers that lag you out of any real money are no longer looking for you.. as it is a completely automated process, separating you from your dumb money! SO! JUMP BACK IN!! Hurry! as the sooner you Jump! back in the sooner the Bonus Train can start back up!




Pay to Play! get a Box! Learn a new Language (Rosetta Stone C+++! LOL!) and then pay for the most expensive real estate in New Jersey! that would be your co-lo. ALL! IS!! WELL!!!


I don't know why I bother.. there are sooooooooooooo MANY! Sheepeople! out there who are just dying to give away their hard work or someone's hard earned money to these scumbag(s) running the smoke and mirrors magic show!


If you would like to piss away your money! give to a Bum for Beer, Drugs and Hookers! You would be better off in the end.


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unemployment dropped to 9%  with fictional jobs created out of thin air.

and a discussion created out of hot air .

why is it when 22% of folks are out of work  the wonks delude them selves into pavlovian speak of 9%.

this guy is on the payroll of the clowns.   .

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"why is it when 22% of folks are out of work the wonks delude them selves into pavlovian speak of 9%."

Because they think that other 13% is lazy. It's kind of ironic because the average person in that 13% probably produced more in a day than the average mo-mo pump and dump day trader or HF operator will ever produce in his/her life.

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LOL! Oh sure, all is well and on the mend, as long as the free money spigot is left on at full blast and 0% interest. 

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is it April 1st already?

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Leo - is that you?

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So, what has changed?

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Hey ....

Are you delusional...?

Just asking ?

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I thought they were not allowed to have access to the net in hospital.

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Blah blah blah.  "Barring Italy turning into Greece"  whatever, the entire western world is Greece. Hedge accordingly.

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Always good to see a glass-half-full appraisal of the market but.....“Barring Italy turning into Greece"  --  Right....Other than that Mrs Lincoln, how was the theater?

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As I wrote in my 31 October 2011 column, Italy’s debt fundamentals are a disaster. Today, Italian spreads over 10 years German Bunds exceed 4.5% - escalating to levels of 15 years ago. Back then, the debt/GDP ratio was as high as today’s, but the primary balance was in a much better shape. With spreads at these levels, the haircut requirements for banks borrowing against Italian collateral will further reduce the attractiveness of Italian Bonds and accelerate the roll-over crisis.

Until a few months ago, the markets gave too little consideration to Italian fundamentals, assuming that Italy’s default and EZ exit was impossible. Today’s spreads with today’s deficits make a dangerous combination. Mr Berlusconi’s resignation, while probably necessary at this point, will hardly be a sufficient substitute for a painful and prolonged fiscal adjustment.

Mr. Berlusconi has lost contact with reality – according to him, Italians are unaware of the crisis, as “restaurants and travel agencies are full”. The truth is that the country’s shambles are well epitomized by the recent floods in Genoa and in the beautiful Cinque Terre of Liguria. Decades of abuse in construction, lack of infrastructure investment and widespread corruption are finally taking a heavy toll – on the land as well as on the economy.



Until a few months ago, the markets apparently gave too little consideration to fundamentals such as the debt/ GDP ratio and the primary surplus, thinking that Italy’s default and exit from the euro was inconceivable. If markets now think back, we can expect bond yields a return to the levels of 15 years ago. Mr Berlusconi’s resignation, while probably necessary at this point, will hardly be sufficient and substitute for a painful and prolonged fiscal adjustment.

Everything is Fine! Come in! The Waters Great! You never mind the Sharks! they are smiling at you not eye balling you for dinner!