What Does the Fed Know That We Don’t?

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It is a good article.  The thing is that Oblivious bama is the one panicking that he is willing to risk anything and the US pay anything to get his donkey stupid ass reelected.  The thing is that none of this is going to work.  The chinese have the biggest bubble of a lifetime which will make the US housing bubble look like a picnic!  I mean they were buying the Chateau Lafite for $2700 and the 2nd label Carruade Lafite which I paid for $27 8 years ago for $500!   Sooooooo  ARMAGEDDON IS CLOSER BY THE DAY, and I think stocks ought to plummet from here... Let the fed keep printing money.  They won't exist come 1/20/2013 neither will the current reckless white house.

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EDIT: nvm. 26 to 1 leverage simply means they have 26 to 1 leverage. the article has been corrected; my post is no longer relevant.

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What does the Fed know that we don't?

That Germany is about to announce that they are "temporarily" leaving the Euro?

The resulting stampede out of Euros could easily be the reason for yesterday's Central Bank announcement.

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Why? USD would rally like madness regardless of what swap rates are set at.

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zirp has intensified capital destruction while it greased massive debt fabrication.....the lunacy of falling interest rates has become an open spectacle of sordid effect....

fuck the fed

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the fed still knows that freeloading works and will continue to be paid for by those under harness and the lash. 

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What Does the Fed Know That We Don’t?


Nothing!   I heard they sent away for your free report too....


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Hey phoenix dude

You could develop a proprietary indicator that will give you a warning when a major announcement is a few days away.

Tyler noted the action on monday was strange, with ES, CONTEXT, credit, and stock indices diverging in unusual ways.

You could look at past major announcements and compare the preceding data to see how well it matches and you have yourself a new indicator that news has been leaked of a pending announcement, and everybody should margin up on risk wirhin the next 24 hours.

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Follow the money, bonuses for fucks are fish in a barrel with these ass pounders.   More God's work, done by Christmas.

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Majia's Blog About Nuke Pimps and Deception

Majia writes a blog about various things going wrong in today's world.  She is quite passionate about these subjects and spends alot of time researching things and summarizing them.

She had a great one today about the Deception of using Doubt as a propoganda tool.  

She also does alot of work related to exposing the Crimes Against Humanity that are being played out against all of us in the Fukushima Debacle.

Stop and visit and mention that Steveo sent you.


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The objective of commerce is always conquest. The borrower is servant to the lender. We are watching the world being consolidated into one corporation. The goal is one government, one currency and one master.


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so graham pretched no more QE// while it was happening

250 please news that is useless

this guy resides in a purple bubble

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What Does the Fed Know That We Don’t?

Gosh ... where to begin? For starters, how about: how America was sucked into WWI, then on up to who was behind the picket fence on the Grassy Knoll, everything in between and since.


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click click boom. useless fuck. You called the currency collaspe 8 fucking months ago. Your worse than that insane Russki general who said we'd break up in five regions. NOSTADUMBASS.

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Why November 31? Why not today or Tuesday?


OMG! They are even inflating the months!!!!!

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Neo, LOL. Funny is funny and that made me laugh.

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I also question why China made its move AT THE SAME TIME. I agree that a Euro bank was in dire need of propping up. What amazes me is the universal coordinated effort even while one of the participants is saying they will unite with Iran if necessary. All the Kings horses and central bank men are having alot of trouble putting the banking system back together again. Methinks they are all working together and they know something BIG that we don't...

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Central banks are coordinating everything, for example margin hikes in the West and Asia.  They have to in order to stall the collapse.  So it's not true that nothing was accomplished yesterday.  They successfully kicked the can.  No, they are not in complete control.  There could be a spontaneous war somewhere that collapses the system, but it's more likely they hold the antagonists apart while they amass enough gold to pick up the pieces after the collapse, meaning enough gold for a new gold referrenced system.  My guess is no war until gold purchasing operations are complete, certainly not from China, which if reports are even remotely accurate, has the furthest to go in terms of replacing their reserves with gold.

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We have had a one world government since the creation of the Fed, strengthened by the creation of the U.N.  China is on board with the program, has been from day one.  The end game for the real owners is total control and everyone working for Chinese wages, absolute parity the world over with a small few controling everything.  Has nothing to do with "wealth", this is 100% about power and control.

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Absolutely friggin dead on correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wealth is control, not paper.  Control is how they severed the connection between gold and money over the decades.  When you get right down to it, money is whatever the powers in control say it is, until they lose that control, then it reverts to gold and silver, the traditional money.  We can see that loss of control in the years long climb in gold and silver prices.  This is why those in power are switching us back to a gold referrenced system.  It follows the path of least resistance to reestablish their control over wealth.  We are going back to gold anyway as their paper system fails, and they intend to lead us there with the leash securely around our necks.   

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Another completely useless set of observations, thanks Graham are you MHFT too?

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Lol, read my post on other thread. On why the FED did it. Its too obvious to merit second post.