What Is More Valuable, The Opinion Of A Major Rating Agency Or The Opinion Of A Blog? Go Ahead, I DARE You To Answer!

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Between the advertizers and the ad counsel the msm is completely bought and paid for.Big coorperations and big government all covered.F the rest of us.


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Reggie Middleton, ... shameless self promoter.

But, when the man is right, THE MAN IS RIGHT!

I'll take his word any day over the rating agencies. Nice work Reg.

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"..EU officials ..believe ..rating agencies are being too tough on ..sovereign states of the want to be union.."

it's 'wannabe' union Reggie

...or more accurately now, 'neverbe'

vacuous imperialist centralist idealism (socialism) fails miserably (again).. shit for brains socialism gets hung, drawn and slaughtered by the economic rules of capitalism (again)... ho hum!

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RM, the knight who tore off the false clothes of the french banks; for the world to see its bare bottomless asset/debt emptyness. But....now the cookie is crumbling the other way, as shadow banking, synthetic debt mountain of US financials, draws world attention. The Euro now in perpetual financial tailspin at the mercy of speculators, will the financial piranha fleet now leave its meager anaemic sovereign shells, to attack US financials and tear their lousy covers in their multimillion teeth, like predators of the mighty financial Amazon of WS? 

I wonder what the coming months will bring us, both in London town as in US...

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Reggie is telling the truth again! when keeping it real goes wrong! LOL!!

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Oh Reggie's knew that Rating agencies do lie.
How smart. I'm amazed...

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It all depends on personal bias. If someone is playing the debt game as hard as they can go, they are at the mercy of the ratings agencies. The simple fact that they can move borrowing costs changes the playing field. That it their form of veto power. We know that corporations, including private central banks,  respect no national boundaries or sovereignty.  I would hope that everyone understands that, so they don't get fooled, again.


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It remains to be seen just who the "fools" are and where the balance of power rests

Power, like assets and money, changes in value over time

So who were the fools, the politicos on a spending orgy or the bankers fueling it?

Trick question of course because the correct answer were BOTH were morons

So who holds the power? Well the balance was in the bankers corner at start of this decay/debacle but as Iceland proved, it only takes a Govt, preferably new, with a backbone to give the bankers the finger on repaying their debts and for the power balance to swing violently and at lightening speed in the other direction and leave the bwankers holding a sack of crap (empty political promises)

i think we're about to see bwankers lose it all.. money, power and their futures (bring it on)

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Always appreciate your work Reggie. Now perhaps we should also be asking one other question;  Who's got the guns?

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Rating agencies are tools of the TBTF banks. All of the toxic shit that got AAA+ ratings pre meltdown where garbage, we all know that! So now these so called risk gauge company’s that get there bread and butter from the banksters expect investors to trust them?


Reggie, people like you on forums like Zero Hedge are one of the only place to get the facts before the MSM can twist and contort the information pertaining to world finance.


  So you ask:

What is more valuable, the opinion of a major rating agency or the opinion of a blog?


It’s a blog hands down my brother.

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Who gets the Kickback? Das ist eine Frage.

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Fucking high-powered stuff.

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Good point, Reggie.  The rating agencies have been sucking the hind tit for the last four years.  The only worse performance over that period might be..., Dick Bove. 

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Beauty (and value)  is in the eyes of the beholder.