Where the Heck is Ron Paul?

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By Wolf Richter   www.testosteronepit.com

It struck me this morning (well, it struck me many times before, but this morning it was just too much). I was listening to NPR's Morning Edition. The report (listen here) on tonight's GOP debate covered just about everything you can cover in four-and-a-half minutes: The debate's focus on the economy, deficit, tax reform, and entitlements; Sarah Palin's and Chris Christie's exit from the race; Herman Cain's from-the-outside strategy; Mitt Romney's 25% ceiling; and of course his “Mormon problem” as raised by Rick Perry—“this is something we're watching,” said Mara Liasson, NPR's national political correspondent. I mean, come on. She also spent some time on how Perry is preparing for the debate to make up ground he lost in the last three debates. OK, great, we need to know this.

But where the heck is Ron Paul?

He is the one who did well in those debates. He won the most recent straw poll. He raised $8 million in the last three months from over 100,000 supporters. He is not some Tom, Dick, and Harry. He is a real candidate, unlike Palin, who dropped out, but he doesn't even get mentioned as a participant.

You don't need to be a supporter of him to be outraged. Even a Perry supporter or an ardent Democrat who listened to this report would want to know that there is a legitimate candidate named Ron Paul who will participate in the debate, and who will, if past record is any indication, do well. A democracy needs accurate news coverage to function properly. And when coverage fails so miserably time and again, we need to ... do more research.

So the Wall Street Journal ran a longish front-page piece this morning, “Debates Take Candidates for a Bumpy Ride.” But Paul is not mentioned. Not even in a side bar. He just doesn't exist.

And the New York Times? Well, it ran a front-page article, “Five Things to Watch for in the G.O.P. Debate.” And only towards the bottom, it forces itself to mention Paul, but in a parenthetical remark between dashes: "Mrs. Bachmann is likely to be joined by the others on the stage — Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum — in assailing Mr. Obama's administration...."

In yesterday's article on the debate, the NYT doesn't mention Paul at all in the text. He is relegated to an info box on the left sidebar under “Participants.”

And when the NYT does mention Paul prominently, it's because there is no way of avoiding it without giving up any pretense of impartiality: “Ron Paul Wins Conference Straw Poll, to No One's Surprise” (article). But rather than discussing his ideas, it describes how that victory was contrived by busing in tons of college students.

And a shocker. On October 5, the NYT reported on the fund-raising status in a fairly long article, published at 9:33 am. It discusses Perry's $17-million haul, other candidates, and even President Obama. Missing? You guessed it.

Somebody must have raised a ruckus. And so at 1:52 pm, four hours and twenty minutes after the original article, the NYT ran a short article on Paul's $8 million he raised from over 100,000 donors. A forced after-thought that must have left the editors a bitter taste in their collective mouths for the rest of the day.

The WSJ and NYT are the largest newspapers in the country, but the list goes on ad infinitum. Why can't they report on Paul's ideas? They report on the ideas of just about all other candidates. Why can't they at least include him in their coverage of our democratic processes? They don't have to praise him or agree with him. Or are they afraid of his ideas?

His opposition to the Fed might be part of it. The heavily leveraged companies that own the status-quo media outlets—Fed-billions recipient GE, Murdoch's News Corporation, the New York Times Company, etc.—must have access to unlimited flows of essentially free money to keep their empires afloat. Whatever their reasons, their boycott further tarnishes what little remains of their reputations as reliable new sources.

Which is a shame. In a democracy that wants to be vibrant, all major candidates deserve the attention of the news media, and not just of the blogosphere.

Running up deficits and printing trillions to monetize them can't create a healthy economy. Yet, inexplicably, it's what the status-quo media continue to propagate: When False Premises Become Economic Policy.

Wolf Richter   www.testosteronepit.com

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chunga's picture

I came across a fascinating 2003 Czech documentary made by two young filmmakers that endeavored to use a marketing campaign to "sell" an imaginary "Hypermarket". They claimed to make no money with the excercise but instead wished to illustrate the power of the media. The country went into a frenzy over something promoted in the media that did not exist. It's over an hour long and can be viewed in it's entirety at the link below.

The same thing applies with Ron Paul. We have something (Ron Paul) that does exist yet the media would have us believe he does not.

Czech Dream


CZECH DREAM documents the largest consumer hoax the Czech Republic has ever seen. Filip Remunda and Vit Klusak, two of Eastern Europe‘s most promising young documentary filmmakers, set out to explore the psychological and manipulative powers of consumerism by creating an ad campaign for something that didn’t exist: CZECH DREAM - The Hypermarket for a Better Life!

The campaign (designed by a renowned advertising agency) involved television and radio spots, 400 illuminated billboards, 200,000 flyers promoting CZECH DREAM brand products, an advertising song, a website, and advertisements in newspapers and magazines.

For two weeks, the streets of Prague were saturated with advertising for the fake hypermarket. The ads proclaimed: "Don’t Go, Don’t Rush, Don’t Spend", drawing over 4,000 people to turn up on the ‘opening day‘. On the 31 May 2003, they arrived at a green field where, instead of a hypermarket, they found just the dream hypermarket’s façade (10m high and 100m wide).

CZECH DREAM is a funny and provocative look at the effects of rampant consumerism on a post-communist society. The film has also caused some controversy, provoking extreme reactions in the Czech people and media and even being discussed in Czech Parliament.

With the recent entry of the Czech Republic and other Eastern European countries to the EU, and, with people’s changing attitudes to consumerism and globalization, it is equally relevant to capitalist societies all over the world.


the not so mighty maximiza's picture

Dr. Paul has to win some primaries.

kloot's picture

i will say again "Paul Squared".

the media will then be forced to recognize. there has never been a father/son on the same ticket.

what sr lacks in age and charisma, jr has.

what jr lacks in experience, sr has.

they will announce this, i hope their timing is just a bit better than mine was when i threw some money on gld calls last week.

save the physical comments, i know.

can you imagine 16 years of the paul's. something just might be able to be changed in that time frame.

Reptil's picture

The media ? What media? They're propaganda outlets for a specific part of our society (some multinational corporations and their politician lapdogs)

Over here, in the Netherlands, it's just as bad. NO mention of the whole #occupywallstreet or 99% movement. NONE. Logical, since we'll have to do a #occupyamsterdam if this EFSF-TARP thing takes flight. So they don't want ppl. to connect the dots. No mention that Tokyo citizens are now starting to REALLY worry about the ceasium and Strontium isotopes raining constantly down. For sure they're planning to build a HUGE experimental plutonium reactor, on a river delta right next to where 22 million people live (Netherlands and Belgium). No one said they could, but it happens anyway. Ron Paul? "wie is dat?" NO mention of him or the Constitutional values he stands for. People here might remember we STILL have a Constitution as well, so we can't have that.
No one is informed, so no one disagrees. Great strategy. Until everything suddenly flips and turns to radioactive debt slush. And then it's a fact. It disgusts me, the arrogance of these "wise men" pretending to represent values, or defend our interests. IMO they deserve ALL the pollonium and CDS yield they're asking for.
Oh yeah we get Joe Biden's take on Iran. http://www.telegraaf.nl/buitenland/10712871/___Alle_opties_open_tegen_Ir... It's something...  0__o

So, no a "forced to recognise" will not work. That's reasoning from the premise there's some journalistic integrity there, or even a will to do something useful for society or the human species. (forgettaboutit) Doing away with the whole circus will. That's capitalism. Once something fails, it'll be replaced. But we're not in a capitalist system. None at all. We're in some sweaty feverish nightmare that Mussolini once had, but in our case it won't stop when we wake up. EXTREMELY VIOLENT REVOLUTION will solve this issue, but then, yeah all bets are off, the last remnant of the "State of Law" will be a distant memory, and they'll bring in the drones. They'll win.

haibop's picture

great information. thanks so much! Matt Huston Ex2

Moe Howard's picture

Politico had a writeup on the debate. The word "Paul" never came up. How odd.

oldmanagain's picture

This is Ron Paul's game.  Collect money.  Put it in the bank. Rinse and repeat.

Occams Aftershave's picture

Four-term congressman Ron Paul is for liberty, the constitution, honesty and peace.

Any of the others will continue socialism, nanny state, subjugation of individual rights, the bankster cartel and out-of-control spending on war.  

In your heart, you know these things.

Now is the time to be counted. With whom will you stand?

Bananamerican's picture

TTPit, ya had me right until "In a democracy that wants to be vibrant..."

There is no "mystery" here.

We live under fascism. RP is a candidate opposed. Waddya expect?

Michael's picture

The entire business model of Washington D.C. has to change.

Vote Ron Paul,

There is no other choice.

James-Morrison's picture

Ron Paul.

Let's consider the alternatives.


bxy's picture

If anyone watched the debate the Herman Cain Fed discussion was priceless / disturbing.....RP challenged him......Cain lied, back-peddled, hemmed and hawed.....the defended not only TARP but Alan Greenspan which caused Dr. Paul to throw up in his mouth.

The HuffPo has already busted Cain's lies.....Some Paul followers found this video on Cain talking of the Fed......Could this guy really be this clueless especially when he worked at the KC Fed:



bxy's picture

Tonights debate: The focus is supposed to be solely on the economy......great ...so no mormonism is a cult, blah blah blah.....Which candidate is, without a doubt, strongest on the economy??? Some have a problem with Dr. Paul on social or f...oreign policy - not me, but some do....but economics? Many say Obamacare is a big issue on the future economy....Is there a candidate who intimately knows the medical field????? Ran a business - a medical practice....... Anyone with a brain knows Keynesian economics has failed. Who is the strongest on Austrian economics by far???? There is no one in second. Who is the strongest on free markets??? Who consistently voted against big government spending, predicted the financial crisis, was/is against TARP, understands the FED, wants lower taxes, and balanced budgets???? When it comes to economics this is Einstein vs a bunch of 3rd graders........And how much press / attention has he got for this debate???......almost no mention......Think about this .....what in the sam hell is going on?

Hive Raid's picture

Traitor Jew Bloomberg limited the discussion to the economy because immigration has been the most explosive issue, costing open-borders-traitor Perry to lose his momentum.

Since Jews first infiltrated the US in mass 100 years ago, a primary goal in their agenda has been the ethnic cleansing of Americans via massive third world immigration. They finally succeeded in 1965 with their immigration bill. Now the traitor Jewish monopoly media limits the discussion of the third world conquest of America to a few self righteous admonitions of those of us who don't enjoy our genocide.

As for Ron Paul, he is not strong on immigration, but he's not a full blown Jew-style immigration traitor, and of course he opposes the Jewish Fed and Jew banking casino. So they simply omit him from the record, and limit discussion.


blueridgeviews's picture

Wolf, Your first mistake was listening to NPR.

Magnum's picture

Jewish people write the tv and radio scripts.  It's a habit of jews to never say the name of a person who is an enemy of israel, or if forced, they will mispronounce the name or pretend they don't  know the name and ask someone else to say it.  Jew radio man Mark Steyn calls Ron Paul "Ron Paulson" on a derogatory way.  I think for NPR and NYTimes, it is just a tribal thing, the authors won't mention Ron Paul because he's not any help for the tribe.  

Michael's picture

Mark Levin is calling the good doctor "Ru Paul". These people are truly the scum of the Earth.

I just thank God each and every day for the complete and total economic collapse of the USA so those people really get what is coming to them.

High Plains Drifter's picture


if one listens sometimes, they will talk to you about the tribe..........most people don't understand this ancient aspect of humanity....

FEDbuster's picture

Of course Jon Stewart seems to be the exception. 

Ron Paul has a few news people like Ratigan, Napalitano, Cavuto, but the list is really short.  Freedom is a radical, shall I say revolutionary concept. Ron Paul doesn't offer nanny state "solutions" either, lies or promises.  He certainly wouldn't offer up public money bailouts to corporations and banksters who have made bad bets and lost.  

The plan is to ignore him, because you can't let the slaves know about a system where they are their own master. 

High Plains Drifter's picture

jon stewart is a member of the tribe. if he is doing that , then there is a damn good reason for it. and he has got the go ahead to do it. make no mistake about it. everything happens for a reason and a purpose.......

Titus's picture

Moreso Stewart's real name is Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz.


His brother, Larry Leibowitz, is COO of the NYSE.



Ultros88's picture

The diversification of risk into the value market place has seeming left the gambits and gambles of the major banking fraternities on the shoulders of every nations' taxpayer. It is evident that the bankers have assumed risk by investing in the common folk, who through their ignorance or lack of desire-for-success have defaulted on the credit that was given to them. We give kudos, or credit to those people who have performed exceptionally well. I give Nikolai Tesla credit for creating the modern electrical era. Although he literally single-handedly created the world we live in today by his invention of AC current, he was short shrifted by those people who underwrote the process whereby he was enable to create. Nikola Tesla was a TRULY GREAT man, whose genius and vision surpassed that of his financial better-offs, who were yet enabled to the lions' share of profits because Tesla had no interest in organizing the common society. The creator capitalists that Ayn Rand envisioned in her novels have yet to arrive. The men and women who understand both the physical and emotional, or social, will be the true powerhouses and mighty forging forces that hammer-out tomorrow's days.

The disgruntled masses hovering on Wall Street, the so-called Occupy movements, have fallen on hard times due to both their own actions and the actions of their creditors. The body politic either could not understand the contracts they were signing, or they refused to read them. The first is excusable, the second is not. The bankers enabled an addict; they were peddling the addiction of selling-out the future for Consumption Now. They provided that service in return for the expectation that people would make good on that promise to produce adequate value in the future to at least make up for what they are consuming today with the credit they had been granted. Did the common go out and buy capital goods, even if only meagre ones? Was their consumption oriented towards future production? NO! it was not. The bankers and the commons are BOTH guilty of the predicament that we find ourselves.

Only through polymathematics will we wake to a brighter tomorrow.

Who wants to attempt to co-opt the Occupy _ peoples?



tick... tock...




Ron Paul for President, or RiP with Rick Perry!

Dr. Acula's picture

I call BS on this whole post.

>Only through polymathematics will we wake to a brighter tomorrow.

WTF is polymathematics.


Taint Boil's picture

No, no don't get up ....  let me get that for you, here you go.

Dr. Acula's picture

Hey asshat, thanks for the definition of a polymath. Maybe you can help define more words I already know.

But I ask again, WTF is polymathematics?

If you have a group of people working on math problems, is that polymathematics? Sort of like how there are three wizards in the Triwizard Tournament?

Or is "polymathematics" more like "birdbathematics" where you just stick "ematics" after random words?

Maybe he meant "polymaths", which is an actual word meaning "a bunch of sages". This yields the splendid platitude "Only through a bunch of sages will we wake to a brighter tomorrow".


S.N.A.F.U.'s picture

polymath = a person
polymaths = people, each of whom is a polymath
polymathic = adjective (e.g., "I am a polymathic defender of liberty", though no one has ever used the term "polymath" to describe me -- "Renaissance man" and "jack of all trades" is what I've heard -- maybe they call me a polymath behind my back)

So... since "math" is just short for "mathematics", it could be reasoned (I won't presume correctly) that:

polymathematics = a person (a polymath)
polymathematics = people, each a polymath ("mathematics" is its own plural)
polymathematicsic = adjective ("I am a polymathematicsic defender of liberty"???)

Or maybe "polymathematics" just means "nut job":


(and apparently the nut jobs are called "polymathematicians" in this "novel" language extension)

"Submit!  Submit to ALL Universal Truths!" (or so the nut job says)

Anyways, that makes the translation of the orignal post:

"Only through nut jobs will we wake to a brighter tomorrow."

Isn't that pretty much what every political campaign says?  Though they always want you to vote for their nut job.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

He's just a victim of american education, and high fructose corn syrup. Don't blame him, blame society! 

Dr. Acula's picture

So won't you tell me what "polymathematics" is?

Ultros88's picture

The Greek root of mathematics means science. I assume you know what the prefix 'poly' means. Polymathematics would thus be the synthesis of different sciences, which ought to be the goal of education, rather than narrow specialization. Progress comes from the useful elucidation of newly discovered physical facts and the novel combination of things previously known. A polymath is not a 'jack-of-all-trades', but something like an 'Einstein-of-all-trades'. Polymathematics is thus the application of the diverse beaches of knowledge in combination. If you had any idea regarding the development of language you would not have been bewildered at a new term that doesn't even remotely stretch the English conventions for word formation.

Unnecessary biographical information:
Most of my education was received outside of the US

Bartanist's picture

Maybe more appropriately, zionist, globalists, bankers, fascists, communists and socialists don't want Ron Paul because he would diminsh their stolen power.

I don't think it has anything to do with Jewish people per se. Ron Paul is Jewish.

... and maybe the entire stageplay is a scam to get people to demand the forbidden fruit of a Jewish president... but it seems to be the hard way of going about things.

Worse things are coming.

homersimpson's picture

Ron Paul is Jewish just like my skin color is black.

monoloco's picture

If he gets elected he could possible demolish their stolen power, they will do anything to see that never happens.

Dr. Acula's picture

FYI Ron Paul is not jewish.


Temporalist's picture

Eh...Romney said he's successful sometimes, "sometimes not."  That should be sufficient for everyone.

Dr. Gonzo's picture


My name is Herman Cain and if you thought President Obama was an Uncle Tom for his banking sponsors wait til you get a load of me. I ran a branch of the Federal Reserve Bank (but we won't talk about that).  I not only love money like the rest but I hate poor people too. I will continue everything Obama is doing with relish except they want me to implement the austerity on the po folk. They couldn't get Perry or Romney to stick so I'm the only one they got left to beat Ron Paul and keep the status quo. My black ass is perfect for implementing the austerity measures on the po folk cause they can't cry racism if they get a black man to do the job. Oh yeah. I'm gonna bomb the shit out of countries just like Bush and Obama did too. Do you love Israel as much as I do? Do you want to keep borrowing huge money to give to them. I thought you did.

FEDbuster's picture






jackpile's picture

Ron Paul 2012. He's not perfect, but he's more perfect than all the rest of the political moronic scum in Washington combined. The reason he's seen as nutty is because the country has flipped polarity, i.e., the country is nuts. The sheeple have been successfully brainwashed by the corrupt lame stream media who is tightly controlled by the elite 1%. How long will it take to get that through everyone's head? The question is what are we gonna do about it? What is Ron gonna do about it? What can we do about it. I'm voting for Ron Paul. But millions of other sheeple dweebs will be voting for whomever sweet talks them. You can't be dragged into the red vs. blue anymore. It's 99% vs 1%.

What bothers me more is where is Ron Paul on OWS? He can certainly get into alternative media. I realize he's saving his dough for later when the real fights begin.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

Ron Paul hates hippies, commies, abortions, and people who don't believe in Jebus. Have you read any of his books? OWS isn't down his alley, and he's waiting, just like everyone else, for it to get ugly and shut down. The GOVT will not stand to let these protests get much larger, all it would take is one spark to light the whole pile. RP is still an insider, look at his voting record.  

bxy's picture

Ron Paul has been on several networks commmenting on OWS and corporatism.  Get your head out of your ass.

Accidental Farmer's picture

THE UNITED STATES is a corporation that usurped the legit government back in 1871. Presidents are not elected by the dolt citizens. In fact, no president ever took an article VI oath of office. The articled of confederation stipulated that one would have to be a resident of the new republic 14 years before he could be president.

George Washington was sworn in in 1789. The declaration of independance was made in 1776. Washington was swoen in one year too early to take an article VI oath. In his second term, he swore the same altered oath he did for the first term.

The Republic was an illusion, and a scam. Every politician knows this.

If that isn't bad enough; Lincoln declared martial law in the 1860's and congress was never properly reconveined. Abe Lincoln brought congress back in to session with Executive order number 2. There can be no Executive Orders under the organic constitution.

Everyone is afraid of martial law. We've been living under martial law our entire lives, as have your parents and grandparents.

That's why there is gold fringe flags in the courts. They're military courts.

The rabbit hole is deep, and full of fucking trolls and scoffers. Look it up for yourselves.