Which Way Wednesday - EFSF'd Up Edition

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Excellent as always Phil, thanks for sharing.

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gold was up and up big. let's visualize:
as you can see with the euro still something other than a trading vehicle it's still possible to have "one last screw." gettin' a little tight though and we're gonna need a dramatic rescue.

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efsf = broken fiat debt slavery based capitalism. 

Let it brake but if the people don't win, don't learn, don't act to institute paradigm change,  it will be back in another shape like the Loch Ness. 


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You are either ignorant or cant read.  None of Europe is any form of Capitalism andymore than the US currently is.

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The EFSF is a joke of epic proportions. Borrow and print to support failing sovereign debt...doesn't make sense to my 4 year old either. Who is lending the money?

EFSF is merely a 'spread the pain and hope it goes away' strategy. If it doesn't work? Your guess is as good as mine.




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You must not forget that the CEO of France told everybody to shut the fuck up.  LOL

For me. Best to sit on the sidelines until they finally blow this pig up.  Or I should have said PIGS.