Why Are We Fighting On the Same Side with Al Qaeda?

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Reuters notes that the leader of Al Qaeda - Ayman al-Zawahri - is backing the Syrian rebels, and asking his followers to fight the Syrian government.

Some of the main Al Qaeda fighters who overthrew Gadaffi - and now appear to be in control of Libya - are already helping the Syrian rebels.

This is curious, given that the U.S. is considering military options for ousting the Syrian government, American allies Britain and Qatar allegedly already have foreign troops inside Syria, and the U.S. has been planning regime change in Syria for over 50 years.

Mainstream reports also state that the U.S. and its allies are backing Iranian terrorists.

I thought Al Qaeda was America's mortal enemy. Why are we backing terrorists?

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"Why Are We Fighting On the Same Side with Al Qaeda?"

Because "Al Qaeda" is a CIA invention?

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OT I love raw milk but the guv doesn't see it that way, I wish GW would pick this up sometiime.

Feds shut down Amish farm for selling fresh milk

The FDA has won its two-year fight to shut down an Amish farmer who was selling fresh, raw milk to eager consumers in the Washington region, after a judge this month banned Daniel Allgyer from selling his milk across state lines, and he told his customers he'll shut his farm down altogether.


just more government overreach into our personal lives and personal freedoms


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Did you really believe Obama was for America?

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@"Did you really believe Obama was for America?"
i did.

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The invisible post.

George you going to get on addressing this right?

Along with the no planting of WMDS in Iraq. There is no higher number for corrupt power than retaining corrupt power so wtf happened here?

At some point even the usual fantastical ludicrous copy/paste click here for more delusional bullshit link type of things.

And I just want to know how a 7 foot diameter missle knocked down multiple lights poles over one hundred feet apart in the street in front of the Pentagon, knocking them down TOWARD the building, and leaving paint and metal marks on all the poles. That would be paint that matches that on the "lost" airliner. That Bush was thorough, man!

I also want to know where that airliner landed or crashed if it didn't hit the Pentagon. That's a big thing to lose.

I also want to know where all the people are now who were on the lost airliner that "didn't" hit the Pentagon.

I also want to know how my cousin, director of the Federal Black Lung Program in Washington D.C., watched an airliner fly into the Pentagon from about 1,200 feet away that day.

I also want to know what kind of missle has landing gear and tires that look much like those of an airliner, said landing gear and other parts are clearly visible in photographs taken at the scene by multiple persons. I've never seen a missle with landing gear, but that Bush didn't miss a trick! I though he was a total dumbass, looks like he was a genius instead to put this operation together!

I also want to know why an idiot would disappear 4 airliners, flying two (or missles, heh) into the WTC, when one would have done the job. Why massively complicate an already huge and difficult conspiracy?

I also want to know how many people you estimate it would take to put on and cover up the entire 9/11 operation.

I also want to know how many air controllers watched the "missles" flying around and identified them as airliners, making them part of the conspiracy?

I have many more qestions, but that will do for now.

Hey, I'm just asking questions.

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This is posted below, but I'm backing it up here. Rabbit hole: N644AA stats for 2001/9/11. http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c266/Terral03/AA77DepartureStatistics.jpg If you know how to read this chart link posted above, you will see that flight 77 was cancelled before the emergency of 9/11 even started. Any flight after 08:45 that morning had to be cancelled due to a "no fly" order over the whole United States that morning. In a nutshell, this flight never existed according to their tower logs. Why was the Bin Laden family expidited out of the United States that morning under a Presidential "no fly"? Search:


 President Bush made a statement that he feared that their safety may be in danger. O.T. The Bin Laden family lived in the shadow of the then CIA Headquarters in Fall's Church VA, damn near on the same property. Search.... I really can't do this today, it's just too much to go through again. What official FAA documentation and information I own flies in the face of the "official" story. The documentaion from FAA are readily available online right from their web site. Good educational official brief: Stand Down orders of 9/11. http://www.journalof911studies.com/letters/OrderRegardingAA77HittingPent... You can see that the information for AA77 is "0000" across the board and 'no' tail number was taken down and recorded in any Dulles International Airport Log Book, because American Airlines never assigned 'any' AA Jetliner to this 'canceled' route. If we go backwards in time to 9/10 and 9/9 and 9/8 through the entire month of September 2001, then you will see that American Airlines never used the N644AA Jetliner on this AA77 Dulles/LAX Route. It's a secret wraped in an enigma. Not everything is as it seems. More of my contributed research papers can be found here: http://911research.wtc7.net/wtc/attack/wtc1.html

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We would be having this same argument about the World Trade Center if it wasn't for all those pesky helicopters reporting on morning commuter traffic.  People would have written books insisting bombs blew up the WTC and interviewing hundreds of "credible" witnesses who of course saw no planes in the sky.  And of course, the book would be a bestseller in Europe. 

Oh yeah, and ten thousand jews stayed home that day.  We're still waiting for the names of these people and the companies they worked for by the way.


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True, I agree, I'm not a 9/11 expert per se, I really don't even know all the details about the twin towers. I am a expert on Flight 77 and the Pentagon incident becuase I can only report on what I know, if you were there, you would know too. What I have released is about 1/16th of my data that proves malfeasants. I really have to sign off this post and come back in a few days.

Take care, this info is just left over from a chapter in my life I closed the book on years ago. Just study with an open mind based on what proven and documented facts they can offer, the truth always comes to the surface, it has no agenda. 

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"I thought Al Qaeda was America's mortal enemy."
I don't believe it.  You didn't REALLY think that...

I've said it before, I'll say it again... I REALLY wish our government would stop making Alex Jones look so Sane.

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You´re finally getting it George. Yes, the Bushies were bad but the Obamaoists are much worse. The MB is resserting itself with Obama´s assist for chronic war in the ME to help them consolidate their power and recreate a neo-Ottoman Caliphate across MENA. 


That seems to be the price for access to future Saudi oil. First, war with the Shia´s. Then a war against Israel, which will be a bloody existential war, only averted if a long term accomodation by the MB is reached during the current awkward alliance against Iran.


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They want a world wide government too, they are just letting the neocons and the major corporations build it for them.  Teamwork baby, teamwork!

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Alone Bad, Friend Good.


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“A Republic is not obliged to act upon the world, either to change it or instruct it. Empire, on the other hand, must put forth its power.

“What is it that now obliges the American people to act upon the world? …

“It is not only our security that we are thinking of – our collective security. Beyond that is a greater thought.

“It is our turn.

“Our turn to do what?

“Our turn to assume the responsibilities of moral leadership in the world.

“Our turn to maintain a balance of power against the forces of evil everywhere – in Europe and Asia and Africa, in the Atlantic and Pacific, by air and by sea. …

“It is our turn to keep the peace of the world. …

“But this is the language of Empire. The Roman Empire never doubted that it was the defender of civilization. Its good intentions were peace, law and order. The Spanish Empire added salvation. The British Empire added the noble myth of the white man’s burden. We have added freedom and democracy. Yet the more that may be added to it the more it is the same language still. A language of power.”


~ Garet Garrett (1952)

excerpt from: http://mises.org/journals/lar/pdfs/2_1/2_1_7.pdf

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Because Al Quaeda is an arm of the CIA, you silly.

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We've always been allies with al Qaeda...

DionysusDevotee's picture

No no no... "We've always been at war with EastAsia"

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Ok here's the real deal:


Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 we've always been at war.

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What's really funny is that Al-Qaeda doesn't actually exist. At least not like how its been sold to us.

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Whats really funny is the twin towers never existed. 

That was just a movie with Steve McQueen and Paul Newman  (or is it "Jewman")?

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The Department of Homeland Security is predicated on 9/11. However, architects and engineers say we need an independent investigation of 9/11, as we have yet to find the underlying cause of this tragedy. http://www.ae911truth.org/

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A real shame you weren't in them.

LasVegasDave's picture

I was, but my Jewish friends alerted me and I left work before the CIA directed planes hit the towers.

No, wait a minute, that never really happened. It was a Hollywood movie, just like the Holocaust

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So on the "holocaust" and "Jewish persecution."  What have the Jews been doing for thousands of years that made everyone hate them so much?  Why does nobody ever ask that question?  Because the answers are unpleasant and do not support Jewish persecution complex:


1. believing in Jewish supremacy

2. murdering non-Jews for fun when they can get away with it

3. using banking practices to enslave entire nations

4. gaining control of entire industries and blatantly discriminating against non-Jews

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So why have the US & Britain been so active in in toppling SECULAR regimes in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria to replace them with Islamist regimes ? It is truly bizarre how surefootedly these cretins are bringing to power regimes not  predisposed to alignment with The West. it seems the last best hope of Western Citizens in Vladimir Putin and Russia to stop this Spanish Civil War Syndrome and the deployment of "The Condor Legion" of NATO Air Forces

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Search: 5 Countries in 7 years.

All these Countries have something in common.

1. They are not members of the Central bank.

2. They all have a petro based economy.

3. Search: Battle for the 32nd paralell.

4. Their all Soverign Nations.

It may lend some insight of what Centeralized power grid that is almost completed.

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So why have the US & Britain been so active in in toppling SECULAR regimes in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria to replace them with Islamist regimes ?

Let me guess:

Maybe the Empire needs an enemy?  Looks like they are busy building one. 

Theocracies, (or is it theocrazies?) nominal or real,  are usually easier than others to whip into a war frenzy when the need arises.  Good for "defence" business and advancing NWO plans.  The West could have an Islamic Alliance to play war with in a decade or so.

Meanwhile the peons on both "sides" are prepped as good "subjects" for the post WW successor world tyranny.

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Plus it's harder to get sodium fluoride into the uncentralized drinking water systems of these countries to necrotize the brain stem.  Extreme fanatical religion is a twofer..it corrodes the soul and destroys open-minded intellectual discourse.  They'll jack their food and water later....like in the secular, 'developed' West.

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"it seems the last best hope of Western Citizens in Vladimir Putin and Russia to stop this Spanish Civil War Syndrome and the deployment of "The Condor Legion" of NATO Air Forces"

How ironic is that?!

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Islamist regime are a ok as long as they give oil to US or allow military bases to be setup for the final invasion of IRAN!!!


For USA Islam is better than Buddha or Russian Orthodox.

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I'm just glad as all heck that our best friend Israel does not live by the Rabbinical proverb that every gentile in the universe deserves only death....oh, my bad!  They do live by that saying!  At least that's not "radical", though!


Hey!  Spending $3T/annually on defense for 3000 dead innocent Americans (that's supposing we didn't kill them ourselves, which we did of course) is a fine deal, ain't it? 


(sarc off)

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even considering the real purpose, securing energy, considering the money, lives and OIL spend this has been an ignorant, backwards investment. You can be evil and stupid - happens every day

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Japan and Germany were once our mortal enemy and we fight on the same side now, too.

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Vietnam was our enemy now Vietnamese want American military retiree tourists to visit them and American vets are buying Tshirts made in Vietnam and their wives get their nails done in Vietnamese run salon.


Enemies are who the elites say are at the moment.

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there was no international communist conspiracy, when Uncle Ho and the Viet Minh or Cong, went to the peace tables, THEY argued over who sat where for a year. by TET Hanoi was pulling the strings, and the coordinated attack virtually wiped out the smaller groups, giving some credibility to the propaganda the usg was selling the public about a unified communist front. after the us left north vietnam fought a war with their chinese friends. al qaeda might as well be wearing black pajammas as far as the american media consumer is concerned, (the cong launched suicide attacks as well, and in the republic of the phillipines all during that era the communist huks, carried out terror against us installations, now the same people are islamic extremists. we got kicked out of the pi a few years ago just like we were kicked out of iraq and soon will be shown the door in afghanistan and pakistan. after vietnam millions of refugees piled into hong kong harbor, boat people and a whole lot of them were dropped on the west coast in internment camps, while they were assimilated into society. they were professionals mostly, like the koreans who got burned out in LA a few years, the blacks resent their instant assimilation, though of course most of those koreans are mds and lawyers who are not tending shop because they cant practise their profession in the us. the old melting pot has always attracted the best ingredients, despite ellis island propaganda. which is why the 99% has such an uphill battle. give me your tired and huddled rich bankers loooking for a tax break. welcome to america

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I have no idea why this George Washington character gets a main role on this site.  This is another half-assed article.  The fact that GW stops writing in two paragraphs tells you all to know how false the story is.  Assad is killing Sunnis, that's why Al Qaeda is pissed.  We're not backing Al Queda and a real author or journalist would have concluded that in the next several sentences instead of implying everything in the world is a US conspiracy.


Just because this jerkoff calls himself George Washington doesn't mean he shares any of his values or ideals.

DionysusDevotee's picture

That you consider brevity a sign of a weak argument only demonstrates how uneducated you are.

frostfan's picture

Any jerkoff can say anything is a conspiracy.  George Washington gets a headline for doing it though no matter how thin the combination is. 

Does GW even mention the order of who supported the rebels first?  Oh, that might be a problem with the headline and the article?

Knock yourself out Tyler and get your ad dollars for stirring up conspiracies for people who need them. 

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yeah, poor ignorant Tyler. Over the years, he hasn't shown much insight or judgment has he?

The Heart's picture

"that's why Al Qaeda is pissed."

How would you know they are pissed? Are you one of them?

"We're not backing Al Qued..."

America created the AL-CIA-DUH!

Do some homework around when and why al-CIA-DUH was created.


TerraHertz's picture

We're not backing Al Queda?


U.S. Arms Shipment Destined For Al-Qaeda In Syria Seized In Lebanon

  Posted by Alexander Higgins - February 8, 2012 at 7:26 pm
Lebanon officials have seized a cargo plane full of U.S. guns, ammunition and intel destined for Al-Qaeda operatives operating in Syria posing to be peaceful protestors.


The fact that frostfan writes "tells you all to know" informs us that frostfan is an illiterate imbecile. Ideal shill-hire material.

palmereldritch's picture

"We're not backing Al Queda and a real author or journalist would have concluded that in the next several sentences instead of implying everything in the world is a US conspiracy."

George is a journalist, as are the authors of the materials in the links below.  Skepticism and research are your friend.


UN Report: NATO’s Libya War Armed al-Qaeda
| Print |
Written by Alex Newman  
Sunday, 29 January 2012 22:15


The Western-backed overthrow of Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi likely provided huge stocks of heavy weapons to terrorist groups and criminal organizations operating in the Sahel region of North Africa, the United Nations confirmed January 26 in a report. Among the groups benefiting from the arms are al-Qaeda and the deadly Islamic terror organization Boko Haram, which is currently on a killing spree in Nigeria.

Syrian Rebels led by NATO-Libya, Al-Qaeda Commander, Obedience, Speculators & More

Free Syria Army is led by a NATO-Libya commander who is an al-Qaeda member.

The "Liberation" of Libya: NATO Special Forces and Al Qaeda Join Hands "Former Terrorists" Join the "Pro-democracy" Bandwagon


The "pro-democracy" rebels are led by Al Qaeda paramilitary brigades under the supervision of NATO Special Forces. The "Liberation" of  Tripoli was carried out by "former" members of the Libya Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).

The jihadists and NATO work hand in glove. These "former" Al Qaeda affiliated brigades constitute the backbone of the "pro-democracy" rebellion.

NATO special forces with "boots and the ground" pass unnoticed. Their identity is not known or revealed. They blend into the Libyan rebellion landscape of machine guns and pickup trucks. They are not highlighted in the photo ops.

Special forces composed of  US Navy SEALS, British Special SAS Forces and French legionnaires, disguised in civilian rebel garb, are reported to be behind major operations directed against key government buildings including Gadhafi's Bab al-Aziziya compound in central Tripoli.

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We run NATO out of the Pentagon. As in USA.

palmereldritch's picture

Technically it is run out of Brussels.  Both NATO and the Pentagon are Globalist tools.  Different compositions and appearances used in different locations and conditions depending on the requirements of appearance for the specific theatre of combat/resource pacification.

Money 4 Nothing's picture

We have a USANATO office in the Pentagon. USA is a joint member of NATO, whenever you hear "3 NATO soldiers have been shot down today" It can mean French, British et al or American forces. Once a soldier is under NATO Command, they change out their US uniforms to wear NATO uniforms. We run USANATO Command out of the Pentagon in Alexandria VA. Arlington County. Main Command Headquarters are located in Schwetzing Germany.

 USANATO Defense Collage http://www.ndc.nato.int/news/current_news.php?icode=276

Go to Page 5-6.


Interesting JAG Court Martial story I read years ago.


Interesting WWIII premptive strike story.



This passage below is why I said "as in USA" in my post you contradicted.

Instead of the misleading acronym of mere NATO, the term USA/NATO is used

throughout in order to underscore the often neglected or deliberately obscured fact

that the military alliance is dominated by the United States. For the same reason,

steps by Sweden toward alliance with and subjugation to the United States, alone,

are regarded as steps toward membership in

USA/NATO. They are all part of the same process.




palmereldritch's picture

THEY ARE all part of the same process.  We are in agreement.   I was suggesting that, notwithstanding the Pentagon as the lead HQ, there are forces OUTSIDE the USA that are running the overall weapons platform. They're Globalists and have no home, nor country nor allegiance except greed, parasitism and a love of destruction and a fetish for death.  And those things, if you adhere to the American Constitution, ARE NOT 'as in the USA' (that was my point).  The NATO uniforms overlaying the country of origin is just a trick to break down national identity and is one more step closer towards building a dominant Global army.

Unfortunately the troops are all being used as mindless mercenary killers for these banksters' global resource theft now that the Cold War dissolved (as the staged illusion that it was) and the soldiers are disposed of by toxic DU in the process of prosecuting this piracy they call 'liberation'.  The MIC has become a fully deployed killing machine that destroys itself as well as every target the banksters paint the spectre of terror upon...the last target being us.

It wasn't contradiction in my comment, it was perhaps just an unclear context.

Thanks for the links.  Global Research is a great website.

Money 4 Nothing's picture

No problem. I too disagree with NATO cooperation, I feel it undermines the Soverignity of any Country that is a member. Too much foriegn influence of Nation power to be abused for a single agenda.

I don't believe in the UN either. But, there is an Unconstitutional agreement to allow participation.

In George Washington's farewell speech, he warned about foreign entanglements, but by the same token, we can't practice isolationism either, especially in the high data information age we live in today.

The Society of the Cincinati tried to make George Washington a King, so that tell's me that England still had a powerful political influence even back in the day's of our new Constitutional freedom from the mother land? Nothing has changed IMHO. It's all an illusion in my opinion.


palmereldritch's picture

Excellent points.  They try and spin Washington's insightful advocation for independence and neutrality as a weakness, calling it 'isolationism' and appealing to the weaker aspects of ego and hubris to trick the weak into pursuing war and destruction for their profit.

There is a reason Europe was known for the plague.  There was the natural Black Death and then there was the aristocratic families of privilege, 'nobility', feudalism and banker parasitism.  We have yet to rid ourselves of the latter.