Is This Why They Won’t Prosecute? Top Justice Officials Represented Big Banks, Freddie, Fannie and Mers

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Obama’s Department of Justice isn’t prosecuting any big fish.

Indeed, the Obama administration is prosecuting fewer financial crimes than Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush or Bill Clinton.

This is true even though the big banks – such as Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan and Wells Fargo – committed some fraud, but their entire business model is fraudulent. See this, this, this, this and this.

The same is true of Fannie, Freddie. And even more so with Mers, where its entire purpose – from day one – was fraudulent. Here, here, here, here and here.

So why haven’t the fraudsters running these chop shops been prosecuted by Attorney General Eric Holder, and the head of the DOJ’s criminal division Lanny Breuer?

Reuters helps explain why today:

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer, head of the Justice Department’s criminal division [watch this to get a sense of Breuer], were partners for years at a Washington law firm that represented a Who’s Who of big banks and other companies at the center of alleged foreclosure fraud, a Reuters inquiry shows.


The firm, Covington & Burling, is one of Washington’s biggest white shoe law firms. Law professors and other federal ethics experts said that federal conflict of interest rules required Holder and Breuer to recuse themselves from any Justice Department decisions relating to law firm clients they personally had done work for.


Both the Justice Department and Covington declined to say if either official had personally worked on matters for the big mortgage industry clients. Justice Department spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler said Holder and Breuer had complied fully with conflict of interest regulations, but she declined to say if they had recused themselves from any matters related to the former clients.


Reuters reported in December that under Holder and Breuer, the Justice Department hasn’t brought any criminal cases against big banks or other companies involved in mortgage servicing, even though copious evidence has surfaced of apparent criminal violations in foreclosure cases.


The evidence, including records from federal and state courts and local clerks’ offices around the country, shows widespread forgery, perjury, obstruction of justice, and illegal foreclosures on the homes of thousands of active-duty military personnel.




While Holder and Breuer were partners at Covington, the firm’s clients included the four largest U.S. banks – Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo & Co – as well as at least one other bank that is among the 10 largest mortgage servicers.




Covington represented Freddie Mac …. [and] MERS Corp …. Court records show that Covington, in the late 1990s, provided legal opinion letters needed to create MERS on behalf of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and several other large banks.blank Is This Why They Won’t Prosecute? Top Justice Officials Represented Big Banks, Freddie, Fannie and Mers

***blank Is This Why They Won’t Prosecute? Top Justice Officials Represented Big Banks, Freddie, Fannie and Mers

Covington in 2004 also wrote a crucial opinion letter commissioned by MERS, providing legal justification for its electronic registry. MERS spokeswoman Karmela Lejarde declined to comment on Covington legal work done for MERS.

This isn’t as bad as Department of Justice lawyer John Yoo’s letter justifying torture by the Bush Administration, but it’s arguably somewhat analogous, as it is a legal opinion trying to justify blatant illegality.

No wonder top financial crime expert Bill Black says that we have to fire Eric “Place” Holder  and all other government officials who are blocking prosecution of the criminals who caused the economic crisis.

Indeed, it makes one wonder whether the Department of Justice still dispenses justice … or has turned into a “protection racket” for the rich and powerful.

Of course, most of the rest of boys in D.C. are not much better.

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Conspiratory Fraud? Amazing that the N.W.O criminals have declared war against the American people and overthrown our democracy, national sovereignty and bankrupted the USA with unjustified wars and mortgage fraud in just 10 years!


Of course the criminals, as planned, have their government operatives in place to grantee that they will not be prosecuted as they stall for time to orchestrate the next crisis.


No crimes committed? How about treason? The multinational criminals have declared war against the American people and we will have to fight a revolution to regain our democracy and to bring the criminals to justice;  we will fight that revolution, like it or not.


 The only cure for this cancer on our society is to charge the criminals with treason against the United States and to publicly execute them for their treason.


You cowards can run off to some other country rather than stand and fight for your rights as an American; you are fools to think you can bribe yourselves along in a foreign country for any extended length of time. You certainly are not Americans are you?

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indonesian barry soetoro was selected decades ago to be president....he is a crooked criminal and willing puppet of the rockefeller-mic-yale-cia crime syndicate....he is george bush's twin brother.

true brain's picture

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Ron Paul finished fourth last night. While that was disappointing, it was much better than four years ago. As Ron Paul continues to deliver the message of freedom, and Ginrich and Romney tear each other to shreds. In all likelihood, Obama the great telepromter will remain in office. So we must look to the future. In four years, our chant will not be Ron Paul, but Rand Paul. As such we must continue to build our grass root effort and war chest. We will be back to this battle again in four years and make sure that Rand Paul is successful.

true brain's picture

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Ron Paul finished fourth last night. While that was disappointing, it was much better than four years ago. As Ron Paul continues to deliver the message of freedom, and Ginrich and Romney tear each other to shreds. In all likelihood, Obama the great telepromter will remain in office. So we must look to the future. In four years, our chant will not be Ron Paul, but Rand Paul. As such we must continue to build our grass root effort and war chest. We will be back to this battle again in four years and make sure that Rand Paul is successful.

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I swear I had a dream (nightmare) of this last night, woke me up I was so pissed. I couldn't believe I lived in a country where prominent people, publicly state they believe the justice department with Eric Racist Holder is letting the statute of limitations run out! WTF???

The clock is ticking and everyone knows it, yet nothing. Bastards. If I could do something about known, blatant, in your face bankster fraud I would. Bastards!

Of course we've got the ---> criminal in chief <--- Obama. The guy that said "I didn't come here to bail out fat cat bankers" now saying the banksters "may have done wrong, but nothing criminal". WTF???

we're screwed

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Barry and Eric working on their Oreo badges.  They are coming right along.

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I find it interesting that Israel, one of the youngest countries on the list, is the most corrupt.

Since the US has more citizens per capita in jail than any other countries on the list I don't think the US deserves to be ranked as high as it is.

If Mexico were on the list it would be interesting to see where they would rank.

I like Mexico and have been considering moving there (even at my age). I have traveled quite a bit and lived in various countries around the Med and lived in Japan for four years. Here is a site worth reading and it's written by an ex marine/ex pat/ex writer for the Washington Post. Fred calls em like he sees em. I have bought a couple of his books but am not connected in any way with his site. He is funny and some of his recent posts discuss how conditions have changed for ex pats in Central Mexico over the past ten years... It might be a good idea to start with his post titled 'emptying Dodge'... about ex pats being frightened out of Mexico by the bs US War On Drugs. Hope you enjoy.

Winston Smith 2009's picture

Love Fred Reed's columns and agree with the vast majority of them.  However, for reasons of personal safety, I'd suggest Panama or Costa Rica over Mexico.  Both are supposed to be about as inexpensive as Mexico, but much safer.  If there is a worldwide economic collapse, gringos probably wouldn't be safe nearly anywhere in Central America.  Because of the strategically important canal, Panama would probably be the safest in that case as the locals would be afraid that any mistreatment of US citizens would be used to take back the canal via military means.

therearetoomanyidiots's picture

Just bring some duct tape to tape your head back on when the mexicos cut it off cuz you have money.

This is happening all over Mexico, not just the border.  

You're better off in Guatemala, El Salvador or some Carribean Islands (BVI mostly). 

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

I have lived in Mexico before and my Spanish is better than passable. I also dress like a Mexican and do not live in 'Gated American Retirement Conclaves', which are an invitation to criminals.

The attacks on American ex pats have been few so far. The Mexican Narcos are trying to keep the US Army from invading Mexico in force and wiping out their lucrative drug trafficing biz, so they usually punish any common Mexican criminal that kills an ex pat during a mugging, robbery, etc. Also, it's estimated that American ex pats spend about $1 billion into the Mexican economy each year and the Mexican Gov does not want to lose that income.

Far more Americans are mugged here in the US than happens in Mexico.

When TSHTF here in the US I would rather be in Mexico and take my chances there. Hey, it's all a gamble, no matter where one is when things go really bad. The US has passed too many laws giving 'law enforcement' far too many reasons to round up and send citizens to jail on zero charges. I don't want to spend my last days in a FEMA camp, wondering where the rest of my family is.

A small Mexican village up in the mountains with very nice year round temps can be a very pleasant place to hang out and make friends with locals. I have found that Mexicans are far more personable than a group. Just don't let the Mexicans believe that you are wealthy; ie, don't show off and act like an A Hole. Eat the good food that they eat and live in a house similar to where they live. Go to mass with them. Drive an old beat up vehicle or motor scooter or ride a bike. Donate some some of your labor to local projects, etc. Mexico is not as third world as most perceive it to be... and, they don't have a zillion cops running around acting like ass holes, screaming at people, joinging SWAT teams, etc.

therearetoomanyidiots's picture

Except for the whole cutting heads off thing.   Though, even though it isn't reported too much, it's happening in the US now, by cartels.   3 or 4 so far.

I am not belittling what you say here though but clearly you can get pulled over for no reason and have to shell out all the money in your pocket to avoid trouble with the police in Mexico.   I have more than one friend who has dealt with that on the Yucatan.    I mean, there is still SOME (very little) propriety in local police forces in the US.   Not talking about the govt here.  

I'm sure living up in the mountains is a good deal, or away from urban centers, as you note.   I hear El Salvador is a great place now.   They've cleaned up their act, they have amazing real estate buys and you're pretty much an unknown there. 

Just my opinion - Mexico is too close to the US - the further south you go the less the US cares about the country.  

DaveyJones's picture long as you don't have the sweet stuff

Element's picture

Full list is here;

Mexico is 100, same as Indonesia, with Iran at 120 ... interesting that it's a "perceptions index" ranking ... so if your propaganda is up to snuff you ain't apparently corrupt ... even though propaganda is a form of intensive corruption.  That's what I put the US, UK and Israeli rankings down to ... well, lots of them really, as it depends how the MSM portrays you, and what version of history they chose to emphasise, if it just comes down to public and intergovt perception. Interesting the Cuba ranks 61, and better than Turkey and about equal with Malaysia.

Element's picture

Has there been a more corrupt period in human history?  When I look at this list I wonder if 'Transparency International' isn't corrupt?  How could the US possibly be up at 24!  The US is LESS corrupt than Botswana?!

I find that very hard to believe.  It's an insult to Botswana.


Worldwide Corruption Perceptions ranking of countries - published by Transparency International (from least to most)

2011 Rank  |  Country
1      New Zealand
2      Denmark
2      Finland
4      Sweden
5      Singapore
6      Norway
7      Netherlands
8      Australia
8      Switzerland
10      Canada
11      Luxembourg
12      Hong Kong
13      Iceland
14      Germany
14      Japan
16      Austria
16      Barbados
16      United Kingdom
19      Belgium
19      Ireland
21      Bahamas
22      Chile
22      Qatar     
24      United States
25      France
25      Saint Lucia
25      Uruguay
28      United Arab Emirates
29      Estonia
30      Cyprus
31      Spain
32      Botswana
32      Portugal
32      Republic of China
35      Slovenia
36      Israel

Baptiste Say's picture

New Zealand definitely shouldn't be number one, most transparent.
As we now know having seen the Megaupload founder being arrested, shaken down, have his property seized and face deportation for non crimes (despite having contributed millions to various NZ charities and employed 30+), NZ is a mere puppet state of USA and as such is every bit as corrupt.

China shouldn't be as high as it is either, it should be below 150 with USA a few below it. You don't get 50 million empty apartments from a lack of corruption. I've heard of every level of reporting bureaucrats in coal mining companies increasing the actual output on paper to meet their higher up's expectations.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

I hope this article goes viral.  I am sick of Democrats supporting Obama just because he has "blue team" stamped on his forehead.  Fucking idiot liberals.

Tsukato's picture

anyone seen this? Just got it in my email.

Project for a New American Future



Who we are:

We are everyone and we are no one. We are Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Whites, Blacks, Reds, Yellows, Browns, and everything in between. We are the Rich and Destitute. We are the Intelligent and the Feeble Minded. We are the Upstanding and the prisoner, the cop and the drug dealer, the respectable, and the despised of society.

We are soldiers awakened to the fact that we killed for lies and profit. We are the Newly Poor, who have lost, or are in the process of losing everything. We are the prisoner, rotting in a cell for years, for possessing marijuana. We’re those incarcerated for not paying taxes which will be used to destroy the lives of others and ourselves. We are those millions of divorced fathers who have lost their children, homes, money, and life, in a corrupted family court system. We are those who have, or are losing everything, and have found an ever-present reality that sits on a level just below what we always considered normal and real life. We have found meaning, and the desire for liberty. We are everywhere, and number in the thousands. Although we are considered worthless eaters or mere cattle by our superiors, in truth, we are bulls, about to destroy the holding pen. We shall not be led to the stockyards and butcher,. When we finish, there will no longer exist stockyards and butchers. Cattle will never again be thought of as expendable, and disposable. The world is about to be turned on its head.



Who we are not:

We are not the destroyers. We do not destroy cultures, countries, value, morals, families, or lives. We are NOT politicians, bankers, hedge fund managers, derivatives writers, intelligence agency or IRS employees, movie stars, big haired news anchors, or other personalities with million dollar smiles. We are NOT lawyers, judges, lobbyists, communists,  socialists, fundamentalist Christians or Muslims. We are not affiliated with any political movement. We don’t vote. We are not part of the corrupt, spirit destroying systems which are a bane to humanity.


The Problem:

The Problems are not difficult to see as we are immersed in nothing but. An absolutely corrupt political system, bought and paid for by giant financial institutions, arms contractors, foreign governments, pharmaceutical companies, big agri-business, etc.. All are hell bent on total control of the masses, and all material wealth of the world. Throw in the Fed debasing our currency, while liquidating countries trying to escape the dollar yoke, and you can see a system run amuck. However, the main point of contention is CONTROL. This is the fantasy illness rotting our society.

Control is nothing more than an illusion or even, a mental illness. As many people have realized lately, control does not actually exist. It stems from the overriding fear of death most humans live with. Through insurance, home ownership, wealth, children, a busy work schedule, consumer goods, and a myriad of other distractions, people convince themselves they have a hedge against death and a modicum of control in a universe completely beyond their control. At times such as these, the veil drops for many people, and they realize that there is no control. This is a good thing. We Have No Control. Those wishing to control us, need to learn this fundamental rule of life. They are holding all of us back in more ways than you can imagine. A lot of times these Control Freaks are the way they are, due to fear, but many times, its due to greed, cruelty, etc.. Nonetheless, their hold or control needs to be broken. This can be done violently or nonviolently. Neither is wrong. What matters is that the bonds of control are broken, and human freedom is universal. Wealth is continually accumulated and lost. It’s been that way for all of human history, so why would anything be different nowadays? Are people more intelligent now? Been to your local Wal-Mart lately? Turned on your TV lately? Should we even care about these losses? Wealth, money, and prestige are actually fantasies as well. They don’t actually have any reality outside our imaginations. Once a person has hit rock bottom, he can crumple up like a piece of paper, give up, and wait for death’s sweet kiss. OR… he can feel his shackles of bondage are finally broken, and realize that he is in fact a sovereign individual, and as such, is free to do anything he desires, even if it falls outside the boundaries of lawful. This is the birthright of all humans. There is nothing holding any of us back, but ourselves. In other words: never let yourself become a victim. If the system has failed you, then take it upon yourself to work outside the system, or destroy the system. This is everyone’s obligation as human beings. We were not given this wonderful gift of human life to do nothing with it.



The Solution:

All systems must necessarily come to an end. This is not a sad occurrence, but one that should be heartily welcomed. Throughout the developed world there has been a palpable depression coating everyone’s’ lives. Not only in America, but also Japan, Europe, and other countries, people have become disenchanted by life. Anti-depressant use has skyrocketed in developed countries as has recreational drug use. Working for material gain has lost its appeal. The youth in these countries have turned to complete fantasy, via gaming, because the real world is so lackluster and meaningless. Young men in massive numbers are not even pursuing girlfriends, careers, wives, and families anymore, because they see no joy in the status quo paradigm passed on by their parents, but sorely outdated. At conscious or even subconscious levels, people are craving an entirely different way of existing on this planet, and its high time we not let ourselves be held back. Let the END begin.


What we are committed to doing:

We, the beast without a head, a grassroots, highly compartmentalized, loosely associated, movement of individuals, have sworn to do the dirty work when the appropriate time comes. We exist solely outside cyber space, and communicate face to face. However, when the moment for action comes, word will be sent online, and change of regime will be completed within 6 hrs time. The cancerous growths that have been plaguing our society will be liquidated in the quickest, time possible. We believe there is no need to make the sleeping masses more uncomfortable than necessary.


What we ask of you:

Be honest with yourself. Are you happy with the system? Has your life been an amazing adventure,, or a meaningless waste of time?

Fully realize: YOU are going to DIE. You came to this life alone, and you will leave alone. NOTHING will save you from this. ALL that matters is what you do in this life. When you are on your death bed, will you be satisfied that you did all you could, or will you be sorrowful because of lost chances, and cowardice? Because most people are in a catatonic fear to take real action, we ask from the masses a few simple things that are nearly risk free:


Realize the system is finished, and embrace this new reality.


Take part in passive resistance


Take all of your money out of all banks. Pay bills with cashier checks


If your home loan is underwater, stop making payments at once


If you have credit card payments, stop making payments


If you have student loans, stop paying them down.


Don’t worry about your credit score


Do not file your tax returns with the IRS this year.


If a substantial part of society will do these 8 simple things, perhaps the system can be taken down without bloodshed.

honestann's picture

Did you say IF ????
Well, that's the problem, isn't it?
Only humans will take rational actions like those, but the world is now populated by a few thousand (or arguably million) humans and 7 billion two-legged sheep.  Those of us who understand already took many/most/all those steps long ago, and those we don't take are because we never suckered for fiat debt or volunteered for servitude in the first place.

Georgesblog's picture

If everyone is participating in the same crime, and no one presents themselves as an injured party, seeking restitution of damages, is there a crime?

working class dog's picture

As the song says cross a lawyer with gangster and he will make you an offer you can't understand.

dexter_morgan's picture

Eric 'place' holder? More like Eric 'dick' Holder

TSA gropee's picture

As I was reading this it struck me that perhaps the election of 2008 was the beginning of an American "coup" so to speak. One that has lasted 3 years. An overthrow if you will not by military means but by subterfuge and downright bush league tactics.The timing was right, the execution nearly perfect and downright brilliant in its simplicity and boldness. Get the man in, have him appoint czars over everything and place key people in all 3 branches of government, and voila'. Change...

Widowmaker's picture

Your premise is more correct than you realize, but the administration was George W Bush. Look at every single event and inverse promise from the man himself and it only gets more clear. He was decided president by a single state only notorious for lawlessness and where crime pays, and his brother lead, affirmed by another branch influenced by his dad. Where were the people!?!?

That administration and all subsequent bad policy only builds the case.

One has to research JFKs demise to see another obvious example. The same generation of thugs has been in charge since the 1960s. Its all about big oil, military complex, and crooked banking -- same as today, but now its five decades of political whores worse. And yes political dissent in the us gets you assassinated.

Us citizens have been undermined and cheated. Its patently obvious everywhere one looks. All doors to uncle sam inc. only close, never open.

If i said the mafia was in charge it would imply structure and leadership from a source. Its the rule of law that IS that structure and leadership, woven with principle and GASP morality... All political parties have gutted it.

Ponzi Unit's picture

Or the culmination, the final stages of monopoly capitalism first flexed in earnest post-Civil War by the likes of Carnegie and Rockefeller.

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

The US has had many coups. The worst in my lifetime was the murder of John F Kennedy.

I don't know if any of you were around then but the mood of the nation changed and very noticeably. It was a palpable sadness is the best I can describe it. We knew Kennedy was not a saint but he was an inspirational pres and he had a sort of magic. When he said something, we not only believed him, we believed in him. His loss really hurt a lot of Americans.

Then came Johnson with the 'Gulf of Tonkin' lies, the big build up in Nam, etc...

Pretty much all down hill since then.

DaveyJones's picture

You've seen the clip where he winks as he's taking the oath on the plane  

Widowmaker's picture

I remember not one fucking thing was done to investigate on behalf of a nation. Every question evaded and truth itself relentlessly thwarted.

To this second.

This is indicative of one thing, it was an orchestrated event, subsidized by government where the same fucks are still alive.

There were many celebrations in rich circles toasting his demise. The same ilk that oppress the people using fraud money today. There was a lot of celebration, that is a fact - just not the "99%."

The rich had him killed (by French assassins) because he was a friend to peace and the poor. We know this because one of those involved in the killing spilled his guts late in life in a french prison convicted of other crimes. Its incredible, and a fact, JFK was killed by many hands. The guns came from connections in New Orleans. Its no mystery that Jack Ruby ran around in many circles in S louisiana there are pictures that document his lifestyle there.

Check out a banished video series by Nigel Turner called the men who killed kennedy. The first set is available, the second series was banned and is hard hitting and absolutely incredible. It is a glimpse into the abyss of wealth and power, and how laws dont matter to the rich - nor life for that matter.

It was the Johnson estate who quashed distribution (and free speech/freedom of the press). The world can take comfort knowing that Johnson is rotting in hell.

TSA gropee's picture

I remember, I was young, but still remember. I posted the coup piece because up until that moment I'd never thought of what has been going on since he took office. It is a juggernaut of change, and non of it bodes well for freedom.

i-dog's picture

The 4 most damaging coups have been:

  1. The 1865 assassination of Abe Lincoln and consequent installation of 32° mason Andrew Johnson (Democrat) as president. During his term, Johnson signed the 14th Amendment into law, depriving the states of their constitutional rights. Many states wouldn't ratify the Amendment, so it was just "deemed" passed and signed into "law" by a treacherous Congress and traitorous President Johnson.
  2. The 1912 splitting of the Republican vote (by Teddy Roosevelt defecting and running as a third-party candidate) and consequent election of Democrat Woodrow Wilson, who signed the Income Tax and Federal Reserve Acts into law (again passed by a treacherous Congress, comprising barely a quorum and sitting late at night on Christmas Eve 1913).
  3. The 1963 assassination of JFK and consequent installation of Lyndon Johnson (Democrat) who, as you said, was party to the Gulf of Tonkin false-flag and the bankrupting of America through ramping up the Vietnam war and his 'Great Society' spending.
  4. The 2001 false-flag demolition of the 3 World Trade Centre towers and the subsequent passing of the Unpatriot Act and invasion of Afghanistan just a few weeks later to restore opium poppy production (which had been reduced by 96% by the "evil" Taliban).

Of course, the Republicans have been willing accomplices to all of those (and more), and Bush and Obama have been nothing less than a tag team! Indeed, in my opinion, Eisenhower was one of the most treacherous and even set things up via the CIA so that Kennedy would have little room to move, which is why Kennedy had to be assassinated when he refused to play ball.

DaveyJones's picture

Teddy too was fighting the big boys.

Ponzi Unit's picture

Good stuff. Could you expand on Ike's treachery?

gravedestruction's picture

LAWLESSNESS may rear it's evil heads but the wicked ones aligned with such will certainly have to give an account.

Better to be among the oppressed than among the oppressors.

disabledvet's picture

Can anyone think of a single Civil Rights push done by the Justice Department? Anything? Must be "we're all equal before the law" then! I mean..."wow, we've really learned the lessons of Dr. King here!" Brussels Bank Guy is right...are we even a beacon for hope? Cuz Justice got left at the Paymaster's door.

sun tzu's picture

What kind of civil rights push are you looking for? More race-based programs?

nmewn's picture

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character."

What a cruel joke has been played on the populace.

So here we are.

A man, judged to be acceptable as president, by the color of his skin and not by the content of his character.

Just fucking excellent.

therearetoomanyidiots's picture

Negative arrows on this? 


From a younger black man who started his comic strip when he was a teen...this is classic. 

This is amazing...really...just watch it...mind the bad words...but classic.

Ponzi Unit's picture

Well turned and keenly observed, sir.

snblitz's picture

Another example of how regulatory agencies are "captured" by the industries they purport to regulate.

Which is why regulator agencies do not work.

Fred Hayek's picture

Nice catch by GW and Reuters. There's no way the legacy media of sycophants like Brian Williams would ever report this.

Ponzi Unit's picture

...reporting the notional news?

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

USA has a "Justice Department".....?

Too fucking funny,tell me another one.