Will a "Super Congress" Gut the Constitution - Just Like the Federal Reserve?

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By Washington’s Blog

Ryan Grim has an update on his story about the "Super Congress", which I discussed yesterday:

The Super Congress amounts to an institutionalization of the gang structure that exists informally in the Senate, where a small number of lawmakers write legislation behind closed doors and then announce it to the public? Legislation written by the Super Congress would be extremely difficult for individual members of Congress to stop.

No wonder both liberals and conservatives hate the proposal.

Indeed, the Founding Fathers' vision of prosperity has been destroyed - and we've gone from the "wealth of nations" to the "debt of nations" - at least in part because our political system has been subverted by non-Constitutional committees and entities.

For example, the country's most powerful "agency" - the Federal Reserve - is actually no more federal than Federal Express. The Fed itself admits (via Bloomberg):

While the Fed’s Washington-based Board of Governors is a federal agency subject to the Freedom of Information Act and other government rules, the New York Fed and other regional banks maintain they are separate institutions, owned by their member banks, and not subject to federal restrictions.

For that reason, the New York Fed alleged in a lawsuit - Bloomberg LP v. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, 08-CV-9595, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Manhattan) - that it was not subject to Federal Freedom of Information Act.

As the long-time Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee (Charles McFadden) said on June 10, 1932:

Some people think that the Federal Reserve Banks are United States Government institutions. They are private monopolies ....

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hidingfromhelis's picture

Why does this not surprise me? Seems that the solution to every instance of incompetence or corruption is to hand the incompetent or corrupt more money and power.

Heckuva job, (_________)!

Bastiat's picture

Next step:  No Congress.

Cruel Aid's picture

One word... Czars,  Congressional replacements. No funding necessary. Get rid of them and get back to the 3 branches without the blatant usurpation.

Oh and clean up the judicial branch.

It all stinks.

DosZap's picture


BINGO......................that's exactly where were headed.

As soon as the situation is brought to the point BHO can declare Martial Law, he will send them all packing.

Beau Tox's picture

Rhymed Couplet!

Suits will have to be

In Protective Custody.

TheGameIsRigged's picture

Why the fuck do we let these congress-idiots make ANY decisions?

Why wouldn't the Fed want to release information - and why would they fight the freedom of information act - UNLESS THEY WERE HIDING SOMETHING!!


In this age of technology - info is moving faster than TPTB thought it could and they are having trouble keeping up their smoke and mirrors charade.

We need to keep the pressure on, keep good info flowing - and REVOLT against the losers in Gov't.  They are all losers.  They are morally corrupt.  If they had any heart or soul they WOULD NOT be able to sleep at night - but they don't.

falak pema's picture

...Why the fuck do we let these congress-idiots make ANY decisions?...


Its called the Republic, stupid.

DosZap's picture

Er', excuse me,but WHERE in the Constitution do you find a Super Congress spoken of?.

You don't, this is pure and simple fascism, and it is designed to get this administrations agendas pushed through, come hell or high water.

IF this goes thru, and the people do not rebel,and the military stands for it..................grab your ankles and kiss America bye, along with your arse.

And some wonder why there is a Tea Party?.

Quintus's picture
A 'Super Congress' you say? 

That's an interesting idea, and since nobody ever bothered to think about and write down any rules about the means by which America should be governed and the structure of the government then why not give it a go?

In fact, while we're in the business of making up new and interesting forms of government as we go along, how about creating a 'Super-Duper Congress' which in addition to the merely 'Super' Congress would also be given the power to defy gravity, put and end to continental drift and make stuff blow up using laser beams that come out of their eyes?
escargot's picture

I despise the Fed as much as anyone, but am I the only person who is getting sick of the analogy "The Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express"?  Someone has to think of a new one.

ian807's picture

Democracy. Poor people. They're just so *pesky.*

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go sharpen my pitchforks and guillotines for the spring.

ArrestBobRubin's picture

It is about time to vamoose

DaveyJones's picture

Faster than a speeding mullet, more powerful than its loco motives,  able to leap tall principles in a single bound, Look, up on The Hill,  It's a bird dropping, it's derranged, NO IT'S SUPER CONGRESS!

csmith's picture

The Super Congress is nothing more than political insulation for members on both the extreme left and right, and reflects a real lack of political leadership in both parties. Reagan and Rostenkowski had no need for such a structure back in the early 1980s, for example, because they had control of their respective constituencies. This is not the case today.

Ghordius's picture

Don't forget the little problem with the Senate's filibusters, they are IMO the chief reason for this show.

dizzyfingers's picture

What a sad subject.

Everybodys All American's picture

All the more reason to cut up the credit card for the US. This solution to our problems has only come about from the debt crisis.

Loan Gunman's picture


Easier and cheaper to buy 24 guys instead of 532.

DaveyJones's picture

probably the same wallet size just more bang for your buck. concentrate the power then purchase a lot more of it.

UGrev's picture


All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.

curbyourrisk's picture

If that is the case, then how did we, the American people allow the Federal Reserve to create the biggest and illegal tax ever placed upon the American people in the form of QE2?  An un-elected jackass forced the price of everything HIGHER onour backs all in the wish to create inflation, while wages declined.  I really wish everyone out there figured it out.  INFLATION is NOT higher prices, but rising wages.  How many times do I have to repeat this to people?  Without higher wages, price increases always revert back to a norm.  Only when people can afford higher prices do they stick.  Only when wages rise, can people afford higher prices.  Jeez people.

UGrev's picture

inflation is neither higher prices nor rising wages. How you can infer that inflation is rising wages is some kind of special math. No.. inflation is the reduction of the purchasing power. 

The one thing that I quasi agree with is that when prices are too high, and no one buys, then the prices come down if the product owner wants to make any money. My only disagreement is that inflation affects the product owner as well in his "cost" to purchase materials to make his product. So that reduction in purchasing power is passed onto us. 

curbyourrisk's picture

Contrarily, what would be the increase in purchasing power?  HIGHER WAGES.........



UGrev's picture

You're playing with semantics here. Higher wages is a reactionary event to inflation. It's what happens when purchasing power is reduced. ACTUAL purchasing power increase must be applied to the unit in which you use to purchase something, not the response to the inflationary event. You're trying to say that higher wages makes inflation relative and I call bullshit on that. The dollar has STILL lost 95% of it's purchasing power since ~1914 and my higher wage has NOT fixed that.. it's just covered it up with more FRN's. 

Libertarian777's picture

I don't think you 'get' it yourself.

Sticky wages is a Keynes excuse used to explain how monetary velocity can slow, but as the fed has shown, they will keep INFLATING the money supply (loading the gun with ever more gunpowder) until the slightest spark (traction) results in explosive growth in consumer prices.

The issue is not higher prices that show up in your shopping cart. That is the symptom. The issue is in inflating the money supply, whoever gets first use of the new money gets the most benefit. If the money supply for everyone doubled overnight instantaneously, prices would double but so would your savings and salary. You would be no better or worse off.

However it don't work like that, the banks /brokers etc get first pick of assets, by using the increase in the money issued to them. Eventually this 'growth' will 'trickle down' to main street, unfortunately it shows up not as more prosperity, but as increases in price.

If wage stickiness was 'inflation' as you define it, why is gasoline, gold, copper, coffee, etc at record highs (on an annual basis, ignoring day to day fluctuations) when wages have not risen?

curbyourrisk's picture

SPECULATION is driving prices higher right now.  Without wage increases, they will not stay at those levels.  People read WAY to deep into everything.  Inflation is not rocket science, eventhough everyone portends it to be.

RKDS's picture

It's not rocket science, it's the age old "rules for thee, but none for me."

At this very moment, there are people who, while excoriating the president for inflation and price increases, repeat the mantra that wages have to keeping falling toward 3rd world levels.  If you ask why wages fall/stagnate and prices rise, the answer is usually something along the lines of "businesses deserve to profit."  How the hell can you keep increasing profit for long with fewer or poorer customers?  It seems like if labor gets a small raise, the price hike is bad, but if some shareholder lying on a beach gets a higher dividend, the price hike was good.

Really, during an economic contraction, nobody wants to take a small hit and they hope somebody else will lose everything.

RKDS's picture

Looks like I got junked by one of those so-called "job creators" investing their big-government subsidies in China while America sinks.

Lady Heather...UNCLE's picture

someone earlier qouted the bard

here's another: America "to be ,or not to be    THAT is the question"  'nuff said

CH1's picture

Sorry to say, it's over. Remember, many people clung to appearances and claimed that Rome was still Rome for a LONG time after it was really over.

America is done. If we want liberty, we'll have to start over and do it ourselves.

Sam Clemons's picture

Agree.  That is why the Byzantine Empire started, which stood for 800 years while using a gold standard.  Our east coast (and Cali) will become Rome while the rest of the country goes Byzantine and continues to do real work.

Sathington Willougby's picture


The level of education and the state of the political machinery (tv), they're just formalizing the structure of destroying checks and balances that they've already exercised.

Want to stop this?  Never shut up.  They are economically slaughtering themselves and when people get hungry, that's when they get mad enough to do something.  There's never been an economy that can stand up to this kind of jobbering.  Educate yourself, tune out the political machines and show your strength in the arena of debate. 

The first thing we have to shed is the idea that someone can get what they want through coercion.

Sudden Debt's picture

So A super Congress will also be privatly owned?



Will Americans be calling them Kings of America? Or Tsars?


AGuy's picture

Neither.  Bankers! Our Bankers are the overlords of America.

"Money for nothin', Get your QE for Free!"


AnAnonymous's picture

our political system has been subverted by non-Constitutional committees and entities.

The US political system has not been subverted in any way.

The US history is subvertion of their own principles. The US has been disrespecting their own laws and principles since the start.

No corruption, no subvertion, only a system that works as it has always been working.

End the cheap propaganda.

gangland's picture


sort of, recall shays' just 3 years after the revo? 

it's about class pure and simple.



Akrunner907's picture

Don't you know that laws are written by law firms that work for lobbyists?  Geeez,  you guys need a clue about how it works in DC.

Placerville's picture

It's cheaper and easier to buy off a smaller KNOWN corrupt group of politicians.


What they mean is that they are creating a Super(cede) Congress.

Bagbalm's picture

It is easier to connect with a small group ballistically too.

AldousHuxley's picture

Pirates and Emperors (from SchoolHouse Rock makers of How a Bill becomes a law) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEO3RWnHb4E&feature=related

Seasmoke's picture

shove the Constitution up Michelle Obamas twat

gangland's picture


yeah...i guesss..but overall she is irrelevant no? so why even waste the font...other than to viscerally vent at the wrong target. 

obamas are merely nouveau riche millionaires. minor players.


AnAnonymous's picture

minor players.

That is why they are targets. The US has a long history of taking on the weak. This couple are negroes and not that rich. So they are perfect targets.

Bagbalm's picture

If Obama was DARK black with prominent african face he'd have never been elected. There is graduated racism still - even among black people.

Forget who said he got elected because of his 'clean; look but he would have been correct and likely had much less trouble if he had simply said 'clean cut'.

He's nice and thin too. I bet you could not elect a fat President of any shade today like in the 1800s. It is not PC to hate blacks today but perfectly ok to dispise fatties.

ATM's picture

That would have been his vice president - Joe Biden. Go figure.

gangland's picture



yessir, except for the "negroes" part :)



Manthong's picture

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

So that little bigoted bit of brilliance got Biden the veep gig.


diesheepledie's picture

The 1st American experiment has run its course. The framework has collapsed and it is time to rebuild. The Constitution is now only a joke to these people: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08uk99L8oqQ

A four year term elected monarch would be far superior to this mess. At least you would know who to blame. I suspect if we were told then names of the individuals who have the greatest influence on govt, 99% of the population would not recognise them.

AnAnonymous's picture

The 1st American experiment has run its course. The framework has collapsed and it is time to rebuild. The Constitution is now only a joke to these people:

This is reinforcement of the cheap propaganda spread in the article.

The idea here is to sell that the US has changed, that it was different before.

The reality is that the US citizens nature is eternal. US citizens have not changed one bit.

That story of calling abuse of the socalled constitution a new thing is so gross you need to want to be part of a gang to believe it.

The Constitution and the US principles have been abused by US citizens (and their representatives) from the start.

A guy like Andrew Jackson demanding SC judges to come to explain him how Indians had a natural right to the land of their ancestors is not fresh, it happened more than one hundred years ago.

There is no change in the US behaviour. Their path to the success is the same: how to abuse humanity.

This is how the US has built its success: by abusing its own rules and principles, encasted in humanity.

Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany wanted to mimic.

gangland's picture


not that biden is 1 of the owners, but most peeps wont even know who the VP is fer crrissake.