Would You Support an Iran War If …

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Would you support a war against Iran if you knew that:

  • The CIA admits that the U.S. overthrew the moderate, suit-and-tie-wearing, Democratically-elected prime minister of Iran in 1953. He was overthrown because he had nationalized Iran's oil, which had previously been controlled by BP and other Western oil companies. As part of that action, the CIA admits that it hired Iranians to pose as Communists and stage bombings in Iran in order to turn the country against its prime minister
  • If the U.S. hadn't overthrown the moderate Iranian government, the fundamentalist Mullahs would have never taken over. (Moreover, the U.S. has had a large hand in strengthening radical Islam in the Middle East by supporting radicals to fight the Soviets and others)
  • The U.S. armed and supported Iraq after it invaded Iran and engaged in a long, bloody war which included the use of chemical weapons. Here is former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld meeting with Saddam Hussein in the 1980's, several months after Saddam had used chemical weapons in a massacre:

  • The U.S. helped fund Iran's nuclear program

  • The U.S. has been actively planning regime change in Iran - and throughout the oil-rich Middle East and North Africa - for 20 years
  • The decision to threaten to bomb Iran was made before 9/11
  • Top American and Israeli military and intelligence officials say that - even if Iran did build a nuclear bomb - it would not be that dangerous, because Israel and America have so many more nukes. And see this
  • The people pushing for war against Iran are the same people who pushed for war against Iraq, and said it would be a "cakewalk". See this and this

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All organized religion is pure bullshit and I find it very difficult to believe that any of you being the sensible adults you claim to be would even bring religion into this or any other badly needed discussion about policy that could affect us all so deeply.  Bringing religion into what should be a secular discussion of fact contaminates it and only serves to end any real possibility that we can agree, thus TPTB win.  Nuclear proliferation and international security issues are secular and the attempt to insert religion into the matter is as daft as trying to say Santa Clause or leprechauns are responsible for this mess. 

GW, I think you have made several valid points in your thesis above, but while most are valid they are hardly a compendium of all the salient facts, and the way some are represented they are over the borderline of intellectual dishonesty, such as the presentation of the US support for the Iranian "nuclear program."  That was a research reactor in Teheran associated with a university and NEVER intended or equipped to be in any way related to or even functional as a military related reactor.  All possible military isotopes and applications beyond the purely medical and research have been created since the Iranian revolution.  I posted a thorough review of that with links weeks ago.

I have said over and over (and I have the red arrows to prove it) I do not support a war, nor take lightly even such actions as targeting their military related nuclear weapons research sites.  A person would have to be a real criminal to consider a war or even bombing a nation without really strong evidence of a clear and present danger of that nation's ability to build weapons of mass destruction AND the willingness and ability to use them.  That is why I consider the BushCo administration to be war criminals.

But, the fact that BushCo was a criminal enterprise which took us to war in Iraq based upon known lies exploiting the very real fear of proliferation of WMD (especially nuclear) is totally irrelevant to the reality that Iran IS building nuclear weapons and while they might not be able to assemble all the parts into a functioning bomb this week they are feverishly working towards that goal, and denial of that fact only serves to give them the cover and time they need to get that job done.  There can be no discussion or meeting of the minds with people who dismiss the fact that it is the goal of Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. 

Denial=no agreement. 

No agreement=Iran will be stopped militarily from reaching their goals.

If you want to find a peaceful way out of this coming catastrophe you will first have to drop the mantra that it is all the fault of America (or Britain, or the west), that religion has anything to do with it, and that Iran is a misunderstood innocent bystander in the whole affair. 

It is possible that the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty was never adequate for the job of actually stopping proliferation and thus should be scrapped.  But until it is tossed in favor of a better system it is still the law to which Iran is signed onto, and in deep violation of. 

I would feel the same way if we found out that Argentina or Brazil had restarted or covertly advanced their dismantled nuclear weapons programs.  I only feel slightly stronger about the Iranian situation because of their ability to refine enough bomb grade isotopes and assemble weapons within twelve months and possibly less, coupled with the government policy of genocide toward the state of Israel and the US which makes the matter urgent.  And though posters here do not seem to believe it the world does need the oil that comes from the region, enough so that it is indeed a legitimate national interest of several nations to keep the flow uninterrupted, or at least deal with threats to that flow. 

As to the claims that China and Russia have warned us that we would be triggering a world war, that is specious in full, neither China nor Russia has war over Iran as a policy of their foreign affairs, in both cases it was low to medium level military personnel speculating without their government's sanction that such action could get out of control, and while that risk exists it has anyway since the end of the last world war, we have never been more than a few days away from that risk even if by accidental launch.  In fact the two main nuclear powers have made tremendous progress to disarm that risk in the last 20 years via reductions in nuclear inventory and deselection of targeting, barring the years BushCo was in office because that cocksucker is a prime example of how NOT to deal with potential threats.  The risk is still out there of course, but what we have been trying to do is build trust, without that trust we are right back at a permanent state of DEFCON 3. 

I would like to see the US and EU, as well as the other major representatives of the NNPT and the UN gather together with Iran for first person face to face talks about their nuclear ambitions.  Not that I necessarily trust Iran, but I think that bombing their nuclear weapons facilities without being able to honestly say we did everything short of that would be a terrible mistake. 

Last point I want to make is that militarily Iraq was indeed a cakewalk, it was the "nation building" after that was so ridiculously absurdly costly and outright impossible.  Ditto Afghanistan, the goal sold to us was to be take out bin Laden, and if need be to do that eliminate the elements of the Taliban which sheltered him.  Done and done, but 11 years later we are still there in a hopeless effort to remodel their basements or something.  And if that is what would ensue in Iran then I agree with you and some of your less intelligent supporters, we should simply do nothing and deal with the consequences of a nuclear armed Iran in future as they arise, because I am not going to sign on for another decade of "nation building."

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Boiltherich, lol, Iran and Israel, hmm? Yeah, uh, nothing to do with religion. LMAO.

Grow up boy. News flash to Sunshine, religion is about ...P O W E R.

There is a place called Jerusalem. LOL, probably not a religious name though huh? 

My friend, it does not matter what you think, it's what ''they'' think. Wishful thinking is the three monkey religion.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbBdGi1TOIc&feature=fvst



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That is a some good standard you have provided here...

With a few corrections, it will suit perfectly well the selling of the next US citizen war.

Back it up and you'll be able to reuse it in five or six years.

DOT's picture

Gotta love it !

First, the promise of "true facts",then the clincher:

"Top American and Israeli military and intelligence officials say that - even if Iran did build a nuclear bomb - it would not be that dangerous" ............

Safe Nukes Bitchez.      Love ya GW.

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the same damn thing happened in Iraq & nobody cared... CONGRESSMAN RON PAUL: Classified Cable Proves US Ok’d Saddam’s Kuwait Invasion  http://bit.ly/yWpbll


Ron Paul addresses House of Rep on this matter     http://bit.ly/zWwvZh

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If Iran bombed the Federal Reserve building in NYC or Washington, would anyone care?

Augustus's picture

Geo Wash has a never ending support for butchers and religious fanatics.  I doubt it is the Saudi govt paying him as they seem to want Iran changed as much as the US does.  Therefore, after losing Matt Simmons support, it seems that the current payments must be comming from the Hezzie faction.

AnAnonymous's picture

The true facts? Over the untrue facts? Another gift from US citizen cheap propaganda... US citizens of A joining the military are well informed. This low cheap US citizen propaganda shipment would want to believe that this list of facts has to matter more than another list of facts. US citizens know the facts, the make their decision by discarding certain facts to favour others. Here's a list of 'true' facts: -Iranians will be easy (killing is fun) -US army money is good money -superior social status, glorified war hero -oil control etc... -

falak pema's picture

GW puts the question squarely and fairly : His historical perspective is correct.


Pax Americana built the Frankenstein monster, in Benazir's own words, (and she should know!), from scratch, both in IRan in 1953 as subsequently in Afghan/Pakistan under Zia al Huq, its choice Pinochet type military leader; who helped as unknown general of Pak army legion paid by Jordan's King Hussain, as  with CIA/Saud support, defeat the "Black September" Palistininan Jordinian uprising in 1970 concocted by Arafat, amongst his stranded refugees ousted from Israel in 1948 aftermath. For these signal services he became Pak army head under Bhutto in 1971 and never looked back, as he took power in 1977 and had Bhutto hanged. Then created with Bill Casey, CIA chief under Reagan, the Taliban movement to fight as Mujahideen against Soviet invasion of 1979. Big US/CIA extended ME play as in Iran, vital part of PAx Americana to protect oil patch.

 William J. Casey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Akhtar Abdur Rahman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Operation Cyclone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The question now is after US involvement in Irak-Afghan/Pak theatre for over 20 years and the terrible legacy this has left USA as a morally maimed country; as are the local devastated regions, all decimated, corrupted, surrogate run, political constructs with no stable future (Karzai/afgh-militry Pak- Chaotic Irak), does the USA have the gall and the suicidal call to go further down this road?

The Iran regime will implode in time just like the USSR did. Inertia and time play to First world's advantage IF they have the sense to build the inevitable energy paradigm that allows them to extricate themselves from ME noose they have built themselves. This corrupt spiral of destructive collusion in region has to stop.

Theocracy, like state run communist ideology, does not provide lasting solutions to nations and people.

Only democracy and republic does. This is our three thousand year heritage. Are the US prepared to cross once again the Rubicon irredeemably, like GWB did, and now O'bammy seems inclined to redo???

US is in the historical eye of cyclone. These be tipping moments for PAx Americana future.

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Xenophobic and backwards countries like Iran are a continual menace to the goal of a peaceful world organized by division of labor and voluntary exchange. Frankly, the barbaric tyranny of Iran sickens me. And the idea of producing radioactive "cancer treatments" in a secret mountain bunker is absurd. I don't know how anyone can be so gullible as to fall for that deception.

Fortunately, Iran is no match for USA. Per Ludwig von Mises in Human Action,

"Where capitalistic entrepreneurship is allowed to function freely, the fighting forces will always be so well equipped that the biggest armies of the backward peoples will be no match for them. There has even been great exaggeration of the danger of making the formulas for manufacturing “secret” weapons universally known. If war comes again, the searching mind of the capitalistic world will always have a head start on the peoples who merely copy and imitate clumsily...

The peoples who have developed the system of the market economy and cling to it are in every respect superior to all other peoples. The fact that they are eager to preserve peace is not a mark of their weakness and inability to wage war. They love peace because they know that armed conflicts are pernicious and disintegrate the social division of labor. But if war becomes unavoidable, they show their superior efficiency in military affairs too. They repel the barbarian aggressors whatever their numbers may be."

The important thing is to accomplish the task cheaply: get in, demolish their apparatuses of coercion, and get out. If the government of Iran is embarking on creating nuclear weapons, then it is logically estopped from objecting to such weapons being preemptively employed against targets like the Natanz facility. I hope that the UN or, unilaterally the USA government, approves such efficient solutions. We've already sacrificed too many American lives using the "nice guy" approach in the Middle East.

I ask our politicians to please protect American lives and please use the weapons appropriate for dealing with a burgeoning nuclear threat. Do not bring a knife to a gunfight.

denny69's picture

Herr Goering and Herr Goebbels couldn't have said it better than von Mises: "...superior to all other peoples.", "They repel the barbarian aggressors..." Just like the GG boys used to say about the nation they were preparing to invade and let's not forget your own, "...efficient solutions." Now, where have I heard that before? But the topping on your cowpie cake is America's use of the "nice guy" approach. Better ask those Iraqis and Afghanis about how that approach is working. Don't worry, you'll get your wish and your blood. I just hope you don't get splashed with too much plasma when the first school is demolished.

Element's picture

Iran is backwards?  Iran's military is poorly equipped?

And you live under a rock? 

And of course your not the slightest bit xenophobic, or backward, right?

AnAnonymous's picture

He takes his creed from Mises, enough said.

Barbaric aggressor, barbaric maybe, well, aggressor, US citizen bully way. Any retaliation is an aggression to the bully. Bullies cant picture themselves as aggressors.

The quotation is another of those US citizen propaganda that requires submission to be believed.

Weapons, guns same story.

US citizen gun owners are split in two categories:
-gun owners who use their guns for gun primary use
-gun owners who stock their guns to be ready for the last showdown.

Armies, guns are capital.

Like two farmers, both with tractors.

One uses the tractor to drive it around now and then, to keep the hand and plow the soil with his hands and spade.

The other does not use the tractor to practice but use it for tractor primary functions.

Guess who has the best return of the tractor capital.

Defensive armies can not be in US citizen economics.

To get the best return on an army as capital, you have to use it for what armies are meant.

US citizenism is not peace. US citizenism has a deep culture of conflict, of war.

The only way US citizens can achieve peace is by denying war.

They do it already, they are laying siege to a whole country and through US citizenism, one has to consider that it is not war.

New US citizenism approach to reality, denying what was obvious to the humanity before the rise of US citizenism.

Gully Foyle's picture


Ponder this, since at least the late 1800's there has been consistent battle hardened veterans in the US military. After Vietnam those vets dwindled. The US had small wars, Grenada/Invasion of Panama/Gulf war 1. Not much consistency in either training troops or replaceing the retiring vets.

Afghanistan and Iraq were planned as training exercises. Now we have battle hardened troops and oldtimers who will retire but before doing remain to share what they learned.

falak pema's picture

the mad cow disease syndrome is alarmingly high amongst these "hardened veterans".

I think they call it PTSD in jargonese.

Gulf War syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mike Cowan's picture

 Anyone who thinks Iran with atomic bombs is not a threat to the United States is badly mistaken. 

The Navigator's picture

The terrorist in every closet and other false flag bullshit has worn thin on Americans.

1- iaea says they can find no evidence Iran is making nuclear weapons

2- delivery - Iran has no misslles that are long-range to reach USA

Weren't you here when Weapons of Mass Destruction was bandied about in 2001 OR "they're killing babies in Kuwaiti hospitals" before that?

Fucking A man, the bull shit is 2 miles wide and 10 miles high.

Augustus's picture

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Dribble slurper.

billsykes's picture

did isreal send troops to help out w. Iraq or Libya?

and 2 why doesn't opec start dropping prices on oil to soften up iran?

NoClueSneaker's picture

Opec ( or better, GCC ), need a little regime change in Iran as a prerequisit for sucha stunt. 

 Saudi democracy will drop the prices in no time .... 


BlackholeDivestment's picture

...what would Chairsatan do? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g838uqqdGx0&feature=related 

On a side note: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BB2tmXPtoZc&feature=related 


     ...Iran is the trigger to the prophetic false peace. What the world is looking at now is the set up for this.  


What brought us to this point is an inside job rooted in Antichrist and Masonic Design etc... that links pyramids and obelisks to cities etc... and on and on.

If you can fathom such an unlikely event, given the world reality now upon this generation, you can imagine a WMD event/war and reaction that ends as quickly as modern weapons have proven to be. The people among all nations and Israel will demand a quick end to slaughter. With fear and the call for the end to the madness established in the heart and mind of the people, the leaders of the nations, whom established our ''new world order'' AKA global market of the Suicide Vampire Squid of the Great Wal Mart of China, AKA Chairsatan's prophetic Mark of the global debt Beast of Babylon etc... they will ''seal'' the deal. People like http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/02/22/what-really-happened-in-the-yom-kippur-war/ the Kissingers of the world etc..., at NTI, have already telegraphed the punch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AG8ottXd_M and put into play the security matrix effort for all of this. To put a fine point on it we see a market run by AI etc... with SkyNet on deck in 90 days etc... and on and on. There is too much info to post. If you have not been watching, well, it would be wise to start now. http://www.stonegateinstitute.org/2866/caliphate-conference  






Fear not, stand fast ...and do no harm. The Truth is not a choice, mercy is the risen image. Take a long look in the mirror and do not be deceived by the world. Consider what is sustaining you and does it agree with how you happened to be here.

All nations are guilty. It does not matter which ones are the greater offender. It does not matter who is Muslim Jewish Christian etc.. or just a dumbass claiming they are risen from nothing. The fact is, your only defense is your agreement with mercy. The revelation of our Father in Christ is defining the perfect risen image, even if you do not accept the offer of mercy to be the one for you you cannot escape the principle without sacrificing yourself to prove you do because the principle calls for confirmation in life and it's peace when you are dead. It may come at a the price of your life soon enough, but, you must not accept the contempt and image of those that reject mercy in order to live, unless you are able to compromise those who must pay the cost for your compromise. The market poves this point constantly, and if you are in the Fight Club you kow this beyond a shadow of doubt. Do not be deceived by people who claim mercy and yet have proven by both word and deed that they have aborted mercy in defense of the fallen.


Joseph Jones's picture

GW, you just keep getting beterrer and betterer.  Thanks for the effort!

Re. this: "Iran has one of the largest Jewish populations in the world, and the second-largest in the Middle East behind Israel."

Re. the Rabbis that run the west, in particular WDC: It's quite well established that killing their own kind is as easy as killing a goyim (the holiest book of Judaism states that even the best of goy deserve only death).  Proof: Many Judaics under the 3rd Reich turned away from the Rabbis, ignoring or outright disobeying the Rabbis.  In response to the 3rd Reich's mass murder of Judaics, the Rabbis state the dead Judaics got what they deserved for turning from the Rabbi traditions. 

So in reality, though it goes against common wisdom, the Rabbis have no problem killing Judaics in mass, as long as the Rabbis in some way benefit through the exercise.  

walküre's picture

Neither US nor Israel will go to war with Iran. Nobody is going to mess with Persians.

Russia and China have made their position abundantly clear.

The truth of the matter is that the US, UK and Israel are pretty isolated. Another truth is that they're mostly flat ass broke and the curtain has been lifted and their preferred paper currency doesn't have the same glamour and glory it once had.

War with Iran would require massive boots on the ground, massive casualties and probably mass collateral damages on both sides.

Won't happen. The demagogues shall burn in hell. Especially those fuckers that are misinterpreting prophecies and swearing on a stack of bibles.

boiltherich's picture


Pure bullshit.

If anything the French are the most adamant that Iran is building and must be stopped from making a functional nuclear weapon, ditto Britain.  While that is the truth I will not bother to post proof and links since you did neither. 

denny69's picture

Seems that your "committed pacifism" is losing its bloom in all the excitement about killing Iranians. Like I mentioned to the mini-Adolph above, you'll get your war and your blood. A vacation in Iran for you, perhaps? Just don't stand too close to any schools or community centers.

EmileLargo's picture

US, Israel attack Iran, oil price goes to $200. Obama loses election. Ergo, no war just posturing. We've been there before.

nah's picture

terrorism, secularism, democracy, revolution, monarchy, religion, war, and history in the middle east is all total bullshit


what can it possibly mean

The Heart's picture


"what can it possibly mean"

A spark that gets this bonfire going?

Flash! Cia newscaster sets up associate cia dummies to be blown away to get this baby rolling in true Holooywood style!


WAG THE DOG AWARD: 6 on a one to ten scale.

Keep kicking that bee hive boys, we will start a world war eventually.

sparc off\

brettd's picture

War provides the PR smokescreen for financial slight of hand....

Bringin It's picture

September 10, 2001 Rummy announces the Pentagon has lost track of how many billions???  Then comes 9-11 and no one remebers the story.

re. War provides the PR smokescreen for financial slight of hand....

Bringin It's picture

Re. Trillions vs. Billions. 

See, I lost track due to the diversion.

Thanks for the correction


Fix It Again Timmy's picture

Now look, why would I support something that does not one bit of good for me?  Iran is being attacked financially and this could be very dangerous.  Will we ever learn?  Probably not!

In January 2012, the advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) implemented a campaign calling on SWIFT to end all relations with Iran's banking system, including the Central Bank of Iran. UANI asserted that Iran's membership in SWIFT violated U.S. and EU financial sanctions against Iran as well as Swift's own corporate rules.[17]

Consequently, in February 2012, the U.S. Senate Banking Committee unanimously approved sanctions against SWIFT aimed at pressuring the Belgian financial telecommunications network to terminate its ties with blacklisted Iranian banks. Expelling Iranian banks from SWIFT would potentially deny Iran access to billions of dollars in revenue. Mark Wallace, president of UANI, praised the Senate Banking Committee.[18]

Initially SWIFT denied it was acting illegally[18] but now says "it is working with U.S. and European governments to address their concerns that its financial services are being used by Iran to avoid sanctions and conduct illicit business."[19] Targeted banks would be - amongst others - Saderat Bank of Iran, Bank Mellat, Post Bank of Iran and Sepah Bank [20].

Sans-culottes's picture

The thought of attacking Iran gives the US a hard one

HD's picture

Anytime they need to hit the fear button they roll out Iran, terrorism, communism (or any other ism).

CitizenPete's picture

I read this during the GOP debate in AZ where three of the four canidates running for the office of POTUS beat the drums of war and are drooling for wa war with Iran.  God bles Ron Paul. 

monoloco's picture

It's so easy to spend the grand kids' money, how many of them would still be so gun ho if they were told that their taxes were going to be drastically increased to pay for the next war?

xela2200's picture

Or that they had to go themselves.

disabledvet's picture

the target is the Saudi oil fields. if the Iranians launch...what's the point of retaliating? i think the big deal will be Syria. "failure to launch there" will be seen as a sign of weakness..."time to go for it" is what the Iranians will do. Blow up the oil fields in retaliation for the destruction of the Iranian oil fields...announce to the world "we have the nukes...and will use them if attacked" simultaneously. the whole point of 9/11 was to overthrow the House of Saud. Al Qaeda's plan proceeds apace. what will the President do? that's the scenario as i see it being played out--perhaps imminently.

Zer0head's picture

what is interesting is that 10 out of 10 people I speak to are convinced that Iran is a threat to the world and should be brought down by any means

denny69's picture

Which asylum were you conversing in?

denny69's picture

They're certainly a threat to me. Yesterday, a group of them stole into my backyard and threw my hanging laundry in the mud. I knew it was them.

jeff montanye's picture

or the wind.  "They have planted the wind and will harvest the whirlwind. The stalks of grain wither and produce nothing to eat. And even if there is any grain, foreigners will eat it.

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

YOU may be an imbecile if you believe IRan can take down the petro dollar,

somewhere right of the birthers and left of the US being behind the 9/11 attacks,

but still dead meat of the distribution on the imbecile scale.

dabug's picture

Xpaneful you are obviously jailbait getting it up the jacksy on a half hourly basis and are only online due to some globbermint funded program to support obottom.

Iran is taking down the dollar as is the rest of the world (US? Fed included). Learn to live with it.

Your front line is on cell block F for fuckwit, please return, Z is calling for you


As-Salaam u Al-Aykum, Peace be with You

Augustus's picture

The Iranians are hoping to barter some oil for rice.

The dollar is in real danger, right bugger.

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

You may be an imbecile since global commerce in dollars is is pretty close to what it was 40yrs ago and when shit hit fan in DEC 2008 US bonds traded under transaction costs, so the world taking down the dollar must have taken a break since it was paying the fed to hold their money. euro.

You may be an imbecile again since the euro actually was a threat and the US either invaded Europe while everyone was sleeping or your version of maniacal lunacy is special.

Otherwise razor sharp points.


jeff montanye's picture

doubling the money supply in a year and tripling the fed's balance sheet in three including history's first purchases of junk bonds, defaulted mortgages and bankrupt hotel chains does not make the dollar stronger.  gold, not the euro, is the threat and they know it.  forcing iran to trade in gold because other fiat avenues are blocked is, i believe, called shooting oneself in the foot.  http://www.google.com/images?client=safari&rls=en&q=u.s.+money+supply+ch...