You Cannot Build a Financial System on Rumors and Lies

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Though graft, corruption and blatant criminal fraud is thoroughly entrenched and our law makers (the two party Oligarchy) barely bother to hide their complicity, this is not just a crisis of leadership.   It is a societal crisis as their self serving behavior, to date, is done with the consent of "We The People"/you.  See: RAPE OF THE REPUBLIC


Sociopaths are always drawn to positions of power and control, which correlates well with our stunning lack of leadership.  But, this is not a crisis of leadership.  It is a societal and Constitutional crisis.  For it is with our consent; a self serving, Two Party Oligarchy has taken the seat of power.  The money power elite with "their" morally bankrupt Monetary System of Debt lies at the heart of our current wows.  And again, as history has proven, they fail to see the making of their own destruction. 

Everything Is Fine: Move On - There's Nothing Here For The 99%




Money Power And The Central Bank: Life Is But A MEME


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You Cannot Build a Financial System on Rumors and Lies

Not only was it built, but it was built to code, with a permit, and it passed inspection.  As a bonus, we get to pay taxes on it.

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Take away consequence and rules and you have anarchy.


You have warehouses full of rules, legislation, regulators and Police. All whistling Dixie on an historical mega-bubble of rules against theft, fraud, corporate risk officers, accoutnancy and auditing standards, corporate guidelines, promises and 'know your client' and rules against mis-selling.

This Titanic of Rules/Laws is sinking before your very eyes while you call for "more"

Govt and the Law is anarchy, a small group of crooks/vandals running riot

Freedom (no rules) provides its own social order (see nature) ..and as the Law fails and fails again people take it into their own hands

..."I predict a riot" ....bring it on, the natural social response works  (the Law does not, it is bollocks)

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@"You Cannot Build a Financial System on Rumors and Lies"..
of course you can. whole civilizations and religions have
been built on rumors and lies! universities, governments ..
all of it. it may suck, but there it is, built on lies!
and rumors...

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There are three kind of lies:

1. Ordinary lies

2. Damn lies

3. The European Monetary Union

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4. monopoly Money

5. monopoly institutions (Govt, Law, education, healthcare etc)

Oh look, 3, 4 and 5 are crumbling ...what kind of vacuous rotten idealism could that be?!! 

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1) Lies

2) Damn Lies

3) Statistics

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"You Cannot Build a Financial System on Rumors and Lies" 


Uh Graham that is exactly what has been done. Why not consult your leprechauns on that dirt cheap gold scam for your subscribers -- that certainly ain't no rumor, right¿


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Thats funny, did you get scammed from his website?

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Their excuse for lying is anxiety and they have anxiety because they lie. That's the basis of any ponzi / black hole.

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so how does this work? we love non-conformists, but we hate WS CEOs. Acc to Forbes one of the traits of a good CEO is his/her ability to like to skirt the line of what is right. 

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When the clock strikes midnight on 12/31/2011 all bets are off anyways.

They will stop lying and let it rip on 2012 .. or shall we say RIP ?

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To review how we go into this mess, Wall Street and other industries lobbied Congress to loosen regulations. However, the secondary nature of those lobbying efforts was it trained Congress to see Wall Street as the hand that feeds, thereby making it unlikely for Congress to prosecute or pursue any criminal activity on the part of the bankers.

 This.  SO this.

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You Cannot Build a Financial System on Rumors and Lies

Yes We Can!

Or, at least, certainly can try! Besides, when everything is digital, the last time I checked, there was no physical law of Gravitation ruling in the software/paper games.

Well, for Ag or Au it is a different story, 10.5x1000kg/m3 and 19.3x1000kg/m3

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Yes We Can! 

Reminds me of bumper sticker seen last week:   Apparently, We Can't

Obama: fail.

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You cannot build a financial system on rumors and lies.

Yeah, but you can build free-for-all predatory destruction and ponzi schemes on rumors and lies, and that's all that remains.  There is no "financial system" any more... just ponzi schemes and manipuations of ponzi schemes.

Stop trying to perform analysis of the "financial system", because you can't.  There isn't one.

Similarly, stop trying to perform analysis of the USSA based upon a "constitutional republic" or even "the constitution".  The predators-that-be, the predator-class, and their hired jack-booted thug enforcers at every level of "government" are simply a pack of viscious PREDATORS doing what predators do... DESTROY.  If you try to perform an analysis of "governance", you're wasting your time.  To understand anything today you must perform analyses of "predators", "predatory destruction" and "ponzi schemes".  PERIOD.

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You raise some excellent points GS.....we stare into the financial abyss as a result of a morality crises. Keep up the good work and best of luck providing wealth protection in these deeply troubled times! 

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It is not just Europe where they are big liers. I mean listen to what  Jim Rogers says: Ben Bernake says one think and does the other.

And on top you can prove it by pulling up the right statistics. Nowbody cares anyway. It is like said in the article:

"Also, why is it no one even checks with the reporters who publish the initial rumor-based news? Can reporters simply publish total lies these days and no one cares (that’s a rhetorical question, we already know the answer)."

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Yes you can, you just can't build a good one.You get an economy like the Soviet Union or the Ottoman Empire in their last days.

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Eventually every lie will be exposed.

In this day and age the lies won't stand as long because of information that flows in nano seconds across the world.

.. last days .. or last hours .. ???

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"ake away consequence and rules and you have anarchy. And that’s virtually what we had in the Financial System leading up to the Crisis."


Total bullshit.  You didn't describe anarchy at all - you described control fraud, otherwise known as fascism.  It was 100% government sanctioned and supported.

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Go easy on him. Probably mislearned the definition of anarchy (= chaos) in a government "school" along with all the rest of them. Ask any of them about the non-aggression axiom of anarchy, and you'll get nothing but a blank stare, as their belief system has trumped any efforts at understanding.

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An eternity burning in hell would be too good for Bernanke.

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Bernecke is the bad spouse who spends half a years pay on something etherial and does not see the harm done as long as it pleased him. The family will never recover, they will not pay their bills they will never be able to retire...and the thing bought....gone already...

Our money means nothing....7.7T....just gone?  Why do I even come into work? Not for this worthless paper...not much longer...

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I come into work in order to keep my ass in tip-top shape (chair-shape, that is). Oh, and to fill the internets with my presence (at home, I'm too busy working).

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The Federal Reserve note began as a half - truth. As long as it was redeemable in gold and silver coin, it gained enough credibility to be seen as money, itself. Gradually, it became separated from real money. After successfully working the Bait-And-Switch for 98 years, the Federal Reserve note is a pure lie. It is no wonder that financial instruments, even farther removed from real money, don't behave the way we expect money to function.

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No; but I can build a PM's position on it! Keep lying about the FIAT! Keeps Gold/Silver affordable.

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You cannot build a financial system on rumours and lies?  Well no,  (or you can but it will inevitably implode).

Here's the question - can you build a contributor blog post based on culling other people's research, repackage it in really emotive terms and then use it to sell your FREE survival report?  I think so.

In August of this year, you were promising that subscribers would learn how to buy gold at $350 per ounce.

(here: )

Say again about rumours and lies?

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$350 an ounce? That's easy. Take your money, go buy a gun, a box of ammo, ski mask, fill your vehicle with gas (or buy subway/bus tickets).

Next, locate your nearest coin dealer...

If you're frugal, you'll even have change left over!

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Gold: $1713 per ounce.

Graham's "free" reports: God only knows.

Seeing the ZH'ers roast Graham for his epic fails, priceless!

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Check is in the mail...

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And on that BS IMF rumor, that should be traced all the way back to it's source and the individual or firm prosecuted for market manipulation via false rumors.

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Great post Phoenix..this is exactly right and unfortunately as you see during Black Friday frenzy, the morals that were at a high point in this country after two world wars, has sunk here to third world values...get mine while the getting is good...those perpetuating the lies are no different than the looter running out of Best Buy with a is sickening but a day of reckoning ALWAYS comes and it will come out of left field and when this starts spiraling down, no Paulson moment is going to stop this one...

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"You Cannot Build a Financial System on Rumors and Lies"

Uh, they already did over the past 30 years.  And their final acts will be the transfer of as much wealth as possible from the public tab before they completely lose credibility everywhere.

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Bullshite they been doing it for 15yrs and WINNING!

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I'd say the current game is more like 150 yrs. old (as that's when the corporate takeover of fedgov occurred).

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The smartest people on the planet are not on Wall Street.

They can be found here here and here :

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so now is great time to come to that conclusion all on your own lol

so dishonest is not good