Update: 2.04%..... 10 Year Drops To 2.17%, Lowest Since January 2009

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But shhhh, don't anybody tell stocks they are trading about 30% higher than where they should be based on this yield.

Update: 2.04%

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Deflation Bitchez...

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Deflation my ass !

Gold stocks are up, the XAU is up !

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Of course they are.  Gold is money.  Contrary to certain hoobajoo put out by certain voodoo economists.

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Michael Steinhardt and Jim Rogers are getting their faces ripped off on those long rates positions.

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I think rogers and his short nasdaq play more than covers it..

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He also thought his wheat futures would perform better then gold.  Howd that work for ya Jimmy ?

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wow..Citi resumes its dipping also..

WineSorbet's picture

who in their right minds is buying stocks here?

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Stocks have no currency risk, bonds do. That is probabaly why stocks have turned around.

Treasury bubble is getting climax buying as we speak.

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Remember dont fight the fed. older than BTFD

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This Fed statement is disgusting.

SheepDog-One's picture

The FED is disgusting, always.

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100 Years coming trading at -4% what a bargain. Talk to any big government American Idolite and they just say "We would be crazy not to borrow at these rates"..lol at the end of the day who cares if it is 0%..the debt is still incurred..cannot be repaid and goes into funding wars, govt pensions and overseas. What should be frightening to all who can see past tomorrow is "What happens when we cannot borrow from ourselves at these rates?"

     Then what becomes of a nation which can no longer borrow simply to keep the plates in the air. That is what frightens me.

hungarianboy's picture

Here comes the bounce. Tomorrow the ECB again in the secondary market and killing the shorts.

SheepDog-One's picture

Bulls, its whats for dinner now.

Biggvs's picture

The 25+ year treasury futures (UB) made quite a spike too just then.

SheepDog-One's picture

LOL, chaos, bitchez.

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Yup, $ index going to 60 bitchez.

Who started the "bitchez" thing anyway?

FoieGras's picture

Gold, bonds, ammo, canned goods.

Slap That Taco's picture

...Marlboro cigarettes...Jack Daniels....

Slap That Taco's picture

So when is the 100 and 50 year Treasury bond going to start trading?

I'd say 6% for the 100 and 5.33% for the 50 sounds about right.

But then what do I know's picture

Well, maybe it is the other way around. Maybe this yield is 30% below where it should be.

The point being, it is all relative. There is no fair market value right now because there is no market....

Just noise. Should we avoid a systemic blow up (banks going under) all this craziness will subside sooner or later.

In case of an “Armageddon” one should be not in “instrumentilized” gold (i.e. gold ETFs, physical gold in some bank or brokerage account, gold producers, etc) but rather in real portable assets (i.e. gold jewelry, bullion, diamonds stashed somewhere safe in near proximity and easily accessible with no intermediaries to guard it). If one is still investing, they should have a portfolio (i.e. an assortment of low correlated or uncorrelated performing assets) and not a single position in gold and silver in a trading account.

Then why not look at high dividend stocks or high yield and senior loans? Cash flows backed by strong balance sheets.

Who would you rather lend your money to? To a cash rich, efficient, well run, growing global corporation or to a bankrupt, politically gridlocked, declining state that its only way of paying you back is to devalue its debt? Why not own Swiss franc apart from gold instruments?

Funny thing how “flight to safety” is perceived.

If the system does not break down, there is opportunity in pockets within every asset class right now

Slap That Taco's picture


Sorry man, just a little annoyed.  Thinking of moving to Greenland.

But then what do I know's picture

Not a bad choice. I would pick something warmer. How about the Greek islands once they go back to the Drachma?

In any case, unfortunetely manipulation is now part of the game and we have to learn how to live with it

If it is not the Fed and other world governments, it is the hedge funds, or HFT or insider trading or ......


exnihilo's picture

sounds like a compression trade

Texas Ginslinger's picture

Tyler, what's with the bombardment of ads pushing Goldline International's overpriced golds coins, as per Glenn  beck..

Do you endorse that ...???????

GFORCE's picture

"OUCH!" Jim Rogers

Grand Supercycle's picture

Equity counter trend short covering rally begins from very oversold levels.


BW's picture

OR the 10 year is out of whack.

phaesed's picture

So 2 years later and I stand correct in my call.... do a correlation on Gold and Interest rates.... But then again, I am the madman on the corner screaming 'BUY TREASURIES'. I guess even the guy screaming the sky will be falling will be right some day... At least he'll have company.... I had none :)

phaesed's picture

and oh yeah.... Even though it's over due for a pullback, the 5 and 10 years have broken out... why do people continue to short the 30 year bull market, I have no clue... it's still got one more year folks.

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