11th Hour Decision Pushed To Milliseconds Before Midnight As Slovakia Fails To Reach EFSF Decision

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Just out from Reuters:



Slovak party leaders reached no agreement on a plan to give more power to euro zone's EFSF bailout fund on Monday and negotiations will continue on Tuesday morning, chief Bela Bugar of the Most-Hid party told reporters.

It appears the euro likes to live very dangerously. Just bribe all the people involved already. Which, of course, is precisely what will likely happen, and a favorable last minute resolution (tomorrow is the deadline), will butcher any and all EUR shorts. Of course, if Slovak politicians actually have this thing called conscience and don't have this thing called Swiss bank accounts, then all bets are off.

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Because democracy is so overrated... just as the guillotine is so underrated.


Equillibrium bitchez!

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So much for the end of the financial world due to Europe.  It will be centuries before a collapse because Big Ben has alot of play room.

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Of course, if Slovak politicians actually have this thing called conscience and don't have this thing called Swiss bank accounts, then all bets are off.


Slovaks do not need Swiss bank accounts if they are putting on ES-mini-future and EUR/USD shorts in the AH and morning sessions.   Slovaks of the world, short! 

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democracy ended in 1776

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FECALSS between PIIGS have to start somewhere and when ?


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Pitchforks and Torches...bitchez!

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Because you can 'talk' yourself out of any problem NOT

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Eur to the moon bitchez

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Wait I thought when you print and dilute your own currency to insanity, the value DECLINES....well WTF this is easy, now you print and the underlying currency RISES as well?? Why didnt someone notice this phenomenon centuries ago WTF we'd all be trillionaires living in mansions made out of diamonds!

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save us Slovakia, you are our only hope....

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Camed. English the second language

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I just want to say good luck Slovakia, we're all counting on you.

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What's all this about Souvlaki?

It's making me hungry.

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"Prime Minister Iveta Radicova can be sure of getting EFSF approval through the Slovak parliament eventually. But if SaS does not back her, she will have to rely on the opposition, who have demanded a cabinet reshuffle or a fresh election as the price for their support."


End of story! What a shame theres always a bunch of cronies to kick the can one more time.

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Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit sniffin' glue.

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...if Slovak politicians actually have this thing called conscience and don't have this thing called Swiss bank accounts...

All your politicians are belong to UBS.


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Many C130's heading to Slovakia now filled with hookers, blow, and pallets of freshly printed fiats to get the right outcome.

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Hookers to Slovakia? That's like bringing sand to the beach man.

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hahahaha.. you owe me a monitor!! LOL!

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What's the deadline on the deal?

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"If I dont pass this bill in 5 minutes....just wait longer!!" all righty then.

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Deadline is the EU-summit, which was delayed a week (now Oct 23rd) earlier this day.


Pure coincidence, OFC.

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I wonder how many new swiss bank accounts have been created today and will have a healthy balance come the EFSF vote tomorrow

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Smart new Swiss bank account holders should make sure that not all of their holdings are euros...

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Translation.....we will get what we want and will pass this shortly after tomorrow. Anyone hoping for a vote down, is plain jacking off.

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Again, nobody can be 100% certain.  Similar situation with Ireland a couple years back. Overall, I can't see Sulik or any other Slovakian party standing in the way of this. Actually, I'm getting to the point of thinking it is naive to believe otherwise.

I hope for the best but am 99.99999999999999999999 % expecting the worst.

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50/50 y'all! But "surprise-surprise", eh?!?!

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Stand tough Slovakia!  Someone has to have the stones to say: No Mas!  Someone here needs to have the same.

Enough bailouts already!

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Theyve got nothing to lose, maybe Slovakia wants to be remembered as the only one sane of the bunch and took out the bankers....Slovakia would be the new Switzerland!

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If there's one thing that I've learned from my time @ZH --

"everyone has a price.." 

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Not Iceland! the little frosty Land of Bjork has more balls than any of these tough-talkers put together!

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The Reserve wasn't met. 

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Not Iceland! the little frosty Land of Bjork has more balls than any of these tough-talkers put together!

Iceland definitely has balls; it would not be wrong to refer to it as Sackistan.


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Except I believe the loose translation of No Mas in Slovakian is:


Let's use this crisis to the fullest. We have these autocrats in the EU A-List sweating bullets so let's stick it to them and get huge kickbacks. Oh and buy the ES at 11:58pm our time OK.

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Yes, we have no mañanas

We have no mañanas today

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Slovaks will comply because the rest of Europe will punish them if they actually vote with their common sense...

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"Punish" them? With "what"? Less debt? Less access to being raped by parasitary exporters? WHAT?

The only thing they can "punish", is politicians getting less "foreign contributions". The domestic economy and population doesn't give a shit!

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Yeh - That fat retard Poul Nyrup will write them an angry letter and call them names, like Austria.

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Someone will make a lot of money overnight, I suspect.

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Still waiting to hear about anything called "politician insider trading enquiry", but no I guess, that s plain legal.

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Brussels think-tank CEPS suggested that the EFSF will need to be expanded to USD 6trl and that as a result France will lose AAA ..



6 trillion.  that sounds about right.  

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'$6 trillion EFSF bailout for insolvent Europe......MEH a mere drop in the bucket, chump change! The unemployed will cover the bill surely!

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Funny part is that the few European leaders who realize this is insane but don't feel strong enough to buck the system are secretly rooting for the Slovakian kill.

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Maybe its all just a ploy, Europe knows it cant handle $6 trillion in printing, so they get the little guy to pull the rug out as theyve all positioned to short the insane euphoric conditions and REALLY make out like bandits on the collapse! And even if this all passes, how long does it last, a week?

I dont believe Europe wants this, its just smoke screen.

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I am too.  Is there a Sulik fan page on Facebook yet?  Going to check....

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Go long complicity and sellouts, short courage and reality.

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can't short successfully at Zero

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The Slovak "hold" is just a bunch of ye-hawing so the market will have an excuse the rally another 3.5% tomorrow, too. I predicted a 7% increase in stocks this week; I may have been too conserative.

Don't worry, it's as digusting watching this shit to me as it is to you.