Protesters Arrested At Goldman Sachs HQ?

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But fear not: the arrested are not the firm's "god's work-ing" employees; more of the OWS persuasion. From PressTV: "US police have arrested 17 members of the Occupy movement in New York as the nationwide crackdown on the anti-corporatism protesters continues." When we get additional confirmation of this arrest from US sources, and not-Iranian media, we will update.

And an update:

Protesters entered the atrium of the World Financial Centre, a little more than a block away from Goldman's 200 West Street building, and were arrested after police instructed them to leave. A NYPD spokesperson could not confirm the number of arrests yet or the charges, just that arrests have in fact been made. One tweeter for the protesters puts the number at 68, and the person manning the Twitter account for #OccupyWallStNYC has been arrested, along with a livestreamer.

Luckily, since none of the protesters can close a Goldman (which is still a Bank Holding Company) checking account, we are confident the story will end here.

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They were satanists... because they were not doing gods work #Irony

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What happened to that story about a year ago, where Goldmanites were packing heat?

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It's called CRACKDOWN!

How is Oakland shaping for today? Any of you listen to Resistance radio? kpfa 94.1 in the Bay Area or www?

This winter is shaping up to be a weird one. I heard an OWS guy in east oakland.... very persuasive...



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"Luckily, since none of the protesters can close a Goldman (which is still a Bank Holding Company) checking account, we are confident the story will end here."

Is Tyler mocking "Occupy"...?

I think "Occupy" are among the most heroic US citizens at the moment, because they express a sense of morality - somthing US bankster-military Empire who works works for the crony capitalist oligarchs - have long lost.

Go "Occupy" -fuck the oligarchy.

I pray that GS and every one of their cronies will rot in hell. Not a pious prayer, I know, but really, I don't give a damn.

Cheers to "Occupy" and fuck GS and every single rotten soul who sides with them.

I am ready for war, Bitchez.

And Tyler, please spare us your contempt for "Occupy" - expressing moral indignation is courageous, if not always effective.

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Yeah, I didn't know what to think of them at first.  But now I'm thinking, "they don't have a central message?"  Does the ECB have a central message?  How about the GOP, do they have a central message?

OWS knows that shit is fucked up.  They know they have been lied to.  They know the system is broken.  They are angry and that is a good start even if they don't understand investing/economic/political jargon.

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5 ways to make sure your protest fails.

1) mis name the cause
2) round up all the homeless and give them free food weed as they want.
3) contact everyone who has a beef about anything or has ever protested before.
4) invite these people along with the press and president.
5) get permits with every city for lets say 3 months (until christmas)
6)make sure to get alot of tv shots of everyone and their signs and make them look really stupid so future protestors will think twice....
7) maybe squeeze some new tax on the rich or "global governance" out of the deak.
8) Jan 1, round up sll the protestors and put into FEMA camps
Jan 3, crash the stock market and see if anyone steps up to bitch.

They wont. It should of bern called Occupy the Fed.
this has been a ploy to steal Ron Paul supporters.

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Tyler was mocking goldman for pretending to be a depository institution so they could get government subsidies.

Goldman doesnt offer checking or small savings accounts.

In Fed We Trust's picture

Occupy us a fake protested funded by Soros.

The point of Occupy is to create a new party of dissent.

But this time on the BLUE side of the cake.

Maybe this ron paul REd cake isnt so tasty anymore.

Occupy succeeds.

Cuz blue cake taste better than red cake.

NotApplicable's picture

Divide, conquer, rinse, repeat.

doomandbloom's picture

Tyler has been mocking #OWS since it began...he just does not get it. and i have been giving him shit ever since.

Probably Tyler is scared to look like the useful idiot here..

NotApplicable's picture

There is no personal value in becoming the tool of another.

"Just causes" are one thing, while actions taken on their behalf by abstract groups are something completely different.

Remember, all herds are assembled for eventual slaughter.

Bring the Gold's picture

So instead we should move away from the herd and get picked off by predators. You can pull yourSELF up by your bootstraps all you want, but going against organized groups like paramilitary types solo isn't going to end like Rambo, it's going to end like Ruby Ridge. The two extremis viewpoints of either collectivism of the most massive sort, or rugged individualism allows one to get destroyed by organized groups either through mind fucking or getting picked off solo. The fact is humanity has grouped into small and even large like minded groups since the dawn of time and history has proven that like minded groups are the most successful. The bullshit meme of rugged individualism is a great way to get ass raped by the bankster forces who work as a cohesive unit. By all means keep solidering on alone, and go down also alone.

NotApplicable's picture

I just love how you go off and out all of these words in my mouth, creating a scenario that doesn't exist. Here's the deal.

Just because I avoided one extreme is no endorsement of the other, ok? Mobs, and herds, are never, ever a good thing, as they are easy to destabilize into a stampede, right off of the proverbial cliff. That's a "bad thing." So, as you've laid out, is living in isolation. (But that wasn't the subject was it, so I didn't bother to mention it.)

But guess what, there's an alternative!!!!! So your false dichotomy fails to persuade.

Now, go play community organizer somewhere else, or at least find someone to argue with that has an opposing view instead of creating it yourself.


Bring the Gold's picture

What do you propose then? Hmm? Sorry if I pegged your wrong, but that sentiment is very common on ZH to say the least. I don't think there is anything EXTREME about voice dissent againt the banker occupation of the government, especially in a peaceful way. Not sure how what has been done thus far is harmful. If anything it has brought attention to the issue. Do I agree with all the ideologies of the OWS movement? Well no, obviously not because there are many contradictory ideologies within that heterogeneous group. I certainly don't agree with the communist or anarchist members of that movement. That said, OWS is the only group I've seen yet to take to the streets and actually go after the correct parties, eg government and the bankers. So again, what do YOU propose people do?

topcallingtroll's picture

End like ruby ridge?
A two million dollar settlement against the government?
Where do I sign up?

Bring the Gold's picture

Lol, so you value the life of your wife and son at a Million a pop. Brilliant.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

That was the OWS logic to enter Shitti-Bank to close their accounts, and the comment is making a mockery of GS getting window access. 

dick cheneys ghost's picture

Can one go long the "police state".........????

Sudden Debt's picture

Yes, take a brown enveloppe, put 5k in it and just give it to a cop and ask him if it's oke now that you shoot somebody.

dracos_ghost's picture

Yup. Buy TASR. Take physical delivery.

Bring the Gold's picture

Did that law about reporting small transactions to IRS stay? I know it was going in to effect in Jan 2012 and would involve endless 1099's for even smallish purchases. The PM community was up in arms anyone know if that is still going to kick in? Might be time to buy, and promptly lose in a ballast related boating accident, some more physical. 

Sudden Debt's picture

Can you explain what that is?

topcallingtroll's picture


The first order of business when republicans got into office was abolishing the $600 reporting minimum for 1099 compliance.

JustObserving's picture

You have been long the police state since 9/11.  US has about 4.5% of the world's population and 25% of its prisoners.

patience...'s picture

Government sponsored capatilism at it's best.

At 35k a head it's big business.

In Fed We Trust's picture

Its called Halburton and its many

Subsiduaries in the oil clean up mess and terrorist hunting operations.

See . Go long the police state. I heard Fema is hiring.

GeneMarchbanks's picture


Iranian news reporting on US events before Fox, you don't say?

lunaticfringe's picture

I find the Iranian media more trustworthy than our own.

FEDbuster's picture

Isn't that the fucking truth.  I had to watch this great Max Keiser clip on PressTV the other day, wtf?  He should have a daily spot on Bloomberg, Fox Business and CNBS.

gibbersome's picture

Iranian media also tends to be very anti-Israel. Good thing we don't have to worry about that with our own media, and I like that most of the Republican candidates are so pro-Israel as well. If Israel falls, America will fall too. We must protect Israel at any cost, the last beacon of hope for the Middle East. Ron Paul is an idiot, and I hope he sees the sense in pledging our nation's army and resources to protecting our most important ally.

dark pools of soros's picture

the parasite rules the host when it is so embedded that removing it would kill the host

Let them eat iPads's picture

I hope you're being sarcastic.

Fuck Israel.

john39's picture

how dare those OWS peasants question satan's minions.

EscapeKey's picture

Yes, demonstrating OWS peasants could cause SEVERE FINANCIAL DISTRESS.

The police better crack down on this hard!

Zero Debt's picture

Knock knock knockin on heavens door

Sudden Debt's picture

Guantanamo seems nice this time of year!
Indoor and outdoor waterboarding FOR FREE!!

DormRoom's picture

 NDAA will send occupier to guantanamo.  And the US will use drones & infrared to count their numbers.  The US has become a police state.


paratrooper325's picture

No they were homegrown terrorists, out to destabilize the financial system which would create an unfathomable economic collapse.


s2man's picture

Yeah, that atruim is vital to our financial security.

transaccountin's picture

Love the action in the market today; so predicatable. They destroyed those options on Friday and now destroying the fiat stocks. Oh dear

Bring the Gold's picture

But, but, but OWS are bad and are Soros tools one and all. At least that's what's certain ZHers hath told me. Also they always target the wrong things. These past couple of months I guess they've been really confused going to protest and mock foreclose banks, protesting at Boston FED and now Goldman. Soros better get his dogs under control again. It's almost like these protestors have their own minds. Sheesh. /snark off

Ahmeexnal's picture

They will be released silently. It was all a confusion. They were probably just going to pick up their year end bonuses.

Or is it GS is now also distributing food stamps?

In Fed We Trust's picture

Even though this is all a Soros funded distraction and subliminal message about communism,

It feels good that these rejects can feel good about what they doing

And it feels good that the ignorant police can beat them with bats

But leave my out of this silly games.

When you already to start the real revelution,

Let me knowvand i might instruct you to go down to your local merchant bank branch and start throwing bricks all at the same time. 911 AM each of usFACEBookers.

In Fed We Trust's picture

And after one week we do not see any CHAnge as Prrs Obama spoke of.....

Then we statr fire bombing the merchant banks with motiff cocktails.

In Fed We Trust's picture

By the 3rd week we bring down electric poles with moving trucks and rvs and chain saws.

Cut the power to the whole block or blocks.

In Fed We Trust's picture

And by week 4, we pray that someone in the Air Force breaks rank

And joins the oppostion and fires a couple cruz mislles in to theNYFDR.

Round up the bankers and politicians and prosecyte them under the laws they newly created to prosecyte us?

Fuck that i say

Bring the Gold's picture

Agent provocateur much? Nobody in their right mind writes that kind of shit on an open forum. You're either nuts, or trying to draw out the naieve and stupid. Fuck you and your violence justifying a true nazi-like police state.

In Fed We Trust's picture

Look man
When i got choppers pounding my air space each time i move , change phones, or post on zh

What do i got to loose,
At least my friends on FAcebook will send me a post card at FEma.

Patrick the Painter
Now go on FACEBOok

And makes some noise.
Now we have the laws in place to prosecute terrorists.

The debate us really "who are the terrorists?"

I say its the merchant bankers and the politicians.

How many terrorists could that be?

Maybe 80?

Banazai maybe could create a list or a deck of cards?

In Fed We Trust's picture

I love that statement,

"soros better get his dogs under control"

Where are the scooby treats? Wheres the weed?

At ows.

Glenbeck and alex Jones are also dogs of Soros, like pitbulls.

Dont be fooled by Glenbecks rants on Soros.

Both glennbeck and Alex Jones get paid to make you think Islam is the enemy and NOT isreal.