20% Of Total California System Capacity Falls Off The Charts

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A glitch in the sinusoid matrix? (from CaliforniaISO)

h/t @TradeHawk

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'just shut em down' 

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Should be a textual log somewhere by the ISO explaining what they think they 'lost' ...




Current Active Notice(s)

Southern CA Region TRANSMISSION EMERGENCY Notice [201101919]

The California ISO hereby issues a Southern CA Region TRANSMISSION EMERGENCY Notice
effective 09/08/2011 16:17 through 09/08/2011 23:59
based on conditions as of 09/08/2011 16:19.

Major System Disturbance in Southern California, San Diego |Area.

Monitor system conditions on the California ISO Website at www.caiso.com
and check with local electric utilities for additional information.

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Relative in San Diego just called. Things are at an absolute standstill. Said they were told no power in AZ or NM either. Goes all the way to Orange County. Cell phone service difficult.

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Using "Grid Friendly Monitor" - just saw frequency excursion below 59.94 Hz on Western Grid ...

Now showing about 59.93 Hz,

.. outside the lower limit band.

In case someone else wants to view:


Wow ... grid just shot up to near 60 HZ ... system instablity ...

Overshoot - 48 min past the hour 68.09 Hz ... system is 'hunting and searching' for stability ...

51 mins past the hour ... seeing 60.1 Hz ... the western grid is still "not stable".


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I'm seeing 60.1 here in Reno but I have never used this program before so can't say if this is normal or not.

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That's high ... usually stays within those red (?) lines ...

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It is now within the red lines at 60.04.

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Usually, watching the 'grid monitor' is like watching grass grow ... until something happens, like now.


Or during an outbreak of thunder-storms ... or a Geomagnetic storm ... kinda like now too.



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Get the live chart here: http://www.caiso.com/Pages/TodaysOutlook.aspx


Wind and Solar doing alright, but only 5% of total resources


suspecious occurance just 3 days before 10th anniversary don't you think? bin laden's friends need some prep time?

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Not the same thing as watching the line/grid frequency in real time,  Aldous ...


You did get that we were watching grid freq - not demand/load (which is delayed by like 15 mins?)



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Notice how it is settling down now.


Right about the 60 Hz +- .02 Hz area.

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Posted elsewhere, perhaps pertinent:

Actually it could be this, which is supposed to have potentially bad consequences.

The frequency variation test...

 A yearlong experiment with America's electric grid could mess up traffic lights, security systems and some computers - and make plug-in clocks and appliances like programmable coffeemakers run up to 20 minutes fast.


"A lot of people are going to have things break and they're not going to know why," said Demetrios Matsakis, head of the time service department at the U.S. Naval Observatory, one of two official timekeeping agencies in the federal government.



According to CBS News, "The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), runs the nation's interlocking web of transmission lines and power plants and they will be conducting the tests" [1, 3].  Will this company be liable for appliance replacement and other costs associated with these tests?



I think we are going to see major grid instability coming up.

Git ready, candle burning time.


The Curse of Free Energy

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" Actually it could be this, "


Umm, no.


'Loss of load' (due to transmission line trips) and a re-establishment of stability make sense ... what you have pointed to relates to 'no make-up' of cycle-slips that usually occur during the day at night during non-peak hours for the purpose of making synchronous clock motors (and digital clocks that count line frequency) show the correct time ...



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Living here in the Dominican Republic, I endure a rolling blackout every single day.

It's funny how Americans get so upset about it.

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I was thinking "preview of things to come." A peak, so to speak.

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That's a great point.

There are many countries where grid power is intermittent because an electrical transmission grid is a really expensive endeavor to maintain. Especially when it has been privitized and there are strong incentives for owners not to invest in needed repairs and updates. Never-ending access to power will end here too, and boy will folks be pissed!

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I saw a film, End of Suburbia, in 2005. It changed how I saw everything. Matt Simmons talked about 1.5 million out of power in NY and Canada because of a "branch" that brought down a power line. That event, for him, was the tell. Either it was a lie, or if it was real it was shoving it up in our faces just how vulnerable we really were. It happened at 4:00 in the afternoon, when power usage was at its peak. You have both businesses and homes making extra demands.

This event feels like one of those. Check out the time this happened...

I expect we will have more and more of them as we come down the energy curve. A few at first, then more, then like the poster above, it will become regular.

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"...get so upset about it"

it is very unsettling if you are not used to it

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Phoenix is ok.  Watching U.S. Open now.

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Phoenix metro didn't lose squat.

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Stay off the roads!

And so it begins.


Communities across San Diego went dark on Thursday afternoon as a power outage plagued parts of the county. Southern parts of Orange County, Coachella Valley, eastern San Diego and northern Mexico are experiencing outages as well.

More than 1.4 million SDG&E customers are without power, with millions affected by the outage. All other service providers have power.

An SDG&E official just stated, "We expect power to be out well into the night and into tomorrow in some areas."

An event happened between Arizona and California to cause both major connections to the region to lose connection. Major connectors in the region have been severed, causing the outage. The extreme heat in some areas also may have caused some problems with the lines, according to SDG&E.

"Essentially we have two connections from the rest of the world: One of from the north and one is to the east. Both connections are severed," said the SDG&E official.


San Diego Gas and Electric Official Discusses Outage

California Independent System Operator is helping to bring power back on.

The mayor's office is asking people to stay off roads and do not use land line phones.

Don't use land lines? WTF?

The FBI and SDG&E officials said the power outage is not related to the terror threat.


San Diego County spokesman Mike Workman said that his department was unaware to the cause of what was going on and he is "sending a representative to SDG&E right now,

Thanks Mike, go and find out whats up, I know the FBI will edit your findings and give us the "real deal"

Source: SDG&E: "Power Out Into the Night" | NBC San Diego

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FBI said not terror related.

Does ensuring energy prices "necessarily skyrocketing" and the willful bankrupting of coal fired plants not count as a terror event? Well, I guess Obama did appoint their bosses.

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Maybe al Qaeda recruited some former Enron execs?

Al Qaeda is attacking from their seekrit terra training camp on the sun, ejecting coronal mass at the merkin homeland.


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"The mayor's office is asking people to stay off roads and do not use land line phones.

Don't use land lines? WTF?"

I think that's probably a sensible thing to ask, actually. With no mains power a lot of the landline switching / routing systems would be on backup batteries. The actual exchanges probably have backup generators, though, I'd imagine. If people go crazy using the phones asking 'WTF is going on?' to every Tom, Dick and Harriet they can think of to call, the batteries are soon gonna go dead. No / limited landlines for emergency service usage, either, at that point.


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From Kansas City, I interrupt for an update on the Credible Threat:


Per local news, it appears that some of the 9(!) rental trucks that were stolen have been recovered.  Residue on the floor of the cargo boxes seems to indicate the trucks were used to transport  copper.

Two local men with criminal records have been arrested in connection with the thefts.


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My sister-in-laws hairdryer...not to worry, she's almost done.

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California just fell into the pacific, news at 11.

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Fuck you.. I just checked and it's still there.. asshole. You got my nippies all hard-n-shit and I think I'm suffering from priapism now.. /end sarc

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No need to worry, priapism can be licked...

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Had to look that up.

You guys.....

My daughter is in Californy, has power, and she is in the Marines!!!!

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Hmm ... sudden loss of major transmission lines (NOT distribution) into the area would explain this ...

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SDGE has confirmed they've lost both lines into San Diego (one from AZ, one from Cali.)

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I'm telling you, it's a faulty Johnson rod....

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'Johnsons' were 'serviced just last week.


Got receipts to show for it.


Seeing doctor next week for condition ...

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Somebody let the magic smoke out.

Yea, you know, magic smoke.  If it gets out, the silly thing stops working.

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Hot plates from burrito cooking overload...

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that is funny since the outage originated south of the border. generator got hot and shut down which was feeding power to the states caused the dominoes to start falling.

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Google's servers went off line.

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True dat.

Bet they have Energizer Bunny backup tho ...

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Transitory. Deflationary pressures building up.

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I'm cranking my A/C in sympathy

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Buy The Failed Dip, Bitchez!!!

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gotta read timmahs plea to the world..of course he admits(blames)  everyone and everything else(except him) is the reason we're in deep crapola...

What the world must do to boost growth



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Can probably be attributed to everyone who turned off their television sets as soon as POTUS showed up on the screen to spout his usual garbage.