2011 New Home Sales Fall To Record Low, Median New Home Price At Lowest Since October 2010

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Looks like the earlier analysis that the US is slowly morphing into a second Japan just got even more confirmation. According to the Census Bureau (not NAR data, which we will hence ignore completely due to its consistent bias, error and overall worthlessness) December New Home Sales declined from 321K to a seasonally adjusted annualized rate of 307K in December, on expectations of a rise to 321K from last month's revised 315K. On a non-seasonally adjusted basis the US sold a whopping 21K homes, the lowest since January 2011, and on par with the lowest on record. What is more troubling is that according to Bloomberg, the 2011 number of 302K sales is the lowest on record. Of these 21K, 5K were not even started. So much for that housing recovery. And also confirming that there is not even a glimmer of hope for the US housing market is that the Median Price for new homes just dropped from $215,700 to $210,300, which is the lowest median price since October 2010. The chart below of pricing trends indicates all that is needed to know which way the housing market is going.

And the same since 1963:

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Japan had what... 10y+ of home sales/prices going down? America is what, barely 6 years in? Lots of room left.

In other news, will ZH cover this?

Obama Is on the Brink of a Settlement With the Big Banks—and Progressives Are Furious


For months, a massive federal settlement with big Wall Street banks over their role in the mortgage crisis has been in the offing. The rumored details have always given progressives heartburn: civil immunity, no investigations, inadequate help for homeowners and a small penalty for the banks.

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come to papa, bitchez

house prices' rise can only be supported by ponzi debt growth leading to rising incomes.  We don't have that in the USA

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CNBS would disagree with you, as would the idiot sheeple that watched Obuma's SOTU and actually believed anything that came out of the Comrade's mouth.

trav7777's picture

even black people didn't watch.  Not that they really tune into news anyway.

I mean, who even watches network TV anymore?  Cable shows like Pawn and Gold are beating big 4 network offerings both in timeslot and for the evening.  Network is so cliche and formula that it's getting killed.

If Gold Rush or Pawn Stars were on network, you know there would be one black person in each group.  And at least one chick.  One thing I marvel at besides the lack of diversity in banking or media is the lack of diversity in people actually working doing something.

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do you get withdrawals if you go three comments without insulting blacks?

Bay of Pigs's picture

Only if he can't insult silver investors first.


lincolnsteffens's picture

He must be on heavy meds. He left out the Joos this time.

derek_vineyard's picture

My son just graduated university....and he has few job opportunites....... of he were black and had same GPA and resume and ATTITUDE he could name his employer.  Most blacks don't try too hard and anything but sports (and even there they are bluffers if they lack the skills).

Cpl Hicks's picture

Here's hoping your son's language skills are better than yours.

derek_vineyard's picture

I didn't proofread......so your only complaint is my grammar ....I guess you agree with the message then.  Internet pussies attack grammar and typos when they can't attack the the actual post.  (I thought ZH weeded out internet pussies).

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

I don't agree with afffirmative action, but considering blacks have a higher unemployment rate than whites, I really don't think they are getting all of the jobs like you sumise.

derek_vineyard's picture

I agree Lennon....but everytime I meet a qualified black i do a double take.  Blacks have the ability .... its their culture and upbringing holding them back. 

Cpl Hicks's picture

I do agree with your right to speak your mind here.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

And I agree, but I can say there are segments of white culture that is the same.  Poor whites are also not qualified many times due to their culture. 

And I think it is fair to point out how the government went after blacks when they began to build a solid framework for their culture.  The Black Panthers were highly militant, and many of them were likely racist against whites, but they were bringing strength to their culture by educating themselves, and working together.  It was the most dangerous anti-establishment movement ever, perhaps, because it was not front run by the CIA like the Women's movement.  The government had no control over the Panthers and this scared the system.  So they went in and murdered the leaders.  And black culture fell apart.

Once again, I do not know enough about the Panthers to say if I think the individuals in the movement were good people, but I do know that the movement was anti-establishment like none other except the American Revolution, and I respect a movement like that tremendously.

derek_vineyard's picture

I totally agree.  The Black Panthers had my total respect.  But then the media and government came in and tried to make it all better for the blacks....and that set their mindset back.   Digging in and having a goal (like the Black Panthers) is what life is all about..........hoping aimlessly that government is going to 'bail you out' is what makes people soft.  So by targeting blacks with extra backstops, we are actually doing them a huge disservice.

Gee,  I just described wall street.  Backstopping them just makes them weaker.  In the long run...wall street will fail, because only the fittest survive.  

derek_vineyard's picture

In repsonse to myself......because wall street is tied  directly to politicos (if not same set of peoples) the backstopping will not stop until they commit financial suicide or create war.  Racially some groups get soft by extra backstopping, but with wall streeters i fear its an all or nothing game.  If the wall streeters aren't kept hole, they will have the politicos destroy the game.  Thats taking this game to a whole new level.

derek_vineyard's picture

idea for making money

wb7 might want to take a shot at this......  the game of LIFE-Wall street /political correctness edition.   has parker brothers patent expired on that game?

wb7 --- what do you think?

Cathartes Aura's picture

once again, just because you want to use Aaron Russo & Rush Limbaugh as reference points doesn't make their narratives truth,

front run by the CIA like the Women's movement.

if you want to make arguments, argue specifics - the CIA & Rockefeller money may have been behind Gloria Steinem and Ms. magazine - but the "women's movement" predates both the CIA AND Steinem, globally, and is NOT US-centric.

you guys who continually repeat this meme make your understanding of history & politics look very scripted and shallow, just saying.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women%27s_Movement     EZ Wiki-lite version

angry menz site with your "news" article:


and don't forget, when fighting women

Some claim that there must be an ethical analysis to full-force kicking the breasts, ovaries and
vulva/clitoris. The ethical standard can be reduced as such: if one intends to harm your body in
any way, it is ETHICAL to yourself to defend your , even if that defense means delivering intense pain or injury upon another body.


trav7777's picture

Lol...dude, you do a doubletake precisely because of how rare it is.

Culture comes from within people.  Stupid is as stupid does.

Keep dreaming about how everyone is equal...it's total bullshit but it makes for a nice fairy tale.  Competencies are not evenly distributed within races or between them.

Genetics make it a foregone conclusion that some random lottery hit beautiful child CAN come from ugly ass parents.  A genius CAN come from two morons.  It's just not very *likely*.

It is much MORE likely that a smart set of parents will have smart kids.  Dumb cretinous parents will tend to have children like them.  Notice:  TEND.  It is not an absolute, just statistically high odds.

It is far more LIKELY to encounter an asian with an IQ over 100 than a black.  Blacks at 100 are 1 sigma to the right of mean, making them 84th percentile within their group (but only average in the larger population).  It's estimated that to do well in college, an IQ around say 115 is needed, maybe 120.  For a black that places them at the 97th percentile, but for a white, only 84th.  It's just going to be a LOT more frequent to encounter the latter than the former as a function of basic statistics.

You should not expect people with an average IQ of 85 to have a culture of learning, art, technology, civilization, classical music and all of that shit that is the province of the intelligent.  People with those types of attributes have lowbrow cultures, featuring lots of base urges and impulse gratification.  Given the high hereditability of IQ, you should not expect to see a lot of kids come out of that group who are materially different.  SURE, a few will be, but they will be exception cases, a few percent here and there.  Even the 97th percentile black is just an average college student when compared to far more common east asians and whites at that score.

derek_vineyard's picture

Thanks trav......i was drinking the juice a bit and trying to sympathize with the masses.  Good post.

derek_vineyard's picture


horse racing proves your post

genetics is a HUGE factor......but if government got involved in horse racing they would require 50% of the horses that race come from glue factory ......and after they interbred for generations, the whole bloodline would be inferior

trav7777's picture

there are powerful groups who believe in maintaining their own clan identity and who daily practice ethnic nepotism (aka discriminatory racism) but who found and fund organizations to effectively do this, encourage the dilution of others' bloodlines, promoting reproduction with low quality DNA.

You can tick down through significant positions in media, "civil rights," Congress, banking...they all push for this.

If you think I'm BSing, review what Treasury Secretary Bob Rubin said regarding his initial meeting with the new Defense Secretary Cohen.  They had never met before.  You might also review the curious intersections between marxism and global communism movements and organizations like the NAACP. 

flattrader's picture

That's a given...a constant.

What we need to figure out is which of his little friends (multiple personalities) came out to play today:  trav the attorney, trav the nuclear scientist/engineer, trav the IT expert?

Three and counting...unless I've missed one or more.

derek_vineyard's picture

Blacks are FINALLY making real strides.  There are actually a few good NFL black quarterbacks.

A quarterback is a true test of racial superiority. 

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture


Cunningham was playing in the '80s, and you say finally?  It's 2012, there are many good black QBs.

derek_vineyard's picture

Lennon , there are 30 teams with 50% blacks on their rosters.  And still 80-90% white quarterbacks.  Randall Cunningham was a pioneer.  Lennon. you aren't too smart, are you?  Or maybe you don't follow football.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Uh...you want to talk football?  Been a die hard niners fan since '87, and I follow the game, college and pro.  Sport is my vice.  I would have played the game more than one year in HS but I was built for baseball and basketball, and the football team sucked anyway. 

The whole blak QB thing is a little silly.  Who are the best QBs of the past decade?  Farve, Brady, Peyton, Rodgers...Vick, McNabb....who cares if a team has an average QB (which is most of them).  Right now the cream of the crop is split between black and white.  If Jamarcus could sleep he would have likely been making a push to the top like Big Ben.

I mean, you want a law of averages but these guys are Palmer, Romo, etc.  They are talented but won as much as Garrard.  Sure, the majority is white, but focus on the cream and it is close to being split.

And while we are at it, what about Defensive Captains?  Being the leader of the defense takes as much knowledge about the game as the QB, and I am sure that is a nice split black and white when it comes to talent on the field.

derek_vineyard's picture

My little league field was the forty niners headquarters in Redwood City, CA on Nevada Steet. My brother was their ballboy (although he was too young to go to games).  He got $1/day for shagging footballs and handing out towels. My dad played in the NBA(rochester royals) for 7-8 years (Calhoun) and out of us 5 brothers ...4 of us played some college sports....my oldest and shortest brother playing one year on scholarship at UCLA with Wooden, before getting cut.  Luckily for my dad there were limited black players in NBA in 1948 so he benefited from discrimination by being a good enough white guy to be a starter....otherwise he would have battled for a bench spot.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

I was born in the Bay.  Went to hundreds of A's games growing up, and a few Niners games.  I pitched until HS when I switched to LF.  I had to learn to hit then because I never developed any pitch besides a changeup. 

My Uncle was on the AZ basketball National Championship team in the '70s.  And another Uncle played minor league for the Royals for a few years.  Both had injuries before they could make it into the big leagues.

I love the games, but I do pay less attention now that I have become disgusted with how much everyone still cares about it, considering the bigger issues.  I watch for sport, but I am no longer emotionally involved.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Guess you guys don't remember Warren Moon, I saw him play in the Rose Bowl in the 70's.


bdub1486's picture

Thank goodness your dad benefitted from discrimination, sounds familiar, but I'm sure he didn't complain

derek_vineyard's picture

yes.....racially equality is fast closing in.............keep the government/media focused on backstopping wall street and let nature take its course and achieve the equality.

we have a lot of pretty sad whites these days..............newt gingrich?  alan greenspan? ------ maybe whites are becoming inferior

trav7777's picture

the cream of the crop is split between B&W at QB??!

No.  The cream is white.

Who is crying for the hispanic and asian QBs?

There is no split...stop dreaming.  Blacks TEND to be faster.  The top 100 times in the 100m are all black.  Period.  Higher proportion of fast twitch muscles.  Plyometric leap force curves can spot a black person and a white person by the shape of the impulse.

YES, there are exceptional whites like Welker and Jordy and others who can achieve at this level.  They are just RARE, like blacks who can compete with asians in math.  Whites tend to swim and throw better.  There are real physiological differences between the races that lead to these discrepancies in average abilities and the distribution of exceptional ones.

derek_vineyard's picture

jeff garcia (49ers)  hispanic ?

asian qb ---- lmfao 



Jena's picture

Add Jason Sehorn to the exceptional list, while you're at it.

bdub1486's picture

A starting black quarterback didn't appear until the 70's, you don't think the lingering effects of discrimination has something to do with the number of quarterbacks today?

Dasa Slooofoot's picture

Putting Vick and Mcnabb in that company shows you don't know shit about football. 

fuu's picture

Warren Moon, Doug Williams, Culpepper, etc.

lotsoffun's picture

i likes that a lot.  that's lots of fun.  what a shame, but that's what we've got.  and - if you make millions and spend it on letting your friends kill dogs brutally - and do time - you can be a quarterback too.

and this is what our children get to look up to.


derek_vineyard's picture

Vick is a better quaterback since he went to prison.  Probably because he realized life is mental as well as physical. And I'll bet he studies his playbook now and watches more film.

trav7777's picture

he sucked this year, wtf are you talkin about?

black fkin QBs lol...the great black hope

derek_vineyard's picture

i was trying to drink the kool-aid

the black qb's tend to use their running/scrambling skills to offset the superiority of white qb's making the better passing decisions

trav7777's picture

there are measurable differences in the average speed of thought between these two races.  Also, whites tend to throw better due to skeletal geometry and upper body muscle proportion.

I am just CELEBRATING the diversity by pointing these things out.  If we're all the same, and race is just a "social construct," then there is no diversity.

I Got Worms's picture

Warran Moon says "Hi".

Although he did smack his old lady around a bit. Maybe he had already told her once?

derek_vineyard's picture

Its not the blacks he hates......its that the government and media has chosen that race to get special treatment.  I wish I were born black....i'd have an easier career path and get a lot more pussy.

lotsoffun's picture

if you really look at demographics and the race representation in the media, it's skewed in favor of some groups.  was that politically correct enough for you?  it amazes me how 'in your face' the tv is and who is 'in your face'.  that said - it's probably better because the group as a whole thinks they have some chance at '15 minutes' and therefore less like to burn their own homes down ala the 70's - 80's.  but i wouldn't hold out that chance for much longer.


trav7777's picture

who runs the media and who founded, funded, and ran the race advocacy groups like SPLC and NAACP?  They hold the same opinions on things.

Who invented the WORD "racism"?  Like I said, there are some connections here that you have to willfully ignore not to see.

bdub1486's picture

Where is it proven that minorities have an easier career path?

SeverinSlade's picture

Yeah networks and MSM in general is a dying industry...Which is precisely why TPTB are so hell bent on destroying alternative media via bills like SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA.

They need to have as much control as possible.  Difficult to control the masses without propaganda.