Weekly Chartopia

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The weekly summary of all charts of note, which again belong neither here nor there, yet which all have a story to tell.

Via Goldman Sachs

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Precious's picture

Histograms are for historians.

I give up.  What's the story?

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Bar graphs are for drunks, pie charts for fatasses... etc.

Precious's picture

Scattergrams are for protesters, bubble charts are for Fed chairmen.  I get it.

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Anyone over at Goldman happen to have a chart of that Timberwolf I investment they were pushing on their "clients" ? How about Abacus 2007-AC1? That was a real gem. And don't forget about Hudson Mezzanine 2006-1; and if you loved them, you probably loaded up on Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-A, wooo hooo, that's Long Beach, as in Cali. That baby contained 71% AAA mortgages. That's right AAA. Any chance of seeing the charts of those investments?

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and line grafs for ... ' snif snif

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histrionics is for prima donnas, and history for those who hate repeating the past. 

Pity our ephermeral age can't think further than their last click on the Net. Not that I would prefer being in the place of Lady MAggie, who can't remember what happened a second ago. Its a conundrum like printing paper that has no future worth. 

Precious's picture

Technical analysis provides a questionable explanation of why you just lost your shirt.

falak pema's picture

it'll end up in the lost and found, like the doghound pen. How does technical analysis tell us why I lost it and then found it. That's the question you asked and you are no further down that road than waiting for DOdo, or Godot.

disabledvet's picture

I used to be one of those persons actually so let me give you an answer as to why I thought it would be a good time to start learning. Human behavior get's in the way of thinking. We buy at market tops...sell at market lows. Without a doubt this explains the bulk of the non existent volume. Folks were wild in 2007...lost it all in 2008...started selling in 2009 and have stood by while guy's like me just stayed in an index and kicked Wall Street's ass...at their own game I might add. True...oil, silver and wheat have been better. Silver reminds me...of me trying to be an active fund manager! Wheat...no thanks. You've never heard me bad mouth oil...I won't start now. Technical folks get around this obvious flaw of "you're hot I want to sleep with" to "the sex sucks goodbye" problem. They do this first by checking with management (Government bailout unit...otherwise known as Core GBU) and they either say "here's the cabbage...on three standard deviations down we'll initiate coverage and you buy" or "on a three D down it's time to flee the country...and I've already left." The Snowball (that would be Warren Buffet for all you out there) had his bat phone ringing off the hook.'By the time he stopped buying he owned an entire railroad company! Like I said tho...just my take on a new thing. I know one active manager who has made a King's ransom in these here parts. All others are DEAD.

Precious's picture

Look a little more and you will find studies that prove technical analysis doesn't work --- unless that is, in order to sell a newsletter to clients.

PlausibleDenial's picture

And, then look a little further and you will find studies that show fundamental analysis does not work.  Add to that, you will find studies showing that buy and hold does not work.  What then,  I know stackem (and I do) but I am trying to manage some money based on some semblence of financial reason.  Seems to be a void.  Oh, and I just bought more ammo and food.  But, try telling that to my retail base client and see how long I am in business.  Fuck me running.

buzzsaw99's picture

probability teaser:


jamie dimon has twenty peanuts up his ass. each time the bernank reaches in he has a one in three chance of pulling out a peanut and eating it. After forty attempts how many peanuts will dimon likely still have up his ass by the time turbo timmy joins the party?

Precious's picture

timmy is allergic to peanuts.  For timmy, it's jamie on top.

buzzsaw99's picture

one more: every time jamie calls timmy there is a nine  out of ten chance the taxpayer will get screwed. After 57 phone calls what are the odds that the taxpayer will not get screwed even once? I will have the exact answer later. extra credit for a bell curve chart showing taxpayer screwing frequency distribution.

disabledvet's picture

Lightly salted or straight from the sphincter?

slaughterer's picture

"A higher breaking point"--amazing that GS do not include the reason why crude prices break down in 2013--or is that the fiscal cliff effect they are factoring in?

slaughterer's picture

That FoxConn riot will lead to a short wave of AAPL shortinjg...

SafelyGraze's picture


according to clinical psychologist Dr. Ed Reitman, "Emotionally disturbed individuals, when threatened, are going to react in most instances, excessively"

sunday quiz: 
identify the emotionally disturbed individual


bank guy in Brussels's picture

Wow. The American police state, summarised in one appalling story. From the link above:

« The Houston Police Department said Brian Claunch -- a one-armed, one-legged man in a wheelchair -- threatened Officer M. Marin and waved an object that later turned out to be a ballpoint pen. ... Marin shot Claunch once in the head. He died at the scene. »


disabledvet's picture

And now you know what President Obama meant when he said he wanted an "export driven recovery." The Police State...save for one TINY element...has almost fully deployed. Still like Belgium tho! Fondness in my heart for King Leopold II I guess...

zorba THE GREEK's picture

The economy is in uncharted territory, so what's with all the charts?

Now is the time for gut instincts, and my is telling me to buy PMs, guns 

and a 90 day supply of food and drinking water.

Lost Wages's picture

Uh oh. China is becoming lazier while being paid more. They really are going to become the next United States.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

Lost Wages... For the China to become the U.S., each one would have to eat 10,000

Big Macs, Drink 10,000 big gulps, and watch 30-40 hours of reality tv and sports per

week for 20 years. They have got a long way to go to catch up.

whereisthefuture's picture

Lol at using Voting Rates as a graph of any use.

It is mandatory to vote in Australia... so we have to vote for puppet A or puppet B...

When that line drops to 50% that shows that "Some People Have Spoken" by not voting!

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Want to see some very meaningful charts?  Head to Shadowstats and look at their retail charts.

Grand Supercycle's picture


Due to recent central bank intervention and short covering spikes, these daily charts are extremely overextended and significant correction expected very soon:




hooligan2009's picture

Once again, we have to rely on the largest criminals for data, I mean GS ffs. Bleh!!!! Surely there is someone else who isn't self-interested/corrupted/conflicted to rely on!!!

jjsilver's picture

You can't trust the data because you can't trust the sources. It's one big psyop. We are all in the matrix, everything around you is manipulated.

All around you is controlled by a force many have no idea about. You live in an invisible prison where many do not wish to break free because they do not see the bars. This system and prison has been created to enslave and control you and has done so for hundreds of years.


WARNING: Psychological warfare and economic warfare are being waged against America. Mind control is the most important issue facing America. . . and the world! The most effective way to protect yourself and your loved ones from subconscious manipulation is by being aware of how it works.