Now Taiwan Is Also Claiming The Senkaku Islands: 70 Fishing Boats Set Sail To Stake Claim

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If you thought it was complicated when "only" China and Japan were disputing the recent escalation in property rights over who owns those three particular rock in the East China Sea, to be henceforth called the Senkaku Islands for simplicity's sake because things are about to get far more confusing, here comes Taiwan, aka the Republic of China, not to be confused with the People's Republic of China for the simple reason that the latter officially asserts itself to be the sole legal representation of China and actively claims Taiwan to be under its sovereignty, denying the status and existence of ROC as a sovereign state (yet one which benefits from US backing), to also stake its claim over the disputed Senkaku Islands. It has done so in a very confusing manner: by replicating what it thinks China did some days ago when an "armada" of 1000 fishing boats set sail in an unknown direction and which the trigger happy media immediately assumed was in direction Senkaku. It subsequently turned out that this was not the case and as we reported, "China's fishing season stops every year in June-September in the East China Sea, where the islands are located. This year, the ban was lifted on Sunday." In short the (PR)China fishing boat amrada was not headed toward the Senkakus. Taiwan however did not get the memo, and as NKH reports, "several dozen Taiwanese fishing boats have set sail for the disputed Senkaku islands in the East China Sea, to claim access to their fishing grounds."

So to summarize: a country which (PR)China claims does not exist and is under its own sovereign control, has replicated what it thought was (PR)China's strategic move to reclaim the Senkaku Islands (which was nothing of the sort), and is sending its own fishing boat armada to reclaim islands whose ownership has sent Japan and (PR)China on the verge of more than mere diplomatic warfare. The only thing that could make this any more confusing is if someone discovered title deeds ceding ownership of the Senkakus to Japan, the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China at the same time, and signed by Linda Green.

From NHK:

More than 70 boats from a fishing cooperative in northeastern Taiwan set out Monday afternoon, hoisting banners claiming that the islands belong to Taiwan, and that Taiwan's sovereignty and fishing rights must be protected.


The cooperative is protesting Japan's purchase of 3 of the islands in the Senkaku chain from a private owner earlier this month. The cooperative says the waters surrounding the islands have long been a major Taiwanese fishing ground.


The cooperative says the boats will be joined by vessels from other cooperatives along the way to the islands.


The fleet plans to arrive at a point about 40 kilometers southwest of the islands by early Tuesday morning.


The boats are to circle near the islands after forming into groups of 5, with the aim of entering Japanese territorial waters.


More than 10 Taiwanese Coast Guard vessels will be on hand to monitor the fishing fleet's activities.

So who's next in order of territorial claims - Argentina?

In short- utter confusion which can only mean one thing - sit beck and enjoy. It's popcorn time.

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Let the conspiracy theories begin.

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Here's the real story.   The Chinese government paid the Chinese fishermen to go to Senkaku Islands.  Unfortunately for the government, they paid in advance. The Chinese fishermen motored out of the harbor, turned around, and motored right back in. That's their idea of patriotism.  It shows how much the Chinese people respect their government.  


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I'd motor right out of there and not come back.

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The FIRST rule of protecting MY favorite fishing spot is...

White.Star.Line's picture

Don't worry about that pesky first rule.....

Cmon, out with it.......

Give me coordinates!

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He only knows where there are some good lawns to mow !

nmewn's picture


You have a problem with good trim? Don't stand too close, you'll get cut Mo.

Stackers's picture

Just wait till Duck Dogers and the Little Martian start fighting over them.

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One majong table has four players.

nmewn's picture

Hell, I thought it was common knowledge part of my intricate ruse to get Taiwan, Japan and China away from my honey hole ;-)

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You don't want all those other people fishing the scene of your maritime misfortune.

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They should motor on out to Australia with the rest of the boat people.

Peter Pan's picture

With the mining boom all over I guess Australia needs some immigrants to help fill in all the holes they dug up for export to China.

Seriously though, the Senkaku Islands will end up being the cemetery of some very big egos if things get out of hand.

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 Anti-Japan Protests In China. How does this look??

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

too funny they are smashing down a rolex store.....

they know really good what they are doing................. /sarc

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It has done so in a very confusing manner: by replicating what it thinks China did some days ago when an "armada" of 1000 fishing boats set sail in an unknown direction and which the trigger happy media immediately assumed was in direction Senkaku. It subsequently turned out that this was not the case and as we reported,...

I've been telling y'all it's just a big Fuckawi race.

Sailing around in circles "discovering" non-existant islands?...please.
Has Stratfor alerted you yet that there is alcohol is involved here too?

Ted Kennedy's gone now so,  just like when the America's Cup left Newport, this thing is kind of an international trophy at this point.
This would be the Pacific regionals if I'm not mistaken.

Don't rule out the Japs, those boys can drink AND sail when they want to...


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Say it with me; Party at Senkaku!!!!

Simon Endean's picture

@LawsofPhysics: "Say it with me; Party at Senkaku!!!!"


Party at Senkaku

Every movie starring you

And the world will turn to flowing

Pink vapor stew.

Kenji, go get your gun

For the Chi-coms are in our fishing grounds today

Hong-Li, go fly your MiG

For the Tojoist war-criminals have come to play

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And the US delists MEK from the terror organisations lists... so it won't be long before MEK bombs stuff and kills people in Iran.

Terror delisting the MEK is a cynical sham
The dissident group's lavish lobbying has paid off: hoping to look tough on Iran, the Obama administration has enlisted the MEK in a proxy war

And Korea too is on Japan's case.

Korea ready to raise history issue at U.N. assembly: minister
South Korean Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan on Monday stressed the importance of promoting "correct history" at the United Nations.

China to use drones on islands in dispute with Japan

iPhone manufacturer closes plant in China after 2,000 workers clash

Playing Chicken in the East China Sea

But the stakes to Japan's security are indisputably high. If it fails to protect its administrative control over the Senkakus, then it will have put at risk all its disputed island territories, not merely in the East China Sea, but also those in the Sea of Japan and the northern Pacific. Further, a surrender would mark the ascension of China over Japan as the region's major power and also encourage more Chinese pressure on Japan's water space.

What if Tokyo decides tougher measures are needed against Chinese ships? That could bring into play both countries' navies, which so far have not been deployed in this crisis. This is a numbers game Japan can't win, since its roughly 50 frigates and destroyers would face nearly 200 PLA Navy destroyers, frigates and guided missile boats, not to mention 65 submarines and hundreds of fighter and attack aircraft. Japan may have a qualitative edge, but that would be worn down by China's ability to flood a combat zone with ships, subs and planes. Tokyo would be forced to turn to the United States for support under the mutual security treaty.

That would cause a great-power crisis unseen since the days of World War II, with untold economic fallout, not to mention the possibility of ever-widening military operations. Washington will have to decide how to deal with its treaty ally. Leaving Japan to face China alone would destroy America's global alliance system, while allowing China to redraw boundaries in Asia would simply hasten the decline of American influence.

China's first aircraft carrier delivered to the Navy TODAY

Kyrgyz Air Base May Soon Host Russian Strategic Bombers (right next to China)
FreedomGuy's picture

Japan is a regional power? Economic power, perhaps but not a military one. They and everyone else has depended on the U.S. fleet for power.

lolmao500's picture

Their fleet is pretty good training and quality wise. Much better than the Chinese one. Japan would probably be able to hold their own against China if they used every island as a fortress... and you know how well they did that during WW2.

Meanwhile, Japanese exporters report that China is delaying the acceptance of Japanese goods at customs ports around the country, and rumors are beginning to circulate that Beijing will once again squeeze the supply of rare earths to Japan, which are vital for industrial production.

HungryPorkChop's picture

The trade wars have already begun?

Vlad Tepid's picture

You don't follow strategic developments very closely do you?  The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force has one of the highest tech navies in Asia, second only to the US ans Singapore and they are heavily drilled.  The fleet is blue water capable and self-supporting with underway replenishment vessels of all sorts and helicopter carriers.  Their diesel electric submarines are the quietest around.  Japan is more than a regional power.  It is the strategic counterbalance to Russian and Chinese power projection.  US support is just icing.

TheFantasticMonkey's picture

Whatever fish are left don't stand a chance. Kudos, though. I'd totally go to war with China and Japan using only fishing boats. Brilliant.

cowdiddly's picture

3 Nations ready to fight over 3 eyed radioactive tuna. A hungry world indeed.

ZeroAvatar's picture

Only the 3 eye-sockets remain. The eyes themselves are missing from exposure to COREXIT.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

I have recently purchased the Senkaku Islands and I have a receipt for them.

So everybody can go home now. I also have purchased (from the same source)

the Moon and Hope Diamond. Anyone interested in buying any of these assets

from me, please contact me at

TheFantasticMonkey's picture

Not so fast. I have a fishing boat.

JuliaS's picture

I've recently purchased

White.Star.Line's picture

I have the same receipt!

Have we been re-hypothecated???

Go Tribe's picture

Any homes left on the back nine?

A Nanny Moose's picture

You didn't buy that. Somebody helped you along the way.

Schmuck Raker's picture

Fuck Yeah! Way to go Taiwan - I was starting to lose interest.

centerline's picture

+1.  Taiwan for the save.  Who's next to the party?

Deathrips's picture

Resource stripping..soon this will be a pile of rocks with no resources and they can all go home. bummer. Silver...bitchez?

TheFantasticMonkey's picture

I wonder if we can lay claim to Iran using only fishing boats? Would be way cheaper.

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The islands need to declare themselves soverign and tell everyone to FUCK OFF!

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Mine does all my thinking for me.

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The resident Senkaku bird population was appauled by the whole international uproar regarding China and Japan.  With Taiwan launching a fishing flotila the question was asked of a local resident.  A local resident responded with this statement.

"RAaaaaWWWkkkkKK." to which the resident shit on the rocks, launched itself, targetted and consumed a halibut.


This is proof alone that the UN should provide a forum for the political strain to settle in a boardroom.  While further analysis of the information provided by a third generation BreX sister exploration company based out of Borneo is validated to how much invisible oil everyone could divide amongst themselves.  The Pelican could not be reached for further comment.

nmewn's picture

lol...yes, clearly another strongly worded statement is in order here.

Oooo Ooooo Oooooo Ahhh Caw Caaaw.

Avian diplomacy bitchez ;-)

MsCreant's picture

Monty Python funny!!

optimator's picture

Mrs. Howell wants to civilize the island with an orchestra. But the sounds attract the wrong kind of audience.


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Weapons of Mass Deception would surely be discovered shortly thereafter...along with a pristine passport belonging to an alleged dissident of some sort.

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See- "You might be a conspiracy theorist if"...

moskov's picture

Japan is fucked.
They have disputed islands with South Korea, Russia, Taiwan, China at the same time. Most of these islands Japanese gov claimed were looted by the Imperial Army of Japan during WW2 but they have never been handed back to those victim countries because US was keeping that disgusting Royal Family alive and leave those War criminals walked free after the trial of Tokyo. Now the US is forming allience with its enemy of WW2 just like they did with Nazi Germany and Warmongering Israel...there is no end to these evil bastards from Washington and Pentagon who prefer breeding extremists all around the world in order to divide and conquer.

Karma is bitch for this sort of American dream, and QE3 will be that nail to the coffin for US dollar and its so called democratic and peaceful paradise.

God punish America.