Confirming US Dumbification, Verbal SAT Scores Just Hit Record Low

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All we can say is that the need for the Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too has never been greater. At least the data below explains why the Chairsatan will soon monetize SAT scores and his infatuation with morer, greaterest QEternity+1...



And forward to the 1:00 mark for the big (small) unveiling...



(h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer)

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Don't listen to those conspiracy theorists... the kids are just fine...


...for flipping burgers


Maybe we oughta give those teachers a raise....

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Only literacy needed is to fill out

1.) a student loan application

2.)  an ATT/Verizon iPhone contract

3.) an unemployment form

The rest can be forgotten.  

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Astounding success of the No Dimwit Left Behind Program.


Equality, social justice, harmony, diversity....

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SAT scores & Credit Report scores are in a race to the bottom...

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What's worse, a kid who can't read, or a PhD graduate of an Ivy Leage university who can't reason?

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Clearly the test is racist.

Yes we can!


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Here in Edmonton a teacher was recently fired for handing out Zero's for marks.  He has been teaching for 40 years, times have changed I guess???


No Childz left behind, were all winnerzz!!!!!!

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No child left behind -- we'll all stay stupid, together.


I was talking to a psychologist about this issue just a couple months ago, and she had a really good point: virtually all of the things happening in education revolve around eliminating consequences, and as a result, there's no reinforcement for learning. Fast forward to these students being "adults," and you end up with people still expecting no consequences for not showing up to work, stealing, or other crimes. It's a fucking recipe for stupid people who do really destructive things without thought.

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Single parent homes frequently have no consequences also.  No dad to tell the kids that if they keep harassing the 70 yr old neighbor, he'll put a boot up their rear.

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After the big reset, most of these American kids will be working in factories/warehouses, etc. So whats the big deal?

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The integration of our schools was a brilliant idea, why the Yids probably thought of it.

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Cant wait till everyone is sporting the latest Derelicte fashions

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I have a very hard time believing that from 1977 to 2004, there was no loss.  Must be the recentering.  Oh yeah, worse than we thought!

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What have the math scores done over the same period?  There are so many factors that one could attribute to the change and yes, a major one is likely the fact that kids aren't taught shit in schools, but it may not be the only factor for lower scores.  If it is the case, shouldn't the math scores also be in decline?  Let's see 'em!

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Math scores may look better because our kids calculators don't go as high as $1 trillion...(technically 100 billion, but you get the picture)... Have to keep it "simple math."

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have you turned on the TV lately?

TV caters to average masses and they have been showing dumber and dumber shit to cater to dumber and dumber viewers.


meanwhile, smart children of asian immigrants are going back to 3rd world Asia because there are better opportunities there than America with retarded religious military voting public who hate education but loves walmart.

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In the same time period the FED took the dollar from 120 down to 75 (DXY), so the dollar is dropping faster than SAT scores.

"The FED devalued the dollar by 97% in it's first hundred years, the next 97% won't take as long." Dr. Marc Faber

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"Ignorance is Strength."




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I dont know Cow,

My mother didn't need any help from anyone putting a boot in my ass if/when the need arose.

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I hate to be a sourpuss, but these data on trends in SAT scores are notoriously meaningless.  Two factors make them more useless than a BLS report:

1) The number of kids taking the test has gone up a lot over the decades.  Many take it now who don't belong in college and would have gone straight to well-paid union jobs in the local plant 35 years ago.  The easiest way to raise scores would be to let only smart kids take it.

2) You have no way to be sure the test is equally difficult now vs. 35 years ago.  Probably it's easier now, so the real decline is even greater (but see (1)).

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Why don’t you do some teaching and reading of student papers?  Or step into a classroom where it is total chaos.  The schools have been declining since the 50s. 

The Yids took over, brainwashing, integration, 85 IQ violent kids with the 100 IQ kids. 

Send your kids to a inner city school, see what happens.

The kids are brainwashed, have low skills, and expect $150,000 jobs when they graduate.

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I wouldn't disagree that schools are a mess, but back in the '70s (when the chart starts), they called it the blackboard jungle.  In the '80s, working hard in school = acting white = bad.  Now it's "total chaos".  I suspect nothing much has really changed with inner city schools in 40 years except the color commentary.  Meanwhile, wealthy suburban schools have been consistently fine.

I don't date to the '50s.  (When they used to sing, "Don't know much about history.  Don't know much biology.  Don't know much about the French I took.  Never heard of the SAT.")  But there was never any golden age in my lifetime, exept in imagination.  The big change is, with all blue-collar jobs outsourced, a lot more kids are told to take the SAT because that's the only path to a decent job.  (Not really but they are told that.)  If they knew the truth -- that if they study real hard they can maybe work for Mitt Romney at Staples for $8-something per hour -- no doubt they would study harder.

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The test probably missed evaluating Ebonics! The scores could be so much higher! /sarc off

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So.... you calling a bottom?  Or do we still have further to fall

francis_the_wonder_hamster's picture

Unlike certain markets, at least SAT scores can't go to zero.

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Actually SAT scores CAN go to zero - in the original version, you'd start out with 200 for signing your name - and lose a quarter point for wrong answers....  

problem is that scores were tanking so they RECENTERED the tests in 1995 which is why scores on the graph are going up for a while

'How to lie with statistics' - a real world example.  And of course everyone - especially the educators - conveniently 'forgot' they changed the scoring basis and started touting 'improvements'' in SAT scores.   


Reality is that the top 10% of kids in the US are amazing - bright and talented and capable of changing the world.  I'm blown away at my kids and their friends.  They are smarter than we were and have acccess to things we could never dream of.  There are programs for them  - like the Johns Hopkins CTY program and SIG - that I would've killed for.  Problem is that programs for really brigbht kids are usually limited to better off dischool districts or private schools.  So we are failing many bright kids who aren't well off and living in such places.

As a counterpoint - even in the best off places, 15% of the kids are FAILING by any measure.   Mommy and Daddy in better off districts aren't home to teach them how to read but bail them out- keeping them from dropping out - even geting them into college (and making sure they stayout of jail) but ultimately these kids are going nowhere - even though starting out with EVERY ADVANTAGE  The private school kid out tagging or caught with a joint gets 'adjurned for contemplation' while the black or hispanic public school kid gets a record.

The middle 75% are having mixed results - and this is in better off school districts - the 'best' we have in public education.  Meanwhile for most kids - parents are working and barely aware of what their kdis are doing.   You don't have many parents around raising their kids anymore - and many of those around are doing little parenting. 

Frighteningly - too many public school districts themselves are failing and in horrid shape,  The kids there are almost doomed to failure.  My youngest made friends with a girl from Central California last summer while attending a G&T program.   She was there on scholarship - it was the one thing she looked forward to all year.  Her father was a meth addict, mother barely getting by... she was in a failing school that offered little for her. ONE teacher made it possible for her to get into this program - she would never have even heard of it otherwise.  She was trying NOT to fall into the morasss but you get the feeling it was a losing battle.   I've read too many articles in local papers while out west on vacation about the problems in local schools... vividly remember one piece by a local teacher in the Dakotas BEGGING kids not to fall into the meth addiction trap.....    talked to one woman just back from Iraq who was working three p/t jobs whole tryiong to get a college degree....  another in Utah - a waitress, county treasurer as well whose husband held 3 jobs 95 between them including Army Reserve) to try and hold onto a small ranch......   while back home a friend's cousin just left the 101st with a blown back - glad as hell he's out afer 9 deploymnets in a dozen years the Army was the best future he could hope for after making it through parochial schools in the Bronx - college was unaffordable for him.  A SIL taught in Bronx public schools for 4 years - dealing with HS kids who could barely read much less do math.   So even those that work hard and are trying are faced with an uphill battle.   Even those that do 'OK'... my brother is in NC.   His kids are - farnkly - dumb as rocks because their public schoiols suck.  My kid in Kindergarten could read better than his could in 3rd or 4th grade (and his were getting awards for reading).  Was a waste sending them to third rate colleges for useless degrees.

It's almost as if we were TRYING to destroy our youth.  No parents home to raise them.  Schools are funded by local property taxes so he well off get 'good' schools and the restget what they pay for... usually NOT so good.   Most kids are left without guidance - falling for the BS touted by the media - thinking they can be sports stars, the next 'American Idol' or get rich hitting LOTTO.....     

And even the brightes find themselves 'bought off' or co-opted.  Some are clearly tools and following Dadddy's footsteps into Wall Street but others get pulled off course.  I remember talking to a girl - black, from Brooklyn, going to U of Chicago.  She was a quite talented - had gone to one of NYC's prefoprming arts high schools.  But she was going to study Economics at Chicago....   AARGH... 'You DO know what's come out of Chicago's Economics department, right?....'       Read 'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man' by Perkins..... prep, Ivy, Peace Corp to tool of the multinationals......

Some keep their soul.  Know one brilliant kid who loives the outdoors - into science.  Refuses to think of studying geology.... I'd have to work for oil companies or mining companies....

AGuy's picture

"in college and would have gone straight to well-paid union jobs in the local plant 35 years ago.t does not .."

35 years ago, there was no computer automation at manufacturing plants. Today, almost all plants have computer automation. Factory workers need to be able read and comprehend to operate the machines. I also want my plumber, my electrician and my mechanic to be able read the installation\replacement\repair instructions.

"The easiest way to raise scores would be to let only smart kids take it."

<sarcasm> You mean kids living in Asia? Outsource SAT testing taking to China? </sarcasm>  The easiest way to raise test scores is to simply dumb down the tests, which I have no doubt is in the works.


Citxmech's picture

The plumber that installed our tankless water heater couldn't get the thing to work.  I had to troubleshot his installation for him - the idiot hooked up the water lines backwards.  Note - this thing had f'n arrows on it showing the flow directions.

Idiocracy was apparently a documentary.

Kobe Beef's picture

Check the heater again, that's not water. It's got electrolytes!

gmj's picture

The smart kids don't have time to take your stupid test.  They're too busy texting.

Zadok's picture

Simple observation confirms this premise very nearly without exception!

stormsailor's picture

first cursive and now zadok.  never knew there were so many andrew jackson fans

Glasnost's picture

This is exactly why I don't plan on sticking here much longer regardless of how 'offensive' moving might be to some people.  As much as one might love one's country etc. etc., there comes a time when it's time to leave.  Anybody that left Rome when the first Emperor came to power was not stupid.

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... Zero's for marks. Since "zero" is capitalized and clearly in the possessive rather than the plural form, I assume you must be referring to Zero Mostel ... but what possesion of Zero's was the teacher handing out? You don't say. Why do you think the plural of zero needs an apostrope, while the plurals of mark, year and time do not? The humble apostrophe seems to have become an impenetrable mystery these days.

Also, He has been teaching for 40 years, times have changed I guess??? is not a question, but a declarative statement. As such, it should end with a period, not a question mark (never mind three question marks). Style-wise, it might've been better as two sentences.

Unless they are dates, numbers should be written out; thus, forty, not 40.

Three major errors in two short sentences would have earned you a big fat "F" in my day. It's a slippery slope, and we're all on it to one degree or another ... myself included.


If you want a bit of a shock, check out this exam for eighth grade students from 1895.

cnsteph's picture

Unless they are dates, numbers should be written out; thus, forty, not 40.

This is dependent on the style of writing in which you subscribe.  For example, the American psychological Association (APA format) is quite specific on the following:

1. The numbers 1 through 10 are expressed in words.  All others greater than 10 are expressed in numerals (2,493 rather than two thousand four hundred and ninety three, as you suggested).

2. Numbers that immediate precede a unit of measure are expressed in numerals. (a 5-mg dose)

3. Numbers that represent statistical or mathematical functions, fractional, or decimal quantities, percentages, ratios, percentiles, and quartiles are written as numbers.  (multiplied by 5)

4. Numbers that represent time, dates, ages, scores, and points on a scale, exact sums of money are also written as numerals. (1hr 34 min., 2-year-olds, scored 4 on a 7-point scale).  Exceptions: Use words for approximations of numbers of days, months, and years (about three months ago).

5. numbers that denote a specific place in a numbered series, parts of books and tables, and each number in a list of four or more numbers.  (Grade 8, Table 3, row 6)

Feel free to look it up:
American Psychological Association.  Publication manual of the American Psychological Association.  Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.  ISBN: 978-1-4338-0561-5.


P.S.  The same rules are taught in college for writing courses.

Liquid Courage's picture

Fair enough. Unlike the vast majority of this "sweetheart society", I have no objection to being corrected - or being provided more complete information - when I'm wrong ... or incomplete. Is that not how one learns and improves oneself? Thus, I thank you for the reference.

But did you see that 1895 exam? Oh we're so damn smart we can't stand ourselves.

cnsteph's picture

Yes, Liquid.  I did see it.  It's one of the many reasons why I homeschool my two boys. 


Abbie Normal's picture

Not even one question about world history in that exam, and in 120 years it seems not much has changed.  After moving to the U.S.A., I was shocked that an entire school year of history class could be devoted to teaching state history.  By grade 5 in Canada, we were learning about 1st world, developing nations and 3rd world countries.

trebuchet's picture

kid who cant read coz he'll never get a job.

at least PhD grad will get a job teaching   :-)

Fredo Corleone's picture

So long as they have been taught how to correctly hold a pen, and are thus able to make their mark on a SNAP application, the public education system can still claim success.

CunnyFunt's picture

Hold a pen? What's that? Isn't there an APP for SNAP?

Pladizow's picture

US public schools were designed to create two things: Soldiers and Employees!

Hence, the above chart.

john39's picture

and just to be sure... add copious amounts of heavy metals (lead and mercury) to vaccinations and food (corn syrup is loaded with mercury).....   some fluoride in the water, and GMO's everywhere, and you have acheived the perfect zombie population... 

Esso's picture

Those downvotes you got are frightening, especially here at ZH. WTF?