Get Your Fake Tungsten-Filled Gold Coins Here

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In the aftermath of the recent stories about Tungsten-filled 10 ounce gold bars discovered in midtown Manhattan, there have been two broad sentiments expressed by the precious metals community: i) that this is as many have expected, and that of the physical inventory in circulation, much is fake (particularly that held in official hands, either via ETFs or in sovereign repositories which for various reasons still can not be publicly assayed) and ii) is the comfort that while it is relatively easy and cost-effective to use tungsten to falsify larger gold bars and bricks, those who own primarily gold coins are safe as for some reason, it is less economic, feasible or widespread to counterfeit smaller precious metal denominations. Sadly, while i) may be true, ii) is patently false. The proof comes courtesy of a firm called ChinaTungsten Online which proudly markets its broad "tungsten-alloy services" including, you guessed it, the gold plating of various tungsten formulations among them "gold" bricks, bars and, yes, coins. Oh did we mention a Chinese company openly advertizes its tungsten gold-plating and precious metals replication services, something which the tabloid media's CTRL-C/V majors openly mock as improbable conspiracy theory. Well, as they say, it is only conspiracy theory until it becomes conspiracy fact.

From the website's Tungsten Heavy Alloy Scan Gold Coin section:

Tungsten is the only lower value metal that has a specific density close enough to gold to fabricate passable counterfeit pieces of the same size and weight as genuine Pictures of tungsten fake gold coins and ingots. Over the years, there have been a few isolated reports of smaller tungsten fake gold coin found to have been drilled to remove some of the gold which was replaced with tungsten. However, tungsten fake gold coin is far more profitable to fabricate larger original bars of tungsten that are then scanning gold.


Because the existence of counterfeit tungsten fake gold coin could have such a huge impact on the financial markets, there is a huge potential for deception and misinformation to be passed around. Be very careful about automatically believing any story you may hear. For your own protection, tungsten fake gold coin would be better to take physical possession of the smaller sizes of tungsten fake gold coins and now, and know that what you own genuine solid tungsten fake gold coin. [ZH: reread that sentence: "genuine solid tungsten fake gold coin"]


Notice: Chinatungsten Online (Xiamen) Manu.& Sales Corp. is a very professional and serious company, specializing in manufacturing and selling tungsten fake gold coin and other tungsten related products for more than two decades. We are a professional tungsten fake gold coin manufacturer. Our tungsten gold fake coin is only for souvenir and decoration purpose. Here we declare: Please do not use our tungsten fake gold coin and other fake gold coin products for any illegal purpose. We can provide all kinds of tungsten fake gold coin as your requirements.Our tungsten fake gold coin products are qualified.


Pictures of Tungsten Fake Gold Coins:

Therefore, if you are interest in tungsten fake gold coin, please feel free to contact, or telephone 86 592 512 9696.

Well at least the company that markets itself as proving "all kinds of tungsten fake gold coin" has extensive disclaimers. The point is that anyone wishing to, can procure tungsten-plated gold coins with one simple telephone call.

Of course, for those for whom gold coins are not enough, the Chinese firm is happy to provide every other imaginable formulation. Such as Tungsten fake gold bars:

Detecting a high-quality tungsten fake gold bar would be extremely difficult. It would likely require significant and material alterations to the bar being tested and this would negatively affect the marketability if its hallmark veracity were vindicated. Some applications require the tungsten to be fake gold. The main reasons for tungsten fake gold bar are to protect the wire from corrosion or to solder it to other metals.


Besides, tungsten alloy products could also made as tungsten fake gold bar which posses a better electric conductivity, and contribute greatly to the world industry development. Also tungsten fake gold saves the energy and poses no pollution threat to the environment and thus to achieve a sustainable development.


Notice: Chinatungsten Online (Xiamen) Manu.&Sales Corp. is a very professional and serious company, specializing in manufacturing and selling tungsten fake gold and other tungsten related products for more than two decades. Our tungsten fake gold product is only for souvenir and decoration purpose. Here we declare: Please do not use our gold-plated tungsten alloy products for any illegal purpose.


Pictures of Tungsten Fake Gold Products

There are many more options, for those who are so inclined, to reinforce their inventory of gold-plated tungsten products on the company's website. And naturally, in addition to the bolded applications of tungsten gold bars, one can conceive of some more. Especially in verticals in which the actual end product does not exist, and all that does exist is a receipt claiming gold is at the end of a rehypotehcation chain. One wonder how many invoices CIF Liberty 33 or various other gold ETF secret "warehouses" one could find upon rummaging through the garbage behind the firm's headquarters in Xiamen.

With all that said, perhaps the best use of the abovementioned services would be for a contingency case in which the government of country X, Y and/or Z were to decide to replicate a certain 1930's executive order in a global coordinated attempt to devalue the fiat system not on a relative basis, something which fiat printers are more than capable of, but on an absolute basis by confiscating all the gold in circulation. It just might make such a confiscation more complicated if all the usual suspects were to hand over to said governments not gold but gold-plated Tungsten, which in turn would make the endgame, i.e. the terminal currency devaluation of fiat, that much more problematic.

It would be truly ironic if in the end the same Tungsten that is now the bane of precious metals dealers everywhere would be the reason why central bank X, Y and/or Z was unable to destroy its currency sufficient fast.

Note: Zero Hedge does not advise, encourage nor endorse its readers to hypothetically exchange their gold inventory for a comparable but worthless yet prominently positioned inventory of "rehypothecated" pseudo-equivalent products - note that only bankers have been known to rehypothecate valuable assets into worthless liabilities - in advance of an even more hypothetical physical gold confiscation order endorsed by the authorities.

h/t SilverDoctors

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Aziz's picture

+16 trillion for whoever invents a quick, clear and simple way of differentiating real gold from gold-wrapped tungsten.

Tyler Durden's picture

There's an app for that (well, there may be soon)

knukles's picture

I todja!
Shit's all over the place and them bars them bars them salted bars made at the re-fine-er-eeeeee

The whole LBMA research and testing methodology is a leaky as my old granddad's dinky.  Game-able Deluxe!

More will be revealed.....


I mean so these guys gold plate crap.
I got my one year coin gold plated, wore it as a medallion for years......

AldousHuxley's picture

Chinese perfected the art of faking to the point where fake gold bricks are cheaper than gold spray paint in USA.

Skateboarder's picture

Oh boy... some serious beginning of the end shit here.

BKbroiler's picture

this is where reputable dealers come in.  by reputable I mean buys directly from the us mint.

FEDbuster's picture

iPhone 6 with a built in ultrasound app.

Careless Whisper's picture

Oh puhleeze, since when did the Chinese become master craftsmen? I would expect these fake gold coins to be about the same quality of a fake louis vuitton bag or a fake rolex.

Temporalist's picture

Thanks!  That goldmoney is the exact video I was looking for and I couldn't remember where I saw it.  I think there is another without the narration/voice over.

TwoShortPlanks's picture

I buy all my Gold Bars from a reputable supplier; Vladimir CNC Milling and Foundry Co supply very affordable 10/20oz & 1/5/10kg Gold Bars out of Vladivostok. He prefers to sell over eBay and has only a PO Box number address, which is really convenient for me anyway.

Unlike most here, I haven't had a boating accident, nor do I intend having one in the future. If required, I am more than happy to sell all my premo' Gold Bars at market price to any Government wishing to confiscate them, as I'm a patriotic kinda guy.

I tend to see the glass as half full and look for a bright side. At least confiscation will allow me to pay off my huge mortgage and loans which seem to be getting larger and larger with each passing year, as I keep buying disressed farmland, works of art, and vintage sports cars.

Like I said, I'm pretty fucking patriotic!

KickIce's picture

Anf they'll be more than happy to give you green toilet paper in return.

TruthInSunshine's picture

As I sit here watching the world burn down (flames temporarily suppressed, in part, by the patent pending "To Infinity & Beyond Fire & Riot Suppression System," (aka electronic fiat printing presses at central fractional reserve houses of fiatski multiplication) via swiping of EBT cards, SNAP, Social Security, SSD/SSDI and the equivalent programs/subsidies and captured "sovereign" nation-state bread&circus in Europe and other "developed" nations), it has suddenly dawned on me that if I really had an iota of intelligence, I would have been in the tungsten business many years ago, bitchez.

Oh well, I missed that ship, but I need to hurry and stock up on Krugmanrands* before they're all sold out, too. Shit's getting real, yo!


*Krugmanrand: A gold colored powder-coated round, composed of 10% tin and 90% nano-coated bullshit particles, bearing the slogan "In Diocletian We Trust" and "To Infinity & Beyond!" on one side, alongside "CTRL+P," and having the other side enscribed with "What, Me Worry?" alongside an engraved likeness of one Ben S. Bernanke (Shakey McShakester).

The Alarmist's picture

About the only thing left for them to fake is Chinese people.

Au Member's picture

flexural rigidity. tungsten is stiff , gold is bendy.
place a dial test indicator under bar,coin etc. place a known weight in the centre and measure deflection. get the book roarks stress calculations and see how much your bar, coin should deflect under this known load from your weight. this will allow you to derive the youngs modulus of the metal. tungsten filled coins and bars will be immeditaely obvious.

anyway all this is a psyop to discourage gold ownership. bit like the toyota car brand assassination a few years back.

Harlequin001's picture

So, I can get a 400oz gold plated door stop?


Harlequin001's picture

So, now I can actually afford to throw gold bars through people's windows I don't like.


Harlequin001's picture

So now I'm going to be giving 400oz gold bars away at weddings.

Booking fee only $2,000.


TwoShortPlanks's picture

Green toilet paper for a yellow paper weight...sounds like a fair trade.

passwordis's picture

 But it does not work that way.  The price the government will give you for your gold will not be the market price. The market price will be set upwards AFTER they purchased your gold at a discount.

sabatwo's picture

at this point if      you use  a they will  buy your fake gold coin if it passes all three of its tests for gold spot price.

guess they see fake coins as a long way off..Website

drchris's picture

Gold has half the resistivity of tungston.  It should very simple to pass a current through it to test for fakes. 

tmosley's picture

Nope.  You get a surface effect where most of the current moves along the outside of the bar, which is gold.  You would have to put a hell of a lot of current on it to detect tungsten, more than likely.

Ultrasonic is much simpler, cheaper, and less likely to cause a massive fire.

MachoMan's picture

Yes, but with most of the ultrasonic testers, don't you run into some problems with the contours/uneven surfaces of coins?  The youtube videos, etc., all seem to deal with bars (i.e. flat surfaces).  I don't really see any of the handheld ultrasonic testers marketing themselves for gold/silver coinage.

Popo's picture

I believe tungsten is very slightly radioactive. A highly sensitive test for radioactivity should do the trick. But how much does the plating shield the emissions is the next question...

TraitorsHang's picture

Good thought... But the gold plating would block alpha completely, and that masks the decay mode of the one naturally-occuring radioisotope:

cannonfodder's picture

Some gold could be slightly radioactive too.  I recall nearly 30 years ago reading a news article about a man who couldn't wear his wedding ring because it caused a skin irritation.  Someone had recycled medical equipment including a radium needle and if he'd continued to wear his ring, likely would have developed bone cancer.

cannonfodder's picture

With ultrasonic, shouldn't it be possible to determine a transition from one metal to another?

TraitorsHang's picture

I think you're right. I buy US Eagles, and there isn't a flat-spot wider than a few mm. I think testing magnetic susceptibility and young's modulus (as another poster suggested) is the best route without expensive tools.

drchris's picture

-deleted- No point in trying to educate in the comments section.

Half_A_Billion_Hollow_Points's picture



NOTHING was photographed by them.  I say someone gets their hand on these and post the quality of this shit.


Gold bars:




TruthInSunshine's picture

Well, I know for a fact that the image of the gold bar filled vault is stolen from the audit of Fort Knox done back in 1974, bitchez.

fattail's picture

more reason to buy silver.

krispkritter's picture

If you call the phone number in the article a recording says "Hello, you've reached Jamie Dimon, please leave your name and Swiss Bank Account number after the tone..."

otto skorzeny's picture

"...and I'll get back to you after I get done blowing Satan."

Richard Chesler's picture

"genuine solid tungsten fake gold coin"

"genuine bankster-approved fake birth certificate"

It just keeps coming...

Whiner's picture

The the fake Social Security and Draft Cards. You're ready to run for POTUS.

TruthInSunshine's picture

This Chinese place is where The Hon. Jon S. Corzine got MF Global's Primary Dealer license?

Cosimo de Medici's picture

You mean they say they buy from the US Mint.

LMAOLORI's picture



More Fake Gold Bars Discovered


Ten more bars of fake gold have shown up. The story is here. They are limited to PAMP bars, which are issued in France.

Harlequin001's picture

That too might be fake...

Just sayin'...

Tompooz's picture

In Beijing young women with babies at their breast (so that the police will leave them alone) stand at subway exits near a University, touting " Want fake documents?" and pimping the phone numbers of people who falsify documents for a living.

Oh, in China...

JustObserving's picture


It''s not rocket science to spot fakes:

"With regard to identification of fakes, the most reliable non destructive testing method is ultrasonic and would easily show any insertions. XRF and other tests generally do not penetrate very far into the surface of a bar, so are only good for testing plated bars. This link provides an insight into the sort of testing performed at refineries and for those interested in the technical aspects here is a quote from KK&S Instruments:

“The 1090 Flaw Detector allows you to look into the Bar for voids/defects as well as UT velocity which is determined the products elastic modulus i.e Tungsten Velocity is 5183-5460m/sec and Gold is 3,240m/sec. For example if you calibrate for Au then the testing Tungsten bar of the same thickness, the UT thickness would read approximately half the actual because of the speeding-up of the sound through the Tungsten.”

GoldMoney also has a good video on the ultrasonic testing they perform on their bars. Interestingly, they only found ten bars out of 1,377 with “inconclusive scans were identified but assays of these bars confirmed they contained the gold content stamped on the bar.” [link] These bars are 400oz professional market bars and is yet more proof that fakes are not common.


Investors buying recognised brands from trustworthy dealers should not have any cause for concern. For those looking for more information on the various brands and bars and coins available, and what they should look like and their specifications, this website is a good reference site to bookmark."

Spitzer's picture

A good gold dealer would have one of these and run gold through the scan before it hit your pocket. That is where we are going I think and it will be game over for this fake shit.



silverserfer's picture

this stuff would be good to have in a decoy safe if you are burglarized.

Temporalist's picture

Why not just a note that says "You're shit out of luck unless you have scuba gear."

seek's picture

I ran across these guys a couple years ago, and thought the same thing, but worried that if the fakes were good enough, a single mistake could kill your credibility among dealers.

It does seem tempting, though -- thugs of any color, particularly the kind of color that might have access to records indicating a purchase -- would fall for it at least temporarily.