For China Size, Not Quality, Matters As First Aircraft Carrier Launched

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In what is likely the biggest sabre being rattled this week in the war-of-words that is occurring in the Pacific, China announced today the launch of its first aircraft carrier. China bought the 300-meter Soviet-built vessel in 1998 from Ukraine and had it refitted at Dalian. It is named Liaoning (which looks almost too much like 'leaning') after China's northeast province where the port is located. The defense ministry said the aircraft carrier, is an important step in "raising the overall fighting capacity" of its naval forces.

Rear Admiral Yang Yi noted that "it is natural that China should have its own aircraft carrier," arguing that all major world powers already own similar vessels. Of course, the coincidental timing is no surprise as Reuters notes "China will never tolerate any bilateral actions by Japan that harm Chinese territorial sovereignty," Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun told his Japanese counterpart on Tuesday as the two met in a bid to ease tensions.



"Japan must banish illusions, undertake searching reflection and use concrete actions to amend its errors, returning to the consensus and understandings reached between our two countries' leaders."


Stratfor provides some more color on the current state-of-play (and some history)... as Taiwanese water-squirting was underway (no, seriously!!)


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CreditcalMass's picture

Too bad they don't have any planes to fly off of it.

Precious's picture

This modern Chinese ship can launch 100 water balloons per second.

sunaJ's picture

Psychologist Steven Pinker contends that we have become a much less violent world society in the past several decades.  I was going to argue against that point but then I saw the video of opposing boats squirting each other with water and thought he might be on to something.'s picture

Chinese citizenism on the high seas.

Pure Evil's picture

Well, my aircraft carrier is way bigger, and its capable of squirting millions of Sea Men onto the Vage Beaches with the purpose of fighting their way up through the Uteral Canal to ultimately claim victory at Egg Harbor.

Ahmeexnal's picture

Chinese carrier has just scored its first sink: the NIKKEI.
Down 1.7% and in freefall.

markmotive's picture

World War III Began as a Water Fight



Cathartes Aura's picture

typical pissing contest. . .

akak's picture

Let's just hope the launch of the CS Chinese Citizenism is more successful than this:

Haywood Jablowme's picture

Yes, the good ole' maiden voyage clip....was waiting for someone to post that lol

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Russia is make crap boats - but is make good anchors... very very large anchors, is big to hold aircraft and crew!

dugorama's picture

as my grandmother used to tell me: "never get in a pissing contest with a skunk"

tonyw's picture

Don't get into an argument with an idiot, they'll drag you down to their level and thay've got years of practice.


Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Bubba is tell Boris "never piss on skunk with red boots". Bubba is senile, so is no make sense, but is still good advice, no?

fourchan's picture

they should work on conquring the world with dim sum, that shit is delishious.

is this that stupid fucking ramp boat they rolled out a while back?

Spitzer's picture

These ramp jobs seem a hell of allot simpler then the catopalts. Russian shit is all about simplicity. That is why the world uses thair rockets to launch shit into space now. 

Urban Redneck's picture

The world uses Russian shit because no one can afford US shit w/o a handout from Uncle Sam to cover the bill, which is conveniently printed up by Uncle Ben at no cost.

The US MIC would be decimated in an open market by actual competition and the removal of corruption and monopolisitic barriers to market entry.

peter4805's picture

Back when the US and the Soviet Union were engaged in the space race both countries discovered they had a small problem. It seems that pens will not write properly in a zero gravity environment. The US spent several years and many millions of dollars in research and developement. Eventually came up with a pen that worked properly in outer space. So what was the Russian solution? They used pencils instead.

outofideas's picture

Incidentally, that is actually an urban story. Fisher invented the space pen all on his own, with no NASA money, and sent them to the space program to try them out. NASA was using pencils before that. A couple of years later the Russians ordered 100 pens themselves from Fisher.

StandardDeviant's picture

Furthermore, it's not a great idea to allow electrically conductive particles of graphite to float around in zero gravity near your spacecraft's electronics...

mjcOH1's picture

I'm actually really impressed that they got it to sea, based on the description of its initial condition (no engines/electronics/weapon systems).

Lots of lessons learned there, no doubt.   Odds are it'll be a maintenance nightmare and never fit to fight.   But the mistakes made and indigenous engines and electronics that get beta tested on there will end up on a more useable domestically produced second carrier.


I''ll bet the crew overflows the toilets if they're ever told to bring this one into combat though.

Ahmeexnal's picture

I''ll bet the crew overflows the toilets if they're ever told to bring this one into combat though.

They can always shart the deck.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


I''ll bet the crew overflows the toilets if they're ever told to bring this one into combat though.

They can always shart the deck.

Frush toirets are unnecessariry comprex extravagance. To use the head, visuarize fright deck as 300 meter road.

Schmuck Raker's picture

"What the fuck is a 'Frush'?"


YouAreBliss's picture

The second one in 2030.  In time to meet our PGS, and swarmbot fighter-bomber groups.

Good luck Commies.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


The second one in 2030.  In time to meet our PGS, and swarmbot fighter-bomber groups.

I believe those will all be occupied protecting the homeland's Purity Of Essence from indigenous terrist threats.

Zap Powerz's picture

Its cute you think the USA will be a super power in 2030.  Where are we going to get the money in 18 years after trillion dollar plus per year deficits?  Dude, the chinese will just buy OUR air craft carriers and swarmbot figther-bomber groups.

Good luck bankrupt stupid fucking retarded crony capitalists.

RafterManFMJ's picture

Our interest payments to the Red Chinese on our debt they hold just about pay for their entire military budget;  So we send them our jobs, our IP, and sweet cash.  Golly, what the FUCK could ever go wrong with this plan? If I understand it correctly, it's brilliant.


Apocalicious's picture

Actually, the solution is brilliant, albeit likely elusive to our either too ignorant or not ruthless enough dear leaders. Simply refuse to allow any foreign entity to buy domestic real assets. Print like mad, get all pensions out of treasuries, then renege on our debts. Fuck foreign holders of treasuries and dollars. Result, market enforced austerity as we're closed out of debt capital markets and newly lemon freshened national balanced sheet. Strategic default! All the cool guys are doing it!

mkkby's picture

Are you retarded or what?  They already have the manufacturing plants of every fortune 500 company.  What do they need our paper for?

toothpicker's picture

Same owners different flags

potlatch's picture

See, there are bad wisecracks and off the cuff comments, and then there is this: a simple desciption of what China just hung around its neck.  One gigantic liability.


And if anyone responds, "yeah, so what does that make the US Navy?" someone needs to understand the difference between a military liability and a military asset.


This is one huge floating liability.  Suckers.  We arm race you long time!

Spitzer's picture

as if the complex US carriers are not a liability. China can afford to pay for it, the US is in debt to run its shit

vato poco's picture

A country whose entire social and political stsus depends on the concept of 'face' (second only to 'family' and 'bribes') most certainly **cannot** afford to admit the loss of something so huge as an aircraft carrier. No China pol will ever risk his career/bank accounts/life by allowing it into _actual_ harm's way - as opposed to the current water fights.

That thing will never see combat.

kralizec's picture

"That thing will never see combat."

Truth.  You called it right, it is just a pretty girl on the arm of an ugly rich dude, pure window dressing, overcompensating for an obvious lack...

uff the fluff's picture

For the absolute last time people!


China is not some sort of debt-free Shangri-La of economic awesomeness heretofore never embodied on the planet Earth.


Yes, economic "growth" has required the creation of ever more fake-debt-money in America and Europe, but such is the case in China as well. Get a grip!

The Navigator's picture


It's worse than that - we use the Bank of China credit card to fuel up our ships.

Sure we could take over Iranian oil fields or just fuel up at the Iraqi docks - but if we have to pay for anything, it's done with the BOC credit card or Uncle Bens free money printing press.

it's all such a fucking farce.

toady's picture

Nuclear powered ships require oil- based fuel? That argument is REAL old. Eisenhower figured that one out in 50's. The navy has enough nuclear powered ships to do what needs to be done.

Sure, a lot of the non-nuclear fleet would be out of luck in an oil-less environment, but I'm sure they have enough on hand to get the job done at any given moment. If anybody tried to cut the oil off they have enough fire power to take the oil.

mkkby's picture

Hey dipshit, did Ike invent nuclear powered planes as well?  And... take the oil?  So a few thousand sailors can surround a field, all the pipes, the terminals and the refineries too.  And if the enemy blows it up, they can just carry it away in their pockets.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

For QE3, America is borrow from self to fly flag!

dugorama's picture

all your destroyers are belong to us

Lore's picture

Maybe this is the next toy the Chinese Navy will show off in San Diego Harbour.

palmereldritch's picture

Statistics of late would suggest considerable caution if they are retaining that boat to transport recent massive gold bullion purchases.

ebworthen's picture

That carrier will serve as a hunk of metal that is considered Chinese territory that can be sent to various locations.

Carriers are obsolete anyway, the Chinese are spenidng real money on subs and space weapons.

Carrier makes a good sacrificial lamb to justify hostilities, or weak foreign leaders.

thefedisscam's picture

You will be even more surprised in <2 years from now. China will have the FIRST aircraft carrier completely made by themselves!

The West can laugh all they want. Yet, I bet NO one wants to engage a fight with China!

chump666's picture

He said that? Pinker smokes too much dope.

Type beheading into Google (ala Mexico insanity)

NachoLiebor's picture

I'd be concerned when they brought out the shit-flinging catapults.