Gold Holds Post-QE Gains As S&P Drops Most In 2 Months

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It seems European credit markets were on to something this morning. As European tensions spilled over so the US equity markets just could not hold on to the post QEternity gains and turned down rapidly shortly after Europe closed. The S&P 500 has retraced over 75% of its post-FOMC spike gains, Treasuries are well below the pre-FOMC yield levels and the USD has retraced all of its losses. The 1% drop in the S&P 500 is the largest in over two months. equities closed at their lows - something we have not seen in a while - with all the usual high-beta suspects (e.g. AAPL -2.5%) all getting crushed. VIX surged to 15.5% (up 1.25 vols) as volume surged across most equity indices. Only Healthcare and Staples remain green post-FOMC.


Gold is holding its post QE gains but the rest have retraced any of that change...


Markets were systemically sold off across every asset class as the weakness spread...


S&P 500 futures tumbled hard off on heavy volume...


Commodities stumbled on USD strength... but Gold held in...


and in case you were wondering where the BTFD'ers were? Well they are all-in - here is S&P futures Commitment of Traders' Net Longs at near-record highs...


and HealthCare remains the big winner post-QE as all but Staples...

and everyone's favorite post-QE meal - the major financials - seem to be having some trouble - GS -3.75% post QE...


Charts: Bloomberg and Capital Context


Bonus Chart: AAPL -2.5% and not enjoying its post-OPEX high average trade size euphoria reversion...


Bonus Bonus Chart: MSFT vs AAPL - we know, we know - but can you imagine the coincidence...

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monopoly's picture

"1% drop in spoos largest in over 2 months".

1%, Ha. Long, long way to go.

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RmcAZ's picture

Fat finger? Fat finger.

Jlmadyson's picture

Reality setting in when the talk of QE is no longer on the table.

Thus QE was destined to fail and only the potential for it was a market winner.

Lohn Jocke's picture

There's always potential for MORE QE... QE infinity +1

GernB's picture

Infinity + 1 = Infinity

JPM Hater001's picture

Someone with an actual math background can correct me but isn't infinity +1 google?

Oddly what is Apple +1? Still google.

Go long Archimedes

hedgehog9999's picture

The real tale is volatility up 15%, market down 1%, it's been quite a while since VIX surged this strong, it signals the long expected drop that Ben's been fighting to prevent. If you all recall, back in 08, Ben announced his QE1 in October and the marked tanked to 666 in the next 4 nonths. A replay is in the cards....not necessarily down to that devilish level...

I can only hope the permabulls got caught with their pants down Today, particularly the last set that bought the QE bs from that moron at SPX 1430 or higher.......



JPM Hater001's picture

666 - yeah not down to that level... Much further...

slaughterer's picture

This was a "courtesy sell-off" implemented by large investment banks to let short-weighted clients cover and get long.  

fonzannoon's picture

i think that is disturbing and totally accurate

roadsnbridges's picture

T+3.  Went further than I anticipated.

slaughterer's picture

EOQ sell-off to lock in gains 3 days ahead of reporting for trade inside T+3 rule.  Handing of the baton to the new quarter's bulls.  Plus, a re-balance.  

A Man without Qualities's picture

not so sure about the courtesy sell-off.  They tried a few stop runs yesterday and there is the sneaking feeling nobody's there to play with.  Apple seems to have peaked for a while - sales numbers were realitively weak, and don't believe the supply constraint stuff.  

Seems to me we were stuck around 1460 after the new Fed move and there was no interest on the long side, we've got earnings downgrades coming thick and fast and now it's time for a bit of a decline.  

walküre's picture

It's so crazy, it might actually be true!

crusty curmudgeon's picture

Jim Cramer, should I buy CAT, AAPL, Facebook or go long on tungsten? 

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies." C. S. Lewis

otto skorzeny's picture

speaking of "omnipotent moral busybodies"- I see the FCC won't do anything about vile,violent,misogynistic garbage like the "CSIs" and "Law and Orders" but edited out the word "poop" on a 30 Rock rerun last night.

TWSceptic's picture

Lab rats, y u no respond to QE no mo ? - Benny

JPM Hater001's picture

There was "fucked" by bernanke being tested on them...they are dead.

Jlmadyson's picture

Also anyone following the daily treasury statements and tell me there hasn't been some serious BS going on for the last two months. Take last month for example and do the math with a $189B deficit. Start with the first day available to the last and see if it matches up.

And September has been like pure magic so far. It is actually far less now than it should have been on Sept 1st and don't tell me $18B of AIG stock would have made that gap happen.

Well beyond the skills of Potter.

bullionbaron's picture

Gold will continue to outperform, IMO it's on the verge of heading into the bubble phase of the bull market where it will move higher very quickly without looking back until it's parabolic:

toothpicker's picture

Bubble phase in gold is an oxymoron

Tsar Pointless's picture

This morning, I read on Bloomberg that stocks were up due to...wait for it..."better than forecast" economic numbers. So, one were to infer that the economy is doing quite well - hell, better than well.

After I arrived home from yet another job interview, I read that stocks were in decline due to a Federal Reserve member's downbeat comments regarding the effect of any more QE on the real economy.

So, one were to infer that there is absolutely no reason to take any of this shit seriously. No one in the media or politics does.

Watch the NFL instead. They take their shit seriously. Oh, wait - uh, Then I give up.

So should you.

stocktivity's picture

That's what I keep long as the fed and central banks around the world can keep printing, ....It's all Bullshit!

Cursive's picture

Maybe the SPX Coyote has discovered that he ran off the cliff about 2 weeks ago.  There's only about 500 feet of air between here and the desert floor.

roadsnbridges's picture

T+3, I luv it.

Who was the moron that dumped that large block of HL?

Thanks, anyway.

insanelysane's picture

HFT trading story coming in a little bit but until then a True story of the American economy.

So I am pumping gas into my truck up here in the Northeast a couple of days ago.  Some guy walks up to window and says, "I need a gallon of gas."  I can't hear what clerk says but must be totally dumbfounded. So the guy asking for the gas is stammering a little and then says, "you know what, give me 4 dollars worth, it will be easier that way."


I think the BLS has gotten into the consumer confidence polling business.

roadsnbridges's picture

Cheaper to walk home.  Just take the plates with.

Clowns on Acid's picture

BenDover will allow ES to correct 5%, then ask muppets, "So...we should NOT do QE to infinity...or should we"?

Waiting for the CNBC groupies to scream for more QE !

slaughterer's picture

Heard a Hilsenroomer is coming soon.

Money By Trading's picture

I think gold miners are almost a very good buy, if one wants to beef up exposure.  Looks like a healthy correction in gold to me.  See update:

JustObserving's picture

Over the next 4 years, at current rates, US debt increases by $1.595 trillion per year and unfunded liabilities increases by $6.7765 trillion a year for a total rise of $8.3715 trillion a year.

That precludes any possibility of QE ending ever.

The best the Fed can do is to attack gold and silver through its proxies such as the Morgue. It helps the illusion that inflation is under control.

HaroldWang's picture

Why do market cheerleaders say it's "window dressing" and "expected" when the market goes up at the end of a Q? Then they say it's "natural profit taking and next Q positioning' and "expected" when the market goes down? 

It must be nice to be a perma-happy-cheerleading bull!

walküre's picture

yes, take the blue pill next time and stay in Lalaland.

schatzi's picture

wow! wtf happened? the news has been semi decent today (relatively) Case-Shiller, Richmond Fed and consumer confidence all posted better than expected rises, yet the market started an accelerated sell-off. Whats the occasion? (Europe, Spain, Greece? We know they're fucked. No new news)

insanelysane's picture

Quarter is ending and no one in the game believes the BS and some wanted to make sure they got out on top.  Look for a good ride down slope tomorrow and Thursday.  Someone will step in on Friday to at least get some green on the board so well all feel "wealthy."

roadsnbridges's picture

Jeez, look at the buying at close and into AH.  You lock in, then play the $85 bil a month.

BTFD is still active.  Not like any retail is in this snakepit.

walküre's picture

No deer in headlight pic yet. I'm not excited.

magpie's picture

Oh noes, there goes the reelection /sarc

ekm's picture

Do you want more proof that the Fed is the toilet bowl everybody shits on?


Geithner Was ‘Bailouter’ in Chief During Crisis: Bair

slaughterer's picture

Sell-off today, tomorrow is turnaround.  

roadsnbridges's picture

Yep, or I'm halfway screwed.  Went TNA 15 mins to close.

Oh, and HL on the drop.

Only took 5 beers to say:  "Why the F not?'

$85 bil a month, get real.

ekm's picture

85bill/month is equal to 85 bill/month FORCED BUYING OF STOCKS FROM PRIMARY DEALERS. Not different from the JPM whale forced to buy credit tranches and nobody to sell to.

Panic situation like Primary Dealers owning most of stocks and nobody to sell to, requires panic response like QEnnnn.

This leads to lower and lower volume, hence they'd better shut down NYSE and Nasdaq.

I'd say, one Primary Dealer is going down pretty soon.

EclecticParrot's picture

Wish I had your courage, as I prefer to do the daily TZA/TNA shuffle between volatility envelope limits, pivots, etc.  These can be nice trades, to be sure, but no early retirement bonanzas as the overnight-ers can provide on occasion. 

Good luck, but remember that TNA is often an acronym for "Tomorrow (we'll) Nail (yer) Ass."

The Shootist's picture

Markets tanking trying to sway the November election. It fears a Return of the King.

roadsnbridges's picture

Please pay attention.  The correct mantra is T+3 profit lock-in.  There is no tank with $85 bil injected monthly.

ES-Sniper's picture


.....and when she bent over....rover took over.....and gave her a bone of his own.

Permabulls, your next.