Live Spanish Protestcam

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As we observed earlier, Spain, whose YTD expenditures are now nearly 10% greater than last year, has yet to implement any austerity (dear Spanish readers, if your standard of living has gone down it has nothing to do with less government spending, and everything to do with corruption and incompetent politicians). Yet even so, the locals (who at 24% unemployment have quite a bit of free time on their hands) are quite unhappy, and as Art Cashin observed earlier, are "occupying congress" or otherwise indicating their displeasure with the world. Those who wish to follow the major Spanish protest currently underway in Madrid, can do so here.



Watch live streaming video from spanishrevolutionsol at

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PUD's picture

Lock up ur women and the dumpster!

Stackers's picture

What no Pedro the riot dog ?

TruthInSunshine's picture

Is this the running of the bulls?

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Does that steamroller/brain pic suggest anything about Caterpillar's 2013 outlook?

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Thanks for the link Precious.

The U.N. New World Order Great Wal Mart of China Yahoos etc... image of the Beast is well defined by this picture. That picture is the American ect... global borderless criminal standard, and that's a fact.

All the work done for the Suicide Vampire Squid Bailout Bonus is defined by the ''Rolled Over Dead Man''.

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what the fuck, did someone shut down the RTVE site? right at 3:29, going into the final 1/2 hour

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I'm selling sponsor space on Spanish riot dog. If your interested call 555.... 

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Shit's hittin the fan <CTRL P>

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Great. Another Facebook flashmob event. Wake me up when there's blood in the streets of bar-cello-nah.

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likewise.  We find ourselves here; "The great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions ... but by iron and blood."

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European protestors are pussys.

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Hmm, all I see is a whole bunch of young bearded people (nothing against beards) holding up cameras.

If I was a protester, I'd start smacking down those poser cameras with a billy-club... either protest like you mean it, or go friken home and eat your tapas.  IMHO of course.


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At least they protest , unlike the Americans who just suck it up

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Amen. So many here talk about the "European wussies" when it looks like a pretty sizeable demonstration by the people who are trying to get their voice heard. Ain't seeing anything like that here in the USofA these days. And what's wrong with peaceful protest? I'd prefer not to see shops burned and people hurt... until we get a big enough protest to get the real change we need and all those politicians heads on pikes!

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and all those politicians heads on pikes!

Now dat be violent!

Im sure the politicians will volunteer for it happily. They dream about this honour.

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I'm sorry, did you say something, sdm?  Your picture is throwing me off a bit.

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Food bowl still in front of American mouths. Why protest?

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And when you dont have food, you dont have the energy to protest or anything, just a wish for a quick death.

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In your hands or over your head?

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it is referred to as: the africanization of the united staes in america

and it is HERE!

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Indeed, not just USA but also a lot more countries.

What people dont realise is that to subdue a population you have to deteriorate their nutritional intake. Europeans peasantry rose up against their feudal lords, when their food quality improved, with the help of beans from South America introduced to Europe.

Hungry people fight bravely and die quickly and easily.


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Or the Germans. Their taxpayers are taking it up the arse prison-style with nary a complaint or demonstration.

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You wanted blood, you got it!

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nasdaq99's picture

could this be Ray Dalio's "air pocket"???????????

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They need bombs. The only way to liberate a people is with explosives. Trust me, I saw it on the moving picture box.

Maybe those German safe-crackers can help.

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Or The Clash:


But that's funny because the ECB says they just need bonds.

Write your own lyrics for that one...

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Don't be stealing my bit!

Mercury's picture

Good heavens they're protesting right through siesta!

This is serious.

"AudioviSol" sounds like a prescription drug to ameliorate the effects of things you don't want to hear or see.

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Wake me up when they know what they are protesting for.

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No, no, no don't tell them and turn this off. Good god, do you realize we're in a bull market rally? Shhh....

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The government giveth, and the government taketh away. It must really suck to believe for most of your life that the government is there to "help" you, only to find out the government doesn't really give a fuck about you and never will.


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That's not a protest. It is the line for the new, 20% lighter, iphone5.

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No...Wait...Its the line outside Baltimore Footlocker for the Concord Jordans.