Paul Ryan: "Do You Want Barack Obama To Be Reelected? Then Don't Vote For Ron Paul"

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It took a while for the unspoken truth to be finally spoken, but sooner or later, it always is. Via The Hill:

Paul Ryan argued Monday that a vote for a third-party candidate would likely help President Obama win reelection.


Ryan was asked why voters should not vote for Ron Paul. The Republican vice presidential candidate responded that a vote for Paul, who ran for the 2012 GOP nomination, would effectively split the vote in a way that helps Obama.


"Do you want Barack Obama to be reelected? Then don't vote for Ron Paul," Ryan said during a campaign speech in Lima, Ohio, on Monday.


Ryan went on to say that Paul was a good friend.


"Actually, Ron's a friend of mine. I know Ron very well. I like Ron quite a bit. There are many things that Ron has championed that I'm a big believer in, especially liberty and sound money."


Although Paul is no longer campaigning for president, he has not endorsed Mitt Romney's campaign.

What if one wants Ron Paul to be elected? Can one vote for Ron Paul then?

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Fuck you, Paul Ryan.

I can write in whomever I wish.

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Fuck it, I'm voting for whoever is named Paul, motherfuckers.  

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Vote Gary Johnson, Bitches!


Even if one American wonders who this "Libertarian" is who won a fraction of a percent, and looks into Libertarianism, it would be a victory.


It's the statue of LIBERTY. Not equality, not democracy, LIBERTY.

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Don't waste your vote on a democrat or republican.

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Gaining the support of Ron Paul supporters is easy.  Just start supporting Ron Paul's policies.  It's about liberty, not a cult of personality.


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Madonna promises sex with hoofed beast if Romney elected.

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Ron Paul write in, Bitchezzzzzzzz!

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And if you dont want Barak Obama, that doesnt mean you will settle for Mitt Romney.

Ron Paul 2012.

Remember the Paulamo

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Yeah, this logic assumes that all democrats are blind obamanoids. There has to be at least few who have woken the fuck up. I mean, shit, how can you vote for a candidate because he promises transparency, and end to executive orders and signing statements, a return of habeas corpus and constituional law, ending fisa, gitmo and warrantless wiretaps, and then FUCKING ACCELERATES EVERY FORM OF TYRANNY KNOWN TO THIS PLANET, ..after getting a nobel peace prize.


You would have to be brain dead to vote for this guy

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Because he is black..and he is a Democrat..that is why they  vote for him..

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I swear to God i'm writing in Spongebob..

economics9698's picture

I want my free motorized wheelchair!

nmewn's picture

Gimme my "free shit"

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I sure hope that was a bunch of fiscally conservative black chicks mocking the plantation style of governance by leftist whitey's & their Uncle Tom's ;-)

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i will not vote for the lessor.

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Paul and Mitt are fucking jokes.

Ass clowns. And not in the good way.

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What does Diebold say about writing in Ron Paul?  Maybe something like... CTRL-X?

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"The Sun Sentinel examined federal housing subsidy data from housing authorities in Broward and Palm Beach counties and found 230 homes commanding rents of $2,000 or more, up to $3,375 a month, from Section 8 families. Typically, tenants pay about one-third of their income toward the rent and the TAXPAYER pays the rest."


There, fixed the article.

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I shudder to think what these black folks are going to do when the section 8 vouchers disappear overnight. My ENTIRE neighborhood is filled with section 8 losers now. It's at least 50% section 8 rentals now and No, I am NOT exaggerating. I've tried to get some firm numbers as to how many of the 100 homes in my hood are S8 rentals but they make getting that kind of info intentionally difficult. Let's just say that there are quite a few able bodied young black men hanging around on the front stoop at 1PM every day drinking a Schlitz instead of out picking up trash on the side of the road working for that voucher.

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All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
--Thomas Jefferson

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only the true candidate would deny he is the candidate

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The Road to Totalitarianism
Henry Hazlitt, The Ludwig von Mises Institute


Paul Ryan is right and I don't give a crap how many down arrows this receives. As adults you have to make a choice and not voting or writing in a vote that doesn't count is in itself a vote and a political tool. At least with Romney we slow the descent into a third world totalitarian existance.


"At least with Romney we slow the descent into a third world totalitarian existance."


I'd prefer it being sped up.  Anything else is just eating a bag of dicks.  Lets get it on.  

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not that there is anything wrong with eating a bag of dicks but how can anyone think, after obama, that electing either a "national" "party sanctioned" (whatever) republican or democrat will slow the slide to totalitarianism?  any halfway objective observer would conclude that the g.w.bush administration put in place the framework of a police state (that ever existed in the shadows, at least since the civil war, ww1 at the latest) and obama slapped in the utilities, doors and windows.  

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The road to Totalitarianism is paved with Red and Blue bricks. The control mechanism is getting people sucked into the belief that "If I don't vote Red or Blue, my vote is wasted". It is the same list of donors controlling both parties. I think half the voters would vote for a non red/blue if they could break out of the mindset.

America vote your conscience! You might surprise yourself.


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You've got half of the story at least.  Getting Romney in won't slow anything down though.  It will just accelerate on a different front.

Choosing between Obamney and Rombama is like choosing between arsenic and strychnine.  Just two different ways to die a horrible death at about the same speed.


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Theres my guy Stormy. Hey brah...

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One is for leftist totalitarianism and the other is for right wing totalitarianism. Romney and his bunch are just as much a bunch of liars and manipulators as is Obama. Romney is for the NDAA just like Obama. They are both sponsored by many of the same big spenders.

The MA State Republican Party along with the Romney Campaign denied me credentials as an alternate delegate and put someone in my place that lost the vote. Lying and cheating at the Rep. Convention and many State Caucuses as some of you know. The  Republican Party had an opportunity to bring reformers in to their party and pissed on us instead. Now they are crying "woe is me" because without the people that want to stop the totalitarian state from becoming a reality, they loose.

Republicrat or Democan, we all loose. The Republic has been boiled just like the frog in a slowly heating pot.

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One is for leftist totalitarianism and the other is for right wing totalitarianism. Romney and his bunch are just as much a bunch of liars and manipulators as is Obama. Romney is for the NDAA just like Obama. They are both sponsored by many of the same big spenders.


So, what else is new...........................

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If the polls are correct (even though I suspect they may not be) and it is really this close with a known screw up like O'Barry, every vote will count.

This is about getting this arrogantly incompetent, ex-communist turned fascist out of power. One of his first important decisions while campaigning was to pick Crazy Uncle Joe Biden as his running mate...and this was a display of serious, deep thought on his part? Then he allows an avowed communist (Van Jones) anywhere near the levers of law & power? Has everyone forgot the 780 billion in "shovel ready jobs" and the outright lies of dollars per job they tried to foist on the public?

And then ObamaCare, where we had "to pass it to see what was in it" well now we know...its THE LARGEST TAX INCREASE IN OUR HISTORY. Has anyones insurance premiums gone down?, thay've fucking skyrocketed.  

Now, our embassies are attacked (which is an act of war in itself), one of our ambassodors is murdered and our CnC flies out to Nevada for a fund raiser? He openly mocks people who work and save, then invest their savings and time in building a business that if successful will employ others by saying "You didn't build that!"


However fucked up Mitt may or may not turn out to be, he will still be 1,000% better than this narcissistic pretender.

Ron Paul has a metaphysical certainty of NOT winning. I voted for him in the primary, that was my principled stance, my next one will be about the reality of what is possible. And I don't give a flying fuck how many junks I get either...get over it, he can't win, a vote for him is a vote stolen from (at least the potential) of Liberty.

When has O'Barry ever stood for our Liberty? Was it when he gave his legal opinion on Heller vs DC? Or was it more recently when POLLS showed he was on the wrong side of free speech concerning that stupid ass video? Was it when he signed NDAA or signed ObamaCare which both threaten to send the SS to our doors?

donsluck's picture's better to vote for someone you don't want and get him, then vote for someone you do want and watch him lose?? Anyway you look at it you lose (Paul Simon). So vote your concience since you've already lost (Zen).

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I've already stipulated, I voted for Ron Paul in the Florida primary...long ago and verifiable. I've also already told anyone who would listen (all the way through the primaries) that it would be Mitt vs Mr. Empty Chair...(Zen or prescience?) and I still cast my principled, conscientious vote for Paul.

We're now down to two and whether we believe either of these two men will respect the rule of law, their countrymen's liberties or will go with full bore nanny statism...One has shown he has no problem doing it and will lie his ass off to anyone & everyone (and be caught red handed lying) while doing it and think nothing of it.

It has nothing to do with has everything to do with character.

I'd have much more respect (though still deep loathing) for O'Barry if he just came right out and work for me not yourself, you WILL take public transportation and move to the cities and like it, you WILL gladly give half of your pay to .gov for my bureacracies to squander at their whim, you WILL support me flying all over the country belching Jet-A as I promote "green initiatives" and eating Kobe beef because I give you my food stamps...but he doesn't.

He's a fucking incompetent liar and a fraud.

Likstane's picture

You took a principled stance in the where are your principles?    Admit it-you really had no principles you would stand for.  You are a capitulator. 

crusty curmudgeon's picture


What you say makes sense if you believe the following two premises, which I believe are false.

(1) A vote for D is considerably worse than R.  Yes, I grant you that everything negative you have to say about O is true.  But there is no real difference here.  Look at all the people who hated Bush with a passion.  And what did they get?  They are generally much happier, but don't ask them why.  For judging not by what they say or have said but major issues on which they act or acted, I see no real difference.  War, deficit spending, entitlement spending, war, war spending, patriot act, etc.  It is all the same.

(2) Your vote matters.  Your vote will not matter.  In order for your vote to matter in a presidential election, you would have to:  (1) live in a state where the number of electoral votes will make a difference, which means you must live in a relatively high population state; and (2) apart from your vote, it must be dead even in your state.  The chances of that happening, I submit, are worse than your being struck by lightning before the election.  If you live in a relatively small state, it matters not who you vote for.

Furthermore, once you participate in this corrupt scheme, you consent to the rules.  You give your assent to the rulers.  By refusing to vote, you refuse to grant your assent to the rulers.  You add to their fear.  They know they are only a few hundred power hungry despots in a country of 300+ million souls.  They must have our consent to rule over us.  The fewer people that vote, the more fear they have that they don't have our consent.  The more right you have to complain about the system because you didn't participate in it.

Yes.  He is a liar, an incompetent and a fraud.  But so is the lesser of two evils.  Only by voting for the LoTE, you grant legitimacy to the whole corrupt system.  And your vote won't make a difference.

nmewn's picture

A man much wiser man than us once said, paraphrasing, those who refuse to participate in politics consent to be governed by their inferiors. I genuinely believe that in every sense it was intended. I will be voting for the elector who will be against O'Barry. The entire system is not corrupt just the parts of it corrupted by evil men. We all believe in the rule of least those of us who are not anarchists, which I am not.


And to Likstane above principles have never changed and will never change. Only my viable, available choices for getting what I consider one of the most egomaniacal, dangerous men removed from a position of power we have ever had. As crusty curmudgeon can see plainly, my vote is not for an elector for Mitt...its against one for Obama. One to ten electors is not going to get Paul elected but it could very well be enough to get Obama four more years.

Then you can come to me and speak about your principles that he wipes his feet on everyday.

crusty curmudgeon's picture

I agree with you that those who refuse to participate--the apathetic--deserve to be ruled.  And I understand those who confuse the apathetic with those of us who refuse to play a rigged game--after all, the failure to cast a vote looks the same.  But we are not the same.  We are patriots and stand up for what we believe--they are apathetic and deserve what they get.  You cannot label me as one who refuses to participate simply because I refuse to play a rigged game.  I am participating by refusing to grant my permission to be ruled.  I would hope you can see the difference.

I believe the entire system is corrupt and it is a farce.  It is a rigged process that enriches those who are elected and the elections themselves are rigged (in several ways). 

But tell me, how is the lesser of two evils going to be better for us?  At most, I submit to you, it takes us down a longer path to the slaughterhouse.  And how does it feel to vote for the leser of two evils?  You have invited evil to rule you.  As for me, that is something that would not allow me to sleep well at night.

nmewn's picture

Nicely put...

"I agree with you that those who refuse to participate--the apathetic--deserve to be ruled. And I understand those who confuse the apathetic with those of us who refuse to play a rigged game--after all, the failure to cast a vote looks the same. But we are not the same. We are patriots and stand up for what we believe--they are apathetic and deserve what they get."

I knew with all the love Paul gets around here (bordering on fanatical) that what I had to say would bring derision. But am I less of a patriot for still believing in the rule of law whether some parts of it have been rigged against us? I say again...why is it that a ward of the state cancels out my vote? Its taken a very long time for shit to get so fucked up. Popular election of senators is another infringement on the Constitution...this didn't happen overnight and won't be fixed overnight...peacefully anyways.

"You cannot label me as one who refuses to participate simply because I refuse to play a rigged game. I am participating by refusing to grant my permission to be ruled. I would hope you can see the difference."

I've labeled you know that. I've simply stated fact. A vote for Paul gives you Obama. Not voting at all gives you Obama more than likely. Anyone who would vote FOR Paul could never in good conscience vote FOR Obama.

"But tell me, how is the lesser of two evils going to be better for us? At most, I submit to you, it takes us down a longer path to the slaughterhouse."

There are times when its not prefferable or practical to stand on ones the pacifist who refuses to hurt another even in self defense and is murdered...or the starving vegan when presented with a hamburger...he stood for his principles. But now, he won't ever stand for them again.

"And how does it feel to vote for the lesser of two evils?"

Key word lesser...but doesn't (and won't) feel very good. But it is still the lesser of two evils by far, which is the nature of all politics. I would much rather vote for a confirmed asshole who can get things done than the touchy feely things presented to us.

It has always been very easy to promise people "stuff". Very hard to say no, we can't afford it, sorry. We have always been at a disadvantage is this regard and always will be because our base instinct comes from somewhere else.

In closing, you're a good man, its easy to get digusted and throw up your hands...we just see the game differently...I still think we can beat them at their own game, if not now, with, it won't happen till we do the Greek/Spain/Portugal/Italy thing.

And I won't be sharing anythiing (in public) about that ;-)

Likstane's picture

Your "principles" are viably enforced.  HAHA

nmewn's picture

One of your principles seems to be acting like the spoiled little brat who didn't get what he wanted (Paul) at the store.

Do you have anymore?

crusty curmudgeon's picture

I suspect this is just semantics but I think the distinction is important.

I don't believe there is EVER a time when it is okay not to stand on your principles.  One has many princicples and frequently they conflict (like your example of the hungry vegan presented with a juicy hambuger).  It is the rare and wise man who has no difficulty "racking and stacking" his principles--always aware of which are more fundamental than others.  He has spent a lifetime building these principles from the ground up.

So when it appears you are not standing on your principles, it only appears that way to a lesser man.  You are merely standing on a different principle.

A woman who sacrifices herself for her child is not abandoning her principles...she's merely standing on a principle even more fundamental than self preservation.

There are a lot of smart people who agree with you on this position of "the lesser of two evils" even if they wouldn't characterize it this way.  So I truly want to understand your thought process.  Thanks for taking the time to explain and respond.

Best wishes.  Peace,


nmewn's picture


"So when it appears you are not standing on your principles, it only appears that way to a lesser man. You are merely standing on a different principle."


I believe you have covered it just fine. My principled position was a best fit with Paul. The objective being, of course, by voting for Paul (and my conscience and my principles) was still to get rid of Obama. That is no longer a viable option, that is, voting for Paul to remove this shit stain called Obama.

My principles have not changed. I still believe in limited government. I still believe in individual liberty. I still believe the states should be on the same level as the federal government not subservient to it. I still believe in free speech. I still believe in my right of personal defense...basically everything in the Bill of Rights.

Nothing has changed...only the viable options available to me.

You know as well as I do that Paul drew what I call "limited-constitutionalists" to him as well as people like me & you. I can see it in them, I know who they are and what their purpose is. I'm not buying into it.

Peace my brother, good rap and see you round the hedge.


kralizec's picture

Thanks nmewn for confirming what I feared was true.  The hardcore Paul-no-matter-what-hell-comes faction of the Libertarian wing are anarchists, period.  Somehow they think blood in the streets is a good thing and that descending into hellish chaos is something only they will survive.  I find this ironic given their typical stance of deploring violence done to others elsewhere around the globe.  Thinking you can control a hurricane once it unleashes its fury is utter foolishness.  I am no fan of either major party, but I especially loath the Left because it ALL started with them.  Capitulators on the Right allowed incremental tyranny make steady gains.  Regardless of how they rationalize it, regardless the epithets they hurl they cannot escape the undeniable truth that a vote for Paul at this point is a step closer to victory for Obama and the Left.  If there was ANYBODY with a realistic chance (Paul has NONE, pointless to argue with reality, reality is not optional!) to knock either clown to the ground I would jump on it in a heartbeat, but there isn', zero, nada!  I was set to stay home and say screw it.  Then I began to hear from my friends, and family, and their friends and so on...and they convinced me that there are some that need breathing space to have a chance for preparing for what may come no matter how futile it might be, if for no other reason than to be with their loved ones a bit longer and have a chance on having some say in their ultimate fate.  But these anarchists want blood, they crave destruction, and they foolishly believe only the guilty will perish and that their feudalistic future will usher in a new era for mankind.  I am going to cast a vote for Romney and give my friends and their families the time they need regardless my view that the crazies will hurl us into oblivion one way or another. 

nmewn's picture

The anarchists among Paul supporters are in for a rude awakening should they ever get their wish...when the water, electricity and gas to their cities is shut off. When raw sewage backs up into their bathtubs. 

Much like the democrats absorbing socialists & communists into their ranks without even giving it an afterthought. It devolved into fascism very quickly didn't it?, Buffet, Solyndra, Lightsquared, Beacon Power etc.

No one understands or appreciates history and the unintended consequences of peoples self interest when given unlimited access to power anymore it seems...ah well.