Several Exponential Charts

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We'll let the charts do the talking this time.

Consolidated "developed world" relative devaluation...

Standalone devaluation and projected 1

Standalone devaluation and projected 2

Add China's money supply...

And China's reserves...

Which brings us to this. Will the exponential growth end? If not, following the yellow brick road.

Source: DB

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Is that your money supply or are you just happy to see me?

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6 pictures are worth a 1761.37 words ...

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"The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function."

-Dr. Albert Bartlett

Professor Emeritus

Department of Physics

University of Colorado


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I first saw this a few years ago. I didn't personally need the math lesson, but he makes the point better than most that:

Anything compounded consistently will result in a bubble, or in the examples from nature, collapse.

Note this was uploaded just a few months before the 2007 top.

Well worth the 1-2 hours to view all eight segments.

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"Well worth the 1-2 hours to view all eight segments."


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It's the end of the world financial system as we know it.

Jim Rickards discusses the looming debt crisis and financial abyss. Time to get religion.

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Can't we just take away a few decimal places?

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Si se fucking puede - just ask the Brazilians (1989-1991) (Cruzados, Cruzeros) and the Zimbabweans.

Got Ameros? No? Then some metals might be of interest?

It's truly amazing how long this bamboozlement has gone on, really amazing.

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you CAN fool all the sheeple most every time.

Don't know about the rest of you, but I take offence at being labeled Sheele, Peons, and Peasants and I'm tired of taking it in the ass for their benefit.

Alt Metals - lead, jacketed, and HP.

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The ride up the first big roller coaster hill is slow and steady, almost calming.


That's where we are right now...............

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Yes, I totally agree, a must see for anyone who gives an owls ass.

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For several decades I have been worrying about the insanity of apparently endless exponential growth, ending in overshoot, and thus, ending in catastrophic collapses. However, everyone that benefits from driving more exponential growth has all the money and power under that system to continue to do it ... whereas, the reality of overshoot, and then collapsing to chaos, ONLY "exists" now to the degree that one has enough intelligence, imagination and information to be able to see that.

Evolving a human and industrial ecology that does not automatically destroy itself appears to be practically impossible at the present time. We appear required to ride the roller coaster of doubling our population and activities one too many times, then, after it collapses, doing that again, and again, on some lesser scales, unless, perhaps, we finally evolved social and political means to stop doing that as badly, over and over again.

However, for now, those who benefit the most in the short-term from maximizing their own ability to defraud and rob have every advantage within the established systems to continue to do that more and more and more ... The biggest bullies' continue to be popular, and too many people still believe in their bullshit.

Learning more, to be able to imagine the future better, does not do anything much to prevent that still happening, as long as enough people contrinue to not want to do that, while small but powerful, groups work hard to make sure that collectively we never will do that.

There is a deliberate war against consciousness, to prevent people from understanding the mathematics of exponential growth. To quote another commenter, we are controlled by mathemagicians, not by mathematics.

We live our lives according to beliefs in Huge Lies, which got going by being backed up with violence. Thus, we have a fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting system, privatized fiat money-as-debt, which reduces understanding all of the rest of the real world to garbage in, garbage out. Everything we decide to do is done by using a bent rubber ruler, as our money system, to assess that decision.

There is no signs that will get any better. Instead, those who made and maintained that system are eager to gamble on starting a world war, with the risk of out-of-control use of weapons of mass destruction, in order to back up their demented bookkeeping system, where money in the bank could reproduce faster than anything else, like fish in the sea, or oil in the ground, or anything else actually real could!

Since we are controlled by trimphant frauds, we are rushing at exponential growth, towards overshoot, and collapsing to chaos, as fast as we possibly can!  Those who are driving us all to do that CAN because they were the best at being dishonest and violent in the past, which has enabled them to have the social position and prestige that they enjoy today.  By the time we discover how wrong we all were, it will be way, way too late!

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At least after we are totally wiped out financially we won't be able to continuously drive our gas guzzling SUV's so the fucking planet just might get a respite because of that.

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I'll spray as many CFCs into the ozone as I possibly can to compensate.  


Pray tell, when are we going to start finding the SUV's that prehistoric man drove that got us out of the last ice age? 

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The huge and shiny SUV in the sky, all the day, bitchez.


Edit: driven by hooman belief (and most significantly by laws of physics)

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  ''The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function''  

I see ''The Risen Fractal''. My question to you is, is there meaning, yes or no? If you say ''yes'' please explain. If you say ''no'', is that not because you do not understand the exponential function still?

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We will be all millionaires, bitchez.

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Offish topic but related, Freebird in a hurry. Where can one buy a UTG in Miami area? Anyone, anyone...a..n...y..o...n...e... Bitchez

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Brought one on amazon dot com this morning. Have used Fisch in the past. The prices of the Fisch are currently high and you may just opt for a UTG. Maybe with the latest salting scare the Fisch will become cheaper. They are plastic. When I scuba dive to where the boat sank I'll start testing with the UTG.

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sorry, can't help you on that, but I am curious what a UTG is.  Google just showed it as a company name.

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Google does not cope well with context - search for "UTG gold silver", and it will become quickly apparent that it means Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge.

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Epay has dozens of listings for them. Buy the one with velocity capabilities to test the density of your PM. Gold and tungsten havedifferent values.There are some that use gel toto block out ambient factors. The GM100 generic seems the most reasonable, unless you have a mini fort knox. MADE IN CHINA.

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Obviously bet the Fed, ECB and BoJ is very risky. I would say that it is irresponsible and has many risks. However, we do not know which will be the consecuancias or when we begin to see them. For my part, I think there maintain investments and be alert to changing trends. Markets may begin to rise significantly. But then they could drop significantly. In both situations, we can make money. But we have to be in the market. People who decide to stay outside, you risk losing your wealth.

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You Believe so, but, but, what happens when all markets freezes at the same time ? instantly .. one weekend on Sunday night you learn that your money is locked in a bank or in a financial instrument an there is a banking holiday following week and later on you can kiss and say goodby to your all money... it will blow out.. think about it...

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Incorrect. There was no simulataneous possession, bitchez.


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Incorrect. There was no simulataneous possession, bitchez.


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The Spanish are rejoicing about it right now with MENA.  

Huge rave dude.

There's smoke and sirens and shit. Must be pretty wild because the cops are beating the crap out of people and nobody...and I mean nobody is fighting back.  Like watching a farmer tend a flock of geese.

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Couple of the spanish Redditor's have connectivity established and are reporting if anyone wants to talk to them.  Locations and redditor status are confirmed


They are reporting right now that the rave now has lasers lights and fire crackers are being reported.


Things are messy.

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Something is happening in Italy.  Looking for clean source to share.

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Shit something in Argentina as'd I miss that.


If you don't know Spanish or just don't want to read, the IMF told Argentina to get their economy in order in 3 months or else, Cristina told them that "EL FONDO MONETARIO INTERNACIONAL ES ARGENTINO" and that they were not like that with the economy of Spain or Greece. She also told the UN that USA is trying to commit "political assassination" against Argentina...weird I thought Argentina was off the shit list.


Someone needs oil badly if they are putting the screws to them.  Expect oil to jump and car parts to get pricey.

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Dood, what does Argentina, IMF and oil have in common ? NOT MUCH!

Argentina told the IMF to fuck OFF one night in december 2001. Did you miss the news?
They just told them to fuck off again , and they will tell them to FUCK OFF again in three month.
I personally dislike K the bitch very much. I also lost a million paper dollars on that original FUCK OFF. but it is nice to tell the IMF to fuck oFF. Greeks are pussies , i thought more of them.....

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Argentina...appearently they won't hand over their books to the IMF..  Lagarde doesn't believe them.  lol.  Oh well, what does the IMF have to do with Oil.  Well...well...wells.   They don't drill themselves and there is production in Argentina.  Tiny, but it's there.

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Bigger is better is what she said....

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But getting fucked by a dollar?  It’s only 6 inches long.

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Inverse those charts to get the value of our economy.

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Yeh, but ask Benny Boy - its how you use it

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Ahh, another mystery solved...   Behold the origin of the dollar...

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Butt the thickness makes it almost painless.

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Thats what you call currency debasement. Hold tight your gold and silver. It's going much much higher.

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Be happier if you would spend - Uncle Bennie

Ignore that the $ won't be worth shit in 4 months.

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Maybe...but I suspect that, in the next two weeks, it will be worth more than equity hopium.

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My silver just got a boner.

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One of your best knukles, excellent!


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Fight Club full movie now up on YouTube. Search "Fight Club full movie."