How Bank Of America Destroyed Football

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As the NFL torments it players, coaches, and viewers by playing hardball over 'real' referee earnings, the truth of Monday's blown call is coming out. Courtesy of American Banker, we now know that the referee at the center of the most controversial call of the season so far is in fact a vice president for small-business banking at Bank of America in California.

The result of this call was over a billion dollars exchanging hands in Vegas bookies' offices from what was a certain winning position to certain losers, precisely due to just this one call, causing substantial losses for bookies in the process as well.


The man in question...


Lance Easley - previously at Wells Fargo, has worked at BofA since June 2011 - (we assume) moonlighting as a referee in the Santa Barbara area (officiating high school and junior college football and basketball games). Well done Lance, you have managed to move from the most-hated occupation (bankster) to the most-hated individual (outside of Seattle) in one weekend. Is it any wonder Small Business confidence and uncertainty is so high?


cue Gratuitous Green Bay Cheerleader photo to make up for all of this pain...

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Bread and Circuses.....

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Just wait until the Romainian, Russian and Italy Men's Club get a hold of him.  Bookies don't take kindly to bumblefucks.

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Sign this, Robo Ref.

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sorry tylers, this story goes into the giant "who cares" bin.....even more so that obummer has decided to help in the (union) matter.....of course grabbing some more headlines

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They screwed up football when they fired Bocephus.


Yeah....I said it.....screw you ESPN!


Go fix that chink in your amour.


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Expect Congressional hearings, investigation, subpoenas, DoJ charges, multiple new bi-partisan legislation and lots of Smiles on the View.

Bread and Circuses, Bitchez

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I'm now a Packers fan..  Lovin this Season..  rejectRefs are a total wildcard..  awesome..

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Redistribution of points.....level the playing ground.


Those guys are we can't let them win.


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What is this "football" thing of which you people speak?  Has ZH been infiltrated by consumers of mass media?

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Any excuse to trash a banker.

Not that I necessarily object, you understand... just sayin'. :)

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What is "football"?

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Rugby playes with helmets and sholder pads.

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Girls passing around the hot potato cause they don't want to get hit.


Just pissed you off didn't I?


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Hardly.  I give fuck-all about sports.

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For his next act, the guy shows up next month at Game 7 of the World Series, reachs over the railing to catch a ball, and screws the home team out of a championship.

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I'm thinking BofA just got its bailout. (Hey Bob, put it all on Seattle and we'll make sure we double up or triple up on Monday night. By Tuesday all this shit about derivatives will be all covered for us. We will be rolling in fiat.) Now the only trick is to find out who he is pulling for next weekend so that we can double it up again.

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My goodness, you mean it was a lowly retail guy who is bringing the NFL to its knees.  You would have hoped it was one of those Master of the Universe Merrill Lynch guys.

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My thoughts, too.  Reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield in "Moving":

"Mr. Pear, are you a gambling man?" "No, I'm not."  "Well, you are now!  Look, I'm gonna level with you people: I just bet a big chunk of the bank's money on Hannah Blue in the 7th at Hallmark Downs."  "That's embezzlement!?"  "That's right.  And that's exactly what I've been doing here for 22 years!"

"You heard him, God--Hannah Blue!  He said he'd be true to his wife!"  "Hey, take it easy, will ya?  I said I'd go back to my wife!"

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You didn't intercept that.  Someone else made that happen.

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Pro sports are gigantic money laundering conduits.  Why should the appearance of actual bankers in an on-field officiating role surprise anyone?

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i, mommy for throwing leggs in the air , daddy for proper ejack, school systems that gave you multiple second chances, iii stadium builders, iiii grass seed guy, coach who called hail mary and most of all the king of the jews who made it all takes a village. What about that MR. Fung? ...most hated in america? Really? Who said baffle them with bull shit? Like the previous refs never ass fucked a game? 

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Had the same play been committed anywhere else in the game besides the game ender, it just would have been another bad call. Too bad for the GB Packers, too bad. Go BEARS!

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One thought I had after watching the game was someone smart got ahold of at least one of these LFL rejects and paid them to throw the game to Seattle. I figured pay the guy $50K and bank $5 million in bets. Given this BoA connection, perhaps this is a new form or insider trading ?

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I'm sick of hearing about the NFL replacement refs. The regular NFL refs suck too. They blow calls every game, they blow replays ever game, and some blown calls change the outcome of games, but the press never says anything. Sure, the replacement refs are slightly more bad than the regular refs, but if the media spent as much time exposing the regular NFL refs as they do these replacement refs, nobody would complain about the replacements. I just watched the video of the play in question, it looked like simultaneous possession to me, and simultaneous possession goes in favor of the offense, so it looked like the right call to me. All this unfavorable coverage of the replacement officials seems designed to dishonestly support unions and strikes. Also the players are ripping the replacement refs. Of course they just suffered a lockout, and undoubtedly the players union is in solidarity with the referees union.

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Naw... he just has a reflexive hatred of any organization that uses collective bargaining....

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So, you're a proponent of gang warfare, then?

(btw, you're gonna need a bigger gang if you expect to profit)

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I thought collective bargaining was gang warfare....... Now I'm confused.

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lol...six figure guys (referees) who work part time, in a dispute with ten figure guys (owners) who also work part time at this. The dispute seems to boil down to whether the actions of seven figure guys (the players) on the field can be properly judged by six figure guys who work part time.

Instead of (roughly) 140k base they want 170k base pay...for part time.

As a confirmed capitalist scab...I could do a night or two a week for 120k ;-)

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Definitely interesting that he could watch that play and think there was simultaneous possession...

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He must have been watching a different play...or he's an idiot.

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So did he explain it by saying the Green Bay guy thought he had possession but it was actually rehypothecated to Seattle?


V in PA's picture

No. Wife's a Greenbay fan.

And by the way, I did not write it. It is borrowed from a very good Libertarian website and this is his view on the play. I tend to agree with the bolded section and that is why I reposted it.

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The replacement refs suck, it's not even debatable.  People keep bringing up, oh the refs make mistakes too, see they did this in 1998 or this in 2007 or this in 2003.  Well the replacement refs have made all the bad calls the regular refs have done of the past 10-15 years in THREE WEEKS.  Had Arizona not held after Seattle getting a 4th timeout and some other questionable calls, the Seahawks would have been gifted TWO WINS, not just the one they got against the Packers. 

They have botch play after play, and most people are ignorant to it all.  It's not just the big things, it's all the little things.  The botch spots, they botch timing issues, they miss things left and right, the coaches work the refs to their advantage (see Pete Carroll smiling after calling that 4th timeout).  Roger Goodell, the farce that he is, has made player safety his top concern publicly, well using replacement refs that are missing everything, and allowing teams to hold and do many dirty things during the course of the game is risking the players needlessly.  Again over what a couple thousand dollars per ref per season? 

These refs even have a hand holding official on the sideline to get information from (since they don't have it), and use replay not to confirm or deny what they called, but to get a call in the first place because they have no fucking clue what the hell happened.  I've seen it time after time.  Did anyone realize that's exactly what happened in the Monday night game? The ref didn't ask what they saw, he ran immediately to the booth to watch the replay.  Anybody that has watched these games and doesn't know the difference is a fucking moron in terms of how much more these refs suck than the regular refs.  I've seen plenty of bad calls by regular refs.  But these refs make once a year mistakes, every quarter they ref.  They suck so bad it's insane. How anyone can miss it is beyond me.  How anyone can say there is no difference, is someone oblivious or ignorant of the differences.  When I watch the games all I'm seeing is....that's a fuck up, that's a fuckup.  Wrong spot.  Hey asshole it's 2nd down, not 4th down.  Hey you didn't mark the spot after the penalty it's at the 30 yard line not 20.  Hey retard, you are supposed to mark the penalty off from the end of the run, or the spot of the foul.  Nice spot, it was supposed to be the 36, and you marked the 34.  4th timeouts, fumbles, ints.  They call more conferences than Europe and they are just as effective. 

It's OBVIOUS that in a market of football reffing, there is a need for the skill these refs have.  They have to have smart minds and sharp minds.  They tend to be lawyers and doctors, and by its nature this is their overtime.  This is what they work from their 40th hour to 65th hour or so.  The market has spoken.  Replacements suck.  The replacement refs are used to high school speed of the game, not the NFL speed of the game.  No matter how much someone tries, some people just can't run a 4.3 40 yard dash.  Just like some people just can't ref the speed of the NFL.

Did anyone know that all of this has been done over about 1.5-3 million dollars in a 9 billion dollar a year business, and one which is expected to grow (due to the new CBA) to 18 billion by the end of it?  I would say nickle and diming, but it's really hay pennying.  They are destroying the integrity of the game, and altering the season, risking coaching jobs, players jobs, incentives in contracts, not to mention player safety, for almost NOTHING.

It also goes beyond just the Packers and the Seahawks.  It also involves things like playoff seeding, and thus also who will host games and who won't in the playoffs.  Obviously it's impacting things like the betting world, and not to mention the fantasy football leagues, pick 'em's, survivor leagues.  People pay good money to the NFL (what's the average over 100 a seat?), and all sorts of internet/tv packages to watch these games, and the NFL is purposefully putting out an inferior product for the cost of one fucking superbowl 30 second television ad.  Does that put this in perspective?

Of course overall none of this matters, it's just a game.  Not like the NFL can overcome the lack of Glass-Steagall.  But it is once again another big business not listening to the reailty of the situation, the pleas of the fans, and the consequences on the field, and toeing the company line at all costs.  (which again is peanuts)


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The regular refs were getting too good at making the correct calls. So good in fact that it became difficult for the NFL owners to fix the games. By getting us used to the replacement officials they can now influence and direct the outcome through the officials without it seeming obvious.

I have to say though that I like the replacement officials. I stopped watching the NFL years ago because I find the product very boring, especially compared to college football. Now it is exciting and hilarious at the same time. You never know what's going to happen next (cue Benny Hill music)!

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it was the Romainian, Russian and Italy Men's Club that bought the ref

sunaJ's picture

Oh, Hell no. You can destroy America with your market and finance practices, but don't mess with football. There may be a storming of a BoA corporate office for this. Allahu football!

Dr. Sandi's picture

I'm waiting for a public uproar over the botched calls by the referees over at the SEC. Screw the NFL, that's kid stuff.

Ruffcut's picture

Proof that bankers are not worth two shits. But maybe three.

agNau's picture

Owen Templeton
"Crazy Lucy Bitches"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King_of_simpletons's picture

In the banking industry everyone is a 'Vice President'. I've seen tom, dick and harrys call themselves Vice Presidents and Regional Vice Presidents when all they do is sit and home and cold call people for money to invest in their blackhole schemes.

akak's picture

And fuck the shallow, mindless, sheeplike fanatics ("fans") whose desperate attempts to fill their empty lives by obsessing over children's games played by adult strangers fuel those professional sports.

NotApplicable's picture

See you down in Arizona Bay!

akak's picture

I have no idea what that means, and I consider myself fortunate not to understand the reference.

As I have always said, if the average American would give just 10% of the attention they give to professional sports to politics or world events, or to ANYTHING with any real-world significance, this world would be a far better place.

Marx was perhaps correct in his time regarding religion, but today the REAL opiate of the masses is professional sports.  The fact that this obsession fuels mindless, kneejerk group-thinking and collectivistic herd behavior on the most primitive, emotional, non-rational level is only a bonus for the powers that be, as it helps them manipulate and control the already-conditioned masses.