Meanwhile, At The Greece 'Mass Strike' Protest-Cam

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Tens of thousands of Greeks are in the streets (according to various media and livestreams - expected to grow to 100,000) and what was a peaceful (though loud) protest against the 'criminal TROIKA' appears to have begun sporadically to turn a little ugly as police are organizing and smoke (believed to be tear gas and petrol bombs being exchanged) is seen in the Square. The live-stream shows hundreds of riot police as the protesters begin to arrive in the main Square.

Livestream is down for now...


here is RT earlier:




Some clips recorded earlier:



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Do they think the government has the money to pay them?

gojam's picture

The riot police or the striking protesters ?

Debtonation's picture

Given that so much of Greece is state controlled I'm just assuming they are public sector workers that are going on strike. Why else would someone protest a strike in front of the Acropolis?

Oh regional Indian's picture

:-) Clever handle there Debtonation.


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Clever handle there Debtonation.


In trying needs to get inventive.


If the riots didn't work the first time......I hardly think it's going to work again.


Worth a shot though I suppose.

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Seems the police are back on their heals during this protest, moreso than the protests of last year.  Many more explosions being seen, while the police scramble. 

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You could also replace the word "riots" with the words "quantitative easing"?

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Let's face it there are fewer and fewer Greeks with jobs who can go on strike....................yet the protests are getting bigger and bigger.

Here is an alternative live feed which is less static -

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For a second there I thought you wrote "... fewer and fewer Geeks...".  

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'Strike' is probably the wrong expression.   It's more of a begger's riot.

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The protests are because the Greeks found the banks are no longer giving out Spiderman beach towels for new accounts.

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Has the EU made a secret funding arrangement to the Athen's police?  Are they now Rompuy's Raiders?


Don't you think that somehow the Riot Police will be paid if "unrest comes to Camden, NJ? 

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It won't be a municipal force, it will be a federal DHS force, so no funding problem. If you look closely on the patch sewn on their arm it says "ctrlP"

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Can we please stop with the bullshit?

This is not violence. When blood flows from bullet holes in elite skulls, that is violence.

This is just a bunch of people walking in the street littering and talking loudly.

Let's not call that violence. Let's wait to see blood flow before we declare violence. Nothing will change until that violence appears.

MassDecep's picture

Study these clips hard Amerikans, it will be much worse here, when TSHTF. So many blinded sheeple...

mjcOH1's picture

I think it'll be a lot more orderly here.   The government will confiscate savings through inflation.   The EBT cards will be filled with inflation adjusted electronic dollars.    If you're a 'donor' you'll keep on toiling away and be too busy to riot.   If you're a 'beneficiary', you'll avoid rioting for fear of having your Ripple and donuts supply cut off.   Let the good times roll.  

CrashisOptimistic's picture

There is nothing for Americans to learn from these photos.

Americans own guns.  It is the rest of the world that will learn from Americans.

BandGap's picture

The Greeks don't want no freaks.

How fucked up is a country where the government has no money and the tax collectors go on strike?

Hump day in the real world.

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Greece is rioting? Surely this is news.

GetZeeGold's picture



Beats hearing the latest about Lindsay Lohan.....and Madonna stripping for Obama.


GetZeeGold's picture



Double dog dare you.


westboundnup's picture

Funny. I never learned how to spell "secession" because I never thought I would need to use it.

slaughterer's picture

When winter comes the protesters will pack it up to look for shelter.  

samcontrol's picture

Autumn in Greece is plenty warm enough.

francis_sawyer's picture

In this sweet 'ol country

where I come from

Nobody ever works

& nothin gets done


Pharming's picture

Actually one of my favorite Stones tunes.  Thank you for putting that one in my head.  

slaughterer's picture

Season 4 of "Euro Crisis": honey, is this really better than NFL?

samcontrol's picture

oh ,but it will be!

With or without the cheating zebras.

slaughterer's picture

where are the cheerleaders?  and the refs?

GetZeeGold's picture



Screw them......just send us Hank Williams Jr.....aka Bocephus.


Then roll the credits....cause that's all we want to see.


Oh regional Indian's picture


Un-necessary in the end. Greeks would have been happy drinking Ouzo and sailing ships and squeezing olives. Then came the Euro and it's "free-money" zone, lead by Germany/UK/France.

Like pouring fuel to the mediterranean lazy fire. Everywhere actually. All "hot-country" people, who can neither move at the pace or understand the pathalogical mind of the money-men.

Till it's too late. Like now.


cossack55's picture

So, then, is Iceland a "hot country" because of geothermal and volcanos or a "cold country" since the Arctic is next door. Maybe just a rational "fuck the banksters" country? Hmmm....

Oh regional Indian's picture

People from colder climes (especially where it snows/ices over) have a very different attitude to everything.

Neither is better or worse, it just is.

People in tropical climes lead slower lives, it's really obvious, no? Who the heck wants to sweat and huff and puff, especially when nature is so naturally bountiful?


zorba THE GREEK's picture

Looks pretty mild to me. We need to get this party going.

Waiter...OOZO for everyone, Zorba's buying.

lailapa's picture

GREECE ranks among the witches of Salem

Germans plunge Europe into a new Medieval Era. Protestants have once again taken up their favorite sport, witch hunt.

Are they ready to take that risk ?

magpie's picture

Then get back to classical antiquity.

Choose either Hellas' freedom or the Medes' (IMF/ECBs) 'silver'.

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Austerity: not giving money you don't have. Which to Keynesians is "insanity" because you can just imagineer money. It's obvious that austerity is just your mental deficiency. Plus, you don't have a regular column in the NYT or Noble Prize in Economics, idiot.

Can Krugman go on another magic mystery tour of Europe where he tells them how austerity is counterproductive? It's only getting funnier by the hour.

insanelysane's picture

The definition of austerity has been corzined.  Austerity is actually not spending money you have, almost being a miser.  

The MSM has redefined it to mean having a balanced budget or spending every penny you make.

hapless's picture

Nope.  Austerity means running a smaller deficit than some recent extreme.

[Edit]  Don't believe me?

"Cash-Strapped French Socialists Face Reality of Austerity - CNBC July 25,2012"

"Hollande's government has embarked on one of the biggest reductions in the deficit that modern France has ever seen as the government struggles to cut the budget gap to 3 percent of GDP ... next year from 4.5 percent this year despite a deteriorating growth outlook."

So in fact, what constitutes "austerity" is governed by excesses of the past, with each new level of excess relaxing the definition of austerity.

blindman's picture

throwing off the yoke of ponzi money
is different than needing money. /wanting/subscribing
to money that which is not necessarily the domain
of money.
or is it the yoke of debt that is a problem? looks like the "government" has some more explaining to do.

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Greek police need to be the front line of austerity by accepting an 80% pay decrease.

Peter Pan's picture

Greece should print its own money instead of asking for the money of others. In this way two lessons will be learned. The first will be learned by disappointed lenders who will get nothing and the second will be learned by the Greeks who will now have to work and earn their way in the real world and pay the price for anything they do and everything they buy instead of leaning on others.



new game's picture

and these leasons will be taught to a country near you. when the student needs a lesson the teacher(markets) will arrive.

but until then the game goes on; debt monetized to keep it going. the money will ALWAYS FLOW TO THE BESt RETurn.

the swiss know, wall street knows, do you?

hedge accordingly...


Peter Pan's picture

Yes, printing brings its own lessons. The more you print the more you have to keep on printing until the folly of your ways is exposed. This is why the Greeks when returning to the drachma  will not be able to trade their way out of trouble unless they discipline their whole nation to give up their bad old ways and allow the market to dictate outcomes.

20-20 Hindsight's picture

Never mind the mass demonstrations, which always prove useless in the end.  People get hurt for nothing, as it becomes a war of attrition between the mob and the cops who are only there to follow their masters' order -- fully aware that they consider themselves "lucky" to still have a job.  

Why isn't anyone targetting the banksters directly?  And I do mean directly.