Berlusconi's Back With A New Grand Plan?

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Presented with little comment as the populist media mogul steps back into the European political landscape with these little beauties:


It appears he has a new plan then - Allow Germany to leave; and let the rest of the broke insolvent European countries print themselves to socialist utopia. Vote Bunga...

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The irony is a Central bank of Europe has as much business being there as he does as an un-elected civil servant spouting horseshit.


I think that should be added to the article.  The Un-elected EU Civil Servant shoudl be synonymous with Berlusconi

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I almost spit up my coffee! Are you sure Mr. B isn't working for onion news?

Can't make this stuff up!

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And I find myself starting to think that Berlusconi was set up and blackmailed by TPTB. Still, I'd like to be invited to one of his partys.

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The new plan is like the old plan only different.  Anyway, it's meaningless.

The globalists power structure and ambitions are falling apart before their eyes.

The elitists can't even get laid by a housekeeper anymore.  It's enough to make a grown man cry.  

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Hide your bridesmaids!! BUNGA BUNGA

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Lots Of Bunga Bunga Will Save Italy, And The Euro Too...

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It's the same as the "second best" option that George Soros revealed within the last month. "First best" being for Germany to pay everybody's bills, of course.

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For Once, This Fecker

Is Telling It Like It Is ...

...Amid A Short Break Between His Bunga-Bungas...

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It has become that surreal hasn't it?


He has as much say about the direction of Europe as a third shift burger cook has to say about the development of solid booster stage rocket fuel.


Mind = blown anytime that jackass opens his mouth.  I agree though his parties would be off the hook.

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It's really simple -- Germany must choose between leaving and paying everyone else's bills in perpetuity. 

If they leave, they alone will prosper and in 30 years time will probably re-conquer their broke-assed socialist neighbors.

If they stay, in 30 years they'll be spain and greece, only with better beer.

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They'll be epic now with the arbitrage play in rates for Italian vs Greek bunga bunga girls.

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No no, Mussolini actually got elected on his political platform. Berlusconi is a classic example of a pretender

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Another Mario! Or, a re-NEW-ed Mario.

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Wow can't insult bouncing dead cats, but throwing insults in reference to disgruntled women is ok?

Don't you guys have a fine for that also?

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Berlusconi going honest Bitchezz!!!

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Shut up, you had me at scam!

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good idea, kicking out the only solvent country ;)

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Sort of like a drunken teenager saying it'd be just fine for mom and dad to get out of the house.

Somebody's going to get face-planted.

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it's actually an excellent idea. let germany leave., the euro can inflate itself into a hyperinflation and then after europe financially implodes, the germans can reconquer europe and finally get america to agree to them building their own nuclear weaponry. 

it's about time. the only way we are going to finally put wwII behind us is when we start preparing for ww3. 




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Death or bunga bunga: Death

Death or bunga bunga: Death

Death or bunga bunga:Bunga Bunga.............................Death by bunga bunga

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"Berlusconi is a genius"

Umberto Eco


I ain't gonna argue with him

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Did we ever really doubt it?  They have centuries of experience.

I have to admit, the older I get, the harder it is to spot the hookers, as opposed to all the other chicks who rent by the hour.

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Monetary bunga!


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The man is like a cockroach - but in a good way...

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You can't deny the man has charisma.  That's what makes him most dangerous. 

That, and his limitless supply of coke, hgh, and designer viagra.

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Bullish. Forward!!! avanti!!!!

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Siempre Adelante!  But where did that get the conquistadors?


Poosh, Poosh, in the Boosh.

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Seriously, how is it these FONs (freaks of nature) are allowed to get recycled? 50 years of recycling crap and corruption has brought us to todays shitstorm.

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He's chilling with Corzine  where they are Going :bunga bunga!

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ZH clueless again: hyperinflation ALWAYS happened under fixed exchange rates (gold standard) or when productivity collapsed (Zimbabwe) or when the coutry was imposed unpayable debts (Weimar). Nothing eg. happened to Argentina when it dropped the peg. It is crazy that Berlusconi is right here: any country and the Eurozone needs a central bank that finances it, anything else leads to a deflationary collapse. Vide the Great Depression - the countries that left gold standard first did the best. 

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Nothing eg. happened to Argentina when it dropped the peg.

No, "nothing happened" during the Argentinian currency crisis of 2001-2002 --- "nothing" except a 75% devaluation of the currency and people's savings, and a massive depression which threw half the population into grinding poverty.

Just who is the clueless one here?

OhMy's picture

Yep, inflation happened because Argentina was trying to defend the idiotic peg. It never works.


So you are the clueless here.

akak's picture

So let me see if I understand your argument: 400% inflation and financial and economic collapse = "nothing".

Oh my.

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Thus the screen name, yeah I thought so myself.

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We started to be much better after the default and the drop of the peg. Look at our fundamentals since 2003. I'ts been almost ten years now. Bad for Tango-bonds holders and so, good for the people. Just empirics, pal, trust me.

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akak, I see you have trouble following. The inflation was the real cost of following the polcicies ZH supports. Got it now? You never want to have a peg to anything  (like gold or dollar) and you never want to use foreign currency (liek the Eurozone countries do), so Berlusconi is right: Eurozone has to disband or the ECB has to start financing deficits just like the Fed does. 

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Buy gold or prepare anus.

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"Just who is the clueless one here?"


MDB's brother from another mother....maybe??

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Dear Ohmy, "fixed exchange rates" are not the answer, they are based on a reserve currency being used as a peg. The real issue is the currency itself. Under the original US Constitution, there is no (paper) currency, only coins. Today that 1 oz gold coin would be worth $1,800 and that silver dime will buy a gallon of gas. No need for paper. Banks did their lending based on receivables of reputable companies. That's right, reputable.

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Just wish we in America could opt out of paying for all of the people on Welfare and insolvent Banks in our own Country.

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I bet if we dumped the banker welfare queens we could support the other ones just fine. And gradually there would be fewer of them as real jobs were created because moral hazard and malinvestment would not chase good money away any more. I'm not saying things would be solved, but these big bastards failing, breaking up, and reforming small local companies would go a loooong way towards some healing.

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banker welfare queens

+1 googolplex




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italy is giving germany the boot. extra lulz

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Will Germany give Italy Das Boot, in response?