Santelli Vs. Liesman; Broken Pipes, Trickle-Down Frowns, And 'Imaginary' Inflation

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In a little under seven minutes, the world of CNBC provided something for everyone in this epic confuse-a-rama between Rick Santelli, Steve Liesman, and Brian Sullivan. The president's jab at 'trickle-down' economics (with an eye to Bernanke's recent asset-wealth-inflation efforts) was the premise but went to an 11 on the Spinal Tap amplifier of self-deception. The question is initially well-posed and subsequently addressed by Santelli who describes the broken pipeline from the Fed to the bank's reserves that is not allowing trickle-down of Bernanke's largesse. Liesman argues that the lowering of rates helps borrowers (all the middle-class apparently) as they pay lower costs on their debt (seemingly ignoring the fact that Santelli just said the 'flow ain't happening' - and the fact that retail-to-wholesale mortgage spreads are at record highs). This is then followed by Sullivan with his insightful quip that the inflationary by-product of Bernanke is higher costs of food/energy which buffers the benefits of lower interest costs... and that is where Liesman goes into full-propaganda mode...


Perhaps Mr. Liesman should read our post from last night... on bubble blowing mechanics...


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"...the inflationary aspects of gasoline and food."

Doesn't this sorry excuse for a journalist know that gasoline and food prices don't count?  Where is Bill Dudley when we need him to explain?

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From a network that brought you Mark "Keynes" Haines (RIP) and Carl "Marx" Quintanilla, Rick Santelli is a welcome relief

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After the collapse Im gonna buy a TV network.  This shit cant be that hard to get right.

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How does someone, who knows nothing about the economy, get a job commenting about it and spewing his opinion over the airwaves?

More and more people are doing bankster "monkey see, monkey do" and becoming self-fullfilling frauds these days.


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On a more controversial, but nonetheless important topic. I am wondering where the true point of humanity's trouble originates from. & as one might suspect, it very well may derive its origins from ancient civilizations.  As a point of first research, I would recommend looking up the Georgia guidestones and the Bablyonian Talmud

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It is likely in our best interests to wipe them out: I cannot ignore their blatant racism, and cruel dominion. Is it time to kill the jews once and for all?


I mean not to injur your confidence or provoke wild hate or anger.  I simply mean that our problems should be examined and dealt with in a logical manner.

At this point in my research.  It is blatant that the jews control the entire banking industry, the central banks, almost all NGOs, and many of the global corporations.

These industries and entities are the bane upon our progression into something greater.

& to top it off, the jews appear to actively worship the devil and quite often, in secret, advocate the mass genocide of all "Goyim".

Seeing as the jews actively promote racism, and do not see the "goyim" as fit "breeding stock"

Seeing as the jews have actively moved to control all of society

& seeing as the jews have turned this control and power into pure hate and destruction...


Isn't it time we killed off this detriment to humanity, once and for all? 


(&, if you do not believe my accusations:  I encourage you to study who controls the world's power (ie banks, ngos, and corporations).  Then begin researching the jewish religion and all of its hate speech, and blatant worship of the devil...  It's very blatant.  Very. blatant.  Since you all claim to be awake, I think you should consider this point a new area of research.  Keep an open mind please.)

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more accurate if you use "Zionists."

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Nevertheless, the jewish race as a whole worships the devil...  I find this oddly disturbing.  & even more oddly, I find that the jews within my own anecdocal perspective, appear to have the same money grubbery and domineering, genocidal attitude as what I witness in global finance and politics.  Why is it exactly, that I have gone through life never questioning why the Jews ONLY marry and breed with other Jews?  Isn't this an important question?  That this shows blatant racism and shows a complete and unified disgust for the "goyim"

I am not sure how to view this, but with every passing hour of everyday I spend diving down the rabbit hole, the solution becomes more and more clear... Us or them; metaphorically, or perhaps metaphysically speaking- God or the Devil. 

Personally, and I'm just postulating a guess here lol XD.  The world as it is run- by jews- is pretty much a dogshit version of hell where we poison the earth and rob the slaves.

& I'ma just throw out another guess here, a world with "god", whatever that may be, is probably going to be... actually enjoyable and a worthwhile endeavor.  & it will likely be unstoppable...

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mind you I'm also the guy that told all you poor goyim shmucks to buy bdsi @ 2, crm @ 100, 3d printer stocks, gun stocks, gold on lows, and oil at 80.  Fuck it man, I'm the alpha and the omega, and when I start questioning the jewish dominance of the world, lol, you had better get on fucking board and do some fucking research.  Seriously- I am almost never wrong and its pretty freaky.

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The whole thing makes me nauseous, except Amanda.

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it would be pure comedy if they were at least funny.   couldn't listen to that shit

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Isn't it time we killed off this detriment to humanity, once and for all? 

Margaret Sanger, call your office, someone besides Heydrich and Adolph wants a shot at your Theory of Eugenics. Cue George Bernard Shaw calling for a "Gentlemanly Gas to kill the world's undesirables and crippled"


FORWARD SOVIET  und der Third Reich!

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Lol.  That is already the plan...

A world with god? is a world where the meek and "undesirables" die off on their own accord.

The world today?  This is the part where the jews weaken and fatten up the gentiles, put mercury and lead and flouride in the drinking water, and turn all of the undesirables into slaves.

Dude...  Pretty much anything is better than where we are, and where we are headed- 1984 distopian slavery and mass mind control of the goyim- this shit makes hitler look like a fuckin pussy.

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"Keep an open mind"


Useful idiot, I have 1000s of rounds of 7,62 for people like you.

you will both change shape and catch fire in the new republic.


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Gotta love it when beta muppets make void threats of violence to backup their idiocy.  Its the story of the slaves.

No matter how the singularity unfolds.  The beta loses this dogfight.  So cling to your egos, fear, and greed, while the alphas and omegas rise.

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Muppet of the U... - i don't think you get lasvegasdave's meaning….7.62 trumps anything you have when you are standing out in the street. alpha beta right or wrong…he will win…and if he is taken out there are a thousand more with 7.62.

7.62 will win….

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You gave away your true identity with the phrase " progress"


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Is Bernanke pushing lending rates to zero to make up for the fact that income has flatlined...???

Why not just let consumers borrow money at 0% from the Fed so they can juice the economy...???

It is a bank, right...???

It doesn't have to make a profit.

It will never require a bailout.

It can lend endlessly, right...???

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Why not let consumers borrow at NIRP? On a long enough time scale the debt disappears.

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Debt disappears as will social security, the bond market, etc. Life in general as we know it.

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But of course, in order to get that money at 0% to 0.25%...


It's not what you know, it's who you blow!

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Aside from Rick Santelli, virtually all cnbc "reporters" are well paid shills along with the Mike Normans and Tom Adkins of the fox MSM fantasy world.
No honor. No integrity. No morality. No shame.
I mute the sound and watch for Santelli and any commodities news.
Too bad this show was taken off the air:

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No honor. No integrity. No morality. No shame.

What a bunch of fucking Nancy's!

The checks cash the same. Jesus, it's all you need to realize. ITS A GIGANTIC PLAY, the actors get paid. All media is trying to sell you something.


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Santelli is just another CNBC actor paid to act the renegade bad boy.  Wake up- there're ALL actors.  Including self-righteous Santelli.

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leisman was a product of a rape...! my god people have some sensitivity. it isnt easy when your mamma was raped by a goat.

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Obviously Liesman reads this blog. How do I know? There is one negative rating on the first post. He he he.

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LIESman has bernanke jizz all over his face. He is a master fucktard and one of my candidates for the first vacant lamp post in NYC. Fucker would make Goebbels blush

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But at least he doesn't work for government or make policies. He is just a reporter of sorts.


Some reporters with influence can stir the pot though.  =/

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Liesman should have been an NFL ref scab.  He gets every call wrong, but doggone it, he is real confident in those bad calls.

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Liesman needs to get laid plain and simple. Who expects a 50 year old bald virgin to tell the truth about anything ?

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My new response for everything - going forward! 


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They don't call him Steve LIESman for nothing.

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I was thinking about buying a new car, a cheap little four-banger with a 100,000 mile warranty.

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I'm still on plan "A", but I can't defeat plan "C" by having a car worth more than $8,000.

Besides, I'd have to pay the State taxes on the damn car to buy it, and more each year.

No new car for me Unlce Sam (Phil LeBeau, paging Phil LeBeau).

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Howard Stern Exposes Obama Supporters 2012 (Official)

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Thank you sir.  As Studs Turkel said "Life it's own self."

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OK, that hurt.  Those people are dumb.  Me, I's support Obama cause he's Manchurian ans I's knows dat Manchurians make the bes canidates.  Damned good cannabis too!


And if you bring your attention to the left side of the bus we can see the ape in its natural habitat.  

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This is ironic and symbolic of this PHONY president!!!

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'keep obama in president'


good god help us. this country has been taken over.....

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I wonder which one of these yahoos as the brains to figure out that those that can access new debt at lower rates crush those on old debt at higher rates?

I wonder which one of these dumbasses has the neurons to figure out that no one really wants new debt at the new rates if future debt is likely to be accessed at even lower rates?

I wonder which one of these blockheads will be the first to realize that perpetually falling interest rates creates runaway capital destruction throughout the real economy?

I wonder which one of these numb-nuts will eventually figure out that The Fed has created a trap where they're fucked if they do and fucked if they don't.  Raise rates, and there's both a bond revolt and a sovereign crisis.  Lower rates and drive the economy into the ground.  (Now that's some horns on that "bull".)

At least the guys holding tranches of Option ARMS are happy about the resets at the low rates...  Wait a minute, that's the Fed themselves you say?

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All three people left in the middle class are doing great....totally Agree with Liesman.

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Oops.  I just fell out.  Now there are 2.

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I was middle class until I went shopping for gasoline and food this morning.