Visualizing The ECB's 'Solar-Systemic' Impact On The Eurozone

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Here's everything worth knowing about the euro-system in one huge infographic.



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Sorta reminds me of the NJ quiz to use the illegal garbage dump in the Meadow-lands

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We're ALL going to fucking Pluto now bitchez...

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Cyprus = the new Pluto

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EU is fucked. Bad demographics, massive sense of entitlement. Yeah they have castles, cheese and wine, but that's about it.

Check out this in-depth presentation by Jeffrey Gundlach:

Good shit that explains it all...

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Stop & consider, dear Hedge. Europe has castles, cheese and wine. Why is that? Why did people make things that were better than men had known before?

What inspired the grand architecture, the beautiful boulevards, the magnificent gardens? Why aren't they building more wonders of the world?

Why must achievement belong to the past? Who banished it from the present?

Europe was once a thing of wonder, and now it appears dead. Who killed it?

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Hey, I resent that.  Actually, I feel sort of Swedish today.

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If there's no central bankers on Pluto, I'm in.

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Pluto, black hole...

The first need after an uprising is a central bank !?

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One giant asteroid is on its way...

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ELE - Extiction Level Event.

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Which one is Nibiru?

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It's the colorful one between Naboo and Tatooine...

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Krugman said aliens. Where are  the damn aliens?

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Where in the hell do you Tylers come up with this stuff? I can't keep up with the super/duper snarky, " cross referencing".

  The way you assimilate obscure, "never spoken areas of interest", into everyday life is astonishing! 


    Well done Tylers!


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The Eurozone is like the Thunderdome!

2 countries enter, 1 country leaves.


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 This should be a mandatory learning chart , for every incumbent politician!

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Something is clearly wrong with this ships monetary plumbing.....

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Did anyone catch the Ryder cup thingy  ?.....

I mean that ship of two market states is very disturbing.

Whats probally more important is that these guys or people like them are the captains of this sinking ship  - would you really want to go into battle with those guys behind you.


In my best Cork accent



Uncertain. Suggestions include

  • from langur monkeys, via the Munster Fusiliers regiment stationed in India
  • from leangaire, a word in Cnósach Focal ó Bhaile Bhúirne, a dictionary of the Muskerry Gaeltacht. It means an unusually long slender salmon
  • And central to it all is wind-up, making a langer out of people, to use that now unfortunate word that can still only be used correctly and said correctly by Cork people, even though the rest of the country has taken to it with gusto, embarrassing themselves like white people trying to talk black slang to be "street".
  • 2006 November 22, Hurling abuse when there’s no team in sight, Irish Independent:
    "Langers boy, every wan of ‘em. Golfers are only langers. They’re only golfing cos they can’t hurl. Anyone that golfs in Cork is only a failed hurler and a langer, boy. "
  • Synonyms


    [edit] Verb


    1. to diaper (to put diapers on someone)

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    Whats probally more important is that these guys or people like them are the captains of this sinking ship 

    As if the first part was important.

    They're just golfing, dude.   

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    You clearly did not get the symbolism of the opening ceremony - those guys and girls were declaring their  allegiance to  supra national market states.

    Its such a stupid pathetic sport I rarely if ever am forced to watch it but the opening ceremony was interesting albeit vommit inducing.

    These guys are so removed from the Lords they think claim kinship with.

    Those men had balls of steel.....these golfing guys get other people to pick up their balls.


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    I thought I heard a giant sucking noise!

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    Good clip Do/C . It's that Sam Jackson,(recent press), that turns me off!

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    The best thing about Zero Hedge is the charts it features!

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     I'll bet ya share Z/H on yer "Street Corner"? Don't lie fuzzy Monkey!

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    I have no idea what you are talking about.

    THE DORK OF CORK's picture = Langer

    How can people embrace this Synthetic Packaging , this nothingness.


    This  amateur fiction is far more real in my book.

    (go to 37.20 - 40.15)

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    Think when referring to all those zones, the author inadvertently left out the twilight Zone...

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    Sorry duplicate comment

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    Lol! Zimbabwe's position!

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    Some things are not in the chart. The ECB is NOT the Central Bank of the Eurozone's States; the shares DO NOT belong to the States' Central Banks that are owned by private banks. Also, the there are Banks into the ECB from States NOT INTEGRATING the Eurosystem, as i.e. the Bank of England, Sweden... Moreover, some guys holding shares of the ECB are the same holding Federal Reserve shares, so to speak. It's an oligarchy of bankster controlling almost the entire monetary system of the so called "First World" countries.

    All these guys don't give a shit about people, States, companies, resources, environment... They only aim at profit no matter the "collateral damage" they cause. As a matter of fact, they managed to put their own people TO RUN STATES (Monti, Samaras, De Guindos and so on) just to watch over their interests. They're selling off State's assets as much as they can (especially vital services as energy supply systems, water supply systems, etc.) so to make every citizen a slave client that in the end is gonna have to choose  less eating in order to have water, electricity...  They're stealing pensions funds too. Some kind of Bankster PACMAN eating as much as possible including civil rights and the very houses of people. And of course at this point, if you control such a monetary system, you're able to pay for everything: politicians, massmedia and whatever it takes. In addition, you've the police of every State and NATO, the most powerfull war machine in the World. "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

    THIS IS THE WAY IT IS. The "Euro Solar System" chart is not efficient enough to understand the very shape of this shitty world they've managed to set up.

    That's what we must face.



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    If you understand italian, here you can have a vision of their modus operandi. The way they took over Italy's government.

    Nice, isn't it?

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    IMPENDING SELL OFF...................
    Longs please be careful.

    Due to recent central bank intervention and short covering spikes, these daily charts are extremely overextended and significant correction expected very soon: