40 Deutsche Bank Employees Injured After Inhaling "Dangerous" Substance In Schkeuditz, Germany

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It appears banker popularity is low to quite low not only in the US but virtually everywhere. According to Lepizig-Fernsehen, a toxin alert has been issued at a Deutsche Bank branch in Schkeuditz, a suburb town of Leipzig, where 40 people have been "injured" after inhaling a white powdery substance delivered hours before, and which spread via the building's air conditioning system.

From LF:

On Friday afternoon marched forces of police and firefighters from the Deutsche Bank building in Schkeuditz. Around 40 people have been injured by inhaling a dangerous, but so far unknown substance.


The package with the white powder had been delivered in the hours before. With great probability the substance spread through the air conditioning throughout the building.


40 people were contaminated there, the entire office complex and an adjoining nursery were evacuated. More than 100 people were affected by the safeguards. The police and firefighters are having a large contingent on site to accommodate the investigation into the powder and its origin.

More as we see it.

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Clueless Economist's picture

I'm sure all you ZHers are hoping these "evil" bankers all die a slow agonizing death from what they breathed in.

GetZeeGold's picture



Well no.....not die. Do you think we're heartless or something?


Stackers's picture

Bankers inhaling white powder ? This is new ?

GetZeeGold's picture



Dude kills in the Catskills.......the bankers line up to see him.

Pladizow's picture

Gas chambers suck - huh Germany!

HoofHearted's picture

No, it was Gary Busey working in the Italian Parliament's post office again. He's selling the stuff (cut with baking soda of course) so that he can keep part of it for himself.

Ying-Yang's picture

Local paper Leipziger Volkszeitung in its online edition said the incident may be linked to an ongoing wage dispute at the offices.

toady's picture

Someone put the wrong 'substance' in the vent. They usually use some kind of stimulent. Keeps the bankers sharp.

Hobbleknee's picture

If someone broke in your house to steal a dollar, you would shoot him in the face, but bankers steal from us every day through inflation, and we're supposed to have a heart?

Spastica Rex's picture


Vive la France.

Oh regional Indian's picture

This though is sad....

Little people going after little people. Tch.


Spastica Rex's picture


IRL, I'm a passivist.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Interesting. Pacifist has a fist in it. Vist is better.

Nice Bob oh. I know you are. ;-)


Eireann go Brach's picture

Timmay Geitner left his rotting bag of bad blow there last week!

Melin's picture


Have you anything to say about the poor, undoubtedly completely innocent victims of a viscious attack? Some evil individual(s) just attacked people and your "concern" is to accuse ZHers of disgusting thoughts emanating solely from your own despicable mind. 

Know thyself and try to be a better human being. 


Melin's picture

lol...even I had to up-arrow ya on that.  Thanks for the levity.

Captain Benny's picture

There is no innocents when you choose to work for a bank, for a system of dominance, and for an empire of criminals.  All men have choice and they can chose to be innocent only by removing themselves from the side of criminals and taking the side of those who fight them.

Clueless Economist's picture

Yeah that pimply faced 22 year old teller at my local branch deserves to die for choosing to be "on the side of the criminals"

You are one sick and twisted piece of human excrement.

Captain Benny's picture

Maybe I am just intolerant to my fellow man's ignorance of their own crimes.   I have my own past deeds that I must face.  They have theirs.   And I don't think death is the right punishment... please don't assume that was said when it never was.

My point is that there are no innocent people here.  Who are we to judge that branch's staff guilty, or conversely innocent/?   My own experience indicates that bankers at all levels helped commit crimes.... from people signing fraud signatures, to overstating borrower incomes, to selling shitty securities at Goldman Sachs.    My experience indicates bankers have a history of criminal activity at all levels.

Raymond Reason's picture

As much as i complain about the Jews, i feel sympathy for Joe Jew on the street who, being proud of his heritage, benefits in some way through nepotism, sympathetic propaganda, etc., but doesn't want to look too deeply into the atrocities of his clan leaders.  Nevertheless, he has blood on his hands. 

By the same token, i can't deny that i am an American and lived a better life than most of the world's inhabitants, because i benefited from the perennial atrocities committed by my national leaders, and actively supported several of them.  Yeah, i've got blood on my hands, and will probably be reviled by many foreign people for a long time.  It sucks.

rsnoble's picture

I'm all for it.  As long as it got the top dogs and not a bunch of general employees that are there for just a job and don't even know what the fuck is going on which is most likely the case.  That's as stupid as killing cops.

Things that go bump's picture

"Just following orders," has not, historically, been an acceptable defence, and ignorance is no excuse either.     

Vooter's picture

Hey, freedom isn't free! LOL...

HD's picture

I have no wish for anyone to die - let alone some poor office drones just going to work. I do however, think this was a message "someone" is sending Germany to play ball or else.

Oleander's picture

Ajoining nursery....I hope this substance did not enter the nursery. That is rather sickening.

Clueless Economist's picture

Why not? Folks around here would justify it because the kids are future bankers.

Blue Vervain's picture

Lay off the sanctimonious trolling.

fajensen's picture

Simple COTS-"toxins" like Icing sugar or baking powder sends the message just as effectively, much more effectively in fact because the casualties will be caused by the automated police response to an imagined terr'ist threat!

Every security clampdown will cost millions, for nothing, exactly like the Global War On Terror!

LongSoupLine's picture



I'd be willing to bet they got sick over the tons of toxic paper DB is holding, rather than some "powder"

Kalevi's picture

No I don't, but you were fishing for arrows, you got them.

Working in a bank would mean agonizing death to me, no powder needed.

Unprepared's picture

All this over a stupid movie?

gojam's picture

I doubt this is Islamic terrorism.

More likely a disgruntled customer.

Unless, it was someones coke delivery ?

goldfreak's picture

terrorist killing bankers? They're the best allies they have

gojam's picture

Exactly !

The bankers are doing a far better job of destroying western democracy than Al Qaeda.

hannah's picture

i think the 'movie' that everyone is upset about here is 'wallsteet2' which was a horrible movie and i could see how it could drive someone to kill...

goldfreak's picture

if bad movies alone would get people torching everything in site, the whole state of Califronia would have been wiped off the map by now

GetZeeGold's picture



All this over a stupid movie?


Dude.....they mocked the Fuhrer....we can't let that stand.


Fluffybunny's picture

"white powdery substance" Sounds like anthrax.

johnQpublic's picture

no way

they are bankers

its cocaine

spentCartridge's picture

Someone cutting bankster blow with anthrax?


Now, there's an idea!

disabledvet's picture

Having worked for folks who were attacked by anthrax you would know...although not immediately.

XitSam's picture

"Hey, someone sent us free cocaine! Let's snort it!"

monkeyboy's picture

Sounds like the band Anthrax?

RSloane's picture

Not to sound insensitive or cruel, but I like the idea of quarentining bankers.