Guest Post: Netanyahu’s Red Line

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Submitted by John Aziz from Azizonomics

Netanyahu’s Red Line

Netanyahu wants a red line on nuclear proliferation in the Middle East:

Where exactly should we draw it?

As Justin Raimondo notes:

Here is a nation which refuses to even admit it acquired nukes long ago, and which disdains the Nonproliferation Treaty, making the case for war against a neighbor that has indeed signed the NPT and is abiding by its requirements.


That treaty gives Tehran the right to develop nuclear power. Furthermore, there is zero evidence Iran is embarked on a nuclear weapons program: our own intelligence community tells us they gave that up in 2003 and show no signs of resuming it. Their own religious and political leaders have denounced the possession of nuclear weapons as sinful: the Israelis, on the other hand, haven’t bothered reassuring us they would never use the nuke they won’t admit they have.


In a rational world, Israel would be in the dock, answering for its unwillingness to come out of the nuclear closet and admit what the whole world knows by now.

The West has sent out a message that the only way for unpopular regimes to avoid invasion is to obtain nuclear weapons. North Korea sought and obtained nuclear weapons and their vicious and economically-failed regime has stayed in power. Qaddafi gave up his nuclear ambitions, and was soon deposed by British, French and American airpower. If Iran is seeking a nuclear weapon — and the CIA and Mossad, as well as the IAEA agree they that they are not currently doing so — perhaps the fact that nuclear-armed Israel and the nuclear-armed United States keep threatening non-nuclear Iran with attack has something to do with it?

And even assuming that they are going for a nuclear weapon, how close is Iran to a nuclear weapon? According to former IAEA consultant Clinton Bastin, possibly as much as ten to fifteen years away:

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu:


Iran may be in your red zone, but can not score.


Sure, Iran could divert a few tons of 3.5% or a ton of 20% enriched uranium hexaflouride gas for enrichment to 90+%. But what then?

No one has ever made a nuclear weapon from gas. It must be converted to metal and fabricated into components which are then assembled with high explosives.


Iran lacks experience with and facilities for these processes which are very dangerous because of potential for a criticality accident or nuclear explosion. Iran would not jeopardize its important, fully safeguarded nuclear programs by an attempt to have a deliverable, one kiloton yield nuclear weapon ten to fifteen years later.


IMPORTANT NOTE: North Korea was able to make and test a nuclear explosive soon after withdrawing from safeguards because plutonium for reactor recycle was in a form usable for a weapon.

So let’s be clear about who is threatening who:

How would Americans feel if Iran had stationed troops and aircraft on the Mexican and Canadian borders and conducted military excursions into American territory, including funding and training armed dissidents to overthrow the American government (as happened to Iran in 1953 when America overthrew a democratically-elected Iranian government and imposed a dictatorship there)? How would Americans feel if Iran, Russia and China were blowing up American scientists and using computer viruses to attack American infrastructure? How would Americans feel if Iran, Russia and China imposed sanctions on America that led to hyperinflation of the dollar?  Under those circumstances, would America not seek the means to defend itself?

Iran is not blameless, and continues to provoke Israel through its support for Hamas and Hezbollah and through eliminationist rhetoric. But given the level of provocation from the Israeli and American side, it is astonishing that Iran remains free of nuclear weapons. Yet it is a fact that Iran is not armed with nuclear weapons, and it remains a fact that Iran has not attacked nor occupied any foreign lands since World War 2. Iran is not an expansionistic country.

As neocon provocateur Patrick Clawson essentially admitted in advocating for a false flag attack to get America to war, Iran is not likely to attack either the United States or Israel. So when it comes to drawing red lines, we in the West would do well to draw a red line around our behaviour — because right now, we in the West are the ones who are stirring up trouble by threatening to strike first.

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The Alarmist's picture

So many targets, so little time before the election.

Dalago's picture

These Zionist, Neoconservatives need to stop manipulating the American's into do their dirty work and actually fight their own fights.

This think tank below details Israel's plan.  Mitt Romney takes it deep from these people.

A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm


ALSO Israel created the largest refugee camp in history.  The Nazi's would be delighted

Frozen IcQb's picture

WMD-They have a cannonball!

We're in trouble now.

Troll Magnet's picture

we ned another holocaust movie to get everyone to feel pity for the jews. not enough holocaust movies out there.

chumbawamba's picture

Iran is not blameless, and continues to provoke Israel through its
support for Hamas and Hezbollah and through eliminationist rhetoric.

Seriously, John?  Is this what your analysis leads you to conclude or is this what you heard on CNN?

I am Chumbawamba.

BLOTTO's picture

Obama 2012 Campaign slogan:



'For War (d)'

That about sums it up in one word

mudduck's picture

Lol. I was also looking for the ACME label on that chart/cartoon bomb he is holding.

crusty curmudgeon's picture

What is everyone so upset about?  That's just a fundraising graphic...he's raising money for Iran's nuclear program.

They've already raised 90% of their goal!

redpill's picture

In these topics I find it odd it is rarely mentioned that Pakistan already has nuclear weapons.  I understand Pakistan is not always included in a strict definition of the "Middle East" but then again neither is Libya or Turkey, and they somehow make the infographic.

Pakistan would be an interesting subject for several reasons:

- One would think they could much more rapidly become an immediate threat to "US interests" than Iran as they already have a nuclear arsenal, and a notoriously volatile body politic.

- It's shown that a self-described Islamic Republic (that was hiding Public Enemy #1 no less!) possessing nuclear weapons does not mean armageddon is imminent.

Pakistan's nuclear arsenal going unmentioned suggests the alarmism over Iran is overstated.  So I can see why the neo-cons that want Iran bombed wouldn't bring it up, but why doesn't anyone else?

Paul Bogdanich's picture

I read where a person in attendance when he used that chart tweeted, "Wiley E. Coyote wants his bomb back."  To me it reminded me of Mad Magazine and Captain Klutz.  Ether way that was the oddest graphic I think I have ever seen.  I personally found it laughable but that's just me.  Just packed woith information and no though to the propaganda value I suppose.  In my particular estimation the porblems with Iran should be taken seriously, Netanyahu should not. 

AldousHuxley's picture

beware of politicians and charts




Why US even gives a shit about zionists....


ironic thing is once US invades Iran, US secured all of ME oil, so she is less dependent on Israel as an "ally"

V in PA's picture

Pakistan doesn't trade oil for gold. They are allowed to have all the nukes they want.

DaveyJones's picture

yes, they only transfer 100,000 to folks accused of perpetrating 911

Frank N. Beans's picture

Pakistan and India got the bomb before anyone could do anything about it; or if they tried to stop them, they failed.  With Iran not quite having the bomb yet, the West is trying to prevent additional proliferation in an area that is a powderkeg of hostility.

And by the way, it would be more likely that Israel uses their nukes if Iran gets a nuke.  With Iran not yet having a nuke, Israel is not going to nuke Iran.   Convential weapons -- maybe, but not nukes.


redpill's picture

That seems a little bit backwards.  The only time nukes have ever been used in history was against an enemy that didn't have them, otherwise why would you nuke someone that had a nuke to respond with?  That's the entire point behind Mutually Assured Destruction.  That's why both India and Pakistan have a bomb.  That's why Iran wants a bomb.  That's why just about everyone wants a bomb that doesn't already have the de-facto protection of the US military.  If you want to get treated with respect, build a bomb and the US will talk to you and try to make you an ally.  If you don't build a bomb, they'll feel free to bully you and try to convince the UN that you're going to destroy the world.  


Frank N. Beans's picture

I appreciate that.  In this particular situation, I am suggesting there is an irony here in that I think Iran is "safer" (its citizens and property) if Iran does not have a nuclear arsenal, because in the hands of, in my opinion, a misguided leader, Iran may actually be willing to take that shot against Israel in a 1st strike.  Then of course Israel will respond in kind.  That's what I meant by Israel being more likely to use their nukes against Iran.

DaveyJones's picture

if you want to take nukes out of the hands of "misguided" leaders, you'll need a lot of trucks 

snowlywhite's picture

it's not about Israel; really, if they'd get a bomb, the chances of it actually reaching Israel are nil.


But: get a bomb; few hundred miles away, on the other side, lies, what... a huge % of world oil. You can reach a couple of hundred miles(Saddam's canon, anyone?). Who'd dare to attack you anymore? Iran getting a bomb and the ability to trash oil exploatation on the other side of the gulf means they'd be invulnerable(not because they'd detonate - noone uses nukes - but because they could detonate).


That's why everyone's fretting about; it's not like there's any chance in hell Iran would attack Israel, bomb or no bomb. There're exactly 0 reasons why Iran would target Israel(and if you look at their policy post revolution, it's one of the most coherent external policies around - sure, with a bit of luck, given US stupidity to actually serve them Iraq for free, but hey... better be lucky than good).


A muslim state, invulnerable and with the ability to sell it's oil to whoever they want, in what currency they want. That's the whole issue...

Bicycle Repairman's picture

"A Middle East war MAY be immanent"

Did you listen to Netanyahu's speech?  He folded until next year at the earliest.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Fuck you, Bibi.

And, get a real suit.  Looks like you shop at Goodwill ya cheapskate.

Precious's picture

Think that's bad?  Wait till you see his attack plan.

larz's picture

Hey Goodwill is an excellent shop!

ParkAveFlasher's picture

That may be so (4 junks) however if you are trying to sell mass genocide to world leaders, you'd want to look better than your Uncle Morty after 3 hours of wedding buffet.  Real slick, Bibi.

My final word: Iran is safe. At least Ahmadinnerjacket tries to look modern and European-slick (lmao at myself).

crusty curmudgeon's picture

Life imitates art.

Reminds me of Star Trek when Capt Picard said (far more convincingly), "The line must be drawn here."

Next up:  Resistance is futile.

Frozen IcQb's picture

The Borgs speak Cantonese, English or Yiddish?

mkhs's picture

English.  And you may have seen signs of your assimilation: coke cola, Mcdonald, Starbuck,...

10mm's picture

As long as Americans line up as cannon fodder,not gonna happen.

Precious's picture

Excerpt from "A Clean Break", authored by Pearl in 1996 for Netanyahu:

"To emphasize the point that Israel regards the actions of the PLO problematic, but not the Arab people ...

Sounds like the same distinction that Ahmadinejad makes about Israeli Zionists, in distinction to Jewish people.  

blunderdog's picture

Good thing they replaced the PLO with Hamas, eh?

PROGRESS, baybee!

Blazed's picture

Yes, they are complete control freak thugs, not just bankster extraordinaires.

“Our armed forces are not the thirteenth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third…We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…We have the capability to take the world down with us, and I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”

—Martin Van Creveld, professor of military history at Israel’s Hebrew University.'s picture

That's called the Samson option, named after the world's first recorded suicide terrorist.

Dalago's picture

If they can't control the world, no one can.

mkkby's picture

Looking at statements like that, and the map of US military bases surrounding them -- Iran WOULD BE STUPID not to be building nukes. 

What they should war game is something like this.  Buy a nuke from one of their friends or the break away former soviet countries.  (Or bluff that you have one).  Threaten to give it to a terrorist org who will launch it over the Persian Gulf fleet, if the US doesn't back the fuck off. Or launch it over the Saudi oil terminals.  Or any number of hugely damaging options.

My guess is Obama/Romney would talk tough but find a way to delay attacking forever.  Knowing they have no way of finding and stopping it, there would be no other choice.

Ying-Yang's picture

 Major banks hit with biggest cyberattacks in history

Should read - Major banks hit with biggest False Flag cyberattacks in history

CPL's picture

Anonymous and other groups have nothing scheduled.  Things are quiet.  Maybe OWS but they don't have the tech support to do that.  Their focus is staying warm, eating and writing some really corny political blogs  (It was a dark and stomry protest...I wept for lenin.).  Not sure if it's silly or serious half the time.

So no, nothing planned school has started and after school sports seasons started with kids and the younger crews are starting semester.  

Timing of it is wrong and it looks like a botnet if the other articles on the subject are right.  Too big for Anonymous and far too distributed.  Someone probably figured out a security hole for a remote execution call on something.  Too many bots for it not to be.


-- an example of Size and Scope

The I love you virus that ate my and every other engineer/techs two months in the 90's was a DDoS attack.  instead of using ping packets it used mail and the user's own lack of information.

"Shit!  I love you too hunny"  double click...boom.  Send email to everyone you've ever talked to and the Global address list.  Then the hard drive fill up with I love you a Bjillion times, you pull the network card, disable the MTA and you bring a sleeping bag to work and pray some fucker didn't grab his PST and bring it home on sixty floppies.  (God it was shitty, still is that shitty.)  For those that had email then, I'm positiive you can relate the sheer scale of annoyance it provided everyone for months because of logistics and the fact nobody seen anything like it or expected it.


I've been tracking somethign happening in the Apple universe that I've never seen in 25 years.  Rapid mutation and evolution of Apple computer viruses, every week there is something meaner than the last week.  It'll only be a matter of time until whoever is doing it figure out how to inject the kernel with something and everything on the Apple product is suspect.  For the older geeks, remember low level format instead of organising RAW with a file optimization format?  It's heading back that direction and I have no clue why anyone would do that for a couple of reasons.

It's very creepy because humans don't write, test and compile code that fast even in a team building useful apps with full permissions and a million dollars worth of lab equipment.  I think something is out of it's cage and mutating or it was built to do it.  This last point is my geek tin foil hat and can be completely disregarded, it's embarrasing even mentioning it.

Ying-Yang's picture

I love You... I was sitting in a NOC when this hit our servers. Our guys were busy racing to stop it before it wiped us clean. I spent my time looking for the employee that executed it. Funnier than hell, even with our company issuing a detailed security warning, a woman sitting 20 feet away from me was the one who did it.

After the dust settled I asked her if she had read the warning. She said YES. I asked then why did you open it?

She said she was curious.

Creepy indeed. Flame predates Stuxnet and Kapersky claims 100% that the teams who developed each colaborated at least once. To me the code is out there for whoever wants to pay and it is a Swiss Army knife in the right hands.

I hate when anyone opens Pandora's box.

CPL's picture

It's like mustard gas, everyone swears to never touch them ever again or teach of their existence for a better future but an asshole always has something hidden away.  Or worse those batches of CD's sony send out with the root kit viruses on them.   God that was bad as well.  Secretaries playing their Garth Brooks and I think the Titanic soundtrack.  There was a hand full of them that ripped apart the systems.  Literally had to pull the drive and ship it for processing or destroy it to the platter to make sure you never accidentally used it.  Flame was awful, clever though.  Smart as a bug and grew fast considering it was supposed to be a measurement tool.


This sort of behaves like that, not sure what it is exactly but it's definately not a phishing scheme.  Just noticing a lot of Apple users asking how to fix things on Linux forums that are strange.  I know the Apple geniuses aren't that useless, but it becomes a trend when when seeing them asking for assistance on browser redirectors, files vanishing, passwords changing, and banks getting stepped on...smells like the spring is curling back for something big. 


The DDoS attack could just as well be on the webserver.  Not uncommon either.  Something creeps in, co-ops it and uses the Akaimai routing to xcopy itself around the planet.  Good place to hide because the AV in them is non-existant.  It's a big box of ram, why would you need to protect it?  Or maybe something with iScsi, there a piece of shit standard if there ever was one.  Hope layer 6 and 7 catch the problem before shipping it around a distributed SAN environment.  Bank use it because they have branches everywhere and it's multicast ready/cheap to use.


Clobbering a bank means you have bandwidth out the wazoo as well.  Banks invented OC96 standards to ship information the size of the entire contents of the library of congress from east to left coast in twelve seconds.  So that's the measuring stick.  The articles are stating the ATM's went tits up which means either some sort of iScsi because bank machine transactions are airgap based.  The Host drops file in folder X and the IScsi disk acts as the intermediary to act as transport layer 2.  Very common, but requires someon inside the shop to drop the file.  Banks aren't called banks for nothing, they are the standard by how CISSP certification is based.


Means they have an internal person problem.

CPL's picture

Next time he'll use sock puppets to turn up the heat on his big presentation.


So stupid.

pods's picture

That sure looks like a presentation to equals, no?

Sheds a little light on what Bebe really thinks.


CPL's picture

I suppose it beats watching some dumbass fumble for an HDMI cable to hook up to their smart phone for the big meeting, then remember the presentation was on their laptop.  


He was smart enough to bring in the Maccaroni card board art with some scribbles on them of the cartoon bomb picture.  No need for HDMI ports there.  He may have to look around for a while to find his pride...might be on his laptop next to the real presentation.


They are all true and consumate civil servants aren't they, and the value they provide the public in recycling oxygen is unparalleled as a value add. 

mjcOH1's picture

"That sure looks like a presentation to equals, no?

Sheds a little light on what Bebe really thinks."


That in 90 of the 180 or so countries represented, per capita GDP is below $9000 and the delegates made it to NYC by being most effective at ripping off their citizens, or at least for being closely related to someone with that skill?   If I were in the Congolese (GDP/cap $375) or the Liberian delegation (GDP/cap $577), I would be offended.

When does the shrimp bar open, and is the US or Japan buying?

knightowl77's picture

He needs pictures for the idiots in the general assembly of the UN.....anything more complicated than 2 + 2 is over the head of that crowd...

NewWorldOrange's picture

Netanyahu's sock puppets are none other than the talking heads of America's MSM. They never turn off the "heat."

crusty curmudgeon's picture

"Iran close to bomb.  Hmmmm...haven't I heard that one before?"  --Rip Van Winkle

monogratis's picture

What a lazy ass couldn't even put it into a PowerPoint presentation...

Piranhanoia's picture

He drew the picture simple enough even congress can understand it is a cartoon.