China's Great Wall Of Suds: Chemical Spill Results In 50 Foot Foam Tsunami

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This is just the second time in three days that China's province of Guangdong is being discussed on Zero Hedge. On Thursday we wrote that the mega city of Dongguang, once Guangdong richest, is now on the verge of bankruptcy as China's hard landing begins to take its toll. Today, we learn that instead of the rivers running red once all hell breaks loose in China, the color will be soapy white. Specifically, following a chemical spill in Xintang, in the provine of Guandong, the result was a 50 foot tsunami of foam which was swept down a river by heavy rainfall, causing widespread panic and evacuations. It also caused the following brilliant explanation from a Chinese spokesman: "People are right to be cautious but it is harmless. It made very large bubbles when it went over a waterfall, but apart from one or two dead fish, it is harmless." We can't wait to hear Chinese justifications of mushroom clouds: "aside from one or two billion dead people, they give you a healthy green afterglow"?


This wall of foam sparked widespread panic among locals as it rushed along a river in southern China.


The mass of soapy suds blanketed the water in Xintang, in China's Guangdong province, leading to evacuations along the banks of the river.


But officials have now said the only threat posed by the foam - thought to have been caused by chemicals washed into the river - was the possibility of 'one or two dead fish' lurking in the bubbles.


The bizarre scene is thought to have been caused after heavy rainfall washed a non-toxic chemical deodorant from a household rubbish tip into the river.


The bubbles were created when the chemical was swept over a waterfall, officials said.


A spokesman said: 'People are right to be cautious but it is harmless. It made very large bubbles when it went over a waterfall, but apart from one or two dead fish, it is harmless.'

This is how China's great wall of soap suds looks like:

River of bubbles: The mass of foam sparked panic along the banks of the river in Xintang

Panic': A local man is dwarfed by the mass of suds floating down a river in southern China

Wall of foam: The suds are thought to have been caused by a chemical spillage in Xintang in China's Guangdong provinced by the mass of suds floating down a river in southern China

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Are we sure that Guandong isn't just the latest spring break destination?

goldfish1's picture

Very large bubbles are harmless. bitchez.

-brilliant explanation from a Chinese FED spokesman

francis_sawyer's picture

That's the 'Ancient Chinese Secret' in the laundry service...

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Can it be redirected to the roadsides?

akak's picture

Now THAT'S what I call "blobbing-up"!

In Chinese Detergentism, the river class is the clean class.

I knew that the Chinese economy was having problems with bubbles, but I had no idea it was this bad!


maxblockm's picture

"I knew that the Chinese economy was having problems with bubbles, but I had no idea it was this bad!"

fourchan's picture

what the fuck is a "rubbish tip"?

BooMushroom's picture

It's a landfill in the queen's English.

prains's picture

Where's AnAnalogousAnus

to explain yet another example of an ass licking culture so foul and corrupt it is the globes anal gland

of neglect

Ying-Yang's picture

If this happened to a larger degree in the Potomac River would it help cleanup Washington DC?

Scrubbing bubbles

Afterwards the headlines would read - Big Sis looking for bubblelicious terrorists

logically possible's picture

I'm sure there isn't enough chemical deodorant in the world  to clean and mask the stench of Washington D.C.

toady's picture

I believe red and white makes pink, but I haven't taken an art class since middle school ...

Winston Churchill's picture

Little known about DC is the hordes of rats that roam about Foggy Bottom at night.

These four legged ones merely match the two legged variety seen in daylight.

Saw them myself around 3 am one night,couldn't see the road for the writhing mass

of rodents.I prefered them to the daytime variety.

CompassionateFascist's picture

"...flying cork kills two policemen. Shitwave hits DC."

Urban Redneck's picture

The Chinese sould actually take some lessons from the Europeans if they want to turn their rivers toxic red and terrify the locals, it's not like they don't have plenty if aluminum plants and stockpiled raw materials in China-

dbomb12's picture

LMAO, maybe we can reverse engineer it

zerozulu's picture

Soon you will see these bubble foam in your neighborhood Home Depot for your home insulation needs.

Motorhead's picture

Rub-a-dub-dub, 1 billion in a tub.

FreedomGuy's picture

Ask that official to take a glass of water from the river full of those harmless bubbles.

monkeyboy's picture

Chemical warfare disguised as bubble bath. How cute?!

Pool Shark's picture



It's all a Japanese plot; I suspect "Mr. Sparkle:"


blabam's picture

every child's dream.

max2205's picture

Union Carbine said its no no big deal......

iDealMeat's picture

Too Bad it's not Beer suds..  Would do all those dudes some good..

oddball's picture

What a massive street brawl when after they finish the beer no women are to be found?

Rainman's picture

Now THAT's how you clean up the rivers and streams...and get the wash done at the same time. China version of the Clean Water Act.

NewWorldOrange's picture

Nice. And since it was allegedly a deodorant chemical, at least all the dead fish won't stink up the place.

FreedomGuy's picture

Maybe this is the good side of exporting some industries. That could be floating down a river in Cincinatti or Cleveland, right?

omniversling's picture

Saves on transport costs...

Robslob's picture

China, a communist country, has much to learn from the United States of America especially when it comes to being honest with her people.

Cult_of_Reason's picture

It looks like Apple used some cheap improperly anodized Chinese aluminum junk to make iPhone 5 chassis.

iPhone5 owners might not have to worry about map app alternatives, because the full product recall is on its way.

Apple cover-up of Scuffgate:

“Apple staff rushed one guy into the store (#PaloAlto), away from my (an ABC reporter, Dean C. Smith of @abc7newsBayArea) camera.”

Apple’s New Headache: IPhone 5 #Scuffgate:

HD's picture

And here I was worried about all the arsenic in my rice...

toady's picture

Me too. The wife shit when she heard that one! What makes it worse is she can't find out where the bad rice came from, how to test or stockpile, really, any info other than the thirty second news piece.

SubjectivObject's picture

Let alone any generic lableed Sysco Standard product penetrating/saturating a restuarant near you.

q99x2's picture

It is a monsanto conspiracy because nobody will eat their GMO corn and were eating rice instead they came out with the arsenic scare.

Cathartes Aura's picture

while I share your disgust with anything Monsanto might have tentacles in, this story has more history behind it,

The U.S. is the world’s leading user of arsenic, and since 1910 about 1.6 million tons have been used for agricultural and industrial purposes, about half of it only since the mid-1960s. Residues from the decades of use of lead-arsenate insecticides linger in agricultural soil today, even though their use was banned in the 1980s. Other arsenical ingredients in animal feed to prevent disease and promote growth are still permitted. Moreover, fertilizer made from poultry waste can contaminate crops with inorganic arsenic.

In the U.S. as of 2010, about 15 percent of rice acreage was in California, 49 percent in Arkansas, and the remainder in Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas. That south-central region of the country has a long history of producing cotton, a crop that was heavily treated with arsenical pesticides for decades in part to combat the boll weevil beetle.

from the link kindly provided above. . . really it's more about amrka's legacy of pesticide use, with zero interest in the human toxicity results, aka shitting the nest. . . as much as China is mocked, there are parallels *here*.

pods's picture

China will continue down this road until all of the fresh water is undrinkable.  It is a mercantilist country with no respect for property.

Tragedy of the commons writ large.


SpeakerFTD's picture

Destruction. Mayhem.  Infinite bubble blowing.    

A Krugman wet dream.

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