Chart Of The Day: College Tuition Vs Real Disposable Income

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Curious why distinguished, Nobel-prize winning economics professors (most of whom have their own Op-Ed columns and blogs to fill all that free time they have when they are not actually filling impressionable minds with "this time the model will work" ideas, keeping Solitaireoffice hours or coming up with arcane, meaningless equations to explain human behavior) have gone "all in" to defend a system which promotes the ubiquity of cheap credit, and the creation of a generation of nondischargeable debt slaves? Because if it wasn't for said cheap, ubiquitous debt, their salaries would be utterly unsustainable (and for once austerity would hit the academic ivory tower headquarters of Keynesianism located in Cambridge, New Haven and West Philadelphia). And for this they have to thank an economic system they created which is now disintegrating before their eyes, and in which every incremental dollar of systemic debt raises total disposable income per capita by less and less and less.

Source: BloombergBrief

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Johnny give me all your money.......your education is now complete.


Now go find someone to pay your way through life......socialism in 60 seconds.



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I would love to see a chart:

"Local School District Superintendant Salaries Vs Real Disposable Income" 


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Tuition where I graduated 5 years ago has gone up 60 % in that amount of time. They built a nice convention center. What a waste.

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My college has also raised tuition by almost 60% since I graduated in the mid 70's. The "edifice complex" is in evidence at all the colleges and universities in this area. You have to wonder if anything will ever be done about it since ZH is about the only place I know of where hard facts and figures are made available.

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You should take one of my classes.  I hit the students with ZH.

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Don't worry. Reality will do something about it. Reality always does something about it.

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Only a 60% increase since the mid-70s?  Hate to break it to you, but that's a bargain.

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Educational institutions and the banks making those loans for those tuitions have been in bed together for years.  Disgusting scam.

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Yeah, and when you present them, the sheep downvote you because their wittle heads hurt after reading a few facts.


We don't need no stinking FACTS!    RIGHT, SHEOPLE?

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I just did the math for my own college.

I entered in 1992 and graduated in 1995 (I had some credits already from a community college). 

During my first year, tuition was about $7,500 for the entire year. That does not include any rooming or meals cost, just tuition. This was, admittedly, a very good deal for a private college at that time and was part of the reason I chose to go there. When I graduated three years later, the tuition had gone up almost 50% to be a little over $11,000. But because I kept a high GPA, I was grandfathered in at the rate I first paid, which I think was a very motivating policy (again, part of why I chose this school).

I just checked and for the 2012-2013 school year, tuition alone is $30,672. That's a 15% increase every year for the past 20 years.

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is actually more like 7.82% annually compounded... but I get your point.

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True, I didn't compound it.  Just simple increase divided by term. I stand corrected.


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A money manager delivering near 8% for 20 years would be a multi millionaire.   But 8% compound growth for tuition is easy peasy for libtard governmentcrats sucking on the public teat.

Today's college students taking on all that debt will be future govt slaves.

GA Tech was affordable back in the day.   Look at the increases the last 4 years!!!!

Table 6.1  Undergraduate Matriculation & Nonresident Tuition and Fees, Fiscal Years 2008-2012   FY2008 FY2009 FY2010 FY2011 FY2012 5 Year % Change In-State Tuition $4,496 $4,856 $6,070 $7,070 $7,282 62.0% Out-of-State Tuition $22,220 $23,998 $24,280 $25,280 $25,492 14.7% Mandatory Student Fees $1,146 $1,184 $1,536 $1,646 $2,370 106.8%
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Yep - amazing the increases.  My last quarter at Ga Tech in Spring 1977 was the first time that full-time in-state tuition went over $200.  Went from $192 to $202.  Paid my own way with a co-op job and no loans.  Not remotely possible any more.

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I was there 85-89 and I think tuition was 2500-3500 or so for in state.

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They built a nice convention center. What a waste.


It will only be a waste after they build the next convention center.


The bad news is they won't be able to afford the cops or firefighters to protect it.......oh well.



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I paid $30 a semester hour and that was a rip off. 

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It will make an excellent detention center.


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Useless convention centers require steel and concrete and labor, so score that a de facto union payout that will find its way to organized crime.

Same goes for stadiums.  We are a sneeze away from Weimar.

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The divergence started right in 2001, when schools had to fund massive diversity departments, some containing hundreds of staff, and infrastructure upgrades.  Neither of these results in a better education or students that employers would want to hire. 

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Government hires them, well they use to.  A lot of government lay offs in the future.

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We all love a fictional racist explanation regarding everything iwrong with the world. Some of the slower readers may actually for into that victimization trap.

The reality is administration salaries have increased dramaticly. Far outstripping that of an educator.

Those administrators develop closer ties to the local politicos who need to attract money to the municipality.

Thus the viscious building drive.

Our local CC was pretty vibrant in the 70's-80's. Now it's a shit hole. Administration never grasps the necessity of quality education, and I'm putting tech at the top of the list. All they see is the ability to hire part timers when the older real educators retire.

But at the top of the blame list is the local community, we the people. If we aren't involved in the decision making process lacally, if we don't pay attention to who teaches our children what ( And I DO NOT mean the kneejerk reactionary shit espoused by some here) then why complain?

It's your own fucking backyard, why let strangers shit in it?

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I don't tell you to stop sucking cocks do I?

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Winning hearts and at a time.


Clearly we can't compete with the genius that is you.



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That's the liberal way. Gully and a few other liberals always resort to that anytime you present any idea or comment they don't like. They just can't take it. It's like the 5 year old in the grocery store that is told, "you can't have that candy." Then they throw a fit, start crying profusely. A good ask kicking is all they need.


Come on Gully. Give me some insults. The rest of us ZHs are awaiting your nonsense to laugh at.

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Fuck off GF.  Your acting like a complete douchebag with crap like this.


edit:  asking why people allow this in thier backyard completely misses the mark.  People don't even know their neighbors anymore.  It is all tied together with the rat race accelerating into oblivion.  It pisses me off as well.  But, it ain't gonna change until it after it breaks.  

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If it makes must be racism.


Have you been reading Ann Coulter?



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Gully - I hear your rage.  You should not be ashamed of being the janitor at your local community college.  Off to work, now.

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Nothing wrong with being a janitor. Anywhere. It's decent work that has to be done.  

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Debt may not matter anymore. I heard on the radio, "zero down mortgages are back. Get them while they last!"

Same for the housing market, "Flip houses in your spare time. Join our dedicated team of Flippers."

I never hear about opening savings accounts anymore. How can the economy recover with this attitude?

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Also heard the same kind of radio ad lately for a bunch of crooks who had their own call-in show for a while. The local version is a bunch of idiots called the "Hell Yes!" refi specialists who sound like they have copied Jim Cramer's show complete with sound effects. They were forced off the air after 2008 by irate callers who had to be bleeped out. Not a good sign if these parasites are back on the air trying to scam people again.

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Adding fees, room and board should skew the graph:  Government taxes or Banking fees are not supporting the Ivory tower's pay scale, nor their multi-million dollar football stadiums.  I also speculate that college students are more transient than ever, purposefully trying to find a school away from home as to not interrupt the college "lifestyle" they expect after decades of hollywood glorification; either that or they're trying to be more competitive by going to a better school in a different geographical location.   Out of state = higher room and board costs.

I believe higher education IS still a bubble - just not one conclusively damned by this particular graph.

I'd like to see that graph juxtaposed by one of simply in-state tuition versus disposable income.  

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So you want to cherry pick.  Is there a particular state you'd like to look at?  U of I tuition is expected to go up 20% in the next four years as less money is available from the cash strapped state.  I doubt if income will make such a recovery.

Here is the data for U of I tuitions, along with minimum wage and number of 8-hour days of work it would take to pay the tuition at minimum wage, copied from blog comments on Staight Dope:




YEAR TUITION M. WAGE DAYS WORK 1966-1967 $170 1.25 17 1967-1968 $170 1.40 15 1968-1969 $170 1.60 13 1969-1970 $246 1.60 19 1970-1971 $321 1.60 25 1971-1972 $396 1.60 31 1972-1973 $496 1.60 39 1973-1974 $496 1.60 39 1974-1975 $496 2.00 31 1975-1976 $496 2.10 30 1976-1977 $496 2.30 27 1977-1978 $496 2.30 27 1978-1979 $586 2.65 28 1979-1980 $634 2.90 27 1980-1981 $682 3.10 28 1981-1982 $748 3.35 28 1982-1983 $822 3.35 31 1983-1984 $1104 3.35 41 1984-1985 $1248 3.35 47 1985-1986 $1314 3.35 49 1986-1987 $1406 3.35 52 1987-1988 $1470 3.35 55 1988-1989 $2070 3.35 77 1989-1990 $2130 3.35 79 1990-1991 $2130 3.80 70 1991-1992 $2236 4.25 66 1992-1993 $2486 4.25 73 1993-1994 $2486 4.25 73 1994-1995 $2760 4.25 81 1995-1996 $3000 4.25 88 1996-1997 $3150 4.25 93 1997-1998 $3308 4.75 87 1998-1999 $3408 5.15 83 1999-2000 $3546 5.15 86 2000-2001 $3724 5.15 90 2001-2002 $4410 5.15 107 2002-2003 $5302 5.15 129 2003-2004 $5568 5.15 135 2004-2005 $6460 5.15 157 2005-2006 $7042 5.15 171 2006-2007 $7708 5.15 187 2007-2008 $8440 5.15 205 2008-2009 $9242 5.85 197 2009-2010 $9484 6.55 181 2010-2011 $10386 7.25 179

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Just taught my son and daughter how to do their own brake job this THAT's useful education.

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Life is like a box of chocolats...

when you finished 1 downpayment, there's plenty more to go!

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Now thats a subject that I have personal knowledge! my daughter is in her second year and good thing we started he college fund when she was six years old. The cost of school,books,fuel,cloths,and food is outragous! The fools that say there is little inflation are exactly that, fools! I can't help it, FUCK YOU BEND US ALL OVER BERNAKE! Also she was able to apply for an academic scholarship but I did'nt let her apply for it,last week she learned that kids were getting checks for up to $500 from the unused portion on the state academic scolarships! what a mess!

GetZeeGold's picture



You seem to be handling it fairly well.


caimen garou's picture

at least she (my daughter) understands the value of money, it takes a wrecker truck to pull a dollar out of her hands!

GetZeeGold's picture



She sounds like a fine did a good job Amigo.


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caimen garou

Dude, never say shit like that here. Someone will call her the progeny of a "joo banker".

GetZeeGold's picture



Dude, never say shit


He wouldn't.......he's a classy guy.


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Dude, fu......nevermind.  Only 2 people to a fight.

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That could be good and bad--good in the sense that it is hard work to not get scammed these days, but also bad in the sense that people who are perceived to be "cheapskates" are shunned socially.  It's a fine line. 


My wife and I constantly get calls from our various alma maters asking for bucks.  I always tell them my tuition, fees, room and board were paid in full when services were rendered.  These schools give out "scholarships" like candy, but only to Americans.  The foreigners pay full freight.  And these days, a scholarship is just a one-sided means of price negotiation.  Lefty fucking Marxist bastards who have to control everything, that's what you're up against with these schools.

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Ya got that right:  the full tuition payers fund the scholarships.  Interesting socialism.

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caimen garou

Had a neice got a full boat scholarship. Third year in had a bad relationship and wound moving to Portland working three jobs to get by.

Our attoney's daughter left law school in Michigan because of a bad relationship. Now she isn't even certain she wants to follow in daddies footsteps.

Have a nephew in FLA couldn't cut it at cc, now he is in a four year state school. Want's to be a lawyer but can barely read. Asshole parents are fake hippies, talk the talk but don't walk the walk, and more or less let him drift along with their shit stream.

Son is out today checking out an engineering degree. He wants the money and has the desire. We taught him to work hard, be responsible, and think instead of parroting what everyone else says.