Trading Halted On All NYSE Liffe London And Paris Commodities And All London Universal Stock Futures

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Because when you have infinite toner cartridge, who needs to trade?

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Just practicing for The Big Day ?;o)


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Rumor has it, they think the market may be manipulated.

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Not by them...that's what's pissing them off.


I think this has to do with Iranian rials and the hoover action going on.  Won't know until the dust settles later today.

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Or perhaps they are concerned that the markets are becoming un-manipulated.

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Better yet:  Executive Order 11110 

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There are no markets, there are only interventions.

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Silver is going bananas with it's big brother gold.


In the hall it was whisphered....margin call and delivery now.

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They've done a great job of cramming silver & gold back down while allowing stocks to go up today. Congratulations, assholes.

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I love those guys (for now).  I thought I'd missed the cheap seats for the ride up when I got online this morning.   But thanks to them, I bought a few more tickets an hour ago.

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Yup, I noticed last week 1785 is the "red line," every time it's crossed that in the past couple weeks it's triggered an aggressive beat-down.

Pretty clear TPTB don't want AU leading with 18XX. They won't be able to stop it forever, though.

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Who writes the print again? Oh.. LBMA. No price discovery, just slavery.

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And $35 for silver is a biggie too...

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dec oi is ~90,000 for ag.  this could be the time

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What? Both are getting hammered lower now.

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And I am sure this has nothing to do with paper trading being suspended [cough].

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But the hedge funds are trading higher today, with GS +5, JPM +1, BAC +.30


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the new trick will be suspending trading then margin hike. Followed by an ear piercing "AAAND ITS GONE BITCH!"

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It's 21st century confiscation. If the price is trading too high, we shut the market mechansisms off. The price will be what we say it is OR ELSE.

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Oh shit! you took the words right out of my mouth!

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Most inopportune halt with Bernanke on the podium in an hour.  

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Accch!  Not again.  The best chairsatan is one you never hear from.  Silver bugs need to don their helmets and flak jackets.  *wink*

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Drive to the ATM as fast as possible. It may be about to "malfunction."

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My scuba gear is ready to rock.

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I guess all that fresh fiat from Santa Ben will just have to go into stocks to preserve people's wealth.

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Due to the terrorist networks disruption of the financial markets I am issuing executive order number 139.. The shut down any site I deem threatening act....the abiltily to shut down web sites at my discretion will provide for  free and safe financial markets.


Barak H. Obama


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"Cry havoc, and let slip the cyber-dogs of war."

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Because it's the right thing to do.

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He wouldn't shut down my free phone, would he?

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If you're part of the bottom 90%, you'll be fine. If you're part of the top 1%, you'll be super-fine. If you're in that narrow 9% band that's left, you're going to get fucked six ways to Sunday.

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It's Bush's fault.  Heckuva job, browneye.

Acet's picture

Of course not. Not a Nobel Peace Prize like him.

By the way, heard that the next Nobel Peace Prize is going to go to Nathanyahu for his work in promoting peace in the Middle East.


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when the totalitarian facist state takes control we'll know cause zerohedge will be gone 

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Fear, rumours, manipulation and greed can do incredible things to a market in both directions within minutes.

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God Save the Queen! Better hide the Silver....

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Askless! Except for jpms school of whales traders.

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Technical trading halt. So which trading desk "technically" went TU?

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Technical difficulties=  we are losing control of precious metals.

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Oops, sorry, I thought it was the light switch.


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Ah, Molson Coors Brewing was down 3.3%.  It was the silver bullet wot done it.


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Quite a day so far.  One doesn't need to have on a tin foil hat to sense the concerted effort to suppress PM prices.


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Just the 3 month maintenance on the algorithm.  Must make sure the public loses

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Don't check your wallets while there are no software generated graphs to let you know how well the economy is doing. Consumer confidence may go down.

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Blythe had to go the red phone, apparently.

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None of this matters.  I got me an Obama phone!

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the correct grammar...I just got me a Obama phone...