18 Households Making Over $10 Million And 2,362 Making Over $1 MM, Collected Unemployment Benefits In 2009

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Just because millionaires are people too, and they too can apparently lose their jobs, we now learn courtesy of the Congressional Research Center, that in 2009, 2,362 Americans making over $1,000,000 in income (and just shy of a million people making over $200,000) collected unemployment benefits.

The amount of money allocated to evil, evil millionaire benefits in 2009 was $20.8 million, amounting to $8,806 each for the year (out of a total of $83.5 billion, of which 90% went to those earning less than $100,000).

Cue tar and feather fury because these evil, evil millionaires also dared to use a legal system that, at least so far, does not discriminate based on wealth or income level. Just as the US tax system allows everyone to use the same loopholes. Note that we said so far, because it may soon "not be fair."

More from Bloomberg:

The reported benefits may include those received by spouses or dependents of people who made high incomes, or benefits received earlier in the year before a household member got a high-paying job.


“Sending millionaires unemployment checks is a case study in out-of-control spending,” U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, an Oklahoma Republican, said in an e-mail. “Providing welfare to the wealthy undermines the program for those who need it most while burdening future generations with senseless debt.”


Coburn introduced legislation in February 2011 to prohibit federally funded unemployment benefits for people who had at least $1 million in assets in the year before they filed a claim. The Senate voted unanimously for his measure, the Ending Unemployment Payments to Jobless Millionaires Act of 2011. It was later added to another bill, which hasn’t passed the Senate.


Coburn found that 18 households reporting an adjusted gross income that exceeded $10 million received an average unemployment benefit of $12,333 in 2009. The average benefit for 74 households earning between $5 million and $10 million was $18,351. The average household making $1 million or more received $11,113, or about 37 weeks of unemployment benefits.

Eliminating the federal share of unemployment benefits for millionaires would save $20 million in the next decade, the congressional researchers said in their report.

Which then begs the question: just what is fair cutoff - $10MM? $1MM? $$100,000? $0.99? And far more importantly, who decides what is fair? And how soon before the "fairness doctrine" shifts from defining what laws are applicable to that guy but not to the other guy when it comes to income, and moves to who is eligible for such "you didn't build it" state benefits are police protection, or ambulances, or paved roads, or, who knows, air? Because that too may only be "fair" soon enough.

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Use your Obama phone and get on disability.

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I would like the list showing the names and addresses of those 18 motherfuckers.

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Actually those are smart people. Why not? The state is printing for everybody, not only for those who are unemployed and broke.

Those people may own real estate that they rent out for example.

Their income may be because of investments and not work related.

It also says: households

That may also mean, the unemployed son who's sleeping it off all day while mom and dade make the money. Mom on her back, dad on the secretairy...

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Meanwhile, the 'little people' are warned that unemployment fraud is a FELONY.


Thousands of small-time UI chiselers are being prosecuted to feed the prison-industrial complex.

Lesson: if ya don't know how to work the system, the system works you.

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I am surprised at the outrage. I mean, the collective 'you' were ok with big banks being bailed out so what the fuck?! who is to say some investment banker made a million dollars in January, blew it on hookers and blow, and then was penniless and unemployed a month later? We call it moral hazard for a reason....

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Because these same people, presumably, have benefitted from a completely corrupt and nonsensical system...  and they want to press their chances on continuing in that system for a few thousand dollars?  Really? 

This simply displays the degree to which people, in general, demand government involvement and the expectation of each for entitlements.  The amount received is irrelevant.  It ain't just the bottom.

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Look, one of my friends is a director of a pretty big company.

he brings in about 9000 euro a month.

His wife stays home caring for the kids.

But she had worked in the past.

And one day he said to me: We where thinking about the misses to apply for unemployment benefits. She has the right to do so, we didn't ever thought about doing it but why not? I pay more than a fair chair of taxes.


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If you want to get REAL excited...  Do the same study on those with SAY $5,000,000 or more in the bank or other investments, but rake in Social Security for 25 years or more...  Add that up...

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Either they're going to get dick because of devaluated payments or they'll get dick because of means testing...  hell, maybe a little of both.

The obvious thing to do is withdraw what you can from the system while you can...  but that does come with opportunity cost.  In the end, I don't think the mob is going to care one way or the other...  prudence will be punished (although, clearly, not all wealthy have established that wealth through anything resembling a morally justifiable avenue).

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For which, they paid in for 35 years.  What's your point?  Social Security isn't welfare.  Turing it into that would undermine its support from the great unwashed middle class.


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just want to know the number...

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Then what, their names and addresses like Divided?

And why 5, why not 2?  Heck, they're geezers about to kick off anyway - why not 100k, they've already proven they're frugal and don't really need that much anyway.

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We should thank them, and the realt looter class, for helping hasten the demise of a corrupt, unsustainable system.

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I am not sure if it still the case, but in the jolly old Netherlands, when made unemployed, you would receive 90% of your last wage for six months, gradually declining over two year period. So, theoretically, getting E100,000 per month meant the unemployment cheque would have been 90 G’s going forward.

They had a great scam going. Get a job for six months, become un-sackable, fake a back injury claim sickness until sacked, take them to a tribunal and get another job in the meantime.

I knew waiters that were pulling in close to 10,000 guilders a month (in the good old days). Can any of our cheese head readers confirm this is still the case?

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They will have the right to deny unemployment benefits to millionaires when they stop collecting unemployment contributions from millionaires.

The benefits go only to those who are registered and who pay the appropriate tax. This is NOT voluntary. You do not get to chose to make payroll contributions or not.

You have to obey the 1,000,000 laws that you don't like that are not in your favor. You should have the right to obey the one out of a million that is in your favor.

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SCOTUS has already spoken on the issue...  it is simply an additional tax...  of which, you may be parted from any benefit.  I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying that's reality.  Plan accordingly.

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What a little rabble fuck you are, Divided State of Mind !

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They paid their unemployment insurance.  It's their right to collect it.



MachoMan's picture

Sure.  But the question is whether they SHOULD not whether they CAN...  big difference.

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If you are going to start means testing then both income and wealth need to be factored, and a lot people won't like the results.  An unemployed banker and an unemployed Section 8er can very easily be in the same boat, the banker's new BMW is worth the same as the Section 8er's Escalade  (w/ the after market stereo and rims), the understated watches and gaudy bling balance each other out,  they are both in over their heads in debt, and yet are drowning in rental properties full worthless iCrap they didn't need in the first place.



The same should also apply to $75k pickup trucks in the trailer park...

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You are right, BUT they are still part of the shiftless 47%

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Same thing with retiring baby boomers. At some point there were a lot of people born. Those people were earning income and paid taxes. Now that they are retiring there's somehow a shortage of cash because there aren't enough youn people to feed the social security system. Ahem, what? Where did all the baby boomer tax money went? Why should young people be a part of the equation? Aren't they being taxed for the sake of their own retirement? No? Then why the hell pay taxes! Oh wait... I forgot. IRS has guns, bullet-proof trucks and quality body armor.

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Divided States

666 Fuckyou Blvd

Asshole, PU  66666

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Why? They are just reclaiming stolen property from the theives.

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Fuck nothing .... this is Obama circus !  Are you gonna take away their Social Suck and Obama care, too !    The problem is the millions who never make anything .... not the few who make a million !   Is this a financial blog .... or an Acorn meeting ?

machineh's picture

How can we tell, when there's no sound track playing Kumbaya?

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"The problem is the millions who never make anything .... not the few who make a million"

a lot of Goldmans make a million.

And Cheney made change on the war

It kinda depends how you make your money

and how you lose it

It always has

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Mammon makes you mad. Like it's never enough once Big Money has been tasted.

Value = Meaningless.

Price = Everything.

In such a world, where 1st world garages are chock (choke?) full of once or never used rubbish, made and transported at great cost globally, while the third world starves for food and water.

Bring on the re-balancing. About time.


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It's truely obscene what it's all become.

DaveyJones's picture

obscenitiy is the right word. We've moved beyond pornography into something disugsting, exploitive and criminal.

Grinder74's picture

Or just another 9-year old marriage, if you're a mohammedite.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Not co-incidentally, just the direction pornography has taken, disgusting, exploitative and criminal.


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Prisoners cashed in on homebuyer tax credit

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- More than 1,200 prison inmates, including 241 serving life sentences, defrauded the government of $9.1 million in tax credits reserved for first-time homebuyers, according to a Treasury Department report released Wednesday.

Treasury's inspector general also found that thousands of people filed multiple claims or made claims outside the allotted time period. In all, more than $28 million was improperly doled out.






I wonder how many got the free golf carts?

Free Golf Cart with the Government’s Golf Cart Tax Credit



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,,, i love to work at nothin all dayyyyy

and i'll be takin care of buisness, every day

takin care of buisness

every way takin care of buisness

it's all mine

takin care of buisness

and workin overtime


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Cue Odumber's war on the wealthy in 10....9....8....

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Yeah, the poor poor wealthy need being protected in this country. There's certainly lots of discrimination and injustice going around against them. How did they educate you to jump into their defense is beyond me. The Stockholm syndrome?

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Tax them all to 100%!! Profit is theft!

/chanelling Obamabots

In other news, Turkey is on the verge of invading Syria because they have 93k refugees and they said if it reaches 100k, it's go time.


Also, the UK and France are doing military drills right off Syria for the next few weeks with a lot of hardware.


While Russia says : DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!


All bullish!

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That's okay, they make more money from not paying the mortgage on their $1M gated community McMansions anyway.

Romney would do it!

CPL's picture

Not sure why you were junked, the article has been out there for a while about people squating in million dollar homes.

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Junking probably has something to do with the troll "Romney would do it".

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They are saving pennies and waisting Franklins....what a bunch of idiots. We need about 537 people in government filing for unemployment....oh wait they can't. They've stolen over the threshold allowance.

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It's disgusting to read this. I started a business in 2006 with cobbled together funds that were all my own.  Shortly thereafter my industry decided that a human being was excess baggage. Shortly after that , my business folded.  Not once since then have I considered walking into an unemployment office. 

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Why?  You paid into the system.  There is a difference between 'living on principles' and just doing something foolish.  The problem with the unemployment system in the US is that it was not menat for long-term periods of higher unemployment. 

GetZeeGold's picture



Shortly after that , my business folded


You didn't fold that.

pndr4495's picture

Quite right - I folded the business before I lost my common sense as well. I stand corrected.

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To be fair, unless you put yourself on regular payroll and therefore paid into the unemployment insurance program in your state, you could not collect anyway.

I don't think most people understand that employers pay into a state run fund that pays for this benefit.  And the great minds in politics have decided that just when times get tough, that the premium / tax rates have to go up because so many people have lost their jobs as a way to cut employer costs. If you can understand that circle jerk, you should run for office.



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You have morals but sad thing is, they have not done anything illegal.