The One Chart No Equity Portfolio Manager Wants To See

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Presented with little comment - except to ask, on what basis should we 'believe' that this time is not like the others as Global PMIs plunge...


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MSCI themselves plunged today.

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Of course -- who wants to use an index that tells the bitter truth?  

We want Argentina-style CNBC, Hunger-games-style TV, and an iPhone5.  You can keep your "facts."


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This is gonna be one hell of an October.  & by that I mean maybe we fall sub 13's if we lucky.  But honestly? I got money says this bitch is going wiemar.

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Print enough dollars and all of those lines go parabolic.

The inflation adjusted graph on the other hand.....

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Throw a live chicken into it's mouth!!!

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It is only a 200 pt gap. Of course if this is the top of the roller coaster irde...

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chart looks like a Cobra about to bite the equity long-tards, soon hopefully...

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there is an "election" coming up.  Moreover, are there any real traders left.  The Fed owns fucking everything in the western world.

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sorry, my bad, I got excited for a few minutes and forgot the equity "market" is a total fuk'n manipulated joke...

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I think we are all guilty of that at one point or another.

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Traders have learnt if they try and short this market Bernanke burns them. It's like training a poodle in many ways. Now its just a self perpetuating cycle - Bad news = Dip = Bernanke's well trained poodles buy the fuckin dip!


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i am his highness's dog at kew;

pray tell me sir, whose dog are you?

collar inscription by alexander pope  


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Benzilla vs Cobra, coming to a theatre near you.

Get the popcorn ready.  The jumbo size is your best value.

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well   maybe     there is no Equity market?   The Fed bot everything     Just go home..


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You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time but no need to fool equity buyers they are just fools.

Conman's picture

Yep, the Fed will soak up all - Bonds, mortgages, equities, whatver you dont want Fed will take it.

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I have some stuff I was going to get rid of in a garage sale. I wonder if Ben would save me the trouble of rehypothcating it and allow me to roll it up into a derivative and sell it to him.

Doomer's picture

I gave Ben CRABS (CRAp-Backed Securities).

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Wonder if the Fed/Uncle Sam are following the Goodfellas playbook:


Goodfellas Restaurant Scene


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This will keep going until it doesn't.

BlackholeDivestment's picture

...or until someone walks up to Chairsatan etc... every 666 Suicide Squid bastard and rips a clean and just hand up under their rib cages and pulls out the illiquidity pump and throws it into the fire until it burns and ''nothing'' is truely realized. Ah haa haa haa haaa. 

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Alas, poor equities! I knew them, Horatio; a market of infinite zest, of most excellent fancy; it hath borne me on its back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it. Here hung those stock tips that I have bought I know not how oft. Where be your jibes now?

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As a side-note,

Am I the only one who keeps getting the "Experience Virgin America" ads every time I come on ZH?  Well done, Richard Branson - what a fucking brilliant slogan. 

EDIT: I just realized the ad is a woman with a bunch of (supposedly) men reaching up to touch her.  Subtle /sarc

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It's been 30+ years since I experienced a virgin. I have experienced a few whores since that time and I'll say this.... Virgins are over rated.

Rainman's picture

++ for candor. Say, do you remember the whore names but forget the virgin's ? That's happened to a friend of mine.

I am more equal than others's picture

I'll take the virgin make her a whore.  Then you can have her.  Good luck with those sloppy seconds.

Doomer's picture

Is that what happened to your wife?

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Senility is merciful.

Btw, I upvoted you for creativity.

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I like the one of Branson kiteboarding with the naked model clinging to his back.... not bad for a old dude!

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The ad-bots scan your browsing history and put ads there based on relevance.  You're either searching for flight info, or for something else.

sosoome's picture

Funny. you get ads after doing your shopping.

I mean, I just bought a new truck, and all I get are truck ads. Do they think I'm going to buy another truck this soon?

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Oh please, I can just hear them all right now (Just turn on CNBS if you've any questions)
"All the horseshit and pabulum and this horseshit and pabulum had to walk into my market" to draw from Casablanca which had fuck all nothing to do with investments.
The equity people will tell you anything at all to encourage, root for, pray, guide, hypnotize, pressure, cajole or get the market up.
Not only are they only partial believers in their own propaganda anymore, they're suddenly finding themselves all fucking alone.
We are in a Liquidity Trap, brought upon us by a Confidence and Lawlessness Trap and it ain't the same as before, dips-shits.

Ya'll're supposed to be ace fucking analysts, look at the Japanese model and cringe, motherfuckers, cringe.
Most of you all are doomed to have not a job much longer, a miserable retirement and be hated by all who knows you
And that's the money managers.

May you all burn to death painfully in your paper boat on fire while crossing the Burning River of Blood in the Seventh Circle of Hell.

BandGap's picture

Knukles, did you forget your meds?

I buy equities. Silver mining stocks. Somebody has to get the shit out of the ground, right?

hardcleareye's picture

Jeez Knuckles, usually you are more eloquent in making your point!!! 

Nice rant though! lol

Robslob's picture

Silly will be forced upwards to justify policy.

Markets will make new highz to reinforce belief.

There is no spoon Neo....

Tenshin Headache's picture

Yes, you are getting it now. BTFD!

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Bernanke will need to destroy the dollar to get out of this one....

Good luck investing!

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Can we get Mark Cuban in front of the SEC on a pay-for-view basis? 

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Looks like everyone but savers want to see inflation. From debt overlord Ben to home owners to zero hedge gold and silver bulls(investors and esp leveraged pm traders). If not wanting it then positioned to gain from inflation.


Sidenote: The only caveat of the debt situation for debtors is that what they owe is to be repaid in ever more worthless paper currency. If the debt is backing real assets then the debt value diminsihes whilst the asset value most likely outperforms also. Those who can survive through the controlled demolition of the global economy may find that their debt will be marginal in nominal and relative terms. While the Fed burns down all the small and weak through monetary contraction and restriction of money and credit - and simultaneously lends trillions to banks. Who knows what quantatative squeezing of mainstreet to infinity alongside quantatative easing and gifting to infinity to banks and corps will produce.

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TPTB have a different idea maybe.  Serflation.  Everything goes up but wages go down.  Watch.

tip e. canoe's picture

+16 trillion for coining a new meme.   serf's up!

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No doubt, its already been so for 40 years, only paper increases in real-estate and using your home as an ATM disguised the loss of ground by wages. Now the paper gains have vanished etc etc

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Not to worry.  It's a new paradigm.

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Just a sad state of affairs. 

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Perhaps Obama can come up with some stimulus package to save the day?

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goes nicely with the BDIY