Guest Post: It's Not America Anymore

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Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market blog

It's Not America Anymore

Many of us in the liberty movement find ourselves searching for a distinct root cause of the trials and tribulations of American culture — the Holy Grail catalyst that, if unraveled, would save this country and heal the septic wounds covering the landscape of our hobbled society. The obvious answer would be to remove the global elites who are poisoning the well from the picture entirely. Yes, this has to be done eventually. However, we must also identify how those elites have been able to so thoroughly con the masses of this nation for so long.

What inherent weakness has made us susceptible to manipulation? For this question, there are NO easy answers. But, if I had to choose a single frailty of our collective psyche as paramount to our downfall, I would say that Americans most of all are confounded by their own patriotism. We often embrace the ideal without knowing what it really means.

There are in fact two kinds of patriotism: the concrete, and the imagined. Many Americans fall haphazardly into the fantasy of being patriotic. They define patriotism upon the exploits of the mainstream and of the government in control at the time. They become cheerleaders for the establishment instead of stalwart champions of their country’s founding principles. In fact, true patriotism is NOT about blindly defending one’s nation or leadership regardless of its trespasses; true patriotism is about defending the philosophy that made one’s nation possible and prosperous in the first place — even if that means standing against the power structure in place today.

I often hear the uneducated and unaware claim that America and its principles have been a bane to the rest of the world. They say America is at the center of the vampire squid, flailing its vicious tentacles against innocent foreign civilizations. This is an oversimplification at best. The crimes that these well-meaning but naïve activists scorn cannot be attributed to “America” because the American ideal has been completely abandoned by those in the seat of power in our modern era. We do not live in “America” — at least, not the America that the Founding Fathers and authors of the Constitution created.  Therefore, the original philosophy that gave birth to America is not the issue, the abuse and neglect of that philosophy is.

America has been ransacked and deformed into a hideous lampoon of its former self. This has been done for the most part through the destruction of the guiding principles we pretend we still hold onto as a culture, but in reality have cast aside. If we are ever to undo the damage that has already been done, we have to rediscover what the original design of America was. Wailing and growling about the inadequacies of the present does nothing unless we also establish where it is that we have fallen from grace. What is America supposed to be? What did the Founders truly intend?

America Is Supposed To Be Controlled By The People

The concept of a Republic revolves around a reversal of the traditional narrative of power. Throughout most of history, government stood at the top of the pyramid, where the hands of a few dominated the destinies of the citizenry. The future was a matter for the elites, not the peasants, to be concerned with. The American Republic, as designed by the revolutionary colonists who defeated the old oligarchy (at least for a time), flipped the role of government to servant rather than master. The goal was to make government tangible and accountable rather than abstract and untouchable. The America of today has no such accountability anymore.

We have a two-party system that pursues the mechanizations of globalism in tandem, not in contest. When both parties have the same desires and goals, when both parties collude to remove civil liberties rather than protect them, and when both parties are funded by the same corporate backers, there is no such thing as change through the process of elections. Anyone who claims that government corruption can be punished through the ballot box hasn’t the slightest clue how our system really functions. They think we are still living in the original “America,” one that values the voice of the people.

When the government decides to push through banker bailouts, the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, etc., all while ignoring opposition by a vast majority of citizens, it is clear that the paradigm has shifted and the American value of representation by and for the people is lost.

America Is Supposed To Prosper Through Free Markets

One of the first acts of the American Revolution in the fight against British tyranny was to decouple from British economic dominance. They stopped relying on goods produced in England and peddled by the European merchant class and began making their own. From homespun clothing to homemade rifles, Americans created a legitimate free-market environment. Free markets are systems controlled by the people, thriving on the natural functions of supply and demand. They are not administered by bureaucracies or corporate hierarchies that manipulate the economy to fit preconceived political and social ends.

Free markets are decentralized markets. Corporations, which obstruct decentralization, were never meant to exist according to Adam Smith, the architect of traditional free markets. Today’s framework operates on centralization and the removal of options and choices, which is facilitated by the imbalance and lack of accountability in the corporate legal structure.

I have to laugh every time I hear someone attack “capitalism” and free markets as the source of all our ills. America has not had the pleasure of free markets for at least 100 years (since the construction of the private Federal Reserve, a collusion between banking and government interests). No one alive today has ever seen an actual American “free market” beyond community barter, so to blame free markets for our modern failings is rather thoughtless.  To summarize, the U.S. economy is nothing like what the founders envisioned and fought for.

America Is Supposed To Have A Reserved Foreign Policy

The Founding Fathers specifically sought to keep America out of foreign entanglements and haphazard alliances. They knew from experience that the elites and monarchies of Europe often used wars as a means of consolidating power and keeping populations in relative fear. They were well aware of the methodologies of Niccolo Machiavelli and knew that forced alliances were a trap used to ensnare nations into unnecessary conflict and financial dependency while keeping the masses subservient through false patriotism.

Today, our government has utterly violated the original principles of reserved foreign policy, especially in the past century. The excuse always used is that “we are under attack,” yet we usually discover later that these “attacks” were actually fabricated by our own leaders. From the sinking of the USS Maine, to the sinking of the Lusitania, to the Gulf of Tonkin and beyond, for the past 100 years, Americans have been presented with false flag threats used as leverage to convince us to become entangled in foreign engagements. This strategy has become so common that elitists now openly admit their intentions to commit future false flags in order to draw us into yet another war, this time with Iran.

The current policy of “exporting democracy” has not only been a complete failure (just look at Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.), it is also a total affront to the foundation of the American dynamic. Patriotism in the name of interventionism is foolhardy and decidedly un-American.

America Is Supposed To Respect Individual Rights

The Founders witnessed the extreme abuses of government firsthand: invasion of privacy, invasion of property, wrongful arrest and imprisonment, loss of representation, overt and malicious taxation, thuggish law enforcement, and the targeting of those who dared to dissent in their speech. The excuse used by the British for their tyrannical behavior was, essentially, national security. In the end, though, the elites’ actions had nothing to do with security for the populous and everything to do with what they saw as opposition to their hegemony. Our government has become a mirror image of the elitist power-mongers of Britain in the days of the revolution. Absolutely everything the colonists fought against has been re-established by the globalists in our political structure today, once again, all in the name of national security.

We have seen the enslavement of our money supply and general economy by the Federal Reserve; invasive and violent taxation through the Internal Revenue Service; loss of privacy through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance and the Patriot acts; loss of property rights through multiple agencies including the Bureau of Land Management, the Environmental Protection Agency, the IRS, the Food and Drug Administration, etc. (who claim their tightening fist is for our own safety, yet they constantly overlook corporate misdeeds that put the public in true danger while pummeling average citizens for minor or non-existent offenses); the militarization of law enforcement through the Department of Homeland Security and Federally dominated fusion centers; potential loss of Habeas Corpus through the NDAA; and even wrongful arrest against those who merely speak openly of their discontent (look into the case of Marine veteran Brandon Raub for a taste of what lay ahead).

What Have We Become?

Those who rally behind the modern concept of America rally behind a façade — an empty shell devoid of the heart and soul that gave life to this once great experiment. I do not support what America is. I support what America was and what it could be again if the truth is adequately smashed into the faces of the currently oblivious public. If this country is content to suckle from the putrid teat of globalism and forsake the moral force of conscience that gave it life, then it has become another place — an alien land.

I have heard the argument that America is meant to be a kind of chameleon built to change its stripes and adapt to the demands of the era. I have heard it argued that the Constitution and the principles of the Founding Fathers are outdated and inadequate for our new age of technological wizardry and terrorist ideologies. This is pure intellectual idiocy. The principles of freedom never expire. Individual liberty is inherent and eternal. It is the driving force of every great accomplishment in the history of mankind. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights embody the spirit of that eternal battle of individual liberty. There is no adaptation. There is only freedom or tyranny.

It is time for us to decide what kind of Americans we wish to be: the deluded rah-rah puppets of a desiccated totalitarian society, or the watchmen on the wall. Will we be the keepers and protectors of the vital core of the American identity, or will we be fly-by-night consumers of the flavor-of-the-day political carnival, eating every tainted sample from the elitist platter in an insane attempt to replace our free heritage with a sleek, sexy, rehashed form of top-down feudalism?

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unrulian's picture

the principles of the founding fathers died with them

Dalago's picture

How about a Federal government that can not make laws.  Just enforce the Consitution.  All laws will be made at a State/Local level.  Federal government would be more of a moral compass rather than make stupid laws.  Amendments would be from the States.


0 room for run-a-way federal government.

redpill's picture

The steps required are fairly straight forward, but of course will never happen because it would involve the federal government giving up much of its illegally-claimed power.

1) No more wars without Congressional Declaration of War

2) End the central banking charade that is known as the Federal Reserve and return to sound money

3) Repeal of the 16th amendment, dismantle the IRS, replace with single point-of-sale transaction tax on new retail goods and services

4) A Bill of Rights Rennaissance movement that demands our rights as individuals are respected

5) Balanced Budget Amendment

We do these 5 things and in 5 years we would not only be once again a beacon of freedom but also the most productive country in the world. Capital, investment, and jobs would flood back in from across the globe.

Skateboarder's picture

It's so easy, but it won't be done. All must go down the shitter first before the next iteration of how things run will be decided.

*weeps for the future*

Dalago's picture

End power delegations to the federal level.  The more the powers are siphoned into representatives; the more vigilance is needed.  The Constitution was great but not perfect in maintaining the Natural Law because it's pending on 2 things; honest representatives and active people.  Both won't happen perpetually.  SO... get rid of it.  Get rid of all three sections of government.  No president, no federal house and no federal senate and defer most government structure/power to the States.  State Senate and Houses will pick up the slack and the people will be more powerful.  Where is your voice in DC?  Companies/Banks have auctioned off the country.

Power would be permanently decentralized.  The only way to protect your natural law is to stop delegating powers to others and by keeping that power closer to you.

The Alarmist's picture

Nah, all of that flies in the face of several millenia of history.  The continued centralisation of power and the increasing attempts to bolster a central state apparatus to protect the kernal from the chaff is clearly the way things are going to go if we are to have any chance of preserving our values in a meaningful form.

Liberty is a quaint notion, but we have an ideal to preserve here.

TwoShortPlanks's picture

"It's Not America Anymore"...WTF yes it is...America is now the land of Broken Promises and Fools Gold...want some proof, sure, here, and this is just sneak  peak of what's to come. Be warned!

Here's a taste of the US Government's NEW track record.

Where the US Government has been, and is, taking you:

Where the US Government ends up taking you:

Where the US Government ends up taking LEAVING you:

Do you honestly think that the US Gov or anyone on Wall St gives a fuck about the average Joe? Wasted lives, wasted money, wasted psyche and an endless series of failures (wars, financial, standard of living)...transferred from those who lose little and gain those who lose all and gain nothing...THAT, is the NEW US-of-A!

Restrepo is a glaring example of just how the US elite are shamelessly capable of turning their backs on the sacrifice of others, over and over again...and it's gonna get much-much worse. Just wait till the Middle Earth heats up.

Either change it, or shut the fuck up and take it.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Sorry. We've tried all that, and we ended up here. We tried the smallest government known to man, and now have the biggest government ever. Definition of insanity.

redpill's picture

We wound up here because we haven't been dutifully watering the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants.

NidStyles's picture

So easy to blame it on other's for not acting out in violence and murder...


You people are morons...

redpill's picture

I wasn't being literal, dumbass.

pupton's picture

How about a Consitution that ablolishes permanently the existance of any federal government.  It would be really short, and everyone would be able to understand it.  "There shall be no federal government of these united States.  Each State is a sovereign nation free to make its own laws in keeping with its own Constitution.  If you don't like the laws or Constitution in your state, fight to change them or pick one of the other 49 states to move to."

cranky-old-geezer's picture



How about a Consitution that ablolishes permanently the existance of any federal government. 

Then you wouldn't need a Constitution.

Constitution is a government creating document.  It establishes a government and declares the powers and duties of that government.

By the way, we don't need the Constitution to have individual rights.  Individual rights are not created in the Constitution.  They exist prior to the Constitution. 

People often cite the Constitution as the source of a particular right, but it isn't.  It merely references rights that existed previously. 

If the Federal government ever shut down and dissolved, the Constitution would no longer be applicable, but you wouldn't lose one single right, because they existed before the Constitution  was written.

What is the proper source to cite?  The declaration of Independence.   It declares the existence of rights people normally attribute to the Constitution.

SmallerGovNow2's picture

This was one of the best articles on ZH ever....

GAAPpreNixon's picture

Paul Craig Roberts recently interviewed one of the those real leaders who was demonized for speaking truth to power.

She knows what to do and even believes we can still do it. The secret is to stop thinking an immoral and corrupt version of Homo SAP is normal and expected. That is how we have been gamed to not question the absolute rejection of common decency by our political and media presstitutes and oligarchic lakeys.

Rod Serling: Logic is the enemy and truth is a menace.

Charie Chaplin explains what REAL normal human behabior is.

Stop believing that Social Darwinism is scientific. It's not. It's a pseudo-scientific construct by the oligarchs. It's Madison Avenue S&M cheap psychology con artist crap to convince you that Sadism is natural for the top position and Masochism is natural for YOU (i.e. the bottom position). BULLSHIT! It also conveniently pits you against your fellow slaves in a dog eat dog envy contest to get to be a top sadist. That is the "method" in oligarchic "madness.

Cooperation is far more important among species in nature than predation. That is the part that the Gilded Age assholes conveniently left out when they "adopted" (coopted is more like it!) the Theory of Evolution tenet labelled "survival of the fittest" to explain their brutality and inhumanity to man and the biosphere. These suicidal fucks are doing away with our life support system and calling it science!

The scientific community is noticing and raising their voices.

Mission: Possible

Cooperation, not competition, is the way forward.

By Mary Beth Aberlin | October 1, 2012

tip e. canoe's picture

wonderful quote by her:

The military might of the US is being used to benefit a very small group of men and women who have the rest of humankind hoodwinked as to the true nature of what is going on. The rest of humankind can’t imagine that amount of greed and willingness to kill and so, are easily fooled and tricked by the individuals who control the new system that is being created. It is, sadly, a case of 'willful blindness.'

Cathartes Aura's picture


Cooperation is far more important among species in nature than predation. That is the part that the Gilded Age assholes conveniently left out when they "adopted" (coopted is more like it!) the Theory of Evolution tenet labelled "survival of the fittest" to explain their brutality and inhumanity to man and the biosphere. These suicidal fucks are doing away with our life support system and calling it science!

a perspective & voice too rare on these threads, and most welcome - here's hoping you post more, and frequently

GOSPLAN HERO's picture

"Such being the case, it must necessarily follow, that some one portion of the community must pay in taxes more than it receives back in disbursements; while another receives in disbursements more than it pays in taxes. It is, then, manifest, taking the whole process together, that taxes must be, in effect, bounties to that portion of the community which receives more in disbursements than it pays in taxes; while, to the other which pays in taxes more than it receives in disbursements, they are taxes in reality—burthens, instead of bounties. This consequence is unavoidable. It results from the nature of the process, be the taxes ever so equally laid, and the disbursements ever so fairly made, in reference to the public service…

The necessary result, then, of the unequal fiscal action of the government is, to divide the community into two great classes; one consisting of those who, in reality, pay the taxes, and, of course, bear exclusively the burthen of supporting the government; and the other, of those who are the recipients of their proceeds, through disbursements, and who are, in fact, supported by the government; or, in fewer words, to divide it into tax-payers and tax-consumers.

But the effect of this is to place them in antagonistic relations, in reference to the fiscal action of the government, and the entire course of policy therewith connected. For, the greater the taxes and disbursements, the greater the gain of the one and the loss of the other—and vice versa; and consequently, the more the policy of the government is calculated to increase taxes and disbursements, the more it will be favored by the one and opposed by the other.

The effect, then, of every increase is, to enrich and strengthen the one, and impoverish and weaken the other. This, indeed, may be carried to such an extent, that one class or portion of the community may be elevated to wealth and power, and the other depressed to abject poverty and dependence, simply by the fiscal action of the government; and this too, through disbursements only—even under a system of equal taxes imposed for revenue only. If such may be the effect of taxes and disbursements, when confined to their legitimate objects—that of raising revenue for the public service—some conception may be formed, how one portion of the community may be crushed, and another elevated on its ruins, by systematically perverting the power of taxation and disbursement, for the purpose of aggrandizing and building up one portion of the community at the expense of the other. That it will be so used, unless prevented, is, from the constitution of man, just as certain as that it can be so used; and that, if not prevented, it must give rise to two parties, and to violent conflicts and struggles between them, to obtain the control of the government, is, for the same reason, not less certain."

John C. Calhoun

A Lunatic's picture

I would prefer that the government is not my moral compass either.............

Dalago's picture

Word.  0 say in the American people's lives.  Its a work in progress.

Manthong's picture

Repeal the 17th Amendment and you can get there.

Stackers's picture

Excuse me stewardist, but I speak Jive.

TheGardener's picture

Silly me mentioning the Holy Grail the other day but as the one who did it, I 'll take all the blame as intended.

Guess what:

" Many of us in the liberty movement find ourselves searching for a distinct root cause of the trials and tribulations of American culture — the Holy Grail catalyst that, if unraveled, would save this country and heal the septic wounds covering the landscape of our hobbled society"

There might be no such thing as American Culture and the ethnic discussion is beyond legal in most jurisdictions,
and the Holy Grail is a knights issue, as in fight club
in popular fashion right here.

ATM's picture

Not workable since the Federal government has specific tasks it alone must perform. A better idea might be this - every 20 years all federal laws, regulations, executive orders get tossed and we start over. Sort of Thomas Jefferson's every 20 year revolution idea only done without guns if not necessary. Also a refining of the wordng of the Constitution could be done as well since language usage changes over time.

kaiserhoff's picture

Not workable since the Federal government has specific tasks it alone must perform. 


Like keeping illegals out of the country?

A Nanny Moose's picture

What makes one "illegal?" Why? Why is it a problem?

RSBriggs's picture

What makes it illegal?  Crossing the border without authorization. Why is it a problem?  Why not ask Mexico, that shoots-to-kill Costa-Ricans caught attempting to cross into Mexico so they don't take Mexican jobs?

Why borders?  Why can't I just come to your house and eat everything in your refrigerator, take everything I want out of it, and take a big dump in your living room on my way out?  Why would that be a problem?   Or maybe your car - just hand me the keys, thanks. 

NidStyles's picture

You just equated the Federal Government to an Individual, and people wonder what gave the Federal Government and the statists so much power.


Think before you speak..

dbTX's picture

Bad idea ATM. The Constitution was perfectly written. The problem is that it's being re-written daily by the courts. Leave well enough alone.

Urban Redneck's picture

No, the Constitution the sucked ass when it was adopted, it sucks even more now.

Federalism replaced Confederation and this killed the Republic.

Darth Sidious's picture

shoulda listened to patrick henry! he smelled a rat

tip e. canoe's picture

so did John Lansing

the kind of government recommended by the convention could not "afford that security to equal and permanent liberty which we wished to make an invariable object of our pursuit." 

NidStyles's picture

Perfectly written for statists, yes.

V in PA's picture

...since language usage changes over time


It's called 'NewSpeak'

Karl von Bahnhof's picture

Only one solution - military dictatorship. Sorry. Get prepared.

SmallerGovNow2's picture

I get to be in Command first...

Antifaschistische's picture

How about giving freedom loving citizenry ONE STATE in this Union where freedom reigns and where we do not have to be subservient to federal laws for our businesses, our health, our education, our cars, our homes, our roads, etc.

This will never happen....because one little taste of freedom would result in a flood if immigration into the free state. Slavery will never win when freedom rings. Which is why our enslavement must be coerced, because if given a choice productive citizens would never chose enslavement.   But we don’t have a choice, because the parasites of society (Bankers, Bureaucrats, Recipients of .gov cash from the industrial complexes to Aid to Families with Dependent Children) need hosts to keep their parasitic lives going, and they will willing live behind a wall as long as they can keep YOU behind a wall.

The parasites are growing…


elementary's picture

Don't you know that anyone espousing the principles of our Founding Fathers or the Constitution is now considered a domestic terrorist?

DrewJackson's picture

Which Constitution would that be?   Yours?  Judge Roberts'?   Obama's?  Pelosi's?

WarriorClass's picture

It's Not America Anymore, because Americans were replaced with foreigners.  Legal immigration, due to the Immigration Reform Act of 1965, has done more damage to this country than illegal immigration could ever have hoped to do. Americans now think it's OK to replace the population of freedom loving Americans with third world collectivists, as long as it's "legal." Legal immigrants now out number the American population of 1965, which is why we have Obama for President. See "Alien Nation: Common Sense About America's Immigration Disaster" by Peter Brimelow.

pods's picture

Kind of an ass backwards argument.  Who exactly voted for the immigration act?  Those who were here.

You cannot blame immigrants for following the policy that the "natives" have set up.


Gringo Viejo's picture

Western Rifle Shooters Association. If all you've got is hot air, don't bother showin'. Serious men.