In Harbinger Of Things To Come, UK Weathermen Sued Over Pessimistic Forecasts

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While some of us grow weary of the incessant optimism among our economist elite - and their error-prone forecasts and Birinyi-ruler extrapolations, the Brits have decided enough is enough. The leisure industry is suing the weather-forecasters for coming up with "such pessimistic forecasts predicting rain." In some of the most perfect analogies for our woeful economists, The Telegraph notes that "The Met Office forecasters need to realise that everything they say has an impact on whether people go on holiday or go for a day out."  But the weather service admitted (unlike our overpaid extrapolators) "No weather forecaster is going to get it 100 per cent right all the time. We have to tell the weather as it is that's what our job is." Of course, we have nothing to fear but rain itself and so the industry offers this little gem of honesty: "We're not asking them to bend the truth, but just to be more careful with phrasing." Perhaps we will soon hear this from our esteemed ivory tower academics: While we may have global thermonuclear warfare, it will generate a modest GDP bounce in several countries as a result of more than expected broken windows. All of this simply confirms that 'we can't handle the truth.'


Via The Telegraph: Met Office facing legal action over pessimistic forecasts

A tourist attraction is considering suing The Met Office after it claims a string of pessimistic forecasts kept visitors away.


Rick Turner owner of the Big Sheep in Abbotsham, Devon, said poor forecasting was to blame for lower attendance at his farm attraction business. Mr Turner is so angry he says he'll take the agency to court unless its forecasts improve.


He said: "The Met Office seems to come up with such pessimistic forecasts predicting chances of rain when we're enjoying sunshine."




"The Met Office forecasters need to realise that everything they say has an impact on whether people go on holiday or go for a day out."




But the weather service admitted 'No weather forecaster is going to get it 100 per cent right all the time.'




"The UK is lucky enough to have one of the best weather forecasting services in the world - we should recognise that.




"People just hear the word rain and that puts them off going somewhere for the day.




"We're not asking them to bend the truth, but just to be more careful with phrasing. For example, they could say that while inland areas may have showers, coastal areas are expected to be dry."

Of course, when it comes down to it - its not really about the actual forecast, its who delivers the forecast with the most credibility? Who are you going to trust more, Joe Lavorgna or...


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Oh dear.....

Could'nt you just hedge with weather futures???

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OK, I am ready for the trading day: I shot smack, snorted meth, jacked-off to a porn hub Suzie Diamond video, and talked to Robotrader (LA area code) for 5 minutes on my iPhone5.   Trading NFLX with 10x leverage.   Shorting AGQ et. al.  

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It's gonna be sunny skys......or we're taking your ass to court.


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CNBC Weather, all sunshine all the time.

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In the Rocky Mountains ~ Cloudy

In the Cloudy Mountains ~ Rocky

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At least this tourist organization gets it write that extra liquidity is not always a good thing.

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Had to +1 one you for your pornhub Suzie Diamond call.  I also recommend Aleska Diamond.

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Only if you remember the routing code for Chewco.

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What a bunch of pussies.Speaking of pussie, we here need to ramp up are forecasters like her.

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Speaking of pussy, where is Marla?   Did Tyler and her break up?  

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What happens in Vegas.....stays in Vegas.



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Drank too much, got kicked out of XS, couldn't find the wallet to pay the cab driver, and peed out of the window back at the hotel?


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I have yet to see the George Carlin Weatherman spiel: "Tonight's Forecast: Dark, with scattered light in the morning. "

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I'd like to sue my wife. She forecasted a lifetime of blow jobs for me before we were married. Well......

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Re. Weathergirl: I would hit that no problemo.  

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It's high noon on my sun dial.


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My wife wants to sleep when i want one for fucks sake..

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Ypu guys bitchign about my momo high-beta "hot stocks" list: do you want to make &&& or just stack PMs (which will be raided by JPM today, Blythe is stuffing tampons today, she is really pissed off).  

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You suggesting going long Tampax with an appropriate hedge of shorting your sex life?

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Well making &&& ain't that tough really. I just made 3 of them.

I will stick with tradition thanks.


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Slaughterer, I dig you, I do, but calling out a JPM PM raid is like calling out that at least one of my many evening farts will not only be loud, but also stink. 

And besides, I thought it (the raid) was supposed to happen Thursday was it?  No wait, Friday?  No wait...

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I'm guessing their government doesn't arm their forecasters over there? lol

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I'd like to tame her shrew...

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There is one on I think Fox on weekends that is fucking stunning. Maria something. I'm gonna sue her for giving me multiple boners

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There's lots of them on Fox. It's almost like it's a conspiracy.


If you don't like it you can check out the dykes on MSNBC. Should solve that growing problem you're experiencing.


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Rachel Maddow gives me a DE-rection

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Guess it's not true that no one does anything about the weather anymore.

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NFLX 10x leverage bull.  YEAH!

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And then the populace will sue the forecasters for forecasting sun when it rains and they spend good money to see an outdoor attraction that has a no refund for bad weather policy.

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You're thinking again. Didn't your overlords warn you about that?

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This'll be the same Telegraph that reported that there are only 100 codfish left in the North Sea then eh?

I guess next up they'll report that the proceeds of the legal action (because of course they'll succeed) will be used to pay off the litigation over LIBOR.

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Fake melons do not grow when it rains.

Blue Horshoe Loves Annacott Steel's picture

It always seems the fascism is tried out in Britain aka the UK (unemployed kingdom) 1st, then it comes to the USA.

The UK had cameras everywhere spying on the citizens way before the USA, now the USA has gone full Stasi also.

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And we thought it was only tested the telecom networks that you Americans tested first in Europe before rolling them out in US.

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Maybe the BOE can pull sunshine out its ass.

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"It's the weather stupid"

backhandtopspinslicer's picture

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

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Scientists that disagree with the global warming data (some of which has been lost or stolen by the skeptics!!!!!!!!) should be sued. Somebody wake-up the Holder boy

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Stop HAARPing about the weather people!!!

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Tyler, better have some mustard seeds and green shoots articles before Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe representing CALPERS comes after ZH.

BTW - AAPL is looking like a buy here, and Citi set to skyrocket.

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Sarcasm - a slippery pig, but a tasty one.

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Isn't QE supposed to make the weather forecasts better too?

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Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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a +5 for hte happy ending ZH

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Soon all days will be forecast as AAA!