Man Climbs Top Of Saint Peter's Cathedral In Rome To Protest EU, Mario Monti - Live Webcast

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While some may think that having an unelected technocrat is all fun and games, in Rome at least one person begs to differ. The person is Marcello Di Finizo, an Italian restaurateur, who has "staged a spectacular protest by spending the night between Tuesday and Wednesday on top of Saint Peter's Church in Rome." He is still there now and his expliot can be seen live on the webcast below.

More from ABC and the Times:

Marcello Di Finizio, from Trieste in north-east Italy, visited the balcony on top of St Peter's dome with ordinary tourists. He then climbed over a railing and lowered himself with a rope onto a window ledge from which he unfolded a banner.


"Help!!! Enough with (Prime Minister Mario) Monti, Enough with Europe, Enough with multinationals. You are killing us all. Development??? This is simply social butchery," it read.


On Wednesday morning Di Finizio was still on top of the dome, as Vatican police, who also enlisted the help of Italian firemen, failed to convince him to end his protest.


A spokesman for the Vatican told dpa that the man was offered a meeting with government representatives in Monti's offices in central Rome, but he refused it.


The 46-year-old has carried out similar stunts in the past. He had already climbed on top of St Peter's in July, where he stayed for four hours. In March, he spent four days on a crane in Trieste's port.


He fears that he will lose his business due to EU regulation that is opening up the market for beachside businesses.


Previously, he staged street protests and went on a hunger strike after his bar-restaurant on Trieste's seafront was damaged by a fire and flooding in 2008, in order to get compensation for the damages.




Video footage showed the man, identified as Marcello Di Finizio, jumping over railings near the top of the 137-metre-high dome, shocking visitors taking a tour.


He then tied a cord to the railings and abseiled to a ledge over a window in the cupola.


Tottering on the ledge, Di Finizio unveiled a banner reading: "Help! Enough Monti, Enough Europe! Enough Multinationals!"


He remained on the dome well into the night, flashing a strobe light as Vatican police and firefighters worked to find a way to bring him down to safety.


Alex Giuzio, a friend of the protester, said Di Finizio owns a beach bar that rents out parasols and lounge chairs to sunbathers.


He said he is angry about a European Union directive and Italian government plan that will see licences to operate patches of seafront auctioned off transparently from 2016.


Beach workers say the plan will favour multinational companies over smaller local businesses.


Di Finizio has staged several public protests against the plans and had already climbed out onto St Peter's dome during a shorter protest in July when he demanded a meeting with the tourism minister.

Live webcast of the protester from the Vatican:

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dannyboy's picture

Someone isn't celebrating goldman's takeover. He must be a terrorist.

Badabing's picture

Yesterday’s contributor’s story by GW

Had me going, but now this!

If you asked me the guy is Jamie Dimon

And we all know he’s the devil standing on top of the temple and saying: “Do you see all these kingdoms, if you bow to me they will all be yours”

Bawneee Fwank's picture

Indeed, drone that MF'er!


Who is he talking to on the phone?

vmromk's picture

It appears that man needs a bailout.

Are you listening Bernanke ?

Bawneee Fwank's picture

That might be who he is talking with...1.25 gazzillion


Dude has a huge set of balls, gotta admit that.

Conrad Murray's picture

I wonder what the office of the Prime Minister thinks of this...

International Press Counselor: Mrs. Amelia Torres
Phone: +39 06 67793050 – fax +39 06 6798648

LongSoupLine's picture

maybe he climbed up there to get closer to God...



oh wait, St. Peters?...i thought you said Goldman Sachs Tower...nevermind.

Conrad Murray's picture

And just out of Iran:

"Hundreds of police in anti-riot gear stormed the capital's currency exchange district of Ferdowsi, arresting illegal money changers and ordering licenced bureaux and other shops closed"

Ben and his fellow henchmen fixing the world!

tocointhephrase's picture

Yesterdays news (if you read ZH)! Edit: The below article, that is. But hey what do you expect from a government news agency!

ziggy59's picture

What can go wrong?

Troy Ounce's picture



Nicht hinauslehnen!

Do not lean out of the windows!

e periciloso sporgersi !

Sheeple Shepard's picture

"He then tied a cord to the railings and abseiled to a ledge over a window in the cupola"

Definitely not a grass munching sheep that's for sure, our civilization has developed as it has for millennia largely because of men's "can-do" attitude, now we sit round all day picking our noses and watching sports and we wonder why we are getting constantly kicked in the groin by TPTB. Of course this guy is going to be made out to be a lunatic/terrorist when really his brain is functioning completely normally in my opinion, good luck sir!#

"In a mad world, only the mad are sane."
Akiro Kurosawa

Ghordius's picture

so let's take his message apart:

help! - ok, that is easy

enough Monti - that is a bit more difficult, parliament still supporting the guy

enough Europe - this is even more difficult. against EU and EZ, I suppose, though I find myself saying enough Europe in the sense of "stop! that's just fine like this now"

enough Multinationals - now this is against globalization. just as a reminder that outside of the US, it's the multinationals (including the big banks) that are seen by most protesters as the "imperialistic profiteers of globalization". not the "damn socialistic/green/internationalistic crafters of treaties" that only in US-English are called "globalist". just saying...

zelter's picture

Only for you would it be terribly difficult to figure out the connection between the EU-installed dictator Monti, the European Commission whose laws and imposts are commonly called "from Europe", and the multinationals that the EU protects and for whom it is vital that Italy and other European countries remain mired in political internationalism, treaty-based or otherwise.

It would be interesting to learn why you seem to think people only care about money, and not a whit about nationhood.

Ghordius's picture

that %*§§*% Monti was appointed by the Italian President of the Republic and is supported by a majority in the Italian Parliament - as per Italian constitution. Italians call an affair like this a "technical government", this to differentiate from the "normal" "political government". Monti's gov is something like the tenth "technical gov" since 1948.

but of course English speaking reporters are too lazy or conceited to say "technical" instead of "technocratic". and too many people like to see his %*§§*% gov as "dictatorial" and "EU-installed", but sorry, it isn't so. Bloody Berlusconi is supporting Monti as much as the whole Left, for criminy!

counterexample: an US Secretary of State is too appointed by the president and confirmed by Congress. "Technocrat", too?

I repeat: it's a majority in parliament. Get it yourself and you can be Italy's next PM.

Now of course we could get into the multinational business "that the EU protects". I'd say we could play a game: for every one that you name I'll name three US ones that are since longer in the racket, inside and outside the EU. Sorry, the numbers I get speak a clear message for me: the EU mainly protects internal small and medium business from some of the excesses of some outsider multinationals (albeit while doing some other rackets on the side). But yes, your view is also part and parcel of the thing.

+1 for mentioning "political internationalism". would you like to have a discussion on specific treaties?

I vaguely remember that you had a very specific and unorthodox definition of nationhood, btw. Am I wrong?

tip e. canoe's picture

ok i'll play Ghordi:

Nestle (the world's most profitable company in 2011)

Suez S.A.

Veolia (ex Vivendi, ex Compagnie Generale des Eaux)

Apocalicious's picture








Credit Suisse


Deutsche Bank





Apocalicious's picture

Interestingly, we await the European Commission's decision on Glencore's proposal (already the largest diversified commodity merchant/trader in the world, domiciled in Switzerland) to buy Xstrata, another multinational, Swiss miner/merchant. This would make the combined entity the largest thermal coal exporter, and largest zinc and ferrochrome producer in the world.

Ghordius's picture

I agree, it's interesting - does this place Switzerland firmly "de facto" in the EU or does this just go with what I am trying to say? That:

- in europe lots of protests see multinationals as the "scourge" of the "empire" aka "Pax Americana"

- in europe more people are confortable with international treaties than in the US - no wonder, more socialist would some say

- without the Pax Americana those huge multinationals would be unthinkable?

and of course that it's quite a racket behind it, founded by people that used to say things like: "oh you mean Dictator X? Yes, he is a son of a bitch, but he is our son of a bitch?"

zelter's picture

What the hell are you talking about--"more confortable with international treaties?" No, we're not. Especially not those imposed by political classes intending to over-ride our future political choices. And this has nothing to do with socialism, either. "International treaties" are nothing special and usually a misnomer for relations between states, though treaty-based organisations can take a plutocratic life of their own.

Pax Americana is the EU, sabre-rattling for retards aside; the consolidated despotisms of Washington and Brussels are strongly linked, the latter being a subset of the former. The EU won't wholly break or ban transnationals because it exists to serve transnational rather than national interests, or at least that was the stated idea from the get-go.

As for Monti, a former European Commissioner, you know very well that the EU appointed him as dictator, and the EU called the shots to do so. It is not dissimilar to when Paul Reynaud resigned as President and the French Assembly elected Marechal Petain to negotiate the best possible deal for the surrender of France, which he obtained. Just as Petain was appointed to appease Hitler, Monti was appointed to appease the EU.

Finally, on nationhood, you're the one who uses Stalin's creepy definiton if I recall correctly. Do you like the Stalin Constitution of 1936, by the way? It's not dissimilar to the crap the EU produces.

zelter's picture

enough Europe - this is even more difficult. against EU and EZ, I suppose, though I find myself saying enough Europe in the sense of "stop! that's just fine like this now"

You said this above. So I'm wondering, do you then support fully suspending the European Commission's right and ability to propose and repeal legislation then?

Or is it just that you like the current virtual carte blanche to make pass any and every law it pleases, and with which it will bring about something different than what is "like this now" (with each moronic law) -- and can't bring yourself to stop being mealy-mouthed about this?

Ghordius's picture

ok, ok, meanwhile I received phonecalls and mails telling me that the way I framed the bet I'll lose and I should "beat a hasty retreat and concede". pls consider it done, with my sincerest apologies. I should have framed the bet according other parameters than just the number of companies

I was preparing the following comment:

Veolia is not that bad IMHO, though of course the British Catholics hate her because of the Jerusalem Light Rail .

Suez S.A. has her dark side, too. ok

Nestle has a mixed record but hey! It's still a Swiss-based corporation, even if originally it was called Anglo-Swiss Milk Company. Not yet EU, though I understand they are thinking about it.

Ok, so you named two, so I have to counter with six

1. Monsanto  - the darling of Latin America

2. The Walt Disney Company that got Mickey Mouse et al trademarked forever - I love Disney but I hate what they have done to international copyright

3.+4. MasterCard  & Visa Inc. The card near-duopolists

5.+6.The Coca-Cola Company  & PepsiCo  the soft beverages near-duopolists

And raise with

- Microsoft of the famous EU antitrust fine 

- The old and great ExxonMobil  & Chevron Corporation   - of the surviving "seven sisters" - to which in all fairness also the old Anglo-Persian Oil Company belonged, which then became British Petroleum and now BP and it's other sister the Anglo-Dutch Shell Company.

- The old aircraft near-monopolist Boeing, now chased by EU's "frankenstein's" Airbus

- And the truly globals, 3M, Xerox, Comcast, EBay, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart , Caterpillar Inc.  and Mars, Incorporated  to which the info-systems giants Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Dell , Autonomy Corporation , Cisco Systems , Oracle Corporation  also belong

- And of course Apple Inc.  , no comment necessary, as for Google , Yahoo!   and Facebook, Inc.

And of course with all the FED primary dealers (excluding China of course and the few out of them that are also not based in the US)


again, I concede, +1 to all of you

tip e. canoe's picture

you forgot Proctor & Gamble (i guess one could make the case that Thrive is good ol' boy Foster's attempt to make amends, though i wouldn't make that argument)

Goya's a fucker too and they've penetrated the Spanish market quite insiduously.


silly of me to include Nestle', chock it up to amrkn laziness.

as far as Veolia is concerned, ask Phoenix residents just how not that bad they are:

i bet most Amrkns would be shocked when they discovered how much of their public services (including and especially water) is controlled by corps domiciled in Europe.    what goes around, comes around, i guess.


it would be really interesting to discover who owns controlling (or at least significant) interests in this collective list on both sides of the pond.   betya we'd see some familiar (and not so) names reoccuring.

thanks for the game ghordi, that was fun.

Ghordius's picture

eh, Veolia is a perfect case then of not knowing what your "in theory own boyz" do abroad, eh? thanks for the link

Apocalicious's picture

Ok, I think we've somewhat lost track of the point here. (Tends to happen at the confluence of ethnocentrism and the fundamental attribution bias. My multinationals are more better than yours!)


Let's argue about where Anheuser Inbev goes....sigh...


Bawneee Fwank's picture

He should start growing opium up there...we would then send troops over to protect him and his crop.

LongSoupLine's picture

right, and hopefully he doesn't find oil up there or we'll send troop to bomb and take over.  Then again, the Vatican does have quite a bit of gold, so...

BinAround's picture

Children scream when you take away their candy and Italians scream when competition threatens.  Mommy's boy might have to win customers with quality and value instead of being the only business with a permit to operate.



MsCreant's picture

Guess you like and shop at Walmart a whole lot. Great jobs. Love how we subsidize that business by providing their workers food stamps and medical.

Raymond Reason's picture

There are many countries where Walmart can't compete.  Those countries in which there are Bazaars; small tent-cities with retailers who sit in the cold without heat, electricity or licenses, selling their wares.  Zero overhead. 

There it is common to see retired people sitting in front of supermarkets selling vegetables, fruits, homemade breads, native eggs, etc., beating up on the big box.  Of course, this sort of bullying is illegal in the US.

Raymond Reason's picture

I think he is worried about being out-bid for his next permit. 

walcott's picture

maybe its because Italy implemented a one square hollywood nun sheryl "green ho" crow toilet paper policy.

Sheryl Crow selling massive Hollywood Hills estate for $16 million

No Euros please we're British's picture

Bullish for Apple it seems a new venture, i-deckchairs, i-parasols and maybe for the German tourists i-spiderman beach towels.

Hobbleknee's picture

The Vatican is not a member of the EU.

i-dog's picture

But it is now (under Ratzinger, and his predecessor) a member of the Khazarian Kleptokratic Klique. Goldman Sucks is now its banker and its foremost financial executioner.

Ghordius's picture

Neutral remark: a Vatican insider like a few I know would, at this point, ask: "The Pope -pause- or the Curia?" And of course the word Curia is then just barely audible while their eyes light up like those of a fan of some prominent rockstar soon receiving some juicy gossip...

After the Borgias there was this little deal of never having a non-Italian on Peter's throne anymore. bloody Vatican can't keep a directive or a principle longer than half a millennium, eh? though to be fair the last two were not crowned. End neutral remark.

Zero Govt's picture

the list of things to burn here in Europe is rather long, so one less to torch is always most welcome

MsCreant's picture

Looks like a neat place to hang out. Falling would be a bitch, but other than that, what a hoot.

walcott's picture

he scaled the pinnacle of oppression disfunction the sado masochist slave dome.

pashley1411's picture

This is just human evolution in action.   Man has evolved from homo constructus; man makes buildings; to homo protestus, man climbs on top of buildings to ask for more government money and shake fist at god.    

booboo's picture

Wait till he starts painting "Monti is a whore"

Good old american water tower art is what they need.

Vooter's picture

I'd be more impressed (although I give him kudos for what he's done) if he started taking massive diarrhetic shits all over the roof and then flinging some of the shit down on the onlookers. The Vatican deserves nothing less...

Apocalicious's picture

Looks like someone needs some re-education...

shovelhead's picture

He'd have to get ordained before it could be Holy Shit.

Miss Expectations's picture

Deus ex Machina, Bitchez!