Turkey Fires Artillery Shells Into Syria In Alleged Retaliation

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Following this morning's reported shelling of a Turkish town (from Syrian lands):


The Turkish foreign ministry has held emergency talks and, according to Zaman, Turkey has now begun firing 'warning' shots into Syria and 'the bombardment continues to be heavy'.


And it would appear things are escalating:


On the earlier Syrian shelling of Turkey...

Via Reuters: Mortar from Syria kills five family members in Turkey

AKCAKALE, Turkey, Oct 3 (Reuters) - A mortar bomb fired from Syria landed in a residential district of the southeastern Turkish town of Akcakale on Wednesday, killing a woman and four children from the same family and wounding at least eight other people.


A cloud of dust and smoke rose up over low-rise buildings as residents ran to help the wounded. Others, infuriated by the increasing spillover of violence from Syria's civil war, took to the streets shouting protests against the local authorities.


Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu phoned U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to brief him about the incident and also spoke with senior military officials and Syria crisis mediator Lakhdar Brahimi, his ministry said in a statement.


Davutoglu signalled over the weekend that Turkey would take action if there was a repeat of a mortar strike which damaged homes and workplaces in Akcakale last Friday.


"It (latest mortar round) hit right in the middle of the neighbourhood. The wife and four children from the same family died," Ahmet Emin Meshurgul, local head of the Turkish Red Crescent, told Reuters, adding he knew the victims personally.


"People here are anxious, because we got hit before. Security forces tried to convince people to empty the neighbourhood near the border, but now we've been hit right in the middle of the town," he said.


A Reuters witness saw three police officers among the wounded being taken to hospital.


Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan long cultivated good relations with Assad but became a harsh critic after Syria's popular revolt began last year, accusing him of creating a "terrorist state". Erdogan has allowed Syrian rebels to organise on Turkish soil and pushed for a foreign-protected safe zone inside Syria.




Syria's worsening bloodshed has increasingly affected border zones, with stray bullets flying into Turkish territory.


"Over the last 20 to 25 days there have been very heavy clashes on the Syrian side. We have felt the effects of these in Akcakale," Labour Minister Faruk Celik, an MP for the province where Akcakale is located, told parliament.


In April, Turkey reported an incident to the United Nations in which at least five people, including two Turkish officials, were wounded when cross-border gunfire struck a Syrian refugee camp in Kilis, further west along the frontier.


Turkey beefed up its troop presence and air defences along its 900-km (560-mile) border after Syria shot down a Turkish reconnaissance jet in June. But residents in Akcakale said there was still not enough security.


"People here are rising up, there is no security. People were chanting for the local governors to resign," local resident Ibrahim Halil Arslan told CNN Turk television.


"Everybody here is so anxious. We keep our children locked at home, and we are trying to live under this psychological pressure," he said.


Washington sees Turkey as the pivotal player in backing Syria's opposition and planning for the post-Assad era. But Ankara has found itself increasingly isolated and frustrated by a lack of international consensus on how to end the conflict.


Turkey is also sheltering more than 90,000 refugees from Syria and fears a mass influx similar to the flight of half a million Iraqi Kurds into Turkey after the 1991 Gulf War.

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False flag!  Fuck this shit!

Haager's picture

Exactly. Like the drone or whatever that were brought down whilst in violation of the Syrian borders.

I won't be surprised if the Syrian shells turn out to be fired by those friendly rebels.


Anyway: Should be bullish, at least for crude.

malikai's picture

O/T, but isn't it odd how on this day of the presidential debates, where economy and inflation will likely play a large role, we get oil down and equities up? Also, watch out gold..


gmrpeabody's picture

Just a good old fashioned Turkey shoot!

redpill's picture

Muzzie-on-muzzie violence, it's the civil rights cause of our time!  Sennn inn Jezzie Jack-sunnnn

pasco35's picture

Grab a bucket of popcorn because WW III is about to start!!!





redpill's picture

Will storm windows help with that?

Possible Impact's picture

Miss your posts on TOL.

Posted this: Russia warns NATO to stay away from Syria

What do you think NATO will do?


Dugald's picture

Based on past performance, sweet FA...just carry on with the perpetual cocktail party

azzhatter's picture

Has obama cancelled the debate? election?

Acet's picture

A friend of mine which is Turkish and from that area told me how the Syrian rebels would come into town (on the Turkish side) all cocky, would steal things and once even beat up a local cop.

One day they robbed a shop and killed the shopkeeper. People complained and even demonstrated demanding that the Turkish authorities did something about it but they did nothing (and in fact news of the demonstrations didn't even appear in Turkish Newspapers).

So what started happening is that the Syrian rebels started getting killed when they came into town. Guess that solved the problem.

Although my friend only admitted that everybody in that area has a weapon at home, from some of his stories I got the impression that a lot of people in that area make their business from smuggling, so they're not exactly pushovers.

That said, that the Turkish authorities ignored the situation of the Syrian rebels stealing and killing in the border towns tells me that Erdogan's motives for being against the Syrian Government have nothing to do with the behaviour of both sides of the conflict in Syria. Methinks this "mortar attack" is either staged or it was actually the rebels that launched it.

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If anyone wants to watch it.  Site is in turkish.

blu's picture

"Methinks this "mortar attack" is either staged or it was actually the rebels that launched it."


slaughterer's picture

If this were real, Brent/WTI would have said so.   False flag indeed.  

Cult_of_Reason's picture

Geithner has issued an urgent order this morning to JPM/Goldman to knock oil lower (before the war escalates to bombing of Iran or secondary to the US dipping into a recession?)


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ziggy59's picture

Zackly..sum of all fears replayed
Notice how the resistance force are called rebels but when the US invades and attacks, they're called insurgents? All linguist propaganda.

Skateboarder's picture

All rebels are terrorists but not all terrorists are rebels? Is that how this thing works?

Gert_B_Frobe's picture

Cunning linguists, at that

Sokhmate's picture

colonel Angus is heading south

kaa1016's picture

Turkey calls on NATO. Earlier, Russia, who's only foreign military base is in Syria, told NATO to stay out. This should get interesting pretty fast...

LongSoupLine's picture

Yay!!  More recovery!

VonManstein's picture

turkish PM is a NATO dodo who will destroy his country

pods's picture

Fucking alphabet agencies whacking the hornet's nest for sure.


Dr. Engali's picture

You know pods I get more and more pissed every day knowing we are out there instigating this shit, especially when the average American is walking around with their head up their ass like nothing is going on. I wonder if some day we will be marched through the killing fields to see the death and destruction we caused like the Germans after WWII.

MachoMan's picture

Isn't this the inevitable gambit we've tacitly agreed to by waiver/apathy/ratification for the last many decades?  Isn't the resource grab inevitable? 

pods's picture

To be honest, it surely could have been Syrian rebels, government supporters, hell the tooth fairy.
But, it seems that whenever the nest is whacked, INVARIABLY we are no more than 2 degrees separated from it.  We gave so and so money, arms, etc.

If anyone is to blame for all the fires popping up around the world we have to look no further than our collective mirror.


PaperWillBurn's picture

It's on like Donkey Kong!

bmwm395's picture

Someone hit pause, I need to make some popcorn.


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Gringo Viejo's picture

Clash of the Titans. Wake me when they start lobbing chemical shells @ each other.

unrulian's picture

chemical weapons arent real...just like santa and solid gold bars

lolmao500's picture

Chemical weapons are real but they are CRAP in the field. Especially against troops. Against civilian population, they are somewhat effective... against trained soldiers? Not so much.

Thing is, what happens if Syria is attacked and start launching chemical weapons at Israel... remember that chemical weapons are WMDs, the only WMDs Israel got are NUKES. The Israeli government has said it many times... if WMDs are ever used against them, nukes will be the response.

Wouldn't surprise me if Damascus was levelled as a response... and of course after that, Israel will use the old ``the bible predicted it`` thing to make sure they have full support from the bible belt nutjobs in America.

Urban Redneck's picture

Chemical Weapons and Solid Gold Bars are quite real, I've seen them both up close and have used to own some of the latter myself, before an unfortunate accident.

As to whether anyone currently posses any, who is to say, it is a forest of allegation and misdirection, and lot of people who verifiably used to have either chemical weapons or gold bars, claim to no longer posses them, whilst those who covet their neighbors' gold and WMD refuse to believe in "boating accidents".

In regards to Santa, you're on your own

unionbroker's picture

i always say follow the money or in this case who benefits from explosions in Turkey . Hint not the Assad regime

Darth Mul's picture

No reason for Assad to shell turkey.


Its the rebels and/or Mossad.  Little doubt of that.


But I'm anxiously awaiting what "Iranian" attack will take place?  Will it be the Enterprise?  Somewhere in Chicago {did Barak and Emanuel chat about that?)


Hmmm..  in fact, it'd be swell to know when Emanuel leaves town.  If he flies out of the country int he next couple/few months, you may want to go down to your bunker.

Gert_B_Frobe's picture

Nah, it'll be an attack on a US sub, then they'll go to some obscure island to regroup, then ... Oh, wait, someone get me the damn real script for this.

ziggy59's picture

Im surprised shell fragments havent been reassembled and have "fired by assad troops" on it...

Remember when US found definite proof that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? Well, we didnt hear much about it since they were made in the USA..when the dictator du jour friend of Rumsfeld, Saddam Husein, recieved all types of weapons from us in 1980s... I guess the SeeEyeA grew tired of that be-atch.

PaperBear's picture

What was that place in Germany where the Nazis faked a Polish attack?

This smells like that.

RiverRoad's picture

That's all it will take:  one little nit biting an elephant's ass to start the next convenient war.

Sandmann's picture

So the Turks fire artillery at Kurdish positions......still won't stop Kurdistan from taking large slices of Turkey.