Mario Draghi Press Conference Webcast

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The former Goldmanite head of the ECB, and CEO of DraghiFX LLC, whose only recommendation is still to not short the EUR and thus to make sure German exports suffer, is not expected to say anything too exciting or contradictory today, although he will surely be bombarded with questions about just how and when he plans on dethroning Spain's Rajoy who still refuses to play along with the program, and enact the Spanish bond buying program. Alternatively, if Draghi makes any indication the ECB is now backtracking from the OMT expansion and instead is forced to rely on first loss guarantees and other doomed ideas that failed a year ago, watch as everything goes risk off. Watch the full thing below.

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The former Goldmanite...


There's no such thing.  Once a Goldman, always a Goldman.  Just ask Paulson, Corzine and Gensler.

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The Muppets line up around the block for a chance to work there.


You get accepted's almost as good as having a license to steal.

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Non-stop elephant shit from this guy. Fuck You Mario.

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So let me get this straight - the market has priced in an Obama victory and 4 more years of unrestrained money printing.  Now the Big O gets schooled in the debate, and war with Iran presumably starts this week.  Does any of the premium come out, like ASAP?

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No premium coming out of gold -- she's rocketing right now.  Someone seems to like Mario's "strong euro" words policy.

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I junked myself for speaking too soon.

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Yes you forgot the New York boys and their HFT

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Mario Draghi Press Conference Webcast

Watch the full thing below.


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These guys deserve a slice of the pie of each and avery transaction because they provide the unit of exchange... really... they do...    

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"an independant body" = a corporate monopoly on the publishing of the units of exchange, for a fee, of course...    

unearned gains taught to you from an early age to not see

based on interest...


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"Elected governments are inherently unstable and the central bank can't operate in that environment..."    ~ Dude to the right... 


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"Conditionality protects the independance of the ECB..."   Non elected board directing nation states to take actions with or without popular debate nor consent with all cost of publishing of the units of exchange going out of said nation states to the Non elected entity...     

Keep it complex Mr Drag so no one really catches on...      

Study points for those still in the learning curve on these matters who don't see it as prudent to take on personal debt to attend the current college "system":


1.  What is the difference between credit and money

2.  In what way does exponential math play in the imbalance of credit and money

3.  What is the history of such imbalances

3b.  How has WAR been used to attenuate this imbalance through history

4.  2 paragraphs on why the Lombard Banking System failed

5.  2 paragraphs on why the Roman Financial System failed

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It's quite obvious that copious amounts of hopium will keep the EU afloat until a Black Swan event torpedos it out of the existence.  Just amazing what spit and glue will hold together for this long. 

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"whose only recommendation is still to not short the EUR and thus to make sure German exports suffer, TYLER this is by far the BEST on TOPIC sentence in my time at Keep it up this direction pls.