Naval Update: T-Minus One Week Until Arabian Sea Destination Reached

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The news surrounding the Middle East, particularly Iran and Syria, may come and go in waves, but for the most part it is loud political grandstanding, jawboning and largely noise. Or rather, it will be noise until these two catalytic events occur: the third US Aircraft carrier (CVN-74 Stennis) and the second big deck amphibious warfare ship (LHA-5 Peleliu), both dispatched as of several weeks ago with a destination the 5th US Fleet headquartered in Bahrain, reach their target - the Arabian Sea, located by the Straits of Hormuz and right next to Iran. As the following naval update map from Stratfor shows, both are now within a week of reaching their destination: conveniently so with at least two weeks to go until the presidential election. Needless to say, once on location, the naval and airborne support for any offensive operation, especially those launched during new moon cycles, will be simply suffocating.

Source: Stratfor

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10mm's picture

Hey,they forgot some comrades to take,the ones who will be supporting local law enforcement for a fuckin football game this weekend in South Carolina.Shit ya not.Military Police.

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Hold on to your butts. Silver just popped north of 35 with considerable momentum.  Going to be a fugly friday at the stock markets tomorrow.

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BFD - it was 40 or over within the last year... or two. Call me when it goes over the Hunt Bros high...

10mm's picture

Read the comments from that article,enlighting.

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It looks like everyone is in the pacifics....

no war with iran before elections....


dealing with island disputes with china first.

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The Stennis is about to pass through the Straits of Mellacca and will then have a strait shot across the Indian ocean. Should not be long before it is in position.

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Iranian riots over currency plunge and massive inflation have begun


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The ghost of Roosevelt rides again!

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Iranian gold owners are up 17% this last month





Element's picture

It's presence there is more a warning to China's oil vulnerability than an added threat to Iran.

The more significant question is not just were are the major surface fleet units, but where are the US and also Chinese and Japanese subs, and that is the bit you never know.

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Releiving Enterprise, no big deal.

RichardP's picture

Read the comments from that article; enlighting.

I particularly liked this comment:

Iranian people are brave men who will defy their country to the last drop of blood.

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I think the Iranians are more astute militarily than people give them credit for-especially more capable than Iraq was. i don't think this will be another Operation Eat Our Freedom. They are dug into their mountains like the Swiss are into theirs.

JoeSexPack's picture



I've met many Iranians here in LA, & I doubt they'll go quietly.



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They pussed out pretty epically when Khomeini took the country.  Unless you mean "quietly" in the sense of not talking loudly, in which case, concur.

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Yes, the Iranians saw what happened with Iraq so there's no way they'll allow US forces to move around on the ground in Iran, like they did in the flat central valley of Iraq. They Iranians will rip them open wherever they go, and in high valley terrain MANPADs become particularly effective against helicopters and jets, because a MANPAD fired from a high ridge line travels further, faster, higher, further horizontally, and also lower into the valley, and there is a much better view and communications opportunities.  Similar applies for observation and command of ground forces, and for firing anti-armour weapons at valley-bound vehicles.  Plus transiting long valleys, which is most of Western Iran, can see you cut off at both ends and annihilated.  Same applies for para-drops.

So anything the US does will involve bombardment, not full-scale invasion.  Marines may take coastal areas on the ground for awhile, but they will be surrounded and forced to vacate. Iran has had a long time to prepare for this battle and they will do enormous military damage to the US, and the instability will last for many decades if it kicks off.

Afghanistan's latest destabilisation has lasted 33 years already, and Iraq about 30 years.  South east Asia's destabilisation lasted about 25 years, Korea has lasted for 60 years.  And Pakistan's destabilisation is just getting going. The problems in Libya and Syria will probably last decades as well.  It's a really bad idea to start this shit off, and starting something now with Iran is the dumbest idea of all.

Desert Irish's picture

Well said. You have to put put boots on the ground to control terrain. Rumsfield"s "light" is not going to cut it they will be annilahted and the only regime change will happen in the white house. 3 -1 is the standard combat model so you take a population of 75 million and for shits and giggles say 10 million fighting troops - so we need 3 million troops in Iran??? that's the low side

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The usual liberal appeasing talk.

Iran will fold in a matter of weeks..

Ahmadinejad and co will have the same fate as Saddam,Ghaddafi et al...

Bring it on I say..enough of this charade

It lasted six long years already

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the headline in bold is annoying and misleading

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What insanity ?  The grain has been harvested .... those with bad harvests or too many mouths to feed .... go raiding grain stores .... before winter sets in .... people with grain to sell buy gold and silver !  You don't need to explain it with bi-polar theories !

Cyrano de Bivouac's picture

Why did silver plunge today twice?

Cyrano de Bivouac's picture

Why did silver plunge today twice?

Cyrano de Bivouac's picture

Why did silver plunge today twice?

Cyrano de Bivouac's picture

Mistake sorry. I was just curious about the plunge silver had during the day and then it went straight up.



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google "Elwood,IL" and "Walmart warehouse" to see how the DHS goon squad is being used in that hotbead of terrorist territory-the SW Chicago burbs. the thugs do what their banker/corporate masters tell them and if you think they won't fill the air with lead on fellow americans when commanded to then you are sadly mistaken.

Two Towers AU AG's picture

Tyler Durden - If you all are looking for a nice new moon then look no further than Nov 13th when the new moon is in Libra along with the sun thereby causing a solar eclipse. This is followed by a Lunar eclilpse on the full moon day on Nov 28.
No two eclipses usually dont occur in the same month this happens once a year or sometimes even more time passes by.

lakecity55's picture

Yep. Supposedly Federal military, not national guard or state guard (militia) troops. Both state branches have MP detachments, so... why the need for Feds?  both state branches are well-equipped. Somebody had Posse Comitatus for lunch.

Plus, watchtowers, Barney Fife checkpoints, TSA perverts.

Stay home. It's on TV.

Actually, due to black and mexican gang activity in the area, and recent shootings, we may be devolving into chaos.

I would simply arm all the fans; most are already.

SilverTree's picture

WAR, it's whats for lunch.

palmereldritch's picture

WAR, it's what's for launch

Ima anal sphincter's picture's Murder wrapped up in a pretty little flag.

Keyser's picture

War, the mini-series. Same bat-channel, same bat-time. 

zorba THE GREEK's picture

I don't think getting involved in another war is part of Obama's

re-election strategy. Unless , of course, a false flag event could

be engineered which would make the sheeple demand revenge. 

Dr. Engali's picture

Nah that never happens..... And buildings never fall into their own foot print just because they happen to be near two other buildings who fell into their own footprint from a fire 96 stories up. Nope... False flags never happen.

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I had the 9/11 conversation last night with a closed minded friend. He literally lost his mind. Instead of backing off I pried the lid off his head and forced him to think critically and prove his points. of which he had none except what was ponded into his head. He refused to give and his wife walked in and started yelling at him to wake the fk up, which shocked both of us. Crazy.

Timmay's picture

That guy isn"t getting laid for a LONG time.

alien-IQ's picture

doesn't really matter because by the sound of it...he was already fucked.

Keyser's picture

There are millions just like him. So sad that people don't / can't think for themselves anymore and rely on being told what to think. 


Monedas's picture

A war would give Obama cover to skip the last two oracle debate debacles !     

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Did you show him building seven videos? I know it took me a long time to seriously consider it until I saw the videos of building seven. That's what sealed it for me.