Is This Why Consumer Confidence Is "Overbought"?

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It would appear the US consumer has become entirely bipolar. Bloomberg's US Consumer Comfort index has swung in +/- 3-sigma ranges for much of the last few months as hope turns to despair and once again rises phoenix-like to hope. The last four weeks have seen the biggest rise in 'comfort' in six years - mirroring quite closely the chaos that was occurring in the lead up to the financial crisis. What is a little perplexing - with all this exuberant optimism and confidence, that factory orders just plunged off a cliff - falling the most since Jan 2009 (though slightly better than expected). Or is it so bad that it can only get better as the imploding economy is imploding slightly slower than expected?


Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index surges the most in six years over the past 4 weeks... but things look a little eery... (note the schizophrenic swings in the lower pane)


as Factory Orders fall off a cliff...


Charts: Bloomberg

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Falling off a cliff "better than expected" - wait for the hard landing, we're still flying and haven't touched the ground yet.

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I think that's called "Wile E. Coyote syndrome."

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It's like falling off a 100' cliff versus a 1000' cliff. You're dead regardless, it's all about the mess that has to be cleaned up.

Alea Iactaest's picture

But with a 1000' foot cliff you have those couple of extra seconds... Kick the can?

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Silly Tyler.

This is just the New (World Order) normal.

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When you have a cold, the thought of not having the flu "comforts" you.  When you have the flu, the thought of being alive "comforts" you.  The theory of relativity takes on a psychological persona (that plus skewed gov't data)...

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With everything hanging on the CONfidence game it stands to reason that CONfidence would eventually go bi-polar.

<Could someone please tell me how I'm supposed to feel because I've got no clue.>

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As a consumer, I am confident that this could get ugly.

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Consumers will be more comfortable staying at home and playing video games than if they had jobs and had to commute to work every day.

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"Consumer Confidence" is one of the largest grossly manipulated propaganda tools of the regime.  It's not an index, it's an "inspirational poster" fabricated as such.

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Kinda like the Pepsi Challenge, eh?

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This just in: the majority of upper middle class-to-uber rich people......are kind of aloof.  Not dumb: they wouldn't be rich if they were morons (although some are recipients of the lucky sperm club).  But these people get their information from MSM, will keep telling them everything is going to be OK (the same syndrome that the poor and minorities get from Democrats like Clinton: "The jobs are coming!"). 

There's a reason we invite these folks to the poker tables.

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Hey Bernanke, Comfort This

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What I see when I look at the chart is so much noise as to make the data practically worthless. Might as well read tea leaves as to poll consumers on their level of confidence in the economy. The charts show that consumers got bummed out in 2008-9 and not much has changed since then.

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While there is noise I do think the trend is your friend.  I know that the few dollars I have are better spent than saved - the opportunity cost of holding the digital and/or green tickets is too high, and so my "consumer confidence" is equally high.  80% spent on needs/future needs, 10% or so toward wealth preservation, the remainder in green tickets.

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5.2% fall in factory orders

MW spin:  BTE!

CNBC spin: "a less rapid loss of momentum in manufacturing activity."

The news is so heavily filtered by our Progressive media, it's a wonder we know anything.

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Yes, we are prepared to Un-Bold the Parentheses

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Pundits will be salivting over equities' "gains" today...all the while ignoring the 3%+ goose to today's retail gasoline futures.  And so everyone is poorer at the close.

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CRApple flying and the Euro hitting 1.30, what's to worry about?


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Yes, but what's the Southern Comfort index looking like? My guess is, parabolic uptrend.

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Many of these indexes are manipulated.  Period.  The people over them have been convinced that it is their patriotic duty so as to help the public keep the faith.  Some will not play ball.  For example Rober Shiller is still very skeptical about the housing recover, even though it's obvious that the propaganda machine has been turned on for just the opposite.  Some won't compromise their ethics.  They don't go out and pronounce doom and gloom (except guys like Faber, etc.) but they won't be polyanna either. 

Anyway, I'm convinced alot of these stats are manipulated at the request of Geithner, etc. to the degree that the people doing it are comfortable.  Obviously the government can't MAKE them manipulate, but they can offer incentives.  Manipulation can be perfectly legal as many of these indexes have all sorts of variables/assumptions that can be tweeked.

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Cure for consumer bipolar dx?

iBuy therefore iAm

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bloomberg = pravda in the 80's

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Not sure BBG would be my first (or only) choice, but OK.

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I am in complete de-consuming mode in proportion to Benny's pumping mode.

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Consumers are always confident enough to buy something. Although there are only two left in the US.

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Stocks are being dragged up by yet more USD selling.

Price action today looks like the previously mentioned SPX Election Rally, but without the pullback I wanted beforehand.

Therefore the postponed correction when it happens, will be WORSE.

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Do not confuse consumer confidence with consumer spending. The relationship works in the leveraging up cycle, but not in deleveraging. In deleveraging consumer confidence is I have a job, I have a meager salary increase, my mortgage payment is strangling me less and I can repay a bit more of my mortgage and credit card debts.