Coming To A Gas Station Near You?

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This is neither from the near (or distant) future, nor from a movie starring Will Smith in which he fights vampire zombies (at least not yet). It's from the here and now, Calabasas, CA to be precise. And it may be coming to a gas pump near you in the immediate future.


and from San Francisco... the fill 'er up is getting a little pricey...


h/t JR

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Dr. Engali's picture

Fuck yeah. Soon we will be like India ...little scooters with baskets of junk and bicycles with little carts everywhere.

NewThor's picture

This year I am asking Santa Claus for a printing press

so I don't have to worry about trifflin' shit like this.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Maybe I should buy a bicycle...  The only downside is getting caught in thunderstorms (happen all the time here), and I only live two miles from work.

Stackers's picture

Cant wait for $200 fill-ups in the Raptor.

nope-1004's picture



Inflation pressures are seen as largely transient.

- Dr. Benjamin Bernanke


He said it, so it must be true.  Now go back to sleep, Muppitchez.


CrashisOptimistic's picture

People will stay asleep until they cannot awaken.

The EIA is calling black sludge coming out of the ground crude oil.  Not all crude is created equal and older refineries cannot deal with this shit.

It's Not Oil.  There is bullshit going on end to end across the conceptual spectrum about all sorts of things.  It is AMAZING how quickly outright lying became palatable to the guy doing it.

Propane is not crude.  Butane is not crude.  Venezuelan sludge is not crude that can be refined anywhere but a few refineries.

There Is Not Enough Oil Coming Out Of The Ground.  The population rises every day.  Oil total does not.  

Most won't survive the events leading to "fair dividing up of what there is".

bobola's picture

I commute to work on a bicycle.

Right now, early Saturday morning, am getting ready for the weekly ride to restock the fruit/veggie stock.

I run almost all my local errands via bike.

Truck rarely gets used.

The more gas prices rise, the less often I will drive.

Who's with me on this...???

azzhatter's picture

I broke down and bought a Prius earlier this year. I paid $23,200 for it. Gets 53-54 MPG for my mostly urban driving. I expect it to last me 10-12 years. Fuck 'em I decided, I'm taking gas out of my budget as a big expense. Used to drive a Yukon, damn nice vehicle but after govt take over of GM refuse to drive their shit anymore.

johnQpublic's picture

if you expect a modern auto to last that long, you sir, are a dreamer, or willing to throw good money after bad into auto repairs

i suggest you start saving up for your replacement battery now.

neighbor has two of those turd wagons in the family. both needed a battery in a little over four years. the big make it go vroom battery. 4+grand worth of battery.

Hulk's picture

my hybrid battery  lasted 10 years and was replaced for free due to a charging algorithm problem

Its  now 12 years old and doing just fine with 120k miles on it...

malek's picture

Not sure how smooth traffic is at your urban driving,

but I just helped my girlfriend get a 12 year old Corolla, needed investment just $4000 (with 70,000 miles and salvage title but well repaired).
She now gets 35+ mpg at mostly freeway, good enough for her 20,000 annual commuter miles.
Still keeps her BMW X5 4.8 though <roll eyes>

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Im' down with that



Citxmech's picture

In regards to self-population control in a confined environment - people are about as proactive as yeast. It's about 11:59:58. . .

Lord Drek's picture

The population/oil bubble is the greatest bubble of all time.

mjcOH1's picture

"Polyester dries real fast."

Those conical straw hats shed water pretty well too.

noses's picture

If you're that kind of coward, you might need a better bicycle...

Parrotile's picture

Apart from the facts that rain-soaked brakes can be "less than effective", and car-esconced commuters are, shall we say, "less than concerned" with the plight of wet cyclists, lightning can, and has, killed many cyclists. I've had a couple of "near misses" during thunderstorms that "popped up" as they do, and the realisation that you're the tallest object for km around can certainly "add a spring to your step" in terms of pedalling performance!

There's nothing cowardly about taking sensible precautions. You only get a single chance.


Bringin It's picture

Relax, you are insulated. Rubber tyres. 

myne's picture

Lightining will travel kilometers towards the earth, to be stopped by an inch of rubber.

Citxmech's picture

Here in Seattle, most serious folks ride with disc brakes. I've got a set of cable-actuated Avids on my drop-bar 29er and they barely notice the rain. They work substantially better than the hydro Maguras rim brakes I used to run. If you run flat bars, hydro discs would probably be an even better option.

Talcott's picture

Yup luv my bike's disc brakes, water is

not a problem.

merizobeach's picture

Wow, $8K for a bicycle.  My first thought was "kidnapping and ransom magnet".

DCFusor's picture

Volt, DoChen.  Nicely watertight.  So far, one year, 20.5 gallons, mostly burned on purpose for winter heat (electric heat is wasteful).  182 mpg for me so far.  Luxurious, quick, agile, fun.

TWSceptic's picture

Luxurious, quick, agile, fun.


You forgot gay.

knukles's picture

Probably got a big ass OBAMABIDEN2012 sticker on it.

CrimsonAvenger's picture

Sticker or no sticker, it's still the most expensive vagina repellent you can buy.

Mr.Bigfoot's picture

... it has a specially designed cup holder for your testicles

kaiserhoff's picture

And if they got anything like the performance advertised (they don't) the gas would go bad in the tank.

BeetleBailey's picture

The other fucked up thing is Gubbermint Motors has picked the dumbest looking, gayest, cross-eyed pitch "common folks" to "rave" about their Chevy Dolts on TEE VEE.

From that gay nasel-voiced goat-tee sporting fag, to the cross eyed bimbo blonde - all seemingly in "love" and garage-fucking their rides.

Wait...those ARE the only people actually owning them....stupid gay guys and dumb-looking cross eyed people.

Whiner's picture

Focus group tested, paid for by taxpayers and entirely correct: normal folks don't buy DaDolt. Sell to gays and Obummer ladies.

Whiner's picture

Focus group tested, paid for by taxpayers and entirely correct: normal folks don't buy DaDolt. Sell to gays and Obummer ladies.

Whiner's picture

Focus group tested, paid for by taxpayers and entirely correct: normal folks don't buy DaDolt. Sell to gays and Obummer ladies.

Overfed's picture

You can get a Prius for half the $$.

TeddyBear's picture


Lease a New 2013 Chevrolet Volt for $299/month, for 36 months 36,000 miles. Save $100/mo in gas, this makes the lease effectively $199/mo. That kind of money is a steal for a car with the features and ride quality that a Volt has. 

GM the manufacturer can take the available $7,500 federal tax credit for themselves., a vehicle pricing and data provider, said Wednesday.

"I'm utterly surprised people are not lining up to get one at that price," Toprak said. "The annual fuel savings alone make this car very appealing."

A Nanny Moose's picture

Sorry...I like shit that works, and lasts. I'll keep my 2000 Subaru with a $0/mo payment, liability insurance only, and no fire extinguisher as standard equipment.

Urban Redneck's picture

Purple K is worth it in any car.  It may ruin the finish if ever used, but that a small price.  The user has more snuffing power with less weight & volume (and long term fuel expense).

Citxmech's picture

Seriously.  My vehicles (which are both paid for) are cheaper to run than that Volt lease per month - including insurance AND gas.  And after I'm done commuting in my Honda for about $20/wk, I can load up the Cummins pickup with 3k lbs of shit in the back and still tow 10k more lbs if I need to and be able drive more for 500 mi on a single tank of diesel.

adr's picture

and the $10k worth of electric upgrades required for just about any house built before 1990 makes the $100 saved a month just about useless.

My house would need a new breaker box, and new lines run from the street. Pretty much would need to rewire the entire basement. You can't have the high voltage line near the water heater or furnace. Even if it weren't against code, I don't think I'd risk putting a rapid charger anywhere close to a gas line.

I guess I could unplug the dryer and run a heavy duty extension cord from the basement, but that still charges the Volt in 8 hours. Sorry hun, can't dry the clothes at night, car is charging. I guess charging for a couple hours would still get you about 15 miles, and then you are stuck with the almost 30mpg range extender, in optimal conditions, 20 mpg is actually closer to the mark in real driving conditions.

Of course since it is a lease, you don't have an asset worth anything when you are done, not that the resale value will be great anyway. God, how much is GM taking as a writedown on depreciation to get the Volt lease to $299 a month? You could take the $12k+ you spent on the Volt lease and buy a two year old Kia that gets 35mpg. Or you can lease a new 40mpg Hyundai Sonata for $99 a month with $2k down and be way ahead of the game. $100 saved in gas for three years plus the Volt, is still far more expensive.

It doesn't matter. There is virtualy no situation where the Volt comes out on top. Perhaps if you live in silicon valley and your tech firm has a fast charger installed at work, and you live five miles away. That can't be everyone though. Besides, just the savings in living expenses in the middle of the country alone can make $10 a gallon gas a value.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Surely a fire extinguisher strapped to the hood reduces aerodynamic efficiency.

cbxer55's picture

Wile E. knows all about aerodynamic efficiency, huh?

Got to know them facts when falling great distances regularly!  ;-)

Tsunami Wave's picture

I'd rather ask him for a bank, so I don't ever have to worry about paying myself again.  That, and break the law constantly, start wars with countries that don't have central banks, make sure my candidate for president always wins, and never worry about losing my job forever.

vast-dom's picture

and how is oil UNDER $120? Oh yeah uh election...

CrazyCooter's picture

Do an image search on "vietnam scooter burden" at Google.



Walter E Kurtz's picture

I was thinking more like Bartertown with gyrocopters and guys named Blaster but I guess scooters would be acceptable.  Btw, I like your commentary Dr. E.  Keep up the good work.

Dr. Engali's picture

I hope it never gets as bad as Barter town.
Thank you for the kind compliment, I appreciate it. I am very grateful that I found the Hedge. There are so many brilliant people who post in the commentary that I learn as much from them as I do from Tyler and the articles. It is sometimes very humbling to be a part of the discussion.

Buck Johnson's picture

NO kidding, and I still wonder why is there a gas situation going on?

Parrotile's picture

The ubiquitous Honda Cub 50 - literally the World's most popular motorbike! The "bike" component is repairable by any Blacksmith / Cycle repairer, whils the "engine" component is repairable byany garden machinery / lawnmower dealership.

Owned one of these for years in the UK -by far the best and cheapest way to commute in London!