Hostilities Between Turkey And Syria Resume As Two Countries Exchange Fire

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It seems like it was only yesterday that crude plunged ahead of the first presidential debate as the escalation between Turkey and Syria hit a fever pitch, with Syria supposedly firing shell into Turkey and Turkey relatiating promptly, as it concurrently summoned NATO and demanded an Article 4 redress while passing a bill allowing its military to conduct cross-border operations in Syria, essentially giving itself a carte blanche to invade Syria without declaring outright war. Today, 48 hours later, Turkey may just get the opportunity to execute on this brand new law.

Reuters reports that "the Turkish military returned fire after a mortar bomb fired from Syria landed in countryside in southern Turkey, the state-run Anatolian news agency reported the governor of Hatay province as saying on Friday. Turkish artillery bombarded Syrian military targets on Wednesday and Thursday in response to shelling by Syrian forces that killed five Turkish civilians further east along the border." Ignore that the official plotline said that Syria "apologized" for its offense, even as "an online video purporting to be from Jabhat al-Nusra, a jihadist group accused of ties to al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility."

So which is it: Syria or Al Qaeda doing everything in its power to incite the full fury of a NATO retaliation which would certainly level Damascus in one campaign, something Syria knows too well. Something which Al Qaeda certainly knows too well, as it knows that all that the developed world needs is an excuse for war, preferably one which is framed as self-defense. Finally, one wonders: just who is funding Al Qaeda these days, a question needing further exploration if this headline from two weeks ago, "Turkish Airline Flying Al-Qaeda from Pakistan to Syrian Borders", before any of the recent escalation, proves true.

In other words, is Turkey flying in the same people who are taking responsibility for launching attacks into its own territory, and why?

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redpill's picture

Calling all archdukes, calling all archdukes, please report to the Turkey/Syria border for an ice cream social.

Dalago's picture

Why?  We'll lets into Iranian oil and banking systems; Virgins to the Rothschilds AIDS.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



She is no Archduke, but Angela is heading to Greece for the first time since the PIIGS crisis was needed to kill the Euro in order to prop the USD/PETROL DOLLER.*

Reuters' transitory rumor/gift for the EUR bulls...

"This is symbolically very important. It points clearly to the fact that Merkel is not going to drop Greece, even though things are not going well there," said Carsten Brzeski, senior European economist at ING bank.


Merkel has been vilified in some Greek media as dictating devastating austerity to Greece. One newspaper dressed her in a Nazi uniform on its cover. Germany's popular press meanwhile has systematically depicted the Greeks as work-shy tax cheats.


I forsee a warm reception by the Greek debt slaves for their Meisterkraut.


*Tim Geithner~Supra Genius

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


please report to the Turkey/Syria border for an ice cream social.

It's clear that someone is reporting to the Turkey/Syria border for something.

I was curious about the border town of Akcakale (the Turkish town at the center of this controversy), so I was nosing around on google's satellite view of the area. Akcakale is across the border from Tel Abyad, one of seven border crossings between Turkey and Syria. Tel Abyad was captured by Syrian "rebels" on September 19 and is the third such crossing under "rebel" control.

What I found on the google satellite view is interesting. The first link below is a view of some sort of staging area in Tel Abyad for truck traffic. It is filled with trucks and, if you zoom in close enough, you can tell by their orientation that these trucks are arrivals from Turkey.,38.958&spn=0.005,0.005&t=h&q=36.70...

The next link is a view of the road in Turkey which leads to the staging area in Tel Abyad, and is just north of the view in the link above. Specifically, it is the end of an apparent queue of trucks waiting to enter Syria. This line is at least half a mile long (about 1 km), and if you follow the road they're on about 300m to the north you'll spot a truck park filled with trucks.,38.955&spn=0.002,0.002&t=h&q=36.71...

I don't know how recent these photos are, but if they're from within the last couple of weeks, then those trucks are likely filled with armaments and ammunition, also known as US humanitarian aid to the "rebels".

Cortez the Killer's picture

Muslims killing muslims

doesnt get any better than that

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Sure it does. For example, you could have Zionists killing Zionists.

The best thing, though, would be to airdrop all of the warmongering politicians, especially the wargirl triad of senators McCain, Graham, and Lieberman, along with Gertrude Himmelfarb Jr (William Kristol), Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, and the rest of the neocons into any of the violent war zones they've created so they can finish what they started.

akak's picture

How do I give you 10,000 green arrows?

akak's picture

Armed, but only with knives --- I would want to see them bleed, and I would want to see them suffer, and I would want their suffering to be as prolonged and agonizing as possible.  And even then, their suffering would not even begin to atone for their monstrous crimes against humanity.

Ima anal sphincter's picture

How do I give YOU 10,000 green arrows?

HungryPorkChop's picture

Yep, let the politicans lead the charge for once!

Element's picture

I don't think we can read too much into a large dedicated truck stand beside a border-crossing.  The trucks appear to be of a similar make and color indicating a fleet of transport company vehicles.  Manifests, weights and contents need to be checked at borders and you need a place to do it, in an orderly process, and there appears to be a large multi-story admin building in the middle of the first link.  With the border closed, you'd need to recall and park the trucks somewhere handy, otherwise they'd be stuck in Turkey for the duration.  If their normal function is cross-border transport (which obviously it is) then parking the trucks at a Govt border truck-stop meant for that purpose doesn't seem so out of the ordinary.  Having the fleet recalled from Turkey would explain their orientations and likely arrival direction.

In the event of a serious border conflict the govt would also likely commandeer such a fleet, so having them near the border, makes sense for logistics support options, or else to enable a tactical fighting-withdrawal from an advancing ground force.  But you might want to disperse them a bit in that case as a flight of helicopters with chainguns would clean them up in minutes.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Element said:

I don't think we can read too much into a large dedicated truck stand beside a border-crossing.

[followed by a rational explanation of cross-border transport logistics involving trucking fleets.]

Thanks for the thoughtful and insightful response. When I saw the concentrations of trucks and the half-mile line-up waiting to enter Syria, I didn't know what to make of it. As I'm not all that knowledgeable regarding cross-border shipping operations, I wasn't sure if what I saw was suspicious or routine.

Application of Occam's Razor leaves your analysis intact. I appreciate your taking the time to detail what you saw.

lemonobrien's picture

this sucks; this war will go nuclear and kill most of us. fucking assholes.

Darth Mul's picture

If  Syria and Iran do the right strategic thing {at this stage} and mass to invade Israel itself to take the fight to them, and if there's an old school conventional war at Megeddo that then goes nuclear...  well, heh heh, I'll have to apologize to all those Christian Zionists which I have heretofore regarded as Likudnik Israel's Useful {5th Column} idiots.



I wouldnt; want to be in NYC when the shit hits the fan.  Those folks will be discovering the pleasures of cannibalism within 2 months of gas hitting $10 p/g.

imbrbing's picture

And if Israel gets nuked off the map then the "christians" have some splainen to do. How would that do for a faith killer in their percieved idea of what God supposedly told them was going to happen.

100's of millions of "christians" with no more leg to stand on after that.


Spirit Of Truth's picture

Everyone is insane:

Our world is literally possessed.

Christ....the real one that the cure.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Spirit of Truth said:

Christ....the real one that the cure.

By the real one, do you mean the real real one or are you referring to yourself again?

john39's picture

i think he means the talmudic fake aka the antichrist.

Darth Mul's picture

Well, apparently Netanyahu has been tasked with bringing this Talmudic Messiah.

And since they need to "rebuild" the 'Third' {i.e. Second - and Herod wasn't a Judean} to bring Moshiach... not really to bring peace and justice but to help the Jews control the world... expect more violence and rioting there.



It's just about all horeshit of course.  The chaos magicians are right - belief is a tool.


Judaism Solomon and his Temple

Abstract The idea of a major state, let alone an empire, centred on Jerusalem in the tenth century BC has been increasingly disputed in recent years. There was quite obviously a tenth century BC, but what no one has yet been able to prove is that any emperors called David and Solomon lived in it. Crypto-national states did not emerge in the Levant until the ninth century BC, and no evidence of one has been found in the ground of Jerusalem. So-called Solomonic strata dated to the tenth century BC should be down dated to the first half of the ninth century BC and associated with the Omride Dynasty of the Northern Kingdom. Almost nothing in the way of tablets or inscriptions have been found from the glorious time of David and Solomon. No evidence exists of a literary tradition in tenth century BC Palestine.


It's just black magick, folks.



Spirit Of Truth's picture

By the real one, do you mean the real real one or are you referring to yourself again?

I believe so:

And the first step toward man's cure is accepting that he has a problem.

Man is suffering from collective insanity:

The problem is that this world literally is demon possessed:

I'm here to rid this world of its demons:

merizobeach's picture

You are a pompous piece of shit, and shut the fuck up with your disgusting religious bullshit, asshole.

awakening's picture

I shall not be a slave in any new world order; be it under the whims of a dictatorship (be the name Rothschild or otherwise) or pure fantasies of a bedtime story book like that of your own 'bible' (from the lie that is Israel).

Darth Mul's picture

Well, you're insane. 

I suggest you spend some time with Brother Nat:


Then become familiar with the CNI


You know they're on the right track because of what the ADL claims about them:


Why wouldn't any sensible, honest, moral person condemn and indeed be proudly "anti-Israel"?

Here is a very eloquent spech on the matter by a Jewish British Lord.


Here's Righteous Hebrew Norman Finkelstein, son of Holocaust victims, smacking down a Zionist Troll:


The whole trick of the matter is that the God of the Old Testament is what you'd refer to as Lucifer.

For me, it is Loki -

Put aside the pseudo-Judeo/Aramaic myths and Ashkenazi mythohistory, and study Loki, and understand that what has been called 'God' and 'Church' and 'Chosen' is nothing but greed, trickery, hate, deceit, war, and murder, and pharasaic morality.


Or forget all this, and just smoke some weed and get some decent head before the fucking zombies come.


Jethro's picture

If Jerusalem gets nuked, then I reckon Mecca, Medina, Tehran, Damascus, Cairo, Homs, Aleppo, Gaza, and Beirut all stand a chance of getting high-velocity, radioactive isotopic upgrades as well.

drivenZ's picture

are you kidding me? nobody is on Syria or Iran's side in this whole thing. Turkey has a massive military. It wouldn't be a fight at all. 

Darth Mul's picture

Syria or Iran's side?


Which side is that?


The one that resists Mossad/CIA destabilization efforts, private central banking, and the petrodollar?


Or do you mean those resisting megalomaniacal, Likudnik Zionism?



HungryPorkChop's picture

You mean no one is on Iran's side except for possibly Russia, China and North Korea. 

Arthur Borges's picture

Iran is 78.8 million people, of which 20 to 23 million are males of military age. The regular army and navy add up to just over 1 million. To that you have to add the Basij consisting of 90,000 on active duty, 300,000 reservists and another 11 million available for call-up. In wartime, the Basij falls under command of the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) and its estimated 120,000 members. Within the IRGC there are 5,000 special operations troops.

For purposes of comparison Iraq was 27 million in earliest 2003 and Libya was about 5 million in late 2011.

In 2006, there were 130,000 US troops in two of Iran's neighbours; while these forces are poised to launch considerable devastation, they also make handy targets.

Between the Syrian Kurds now left free to raid Turkey, the official stand-off with Damascus and massive anti-war protests inside Turkey, Prime Minister has his hands full without needling Iran. Moreover, if NATO has backed Turkey's stance against Syria, EU/NATO member governments are all facing austerity measures that are already triggering serious grassroots hostility; NATO invasion of Syria could only exacerbate that hostility.

In addition, Turkey currently imports about half its oil from Iran; the alternative would be to import from Iraq but that would ony strengthen the hand of Kurdish separatists already shooting at Turkish servicemen.

As for Iran, 120 of the UN's 195 members attended the last NAM Conference in Tehran -- including the UN Secretary General and and about 50 heads of state/government or other high-level reprsentatives. True, not all were "staunch supporters" of the Government of Iran, but it's hard to label Iran as "isolated" when a majority of the real International Community shows up for your show.



Element's picture



Some really good points there.  The west has a real problem now as it's facing a possible great-war but as with Russia during WWI and in 1917;


(1) There's no clear path or likelihood of a clean military victory. 


(2) There is however a very real chance of mass civil insurrection and revolution during such a war.

Hence the sprouting of prefabricated concentration camps plus the Presidential decrees that amount to a US national mobilisation for War (I can't see it being anything short of that). and the 'police-state' aspects of all those directives and orders seem to me to be the steps needed for dealing with the reality of a likely mass civil revolt, during such a war. 


(3) Historical analysis of warfare shows that wars that 'end' with no clearly identified winner lead on to much bloodier wars that follow soon after. 


So if there's a great-war there needs to be a unified great struggle and 'victory' of a solitary greater power left standing, and there is no real chance of that 'heroic' stuff happening this time around, nor for a clean triumph over the baddies.

Element's picture

Turkey has a large military because it is beset on every side by countries and non-state groups that don't like it so much.

Separatist Kurds
Hezbollah - which is closely aligned with and reliant on Iran and Syria


Turkey can hardly concentrate their forces on Syria to the exclusion of other threats, when Iran and Russia (plus Shia elements in Iraq) are in stated support of Damascus.  Turkey does not have a free-hand here and that is why it relies on NATO to back it up.

And if NATO has any sense, and wants both a secure oil supply and a secure LNG supply, at a low price (which they still increasingly can't afford) then they won't back Turkey in combat due to a few mere mortar rounds, of unknown and disputed origin (clearly from someone promoting direct NATO intervention ... now who could that be? ...). 

Turkey has already stated that it is demanding and working towards the overthrow of Asad, so Turkey deserves whatever comes from publicly stating that aim (on NATOs behalf ... lol!!), and Ankara can hardly cry that they're some innocent third party in any of this stuff when they're clearly an active promoter and supporter of a violent brutal insurgency within Syria.

Incorporating Turkey into NATO has always presented a terrible risk for Western European states, and now we see very clearly why why.  Turkey is a militaristic belligerent state. So are Norway, Spain and Greece going to send thier armies to fight Syria, in Southern Turkey?  Not bloody likely! 

So you get serious instant NATO schism, indecision and a general lack of commitment.

Turkey is a part of NATO simply to secure the strategic security of Central Europe, it is not part of NATO so that NATO armies can be available to back up the rash words, policies and tactical actions of a non-secular govt in Ankara, or to get involved in cross-border disputes, in which Turkey has been a serial aggressor for decades. 

But if someone dares fire across Turkey's border, then the sky is falling, so better call Paris and London and start WWIII? 

Piss off!

If Ankara doesn't realise this reality, then someone had better tell them that Turkey is going to be on its own, if push comes to shove with Syria, Russia and Iran, in such a stupid and needless way.

Eff's picture

'bout time. To end the misery and extinguish the plague.

slaughterer's picture

When does Israel step in to make it a cluster-fck?

john39's picture

that has being going on for decades already... how do you think we arrived at this point?

azzhatter's picture

I heard Netanyahu blamed Obama's debate performance on Iranian terrorists

Oh regional Indian's picture

As soon as it can find someone (cough...cough) to step in for it.


Arthur Borges's picture

Yes, well Israel has said that, if push came to shove, it would strike out at eveyone with everything it has, i.e. the so-called "Sam(p)son Option" and Iran has said it would be retaliating against Israel and any US military assets in range. Meanwhile PM Erdogan has wrenched authorization from his legislature to send troops into Syria, which is an act of war but the man insists he doesn't want a war.

I do wish someone would grab these leaders by the scruff of their neck, take away their toys and send them to bed with a good spanking and no supper.

merizobeach's picture

"I do wish..."

I think I understand your sentiment, but unless by "a good spanking" you mean a bullet in the head, then nothing will change.

Stackers's picture

Next thing you know phantam Vietnamese gun boats will be making torpedo runs on Turkish navy boats and Panetta will get to say oops, it really did happen 40 years later.

yrbmegr's picture

It certainly is a very interesting turn of events.

Ignatius's picture

Another made up war for made up reasons.

"War is a racket." -- Smedley Butler

Love this clip (it's ALL related).  Kind of how I imagine Hitler in '39:


Dr. Richard Head's picture

Broken windows for everyone!

VonManstein's picture

Webster Tarpley has the best understanding of geopolotics today. He is a true intellect and all should listen to him.

lemonobrien's picture

i listen to him. i don't think he is all that.

Darth Mul's picture



Webster Tarpley is the Bobby Valentine of the so-called truth movement.



joe90's picture

He used to post here as Geopol I still follow what he has to say but after he freely travelled to both Lybia and Syria I concluded disinformation along with the daily bell and this book which I bought after someone here recommended it.  I recommend "none dare call it conspiracy".   Interesting because it was written so long ago.