Meanwhile, In Bahrain...

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It appears social unrest is resurgent on the streets of Bahrain once again.  Following the funeral procession earlier in the week (of a young boy who died in earlier street battles with police), protesters are once again gathering and marching to the Pearl Roundabout. Police are active with tear gas and fires are breaking out... via Twitter: #Bahrain is in chaos.

Crowds are gathering... (h/t @ALWEFAQ)


Police are actively dispersing the crowd... (h/t @Peacelooving)


with tear gas in the cemetery of the martyr... (h/t @ALWEFAQ)


and the streets... (h/t @ALWEFAQ)


and the protesters are resonding... (h/t @AhmedAli)


It seems the police did not get away undamaged... (h/t @MazenMahdi)


and despite the tear gas and shotgun blasts, youths are gathering ince again... (h/t @SanabisYouth)

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Looks like more American-made tanks will be rolling in from Saudi Arabia any minute now. Arab spring was for Russia-friendly states only.

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Seems like this scene of Saudia Arabian police heading to Bahrain through Bridge Ii was just yesterday.  Ahhh memories.

otto skorzeny's picture

time for operation "Eat Our Freedom"

Skateboarder's picture

The same Bahrain that Amber Lyon fired over? "Gee, I thought things were going swell there."

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A) That isn't a riot, it's a march, and a peaceful one at that.

B) The camera swinging around made me nauseous - just saying.

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Hope the causeway is up to tanks,but then again traffic goes both ways.

The successation in Saudi isn't going too well ,just as well we have all those forces there.sarc.

Renewable Life's picture

Geez, why would the Iranians be stirring up trouble in that little shithole?? Oh wait........something about the US Naval home of something......oh shit I have to set my fantasy football lineup, I'm sure it's nothing!!!

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Kim Kardashian farted today. Let's focus on that. US Naval bases are just for yachts of rich oil princes. Nothing to see here.

jimmytorpedo's picture

OMG Kim farted??? did you get it on camera?

That would be better than Paris's (so called) sex tape

I can't wait to see it

wait,..farts or fiats

i get confused sometimes,...


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Isn't that the truth. I hope that the protests in bahrain and saudi arabia get some traction, which will in turn hopefully force them to throttle back their overt support for the destruction of syria.


The feudal monarchies need to be mussolini'd

Schmuck Raker's picture

I'm not in favor of "the destruction of Syria".

But....Syria IS one of the feudal monarchies.

meizu's picture

The baath party is akin to the soviet union, not feudal monarchy.

Schmuck Raker's picture

Father & Son ruling for a combined 40 years? Decades of coups prior to that?

The Baath party is just a means to the dictators' ends.

john39's picture

don't worry, hillary clinton and the freedom crew will surely help the bahraini people overthrow their dictator....  oh wait... 

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

no shit, we shouldn't hold our breath.. the difference in this case is she'll cackle like a satanic witch when the protesters die rather than the leader.

john39's picture

"like" a satanic witch?... 

jimmytorpedo's picture

you are giving witches a bad name

i think you meant to use a word that begins with C and has a T for an ending and has an 'un' in the middle

poor Wendy,...

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"She has a bullwhip just as long as your life;

Her tongue can even scratch the soul out the Devil's wife..."  - Jimi Hendrix, "Dolly Dagger"

Cranios's picture

If only she'd help us overthrow ours...

Urban Redneck's picture

Al Jazeira & Al Arabia have also been strategically covering up the Bahrain unrest for some time --

Jack Burton's picture

Bingo!  Saudi forces were invited in to crush the first unrest, if this has legs, they will come in again to crush the majority Shia population. The west now operates in alliance with Sunni across the Mid East. It started with a US Sunni alliance in Iraq that ended the insurgency against the occupation, now we have expanded the Sunni alliance to Syria.

This is a move worthy of the best of the Roman empire. To take an enemy, the Sunni Muslims, and use them against their fellow Muslims, the Shia. By exploiting this split in Islam, the west has an opportunity to remake the Middle East.

It took a Roman style move to see the benefit of converting a conquered enemy like the tribal Sunni into the west's number one tool for USA interests. Sunni will accept the west's help now because they fear Shia power and Sunni allies are also so very important to crush Shia Iran.

Reading ROman history is still worthwhile for those engaged in empire building. I consider the Sunni alliance one of the greatest diplomatic moves since China was opened and turned against the USSR.

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Yep. Lots of people say it was Iran trying to overthrow Bahrain but really, shia muslims in Bahrain hate Iran... they want their own country... they want a fair country... which Bahrain definetly is NOT.

And we all know how the MSM says how evil Iran and Syria are to fight the protesters but not a word on Bahrain...

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I'ma go stay in that big ass hotel shaped like a sailboat, and you can snow ski, right?! Nothing to see here.

Vlad Tepid's picture

That's Dubai, Carmen SanDiego.

moonstears's picture

You know, MDB says the most sarcastic silly shit here and no sarc tag, yet we all get it. You "illuminati" muther-fookers have no sense of humor.(yes, vlad, I know the location of the big ass sail boat, one upticker guy got the joke and 13 downtickers are moronic, tight assed, illuminati (being your total ups,vlad, and my downs combined).To be frank, I would never actually stay in the fuckin' place, even if it was free airfare and a free handjob from their top Mooslim Malaysian slave maid.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Why doesn't Obama order someone to take down that darn youtube video before this all gets out of hand?

Earl of Chiswick's picture

Meanwhile in the Arctic
Global warming has opened up the Arctic to shipping and now also raucous tourists, say Canadian authorities who last month levied $10 000 in fines against an Australian tycoon for a booze-fueled party cruise.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police boarded a 34-meter, seven-stateroom luxury yacht moored in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut on 7 September and charged its owner, Paul McDonald (51) with providing liquor to a minor and being in possession of liquor without a permit.

The federal police seized 200 bottles of liquor, as well as illegal fireworks, said an RCMP statement issued Tuesday.

The Nunatsiaq News said the resource tycoon from Noosa, Australia and his crew ignored warnings not to shoot off fireworks in the pristine Arctic environment, harassed muskox, and allowed an underage girl to "dive off the side of the yacht during a wild party" into icy waters.

Paul McDonald's yacht site is now offline but here is the cache

otto skorzeny's picture

sounds like fun. in the meantime the stupid Canucks are trashing their country with tar sand oil extraction(thanks Ben Shalom for $90 oil) but you shoot off some fireworks and you're public enemy #1

Jack Burton's picture

Glad you see the joke! Waste taxpayers money hunting down some alcohol and fireworks in the arctic, while tearing up the boreal forest for tar sands. Not to mention the vast quantities of water used in processing.

I have seen pictures of the operations, maybe the Canadians ought to spend their time seeing to better clean up after the tar sand processing. I'de like to know what happens to all that water, say a decade from now. They will not be able to contain that much for decades to come as every day produces oceans of the stuff!

By the way, with the arctic seas open in summer, I would love to take a cruise up there. Greenland too has got farmers markets opening up for the fresh veg grown up there now. And Greenlands ice retreats opening up new oil drilling on land and search for metals and other rare elements. The Greenlanders in a decade may be the richest people on earth. I would go long Greenland if I knew how to invest up there. A good subject to research this winter!

otto skorzeny's picture

mankind gets more vulgar by the day

Cathartes Aura's picture

"mankind" is the pinnacle of doublespeak.

owensdrillin's picture

Jack Burton

You ever been up to the oilsands projects? Dont comment on something you have no fucking clue about. Just be like the rest of the the evironmental sheeple and listen to the Sierra club for all your information. Go have a look at the boreal forests that are being "destroyed" by the oil sands. The trees are about six feet tall and with the new SAGD projects being done, the footprints of the drill sites are about as big as a large city lot.

They are not fucking up the water system and most of the water is brackish water anyways (nonpotable). Maybe read something other than the absolute bullshit that is being spilt out faster than the oil from the BP well in your gulf of Mexico. Having worked there, I have seen the enviromental standards being set and they are probalby the highest in the world. However, it is a lot easier to get your information from the Kennedy's, Darryl Hannah, or Al Gore as they do not use oil or any other resources these days and are 100% in favour of living in caves and being hunter gatherers. 

It's getting real sickening listening to the bullshit about the oilsands when people have no idea what is actually going on there. I guess the coal being burned or nuclear power plants are WAY better for the enviroment. A guy on our project pumped about 500 gallons of cellar water (native muskeg water) from the base of the drill last winter to just off the lease site, and our project was shut down for 24 hours for an investigation. That was for fucking water!

I normally agree with most of your comments but I'm real tired of the black eye Canada has from the oilsands when no one actually knows what is happening there.

Jack Burton's picture

Well, since you need to resort to foul language and assume I am against tar sand oil developement, then you are pretty shitty at reading comprehension aren't you? For your information I live in the boreal forest asshole! I have my whole life except for four years when I was in the military. I imagine I have seen more of the boreal wilderness on my side and the Canadian side than you have. So what is your fucking point?

I know nothing, so obviously you know everything, No?  Have you seen the operations in the tar sands? I don't need to travel there to see it, it is the fucking 21st century, you can access thousands of photos of the operations from ground level and from air. Jesus, I get tired of you know it all assholes who read a few lines and then put words and thoughts into my mouth and mind. Grow up!

As to water contamination. Are you on fucking drugs? Have you seen the vast holding ponds? Have you seen the water? If you think tar sands is a clean operation you are out of your fucking mind.

No, I don't see much value in that boreal forest, it is as you say, small trees and the ground is of course full of oily sand. I never said differently did I. But then of course you know everything so you can read my mind! Again, grow up!

If Canada wants to develop tar sands then I never said they shouldn't. Only in your own mind do you think I said differently.

Is there a problem with contaminated water and will another decade or two of tar sands operations make this worse. If you think there is no problem then you are blind. Is it wrong to do this development is the best manner possible? No, of course not because anyone asking for that is a nut job in your pea brain. Fuck off!

owensdrillin's picture

Jack, go up and have a look at how the water is being treated. The original project were, granted, a lot worse than the what is currently happening but the cleanup efforts are huge and there are such strict controls over all work being done now. Of course there are implications to what is being done but show me anything being done in the world where there is not.

I have worked there extensively and have a lot of knowledge of what is going on. Don't believe all the pictures you see. Anything can be swayed to look a certain way if that is the agenda. I should send you some pictures of regular oil drilling operations being done all over the world if you want to see some real damage being done.

I'm not saying you know nothing but go have a look. It's nowhere close to what is being reported. Oh and by the way, fuck you too.

owensdrillin's picture

Just for the record, that is not my company nor do I have anything to do with it. I do however work for a major oil company out of Calgary. My name comes from a shirt I got from them which was the coolest shirt I have ever seen. I guess I should change my handle so as to not disrespect that company with my comments.

blu's picture

Welcome to Zerohedge where nobody represents anything or anyone, evar.

Of particular note, I'm not blue and I'm not even a girl. However one of the characters in my novel is both, and while I don't know her specific politics or affiliations she's my character and I can damned well use her likeness if I want to. Probably. Well until she theatens to set me on fire I suppose.

Mark Carney's picture

LOL, obviously youre brain is not nearly as big as your tits there chicky believe this


"The Worst Environmental Disaster in the World, the Canadian Tar Sands"


seen China lately?

blu's picture

China can go fuck itself. They are corrupt, crony-Capitalist nest-feathering merchantile whores.

The world was expecting better of the Canadians.

blu's picture

... and on the subject of tits -- it must be fiction Friday!

She's hot. Meaning really hot. No really, actually hot like setting-your-house-on-fire and all that. She's Fortran, the hostess with the mostest, here to answer the question that's been on everyone's mind since -- well since the last time she wore a t-shirt in public. Which is: What does a girl really do with 4 trillion computational units?

Read on and find out. Only at Zerohedge.

[Contains adult situations, combustion, criminal activity, nudity, discussion of advanced mathematics, combustion, and references to cannibalism. And Goldman-Sachs gets their head handed to them on a plate, but only metaphorically. Sadly to say.]

Mark Carney's picture

@ Otto:


-do you drive?

-do you have a smartphone/cell?

-do you have a bike with rubber tires?

-do you have anything plastic?

Then fuck off because your life needs oil and you either get it from us Canucks or you go rape and pillage innocent ME for it.....


Ill wait for your reply ass.

JuliaS's picture

Otto, unless you walk barefoot, pick berries for lunch, drink out of a puddle, wipe your ass with leaves, and post on ZH via homing pigeons, you're oil dependent.

blu's picture


This isn't going to end pretty.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



...shoot off fireworks in the pristine Arctic environment, harassed muskox, and allowed an underage girl to "dive off the side of the yacht during a wild party" into icy waters.

Good times...good times. 

Now, if it were a Russian resource tycoon it would have been...

...shot muskox, harassed workers, fired pristine underage girls off the side of the yacht into the Arctic waters.

otto skorzeny's picture

actually the Israeli sex trade syndicate could use those underage girls instead of wasting them like that.