A Taste Of Unleaded Things To Come

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In a follow-up to our discussion yesterday - and perhaps a haunting vision of days to come if the tensions that are so rapidly rising in the Middle East actually spill over - is this chart from Bloomberg of the massive spike in California gas prices. How will this impact the California economy? Especially now they can't count on all that Facebook capital gains tax? Think this is only those silly West Coast 'techies' problem? Think again, as news today is discussing the redirection of fuel supplies to the West Coast, which will inevitably mean a rise in broad US fuel costs as the shortage picture equilibrates.




Chart: Bloomberg Chart of the Day

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People are already hoarding and fighting over average gas prices... Can you imagine when FOOD runs out?? It's gonna be a riot... literally and figuratively.

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160 billion rounds of ammo ...

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Scary - DHS might could kill up to five people with that!

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That's the "official" civilian estimate.

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On related news, the benbernank is working on an engine fueled exclusively by freshly minted dollars.


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Bought a Chevy Volt in August and have driven 2000 miles. No gas purchased, 6 gallons remain in the tank after having used 1.5 gallons that the dealer "installed". Say what you will about the Volt, but none of this gas stuff matters to me anymore. I grin all the time now.

ok - junk away

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Thats a cool story bro.  Can you pull your boat with it?

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no but when electricity is too expensive for the middle class you can always light the house with the battery fire

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number of Volts that have caught fires in real driving - ZERO.


what about gas cars ? Two Hundred and Eighty Seven Thousand.


Facts are our friends.


Abstract from www.nfpa.org/assets/files/pdf/vehicleexecsum.pdf

In 2003-2007, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 287,000 vehicle fires per 

year.  These fires caused an average of 480 civilian deaths, 1,525 civilian injuries, and $1.3 

billion in direct property damage annually.  Cars, trucks and other highway vehicles 

(meaning a vehicle designed for highway use, not that the fire occurred on a highway) 

accounted for 93% of the vehicle fires and 92% of the vehicle fire deaths.  Data from the 

U.S. Fire Administration’s (USFA’s) National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) and 

the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA’s) annual fire department experience 

survey are used to provide details about the types of vehicles involved in fire and the 

circumstances of highway vehicle fires. 

Mechanical or electrical failures caused roughly three-quarters of the highway vehicle fires, 

but only 11% of the deaths.  Collisions and overturns were factors contributing to the ignition 

in only 3% of the fires, but fires resulting from these incidents caused 58% of these vehicle 

fire deaths.  Older teens and young adults are the age groups at highest risk of highway 

vehicle fire death and injuries.  One-third (35%) of non-fatal highway vehicle fires injuries 

occurred when civilians attempted to fight the fire themselves.

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Looks like chart of the Iranian currency inverted :)

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I'm sorry this is offtopic and innapropriate. But I have to begin looking.  I can't do this myself anymore.


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"“Product supply in California has tightened, especially in Southern California, due to refinery outages,” Bill Day, a Valero spokesman at the company’s headquarters in San Antonio, said by e-mail. "

Oh Jeez.  Refinery outages.  Again.  Well, it must be God's will.  Man, refining oil is like brain surgery.  I'm glad we only let a very few ultra qualified folks do it.  Can you imagine what would happen if we let other people do it and there were more refineries?


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"number of Volts that have caught fires in real driving - ZERO."


That's because nobody drives them, duh

francis_sawyer's picture

Statistically speaking... They're probably more likely to spontaneously combust on the 'dealer stuffing' acerage lot where most of them are parked waiting for birds to come shit on them...

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Wrong.  Given the same time since product release, they are outselling Priuses and the numbers go up every month.

icanhasbailout's picture

go and read some 'channel stuffing' articles and say that again with a straight face

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Car fires. Many deaths.


Because the US is too fucking dumb to use safe diesel everywhere.

Gasoline is a dangerous, inefficient fuel.
The US Military won't even use it.

"Gasoline was not invented, it is a natural by-product of the petroleum industry, kerosene being the principal product. Gasoline is produced by distillation, the separating of the volatile, more valuable fractions of crude petroleum. However, what was invented were the numerous processes and agents needed to improve the quality of gasoline making it a better commodity."

Basically a scam fuel. Now cut with corn squeezins'


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US military uses that $30 a gallon bio-fuel.

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Same here.  Lost mine in a terrible accident - along with all my gold.

icanhasbailout's picture

his boat ran into mine in the waters directly above the Mariana Trench... a true tragedy, both of us lost all our gold in the process

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Your results clearly arent typical. The avg person Pays $40,000 for a $18,000 car and saves 500 bucks on gas, but quadruples electricity bill.  Not a good trade.

DCFusor's picture

See gm-volt.com or voltstats.net for true numbers recorded automatically.  No one's electricity bill has quadrupled.  You are zero percent correct.

malek's picture

Recorded automatically? You must be fucking kiddin' me!!

The only thing recorded on voltstats.net is the miles driven and gallons of gasoline used (if any), but they don't measure or record the kWh used to recharge the batteries.

Instead they assume an MPGe of 93!
Now how fucked up is that???

daxtonbrown's picture

I have a paid for 67 Camaro. With the $40,000 I save not buying a Volt, I can drive 120,000 miles and still have a car worth the same as a Volt, which would then be worthless.

DCFusor's picture

And how much extra did you figure in for maintenance on another 120k miles?  Zero?  Dream on buddy.  And you also seem to be assuming the price of gasoline will not rise further, same mistake they all made when they told me my solar would never pay off.  Newer GM cars are just getting broken in at 120k miles - metallurgy has improved my friend.  And Volts don't cost 40k unless you don't pay any taxes to get the rebate, and don't haggle on the price.  Not to mention, they'll out handle, outperform in general, be quieter, see out better and are far quieter than your camaro, I know, I owned one myself.  No comparison, that thing is a collectors item, but also a dinosaur.

The Volt is a luxury car that eats ricky rice racer for breakfast on the twisties.  Come on down and try me....

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My previous (made-in-America) truck ran for 18 years, and didn't give up the ghost until 487,000 miles.

I like the idea of an electric vehicle, but until they're reliable, I'll stay with the classics.

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Four years ago I bought a 1988 Ford F150 long box extended cab truck for $1,000 with only 100,000 original miles on it. The rancher guy only used it to haul his horse trailer with all those years. It eats gas like a pig due to low rear end gears and a V8 engine and it's only a 2 wheel drive. Can't imagine the cost to fuel and run it if it was 4x4. It doesn't owe me anything now. I keep it as a well maintained reserve vehicle and it's ready to use any time I need it. Starts in -35 weather with nothing more than a couple extra cranks from the starter. Never had to plug it in to keep it warm.

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OK Genius 

AVG Paid Volt = $37,000

Malibu = $22,000

As per your figures you drive 1000mi/month

Malibu gets 37mpg = 27gallon/mnth @$4.20c/gallon = @113/monht savings

Takes 11 Years driving that piece of shit to amortize cost difference.

Not counting avg 7,000 dollar subsidy

or any electric cost...

You must be voting for Obama because you are a Moron



Da55id's picture

thanks for the compliment on my intelligence. I pay $169 per month for my two year lease. I used to pay $300 per month for gas and now pay $30 per month for electricity. I made a killer deal. This is Zerohedge right? It's about making good trades and investments Right? 300-(169+30)= $101 positive cash flow. This is net cash in my pocket. 

As to subsidy, I own a house. No one has ever complained that I shelter my own earnings by deducting my mortgage interest. If you own a home with a mortgage, for your assertion to make sense morally, you should be willing to publicly forswear taking that deduction...

I am a utilitarian. I make money every month. I pass gas stations. I got a killer deal.

PivotalTrades's picture

Nice try

The facts are as I stated them.

You two year lease figure on a 37,000 car is an outright lie.

But then again truth and fairness is never part of the Democratic way

Da55id's picture

I did not lie. I may have gotten the best deal in the country, so my deal was not typical. Ally was passing the tax credit through and the dealer took 4500 off invoice due to GM's "high volume dealer" deal and the car was a dealer demo with 2012 (yes, really) miles on the odo. Ally assigned it a high residual value. Like I said - it was an excellent transaction.

I'm certain that you are a gentleman in real life, and I salute your passion.

PivotalTrades's picture

Listen you are probably a gentleman also.

The facts as I stated them remain.

The reason they cant sell them ARE JUST THOSE FACTS.


tahoebumsmith's picture

I'm not buying your bullshit lease story! You can't lease a Hyundai for $ 169 a month without coming up with at least 2 grand out of pocket. In order to get the lease you describe, Ally would have had to residualize the 24 month lease for more then invoice on the car. They may be fucking stupid but their not that stupid! Did you forget about the Escalade you traded in that you owned outright? Don't be a moron with your shit ass grin and try to hoodwink those who actually have a clue!

Da55id's picture

Y'know, I thought the same thing...geez! I couldn't buy a Pinto for this monthly payment. But then, when the Pinto was for sale, interest rates for a car loan were 15%- - now they're zero. I paid $99 dealer delivery fee. $300 earnest money which was set against the first payment. No trade in. I paid $500 to have the car delivered from out of state. But really, none of this negates the first point:

I don't have to care about gas prices or availability.

Citxmech's picture

The whole issue is not just tied to the montly expense of the car.  The dust-to-dust costs - including disposal costs and replacement batteries must be factored in.

The most important issue, IMHO, is not how many gallons of gas you need or don't need - the big problem is that everything else becomes more expensive as oil prices rise.  You could ride a bike or walk, but when food inflation hits double digits due to machinery, transport and fertilizer costs, we'll have societal problems that can't be fixed even if they hand out ObamaVolts to everyone.

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I just traded in my Camaro and wrote a check for the rest, on my Volt.  I charge it off my solar, and intend to keep it quite some time.  Had it a year.  When I took it in for inspection, it really wowed all the mechanics - the original tool marks are still on the brake rotors on all 4 corners, because regenerative braking works so well (and puts "energy" back into the tank - try that with a camaro).

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Why on earth would a Camaro need fucking brakes?

aerojet's picture

We all want to believe in the tooth fairy and unicorns that shit skittles, but unfortunately, reality just doesn't work that way.  Original tool marks?  How the hell is that even possible?  First of all, the rotors have to come into contact with the brake pads, regenerative braking or not. Second, tool marks on any finished piece aren't really a sign of quality workmanship, but I guess some could be acceptable on a brake rotor.

Don't the batteries on the Volt degrade over time?  Kind of like on a laptop?  So, for the first year, you're doing great and not buying much case, but then year two, some degradation, and on and on until the batteries are toast and you're running 100% off the too-tiny gasoline engine?  With these electrics and hybrids, you're not getting any miles for free, you're just delaying the cost by having an expensive battery pack replacement down the road.  Yes, you can sell the car to some other sucker before it needs new batteries, but the point is that the car has a limited lifespan before a major expense is required and as more and more of these cars hit the used market, the suckers will begin to grow wise and lowball the price on any of these cars that are in imminent danger of battery failure. 

I want to believe that there are ways to improve the efficiency of cars using hybrid technology, electric motors, or whatever.  We aren't there yet, though.

localsavage's picture

Don't confuse him with facts in $$$$.   The thing that I have seen lately is the change from the mini van to the Prius / Leaf / Volt as the go to cars for bad drivers and idiots in general.

aerojet's picture

Hey, at least they do us the favor of self-identifying.  Every damn Prius I pass--there sits some constipated looking goofball behind the wheel, always going about 5-10mph below the speed limit because the car tells them to.  The Big Wheel I had as a kid offered better acceleration than a Prius.

localsavage's picture

Don't confuse him with facts in $$$$.   The thing that I have seen lately is the change from the mini van to the Prius / Leaf / Volt as the go to cars for bad drivers and idiots in general.

in-Credible Banker's picture

Serious question....what is the cost to charge the Volt over those 2k miles?  How much is the electric bill????

Da55id's picture

Thank you for the serious question. My rate per kwh is 0.11. My net change is $30 per month. So, $60 for 2000 miles. This is what my bills reflect.

Here is some math

$30 per mo/0.11 per kw = 272 kw purchased per month

272 kw * 4 miles per kw = 1088 calculated miles per month.



DCFusor's picture

Were I not fully off grid, it would work out for me like gasoline was about 1.25/gallon for power company power.  For that charge (which takes about 13.3 kwh), I get around 50 miles in summer, about 35 in winter - the heater is a power hog.

Zymurguy's picture

Good for you, brah.  I wish I lived close enoug to my workplace to benefit from a vehicle like the Volt.  I think they are good looking cars and can offer a lot of folks a great commuter car.

Get rid of that old fuel in the tank tho' brah.  It'll go bad on ya and then ruin your fuel filters, fuel injectors, etc.

I just wish they fooking would have put 3 seats in the back... what the fook, mahn?  I've got 3 mahn cubs that have to ride in the back.